Japanese Snake voice actor asks people not to cancel their Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain pre-order

As you know, at the end of last month Kojima’s name and the Kojima Productions logo were suddenly removed from the official site and promotional images, supposedly as a result of Konami’s restructuring – though a communication block is still in effect. The whole controversy even led to some people canceling their pre-orders. Now, Akio Otsuka, the Japanese voice actor for Snake, is asking people to support the game, saying that the team working on the game hasn’t changed. As translated by JunkerHQ:

“The TPP team is the same, so please don’t cancel preorders or encourage others not to buy it.”

The actor said he wanted as many people as possible to enjoy the game.

At this point, Kojima and his team are hard at work finishing the game, making sure it’s perfect when it releases at the beginning of September.


Hideo Kojima, Stefanie Joosten and Akio Otsuka, March 26 2015

Source: Akio Otsuka Twitter, JunkerHQ

  • Chico Ribeiro

    Whatever… No pre order on Steam.

  • invader_skoodge

    Yeah, I don’t blame people cancelling their pre-orders. Unless they are Collector’s Editions. I think it would be different hearing this from Kojima himself. But I wonder if Kojima is delivering these messages through Otsuka San just like the picture. Giving his orders through proxy. OMG a new MGS theory is born every day.

    • Well, at least it someone else than Konami, more of an outsider. He’s probably being sincere.

    • Edward Wokhands

      That’s what I got from it. There’s a block on Kojima still so he has to communicate somehow. Maybe purposefully communicating through others is a breach of contract so he has to make it seem as if he’s just saying it.

  • PrinceHeir

    Already pre-oredred the JPN LE Otsuka-san. So i have Kojima and Kojima Productions back 🙂

    I wouldn’t be surprise if Konami replaced all the voice actors in their next game. So i don’t mind if this is Otsuka’s last role as Snake.

    Let’s do this!!

    • Gatsu

      Otsuka-san said that he’d like to continue as Snake for a while longer, but we’ll see. I don’t mind if it’s the last role too, because it’ll be so incredible for sure :).

  • Nuclear_Dad

    Why would any of us do that? It is the last Metal Gear Solid, if the rumors are true…
    Believe in Kojima, maybe he left the franchise, but I’m sure he is leaving something special for us. One more time.
    Remember this quote:

    “Life isn’t just about passing on your genes. We can leave behind much
    more than just DNA. Through speech, music, literature and movies…what
    we’ve seen, heard, felt…anger, joy and sorrow…these are the things I
    will pass on. That’s what I live for. We need to pass the torch, and
    let our children read our messy and sad history by its light.We have all
    the magic of the digital age to do that with. The human race will
    probably come to an end some time, and new species may rule over this
    planet. Earth may not be forever, but we still have the responsibility
    to leave what traces of life we can. Building the future and keeping the
    past alive are one and the same thing.”

    • Some people are, apparently enough for Otsuka to bring it up. But it’s good to hear something positive again.

      • Nuclear_Dad

        Yes, It seems to be something, but I think they are not true patriots.

        I mean, we did not come this far to give up now, right?

        • JDSS1

          The problem is the theft that is konami is doing. No one (except kojima and his team) expected that konami would do this theft, they are stealing the work of kojipro. That is the mean reason that a lot of people want to boycot it, to support kojipro and ”say” to konami ”f… y..”.

          Kojima would be happy to see that TPP is selling good, of course, but konami has stolen it, the work, and more! some easter eggs that kojima wanted to introduce maybe not are now…

          • We don’t know that. All we heard so far is that the content of TPP hasn’t been affected by this.

          • JDSS1

            It’s very difficult to see some of the common easter eggs that kojima introduce, for example ghosts of kojipro people, characters in the game of kojipro too.
            Hopefully this doesn’t happen, and nothing isn’t changed. But now with these all disgusting events there is no surprise to see more disgusting things.

          • Dylan Harris

            Konami isn’t stealing anything, stop being silly

          • JDSS1

            you know what respect is?
            The fact that now kojima and his team are restringed and that the logos and “a hideo kojima game” maybe will dissappear… Well, it is a theft.

    • Edward Wokhands

      I’ve always loved that quote and am completely shocked how little people pay attention to it. There’s so much wisdom in MGS2 and it just gets labelled as “weird.”

    • TheGame1083

      wise words from the legendary Solid Snake

    • César H. Sandoval

      I love that speech

    • Jak

      Considering Konami has a hiring page up for the next metal gear solid, no, the rumours aren’t true.

      Hideo said it’s the end of what he’s doing (which yes, is the end of the “real” games to me, but a lot of why he left seems largely to do with this becoming more about his swan song than an ongoing source of income for Konami)

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    While I really like the team behind TPP I really don’t like Konami’s atitude.

    I don’t have the courage to cancel my CE pre-order but I do admire and encourage anyone who’s willing to cancel their pre-order.
    The fastest way to show a company they’ve screwed up is to NOT buy their products so I hope enough people cancel their pre-orders so that Konami may realise they can’t be sneaky bastards and try remove the name of what’s one of the greatest videogame minds in our time.

    • anopolis

      HAAAA!! Konami without kojima?…all of that will happen on its own in due time man, that company its tits up nothing without that man…maybe they can make another awesome possum game…or try to revive contra for the 40th time. the head guys over there should be kissing his big toe begging him to stay.

    • But still, it would also be a shame for Kojima and everyone else at Kojima Productions who worked hard on the game and who are not at fault here.

      • Ninja_Se7eN

        I agree, but if enough people cancel their pre-orders ASAP then there will be time for Konami to put Kojima’s name back where it belongs and to recover from pre-order loss by the time TPP launches.

  • Batzi

    I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to cancel on “A Hideo Kojima Game”.

    • Dylan Harris

      Apparently there is. Those that assume kojima is leaving konami when there is no base for such claims

      • There is something going on. But you’re right, Kojima leaving isn’t official yet.

        • Batzi

          I have a feeling that something similar to this will happen at E3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-LBef57Jcg

          • That would be great, but it’s hard to believe that it is all just a ruse at this point.

          • Gatsu

            Haha this is always so funny ;D. Well I am sure that we see or hear something of this whole thing in E3.

    • FMercenary

      Think again!

  • Tibor

    well, I’m getting the PC version so I can’t even pre-order it :/

  • solidsnack

    it’s kinda like a smack in the face to kojima to cancel imo the poor guy is slaving away on this game putting his heart and soul into it don’t let konami take away the satisfaction kojima gets from people enjoying his games 🙂 boycott konami after TPP if they ruin the MGS series.

    • Edward Wokhands

      Yeah, it makes no sense to cancel it. We all know who is working on it. A better statement might be to maybe make our own game covers and make some sort of campaign out of it. A “print your real game cover” campaign with Kojima’s name on them. We’d be punishing Kojima if we didn’t buy it.

  • LuxAlike

    Holy crap, that’s nuts.

  • XIFF-5

    For some reason I read it “Japanese Snake voice actor asks people to cancel TPP pre-orders” My heart fell O_O

  • Venom_Sina

    I think an official statement from Hideo Kojima himself will fix all these problems!!!

  • Mr.Pony

    to Konami I will say this

  • ObsessedGeorge

    If they would come out and give an explanation, that wouldn’t had to happen. But no. They continue being quiet, thus making fans angry.

    • Venom_Sina

      That’s right.Kojima and Konami are quiet about all these things and people like Ohtsuka-san or Stefanie are talking about the progress of the game or pre-orders!!!
      Right now,I really don’t know what to do.Should I Laugh in this situation or cry about it?!

  • Vegas

    Seriously guys, do not cancel pre orders or stop yourselves from buying the game. I know its hard to think that Konami will roll in money because of Kojima and doesn’t even give him the right credits. But I know MGSV is a Hideo Kojima game and you guys know too. We all love his work and it would be heart breaking for Kojima to see that all his work was a waste because no one is buying the game. Konami can have the goddamn money, what we want (and i think Kojima wants it too) is to see what KojiPro made for us: the easter eggs, the badass scenes, the stealth and of course the awesome story that will end with TPP.

    In others words, stop bitching and play the game. That will make Uncle Kojima happy.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      You forgot the amazing story! 😀 This will be the last money Konami takes from me.

      • Gatsu

        lol 😉

    • Nuclear_Dad

      That’s right, Brother! We need to focus on the game and Kojima, because that’s is what really matter right now.

    • Æmæth Rex

      I’ve been doing this for a long time (MGS got me into narrative driven gaming), this isn’t about misconception. The market didn’t appreciate the whitewashing of Silent Hills, and Konami will repent.

  • Gatsu

    I understand that people were mad about the removal of his name, but to cancel pre-order for the last epic masterpiece of MGS saga made by Kojima? No offense to those who cancelled it, but imo that is just dumb.

    It is still Kojima’s masterpiece, the game he has been working years for. The game we have been waiting years to play on release date. He said it’ll be his best, most interesting MGS yet and he gonna put all his heart into this. So lets enjoy/appreciate what he can give us :). As a fan you should buy it and not cancel pre-order. I already got my pre-order done and there is no way in hell I let go of it :D.

    Still waiting for my Steam pre-order to come available though… I wonder when it happens, after E3?

    • Jason Mounce

      Those who cancel it to try to make it seem like they’re empowering themselves and those that they try to convince to cancel are just the same as the cancerous Social Justice Warriors that others are having to fight against with all things revolving around the gaming industry now.

      To cancel the pre-order is not a simple slap to Konami for their issues, but it’s money that’s not going to Kojima or making it so all their hard work over this game that will surely be a masterpiece of masterpieces, gets the recognition it deserves. I expect nothing but glorious awesomeness and awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping story telling. Nothing will change, it’s just our ethics and problems with Konami but even so, the least people can do is buy this game as their last game before thinking of not buying anymore Konami games, cause after this, Kojima likely isn’t going to be with Konami anymore, varying on what happens in the future of the MGS series and if he somehow comes back to helm it just so it doesn’t go to ruin.

      The Collectors Edition I pre-ordered will absolutely be Mine. Then it’s a Fuck you to Konami, not like there’s any other games or series they make I have interest in.

      Ubisoft and Konami(After MGS5) are on my ‘AAA companies I don’t support’.

      • Jak

        i’d agree, but it’s pretty stupid to pretend this is anything like people fighting for change in the industry-cancelling preorders on a game your favourite creator made does nothing but hurt sales on the project and help Konami’s case to let him go.

      • Æmæth Rex

        I’ll buy it used, Konami isn’t getting a crum from me until they address Silent Hills.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        It’s the only means that consumers have to try to get a company to change their minds. I’m positive that konami doesn’t care an ounce about what people are writing online as long as people buy their game. Thus, people try to diminish their profit.

        They hope, that konami would take notice and say “wait…fine, we’ll stop being such blatant douchebags and put his name back on it.” Not that it would be at all difficult to do so.

        edit edit: Also, as someone mentioned below, Kojima doesn’t make extended profit/commission from the sales of MGS. It’s owned by konami, and he’s just paid a salary. If he’s already being let go after the development is ended, it makes no monetary difference how many copies the game sells to Kojima.

        • ash5454

          Exactly! But it seems that some people consider it better to be a complacent fanboy than an objectively critical adult.

        • Jason Mounce

          I know boycotting is one of the strongest means a consumer can rebel, but there’s not really any history of it working, ever. Thus, anyone whining it is just believing in an illusion. Petitions am sure have higher chances of success, lol.

          and yeah, that was the other thing I was thinking about after making my post. Kojima probably should earn a lot more than he’s ever being given by them.

          • ash5454


            Well, thank god boycotting “never” works!

          • Jason Mounce

            I’m clearly talking about Video Game software related boycotts you sarcastic twat.

            Try to keep up with the Topic we’re talking about. Which was me saying Boycotting Konami and their games. Just because I used the words ‘consumer’ and ‘boycott’ doesn’t mean the conversation has magically shifted into a broader topic of ‘Every form of consumer/product’.

            GAMERS boycotting developers/companies ‘Never’ works is what my post is emphasizing and remains true unless there was one magical event where gamers have boycotted (Not in a petty manner) and got victory in a way that is positive and not insignificant.

          • ash5454

            I’m not being sarcastic I’m being realistic. There have been cases (several actually) of boycotts achieving their objectives with regards to videogames. If not, just look up Six Days in Fallujah (to name a single example of many).

            Second, even if there hadn’t been a single case in which the objective was achieved, that is by no means a reason not to try.

            Thanks for the insult by the way, hell of a way of demonstrating your lack of maturity and a great way to let people know not to give the slightest weight to your opinions. It’ll be a fantastic time saver for anyone who might have thought about reading something you had to say; since now they know not to waste their time with you.

          • Jason Mounce

            In-regards to video games you say, although I’ve not heard of ‘Six Days of Fallujah’ or how it’d be significant in contrast to say, AAA-devs, who have armies of lawyers and the like. I’m speaking of Large cases, not small cases that barely have relevance.

            Indeed, people should try – but me saying it’s rarely proven fruitful is being realistic.

            Insulting and maturity is not causal nor associative, it can by-chance be a spurious correlation in this example and nothing more. If you can’t handle a single ‘swear word’ and you react this defensively over it enough to get on a high-horse and act as if because someone insulted you that that must mean their opinions become worthless and they themselves become worthless, it really spells out a bleak picture about you.

            Even if I disagree with someone or they swear at me, you think yourself better than someone to the degree where you can say they’re a waste of time? Not just your time, but EVERYONES’ TIME? Over a single insult? Get over yourself you egocentric cunt. I call them as I see them, you’re being a cunt, you think that means that you MAGICALLY know who I am? Know that I’m an awful person? That you just magically can comprehensibly understand my entire existence to be able to fully measure my being? You think yourself that great at analyzing a character over their use of a single word on you?

            Who the fuck do you think you are, eh? A nobody. As we all are, not stop acting like a special little snowflake as if because You of all people were insulted, that it means the world revolves around your pains.

            Jesus. I’m blunt and I’m aggressive and temperamental, but your conclusion-hopping is inexcusably ignorant. Go right ahead and simply call me an asshole – that’s fine. That’s dandy, I know I can be, but the path you chose instead is pathetic and beyond childish. I’m not going to call you out for seeing me as an ass because I’ll completely agree with analysis’ that are accurate.

          • ash5454

            Wow, talk about a rant. Listen kid this “I’m speaking of Large cases, not small cases that barely have relevance”; is more than enough to indicate that you not only haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about, but that you’re actually so incredibly lazy and hell bent on believing your opinion is gold, that you haven’t even bothered googling the subject to see what it was you were responding to. So in this regard I’m considering the “conversation” over, as I’ve been around long enough to recognize your kind and to know that an argument with such people is a waste of time.

            With regards to everything else…again WOW! You know if I didn’t believe myself superior to you then, I definitely do now. Not only are you arguing about a subject you know nothing about and are too lazy to research, but you’re also so focused on your own superiority (inexistent as it is) that you don’t even realize the amount of stupidities you blurt out! You are clearly nothing more than an immature, attention seeking brat. Sorry to say you’re going to have to go bark up another tree kiddo because I’m not in the slightest interested in playing your game.

          • Jason Mounce

            “With regards to everything else…again WOW! You know if I didn’t believe myself superior to you then, I definitely do now.”

            I do enjoy when I don’t even need to attack or humiliate a person in any great lengths because they do all the work for me. Good luck having anyone respect you with that attitude. You are so incredibly dense and full of yourself that I’m quite in-fact amazed I was able to pull that out of you. You are quite the piece of work, you don’t know a thing about me and yet can jump to such a confident decision and opinion over another over the internet by simply Two Posts….

            That and your choice of condescension just puts me at a loss of words, you don’t even know how old I am, yet you go around ‘brat this’, ‘kid’ this’, ‘kiddo’ that. You degrade yourself more than you will ever have the ability to degrade me. ‘If’ you were infact older than me, IF, then your attitude you’re displaying here is fucking pathetic, like….no joke. If you are older than me, you are a man-child with a chipped shoulder. However, I’d believe you to instead be some arrogant little twerp who, as with most kids on the internet, calls everyone else around them a ‘kid’ without any evidence. I in no way have acted out in a way that’d display myself as ‘childish’, I called you a few words, told you my conversation and topic and its point and you’ve become an enraged child having a tempertantrum al the while hopping on a high horse so fucking tall that it astounds someone like myself.

            Re-read everything you’ve read, and keep doing so until you embarrass yourself. No joke, your posts, are CRINGE-WORTHY bad. This isn’t a comeback, this is me being blunt and honest again, responding to someone as pathetic as you is making me feel dirty. Edit your posts, change it so it’s not as disgusting and pathetic. As I can’t see how anyone would be able to look at you the same way after that. You’re off your rocker, off your meds, or just out of your mind with such arrogant and childish behaviour, I can say this with a clear mind, a mature mind, but a blunt and honest one. You – on the other hand…..

            You’re just fucked up. Seek help. :/ The summary of my posts are “I’m talking about boycotts and games are never successful” You get sarcastic and sassy, I tell you that you’re a twat – and that you misinterpreted my posts – and the drastic change is that you’ve fucking flipped the fuck out in every conceivable way. I’ve not changed a single millimetre. All I did is say you’re wrong and called you a cunt/twat – and you fucking think yourself as some kind of God wherein I’m beneath you after all that?

            Holy fuck man.

          • ash5454

            I am honestly not going to waste my time reading any of that. I already went through your first rant and that was more than enough to know the kind of person you are and that, simply put, is the kind of person I have absolutely no interest in. I am not interested in your opinion nor anything else you may or may not have to offer. You are a complete waste of time, or at least that’s what you’ve demonstrated with your initial posts.

            If for whatever reason you’re ever interested enough in knowing how wrong you were with your initial post (as I tried to indicate with my first response) look up the game I said (which wasn’t by any means a “small game”) and then look up other similar cases. There have been boycotts in games that served their purpose and then some, the facts are there; you’re just apparently too lazy or too full of yourself to look into it.

            Now if you want to continue ranting, by all means go ahead. Enjoy being a clear example of everything that’s wrong with the internet. I’m done with you so don’t expect any more of my time to be wasted trying to do what your parents were obviously incapable or unwilling to do themselves.

          • Jason Mounce


            “Now if you want to continue ranting, by all means go ahead. Enjoy being a clear example of everything that’s wrong with the internet. I’m done with you so don’t expect any more of my time to be wasted trying to do what your parents were obviously incapable or unwilling to do themselves.”


            ““You know if I didn’t believe myself superior to you then, I definitely do now.””

            Again, you’re a really, really sad and pathetic person. It is clear that it is you who is ranting, while I’m observing you on-full with how low you’ll go. Every insult you threw my way is nothing but a reflection of yourself. This much is easy to see.

            You said that I was focused on my own ‘superiority’ after flexing your own narcissism. Then you tell me that I’m ‘Clearly nothing more than an immature, attention seeking brat.’ yet it is you posting all of these childish insults.

            “don’t expect any more of my time to be wasted trying to do what your parents were obviously incapable or unwilling to do themselves.”

            This isn’t a good insult, this doesn’t upset me because I know how wrong and inaccurate it is. You’re losing yourself, you’re overly emotional, and your attacks are a clear attack based on your own problems. How anyone could actually conceive that going so low as to try to think that they’re a parental figurehead in a lecturing demeanour – where you can talk that way to anyone, is so low, so pathetic, so disturbingly atrocious and childish that I again am at a loss of words.

            Your ‘rants’, (I am not ranting, I’m responding) – Do not make me look bad, if anything, I was the villain in calling someone a twat or cunt to begin with, that I know – but what you’ve done, what you’ve managed to do here is make yourself look far, far far worse than I could ever manage to do to you. You’ve painted the most disgusting self-image the internet, or myself, has ever seen.

          • Jason Mounce

            I called you what? A Cunt? A twat? Look at how DEEP your personal attacks are, you are so full of yourself. So fucking sick and twisted and fucked in the head that you’ve actually come at me with attempts to insult me in such ways that it not only appals me with how disgusting you are. I’m saying this not as someone ‘offended’ but as a human being. Your choice of words are fucking disgusting, you’re a sick fucking little shit. To actually think of attacking someone to the level of which you have is something that no one should even try.

            I cannot imagine how anyone could look at you with a straight face. How anyone could respect any part of your existence. No one should flip the lid as exaggeratively as you have.

          • Neco The Sergal

            Seek help, therapy or anger management for your own sake. You’re a troubled mind and you really have to think things over with how you’re handling things, you’re not handling anything well at all…. How can you even post any of what you’re saying with a straight face? You’re out of control and you seem to be acting like you’re not even aware of how batshit insane and problematic you’re being.

          • ash5454

            Are yo the other guy with a clone account? Or did you simply ignore his posts? Have you seen me insult him? If so, flag and wait for a mod to decide if the posts should be deleted.
            I’ve been posting for years and I know for a fact that if any one of this guys posts were flagged, they’d have to be deleted. Because he’s been insulting me in every single one without exception.

            That’s as far as I’m going to go with regards to “justifying myself” to you.

          • Neco The Sergal

            I’ve read them all, there’s no post I ignored. Yes, I’ve seen you both insulting eachother. However, it’s clear to me at least that whether or not he was first to insult you, he’s putting effort into trying to calm things down and doesn’t look to be interested in what you’re trying to do which seems to be a destructive attitude that’s a lot worse than what he ever was. How could anything he had typed be worse than what you’ve done? Like, you’re acting like your attacks are warranted just because he called you a twat and cunt. There’s no justification for your actions whether he was the first to insult you or not. You’re out of control and this is extremely obvious to me. Whether or not you’ve been posting for years isn’t relevant so I don’t know where you’re going with that. Why are you emphasizing that he’s been insulting you in every single post without even realizing how much you’ve been insulting and trying to step it up a notch in every single one of your posts? I’m not even seeing any remorse or guilt or shame in your words, all I see is that you’re trying to go in for the kill and increase the problems rather than try to fix them. You’re not even attempting to fix the problem you both started, you’re just trying to attack for the sake of attacking to make yourself feel better. This is not an excuse for you to think that your attacks are warranted. It’s not about posts being flagged or deleted, this is about morals and boundaries, you don’t seem to have any of those…. reading all of this has been depressing because it makes me lose faith in humanity. You can’t tell me he’s more in the wrong than you.

          • ash5454

            Remorse? Shame? Attacks?

            “you are so full of yourself. So fucking sick and twisted and fucked in the head that you’ve actually come at me with attempts to insult me in such ways that it not only appals me with how disgusting you are.”

            “you’re a sick fucking little shit”

            “Again, you’re a really, really sad and pathetic person.”

            This is pulled from a single post. So sure, I’m the one that should feel “remorse” for saying what? That “if I didn’t feel superior then, I do now”? My god, how can I not. Look at him and his insults, look at the lengths he goes to and all for being wrong about somthing that he won’t even bother going to google for!

            You say he’s “putting effort into trying to calm things down”? Look at how many times I’ve spoken to him and how many (and how in length) he’s done it to me. Look at how many times he’s spoken of me to others and how he’s done so.

            If you can’t see that, you’re either a friend of his or you are him with another account. It’s that simple.

          • Neco The Sergal

            He’s stating his perspective as you’re stating…..well, I don’t even know what you’re stating anymore. It was about boycotts and now all you’re going on about is how he’s the bad guy for insulting you and again, what is it he’s doing that you’re not doing? You’re crying about his insults all the while fabricating more insults and complaining about how his insults are so horrible? How does this make any sense…. I don’t think you’re reading anything you’re saying. You’re focusing so much on what he’s said and retaliating that you’re not even understanding what it is you’re doing. You’re so worried about what other people are saying that you’re not worrying about what it is you yourself are saying. This doesn’t make you a better person, think of it in a different perspective or what’s typical of either the internet or typical arguments or conflicts, conflicts are a difference. Conflicts happen all the time, to be the better man would be to take things with stride or to remain calm and intellectual about anything. So, I’d ask you, how have you taken anything with stride or, how have you remained calm? You’re exploding everywhere about everything he’s said and done and in terms of the typical perception of ‘How does one remain calm and mature and keep their dignity in place’, what have you done to manage your dignity? It doesn’t matter what other people say. What matters is how you react to what others say. This is the moral of the day here, to understand self and your own position, the position of others does not matter as much as understanding self and self-positions. Whether he’s insulted you is his problem, whether you insulted him is your problem. When I say, he’s putting effort to calming things down, that is infact an effort he’s doing as well as insulting you. In contrast, what has your efforts been set towards? Insulting and what else? More insulting! You’re not calm about any of this, nor is anyone in more of a right than the next person.

            If you think clumping me as a ‘friend’ of anyone invalidates my logic then I’m afraid no one can help you. The only time a person can be helped is when they can help themselves first, if they can’t help themselves in any way then no one can be of any help to them. It’s never that simple. Either way, what I’ve said is coming from a person majoring in Psychology at my local University where I’m pursuing Social Psychology and Counselling Psyche, don’t take my words if it’ll really make you feel better. It doesn’t affect me because as I said, I know my position and I know when I’m calm and when I’m better than a situation, just as I know who’s in the wrong and who’s in the right or, who’s lost themselves or who’s remained dignified.

          • ash5454

            Ok, I’ve pretty much had enough. I’ll wait for a mod to take care of him. You go on reading into things however it is you want. I’m out of work and have better things to do with my time than argue with two faceless internet trolls.
            Nice chat, you can go on back to your other account now.

          • Neco The Sergal

            I’m offering a neutral stance here and an outside perspective. Why are you being hostile to me exactly? Is this how you treat everyone, even those who’ve not insulted you? Trolls…? Realllllllly now? You think labelling everyone a troll who talks to you or disagrees with you just makes their opinions go away or become moot?

          • Jason Mounce

            Let’s put this in Bullet form, this is Alll of what you said, none of it my own:

            “Wow, talk about a rant.”

            “Listen kid this”

            “more than enough to indicate that you not only haven’t the slightest idea what
            you’re talking about, but that—“

            “Not only are you arguing about a subject you know nothing about and are too
            lazy to research—”

            “you’re actually so incredibly lazy and hell bent on believing your opinion is gold”

            “So in this regard I’m considering the “conversation” over, as I’ve been around
            long enough to recognize your kind and to know that an argument with such
            people is a waste of time.”

            “You know if I didn’t believe myself superior to you then, I definitely do now.”

            “—you’re also so focused on your own superiority (inexistent as it is) that you don’t even realize the amount of stupidities you blurt out!”

            “You are clearly nothing more than an immature, attention seeking brat. Sorry
            to say you’re going to have to go bark up another tree kiddo because I’m not in
            the slightest interested in playing your game.”

            “With regards to everything else…again WOW!”


            This is all you said in One Post……This is sad. I can’t even come up with words to describe how sad of a person you are. This isn’t a game, this isn’t a jest, or a joke. You are a sad, sad little man. I truly, genuinely pity you. Your life either must be shit or you must have had a shit life to have turned so fucking toxic in your life time. I know I’m an aggressive person and that I can be an asshole, I know my faults but I also know my strengths a hell of a lot more than you’d ever come to realize amongst your disgusting ignorance, but, not only have my posts remained honest and not even as hostile as your own, but you just take the cake on a whole new level of douchebaggery.

            As for at least my own personal reflection on this whole ordeal and a small response to the entirety of your onslaught of insecurities and the sad, persistent, defensive, retaliative jabbings. You will never amount to anything as justifiably enjoyable as I am striving for in life, with an attitude like your own, you narcissistic twat. You will only destroy everything your surrounded by – almost say, in equivalence to Big Boss and being an acid that corrodes the vessel, you are the epitome of that quote. You are acid, you are toxic, a cancerous mess. I can take stride in knowing that no matter how angry I am overall, and temperamental, I will never go to such lows as you have.

            “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

          • Æmæth Rex

            Backpedal Backpedal

          • Jason Mounce

            Yes, your posts are clearly helpful.

            Now can you please inform me what I’ve done to you Personally to qualify for your instigative and dick-like responses when I’m trying to simply quell the problem here that’s escalated beyond a mere small conflict? Cause ‘small conflict’ – fine, normal, it’s to be human – however, this is going out of control and I’m trying to get it solved and for a mod to help out and then you come in to pour fuel on the fires?

            Where do you think, being a dick is going to help anyone? No, seriously, if you have nothing useful to say, sod off. I’m trying to fix this because it’s apparent that ash5454 has issues and has exploded all of this far more than it obviously needed to go, like, why the fuck would you even insinuate that it’s back-pedalling rather than me trying to fix a mistake here? That you have to make it sound completely negative and all entirely on me that ash5454 is fucked in the head?

            Are you too just an ignorant asshat who can’t see what I’m seeing and are just here to cause problems, or is there any conceivable way you as a person could infact, be helpful, instead of a cunt too.

          • Æmæth Rex

            Dude you’ve already made a fool of yourself, quit while you’re ahead.

          • Jason Mounce

            Dude, read everything before jumping to conclusions here. I’ve done anything but make a fool of myself, you should read ash5454’s posts more and see what it is I’m having to deal with -_-

          • Æmæth Rex

            He (or she) is spot on. In a free market the only sensible solution is to boycott or petition, by financing The Phantom Pain you’re just lining Konami’s pockets.

          • Jason Mounce

            And I wasn’t even disagreeing with that. I said it’s the best thing consumers can do – BUT – that it’s not successful in the video game industry, he only gave ONE EXAMPLE of where it succeeded, just ONE! How is that evidence to support his claims that it’s something that ‘works’. It works in other categories, other industries, other problems, sure.

            My points was just that in the GAMING industry, there’s not been a good deal of success with boycotts, because most people who boycott a developer just go all like: “COD is garbage! It’s just rehashed every year!” and those SAME people buy the fucking same game the next year over. Same with Madden, same with the Sims and the expansions -_- My point was that gamers are hypocrites when it comes to boycotts. I was not in any way saying boycotts don’t work collectively, just that in pessimism – it really barely works for us gamers.

            “by financing The Phantom Pain you’re just lining Konami’s pockets.”

            Saying this is just immature. Makes you sound like a SJW. -_-. Nothing I’ve said is wrong, he used one example and it’s not enough, Research and the methods involve need QUANTITATIVE statistics and Qualitative examples to produce accurate conclusions. He has not brought that to the table, I know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to studies and statistics. He doesn’t, he just forced his opinion down and acted as if everything he says is Absolutely fact and that nothing he said has any faults in it. How you can support that arrogance is beyond me.

          • Æmæth Rex

            Deploying free market tactics makes me a SJW? You want to save the world but you don’t want to change. I spend most of my time on Breitbart/TruthRevolt for future reference.

          • Jason Mounce

            Your morals are fine. Your way of exerting it is as a SJW would do.

            Believing in freedoms is fine – Being a narrow-minded twit doesn’t provide you with a right to act like you know how the world works. It’s not so black and white as you envision it to be.

            Congrats? Want a cookie?

      • Ol’ Jesus

        “…as the cancerous Social Justice Warriors” Now if that isn’t just hyperbole.

        I agree completely that people just canceled their orders as a way of empowering themselves as a sort of “HAH! Take that Konami” But you need to understand, that while childish, people encouraged such behavior because they wouldn’t like to see the man fired. Even though they had no actual knowledge of the terms he was let go on, which you yourself aren’t able to comprehend, you just go in with blind fan mannerism towards Kojima. These aren’t your SJW boogiemen, it is just normal everyday stupidity- actually, the mentality you show in your comment, is just on the other side of the SJW’s there are no “ethics and problems” having to do with Konami. It’s just goddamn business, you blind fool.

        • Jason Mounce

          Hyperbole because–?

          It’s not like I’m completely condemning it, I know how it works through-and-through but I like to look at the larger picture. Having ones’ morals in the right place doesn’t mean that a persons’ actions are fully justifiable. It’s usually that issue that people trip over. “My heart is in the right place – thus, I can do what the fuck I want cause power to my sense of morality/ethics!”

          What am I not able to comprehend? Blind mannerism towards Kojima?

          Is there a need for your passive-aggressiveness to instigate problems? We already had enough as is before. I don’t recall attacking you, your stance at also being an ass towards me is unjustified.

          Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory at its finest over and over again…?

          We could keep things civil and mature without having to abruptly, and for no reason, turn this into some kind of pathetic fight. Having a conflict of ideas or opinions doesn’t give you a right to be a cunt.

    • mmmhhh i don’t know, i wonder about this, not buying the game is stupid in my opinion too. but maybe going from a special edition to the standard (or day one) edition is different,

      I assume Kojima doesn’t get more money if a special edition is sold over a standard copy of the game, it probably only matters the amount of games and not the edition, so i would approve if someone choose to buy the standard edition instead of the CE. i guess that adding stuff to the sale of the game only means more money for Konami, right?

    • ash5454

      I don’t understand how you can presume to claim that people are dumb for doing the only thing they can do to be heard? Anyone who is anyone in the gaming community always says gamers
      should “speak with their wallets” as it’s the only thing gaming companies
      listen to. And now that some decide to do it, you call them stupid?

      And honestly, with all due respect, you’re the one claiming this game is a masterpiece without having played a minute of it.

      • Gatsu

        Yes people should speak with their wallets for most of games and be it with MGSV if they want, I can’t stop them. But it was just my opinion and sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.

        Well I get the feeling that people who cancel it is like the same as “I’m not buying TPP”, because his name got removed. But we don’t know 100% of the details what is going on over there, and to cancel for that? It still is 100% Hideo Kojima’s game, so it don’t make any sense imo.

        “And honestly, with all due respect, you’re the one claiming this game is a masterpiece without having played a minute of it.”

        Yes I haven’t played it. But I have played GZ, the prologue which give the basic feeling of what to expect of TPP. And I speak also of past experience, of the previous MGS games which imo have all been masterpieces. And it is a Kojima game, so he delivers. Also after seeing so much of TPP, it is what I feel or know that TPP will also be like. Has there ever been a game in your life, that you just know will be so amazing? Before even playing it?

        • Jason Mounce

          I agree completely.

          and I also go with the same feelings on a game before playing it. PP has to be, both realistically and by everything going on, a masterpiece. The only variable where this can become untrue is if the track record of the developer is questionable. Kojima has made nothing but great games, it’d be like Miyamoto of Nintendo, though I’ve not gone through ALL the games he’s made to find games that may be ‘meh’ but he makes more great games than otherwise. It’d be like saying, without any evidence: “Miyamotos’ next game will be fun” – you don’t need to play the game to know that his next game likely WILL be fun.

          My expectations are REALLY high for PP, but I know they will deliver, which is why I’m as excited as I am about the game. I remember MGS2 and MGS3, when I didn’t have a PS2, both had been released and I still didn’t have a PS2, the day I did get my PS2 for Christmas and the two games together. I played it non-stop for 30 hours and I could barely stop, I remember how much I rewatched the MGS3 trailers and even after all that hype – it delivered and MORE.

          Kojima just does this, and I’ve come to expect it until the day he somehow magically does disappoint – is it now? With MGS5 PP? Impossible.

          PP has to be a masterpiece XD It’s just an impossibility for it to be otherwise.

        • ash5454

          “Has there ever been a game in your life, that you just know will be so amazing? Before even playing it?”

          Never. I’ve been playing since Atari and one of the things I’ve learned is that any developer, any title, can disappoint. As an example, MG4. A tremendously passive game that had you staring at the screen longer than you were actually playing the game. Just use act 3 of the game as an example, 20 to 25 minutes of gameplay and over an hour of cut scenes. So yes, MG5 can easily disappoint.

          If that example doesn’t serve you, you can also pick from:

          Gear of War Judgment
          Bioshock Infinite
          Dragon Age II
          RE5 and RE6
          Duke Nukem Forever
          Metroid Other M
          Any Silent Hill after 3.

          I get hoping the game is a masterpiece, hell I do to, but claiming it will be is another thing completely. If you read some critics opinions there is even a lot of speculation on if the game is actually going to be really any good. It will be big and look great but other than that, people don’t seem to be so sure.

          • solidus311

            Are you eating those words yet?

          • ash5454

            Wow! You’re still around and up to the same ol, same ol? How sad is your life?!

            And no, I’m not. I put about 3 hours into the game and sold it. I’ve Platinumed Until Dawn instead though and can’t wait for Halo and Fallout.

        • Jason Mounce

          Gatsu, gonna have to ask for any assistance if things escalate further with the troubles above with me and ash5454. (Asking/telling here since Disqus doesn’t really have a PM system) This post as such can be redacted as spam/deleted since I just wanted the message to get to you or someone else who’s a mod.

          Though I’m not asking for the posts to be deleted as I feel they’re needed in some regards as a lesson in one form or another. Just if it’s not already being acted upon, that if things get worse (Though I doubt it, as I’m stepping out from it all) – Just wanted to ensure if people had an eye on the event that’s transpired.

          A heaping pile of a putrid mess of how disgusting an enraged ego can become and a good representation of Mark Twains’ quote used in MGS5 PP.

          • ash5454

            This is starting to feel like a “How low can you go” contest with you. As I’ve already told you, I’m more than through with you. So don’t worry, you won’t need a mod to “keep me away”.

            If there is a mod reading this, please, please!! By all means, take a quick look at this guys word count and insult count! I haven’t flagged any of his posts but the insults in them alone are more than enough reason for all of them to be deleted.

          • Jason Mounce

            You’ve gone far lower than I’d ever be able to achieve in my entire lifespan. And just to be sure I’ve taken a full screencap of the entire conversation to be sure to keep it as a safe-keeping record.

            What I am sure though is, I’m genuinely trying to contact a mod to ensure things don’t get worse – what you’re doing is making things worse and escalating things to such an extent and damaging everything you touch that it’d be clear to any sane-mind, anyone who wasn’t suffering from amygdala hijacking, that I’m no longer the one in the wrong here.

            My word count is irrelevant. My insults are minimal. Anyone who reads your posts will know what it is I see That you cannot. I can’t even make a comment to a mod without you butting in and trying to pour more fuel to the flames – and yet it was I who was called the ‘attention whore’….

            Not that I expect irony or hypocrisy to be observable by you but, that’s also why there’s no point talking to you. Your arrogance is something that can make everyone look at you with disgust, now, stop responding to my comments you sad little child.

            “I’m more than through with you” – yet oh hey, let me just keep responding to every one of your comments, even the ones that aren’t directed towards you as you find every chance you can get to try to smear me with your twisted, fucked up perspective. You putrid, hate-mongering sick fuck. How the fuck would my ‘insult count’ even be something to comment on? I don’t even get it, though I highly doubt you read your own posts. You’ll keep spamming away all the hate you have and then act like you don’t give a flying shit about how toxic you’re being. How ignorant can someone be with their own mass ball of disgusting and obnoxious cunt-like behaviour? Fucking seriously.

          • ash5454

            You know what? Now I am going to flag every single one of the posts with insults.
            Have a nice day kid.

          • Jason Mounce

            You’re trying way too hard to play the vigilante/hero card. You have not shown a single sign of guilt for your negativity. It’s like you think you’ve done absolutely wrong. I can imagine you a basement-dwelling shut-in with no job, no friends and have a chipped shoulder towards anyone who back-talks you.

            Whether I insult you doesn’t really mean jackshit, like, lmfao, what makes your posts so angelic and worthwhile? You’re hypocritically whining about me insulting you and ALL of your posts have been insults and attacks themselves. You act like you’re bigger and smarter than me, and yet you can’t even reflect on your own actions, you can’t even comprehend what wrongs you’ve done or how much of a problem you are to both yourself and to those around you. You’ve fucking SNAPPED over being called just a Cunt and a Twat. Now you’re on a spiteful spree of attacking me to compensate your wounded ego. I deal with insecure kids like you ALL the time, you blanket your inferiority complexity with a superiority complex and you act like a fucking person who’s words are justified because the person ‘started it’ thus your attacks and chosen words are valid and shouldn’t be used to judge your actions?

            Yeah fucking right. I’m here trying to get a mod to help with BOTH of our asses and you’re here sobbing about how I insulted you and how I’m such a bad guy, all the while I’m legitimately trying to get staff to do something to make ALL of this go away. What is it you’re doing? Insulting, insulting, insulting, being ignorant? Arrogant? Full of yourself? dramatizing everything and flagging posts? Acting like you’re not in the wrong in any way? While I over here have already admitted and told the mod we’re both being stupid and this needs to end because you’re a fucked up little shit and you clearly don’t know your place and you’re using the internet as a cover for your shitty personality.


            Again, you’re fucked in the head kid. I want this to end especially because with people like you? There is no winning, no losing, Everyone becomes a loser because you drag everyone to into the mudpits and you attack people like your fucking life is on the line.

            You’re a parasite.

          • ash5454

            And flagged

          • Jason Mounce

            ;_; O-oh noes, I’m being flagged! Gee wizz! Cause I don’t already know what’s going to happen. I’m totally the one sole person in the wrong here! Coming from a person who’s done nothing else but attack me and whine about being attacked. LOL.

            Flagged, the last resort used by a person who desperately knows that they can’t leave the shit-storm they created because they either have to have the LAST Say in it and they can’t leave of their own will – WHY? Because they have no life, they have nothing better to do, you just want to cause problems, eat up the attention and then act like you’ve done nothing wrong. Brilliant! I remember when I was this ignorant, back when I was 3 years old mind you.

            There is no excuse, you’re in the wrong and I know that the entirety of the drama you’ve escalated on your own is Your doing more than it is my own. I can accept my faults – again, however, you seem to have issues understanding your own flaws, I bet you’re the kind of person that tucks your fears under a rug and acts like they don’t exist. All those pent up, self-loathing moments of your life start to pile up, you know. I don’t have any skeletons in my closet but I can tell you have a lot of problems, me saying such, insinuating such, has made you go on Red alert mode. Now you can’t stop doing anything BUT attack me relentlessly. Guess what though? You’re digging yourself your own grave and this is a lesson to you 🙂 Reap what you sow kiddo. Maybe you’ll learn something once you pulled your head out of your own ass.

          • Æmæth Rex

            You’re on an internet message board. Drop the safe-space hyperbole and get over yourself.

        • João Matos

          >It still is 100% Hideo Kojima’s game, so it don’t make any sense imo.
          Are you a sociopath?
          Do you actually not understand that the issue is not how good the actual game is, but that they seem to be fucking over the people who are working on it?

          People aren’t boycotting because they think the game will now suck. That would be a self-serving decision, not a boycott.

          You don’t seem to understand what boycotting means.

          • And you’re not doing them any favors by boycotting the game they worked so hard on. Multiple people who worked on the game, such as Akio Otsuka and Donna Burke, have asked people not to boycott.

          • João Matos

            How is that an argument?
            Abused people defend their abusers all the time and bona fide artists will always want their work to be successful.
            That doesn’t change whether or not there’s an abusive situation taking place, and if it is then they need to be taught that that shit won’t fly and they need to knock it off.

          • The people behind the game want us to play it, despite these things that are going on now. How is that not an argument?

          • João Matos

            It’s not an argument because it has no bearing on the motive of the boycott.
            Nobody said that the people working on it wanted a boycott. In fact, the opposite would be expectable from many of the workers, since they’d want their work to be validated by it being successful.
            Note, too, that the people reportedly telling fans not to cancel preorders are actors, whom thrive on personal recognition, which is largely dictated by the commercial success of the works they’re in. And they weren’t Konami staff to begin with, so they’re not direcly affected by any of this.

            The purpose of the boycott is to send the message that fucking over your employees is not acceptable, and since publicly traded corporations only listen when their bottom line is at stake, a boycott of their products is the only way to get that message through.

            I’m sure their PR will eventually find a way to spin this in a less damning way, though. The info blockage is probably past of this process. Starving the public of concrete information until the buzz dies to minimize public image damage is a known tactic.

          • Alright, do what you want to. Not sure if it’s really going to help anyone, though.

          • João Matos

            I’m not part of the boycott. Preordering digital media is a thing I never do in the first place for other reasons.
            I’m merely discussing the legitimacy, aim and motive of such a boycott.

          • Fair enough.

          • john

            Now that was an epic debate

          • Gatsu

            Actually I do understand what it means. But I just don’t feel like explaining what I mean any further, sorry if you misunderstood.

    • Jai Guru

      And here we are 8 months later when you can see how giving a company who treats people this way money turns out. No one should have bought this game. Konami needs to be punished severely for this behavior. They should never be able to sell a product outside of Japan again.

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    I wouldn’t dream of cancelling my copy. 145 days!

    • Gatsu

      So few days left, nice 😀 !

  • César H. Sandoval

    Even Snake knows that this is wrong.

  • Golgari

    I’m still angry over Konami and Kojima bullshit. I remember everything that happened. They still haven’t showed us if they returned “A Hideo Kojima” name to the MGSV box and yeah Kojima Productions is also a thing.

    I had no intention for cancelling my Collectors Edition but so far Konami wants me to not buy it’s future products. But I will absolutely buy something what comes next from Hideo Kojima.

    • Gatsu

      “I’m still angry over Konami and Kojima bullshit.”
      Big Boss think so too.

  • Shalashaska

    HAHA WHAT! What GENIUSES we have in this world.
    ‘Last MGS Game Hideo Kojima will make’
    ‘Konami removes a hideo kojima game logo, Hkojima still working on MGS TPP’
    “Oh i know what im gonna do now, cancel my preorder, not buy the game because.. you know.. Hideo kojima logo isnt there..”
    Seriously… HOW did anyone think that was a right choice.. it’s still his game.. you cancel pre-orders when they cancel the game.. Not when they Restructure.. wow .. some people are just too much social justice super heroes. If i was rich i’d pre-order everything. Man i’d take a ticket to Japan and buy their TPP edition ps4… As long as it is Kojima san.. all is well people.

    And Also, how is it that you are supporting Kojima by canceling a preorder to his game.. seriously ? The only effect that is going to have is put kojima down.. not Konami. Konami is company even if EVERYONE went for just day one edition, they’d be rolling and swimming in cash

  • Xomak

    Pretty crazy, but I think this more of a case of people sending a message to Konami. This meme comes to mind:

    • Nuclear_Dad

      We will send later, but this is still a Hideo Kojima game, at least for us …

      • Æmæth Rex

        Why do today what you can do tomorrow right?

  • PrinceHeir

    Do you think MGO3 Should have a Spies vs Mercs style of play?

    I think it would be awesome if there’s a mode like this on MGO 🙂

  • Gatsu


    Time to listen to this nonstop :D, McCann is a damn genius with these OST. I can’t wait to hear every song for this game and glad he works for Divided too :).
    His OST was mindblowing imo in Human Revolution.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      I was literally listening to the Icarus theme song from Human Revolution! Another masterpiece awaits. I had never played a Deus Ex before, but Human Revolution totally blew me away with it’s (amazing) story, soundtrack and gameplay. Plus, our own Greek Elias Toufexis providing the voice for Adam Jensen, doing that Snakey voice had me drooling! 😀 Can’t wait for Mankind Divided. (great subtitle)

      • Gatsu

        Agreed it sounds equally awesome like Icarus!

        I have to admit that I’ve never played all Deus Ex games, although they are available on Steam I think. Just hadn’t got the time to play them yet :). But Human Revolution was incredible, currently replaying it lol.

        Having Elias again as Jensen is amazing :D, because I really like his voice and think he fits well for the role. Sounds so badass, quite similar to Snake ;).

    • PrinceHeir

      Love the remix theme of the main theme of Human Revolution :O

      Can’t wait for the full actual OST of the series!!!

      if anyone wants a good full rip of the series(since the official OST didn’t include other songs) message me and i’ll give the links here 🙂

      • Gatsu

        Aye it sounds really awesome :D, like a remix indeed.

  • Alex

    I wonder if whatever money the game makes actually goes to the devs because, from how I understand game development, they are paid continuously as any other job, and since they are leaving after this game is done (I think it’s December that way they do DLC work too) they won’t be seeing any of Konami’s profits from this game, it all goes to Konami. So the question of what is and isn’t support is up in the air. Guys like SnakeSoup cancelled with the intention of probably still playing the game through ahem* other means, and if all Kojima and Akio wants is as many people possible experiencing their hard work, than that’s probably the best way to do it if you don’t want to support the “evil” empire or whatever. Not that I’m doing anything like that, I got both arms waiting for me.

    It doesn’t have to be anything illegal either though if that’s the direction you want. It can be as simple as buying it used from GameStop, let them take all the money instead of Konami.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      What is the best thing to do in my opinion? Because l believe that Kojima Productions and all other studios in that matter, get paid to deliver a product up until it releases, all the profit generated by it’s sales are for the publisher. So, the best thing to do is only pay for the game. Getting the collector’s and special edition is just giving more “air” money to Konami.

      • Kojima would probably like it if people buy the extras such as the collector’s edition and special PS4 as well. Don’t forget he always helps with developing that stuff, and Shinkawa usually helps out with the design as well. He also showed off the arm multiple times on Kojima Station and Twitter pics. He would probably be disappointed if people would boycott that stuff because of this situation.

        Also, we still don’t really know what happened, and what will happen in the future. And Konami still funded this game, as well as the development of the Fox Engine and of course they funded Kojima’s projects for the past 30 years. So as long as we don’t really know what happened, should we really boycott Konami?

        • ObsessedGeorge

          No, we should let things clear up first, then move to decisions. Canceling pre-orders without even knowing what is going on is stupid.

          • Æmæth Rex

            We know what happened, their acquiescence confirms it.

          • MichaelPayneV

            How about cancel the preoders, then only after everything is clear we decide whether to re-preorder it or not.

            To me this sounds like the safe way to go.

        • Alex

          I’ll probably buy any future games from them I have an interest in, used. Unless Kojima comes out at some point, after leaving Konami, saying its not as bad as we think.

          Platinum is tricky though; if they make a Rising 2 and it doesn’t sell well, that could disband the best action gaming developer on the planet, so kinda forced to buy that new.

      • Alex

        Actually, they don’t make much out of the collector’s editions, which is why they only made limited amounts and have been hard to get. They get much greater profit out of the normal game, and consider the collector’s editions only for the fans.

  • Mohammed AL-Johani

    since they announced the release date the time is moving slowly. WTF

    • Gatsu

      Almost 6 weeks done already :), I think. 20 left which isn’t that much, but I agree that it is going a bit slower because of no more TPP content/pictures and stuff. The new upcoming games make this waiting easier imo, MK10 and The Witcher 3 + maybe some others.

      • Mini gear

        Repeat 3 and a quarter and where there 🙂 the wait for tpp makes me complete games to fast though

  • Larry Wright

    Still buying it day 1 as it will be a Kojima masterpiece but after that I’m done with Konami. Whatever went down there seems like some crying suits pissed themselves realizing the heart and soul was leaving and they decided to throw a temper tantrum. It definitely could’ve been handled better considering Kojima single handedly kept your company afloat. You would think a man that’s given his heart and soul to everything he makes deserves better. One companies huge loss is another’s huge gain.

  • FreestylersUnited

    In my honest opinion, cancelling the game because of something not related to the actual game is by far the stupidest thing you can do as a gamer – a Metal Gear fan nonetheless. So, cancel buying the game because something you have no idea about is going on? You’re not an MGS fan as you say you are if you cancel a game for this reason. Now, if Kojima changed Big Boss into a mutant woman with lazer eyes and took out MGO and mother base online – then yeah I would not blame you.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Not really, treating to cancel our pre-orders made Konami bring “A HIDEO KOJIMA” back on the box art.

      So NO, is not stupid, but making a point.

  • kirtanloorii

    I never considered cancelling my preorder for even a moment. On September 1, (or a day early like with Lightning Returns) I am going to open my front door to see a big fat collectors edition just sitting there. And then, about a month of silence.

    • Mini gear

      I’ll leave this plane of existence at that moment

  • Æmæth Rex

    Koji’s been paid as far as I’m concerned. Fuck Konami and Viva La Silent Hills!

  • Chris Jackson

    Konami doesn’t deserve Metal Gear anymore. Why would they drop Kojima’s name and company if they would obviously lose sales? They must be dropping their game division or something.

    By the way, I didn’t cancel. I just wish Metal Gear was produced by another company.

    • MichaelPayneV

      Same here, Rockstar or WB Games would be Better.

      • invader_skoodge

        It would be amazing if Rockstar opened a studio in Japan with Kojima in charge and KojiPro under the new studio. I’m thinking Rockstar Tokyo or reopen Rockstar Japan since they used to have a studio there.

        • MichaelPayneV

          That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    I think one of the biggest problems is that there’s no real transparency. We want to know “what happened” and all we get is “STUFF CHANGED, DONT WORRY ABOUT IT COOL? COOL.”

    That’s not an answer. If we can’t get the change we want, an answer would be 25% as good, because we are going to, certainly, worry about it.

  • MichaelPayneV

    Before calling anyone who threaten to cancel his Pre-Order stupid, let’s not forget that because of their treats “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” was brought back on the Game Covers.
    This was about sending a message, and that is that we won’t buy anything Metal Gear Solid unless it has ” A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” on it.

    “They try to tell us, what the f..we can and what, this GWA (Gamers With Attitude)…a yo Hideo?
    Hideo: What up?
    GWA: I got something to say.
    F**k Konami coming straight from the underground
    A young gamer…

  • FMercenary

    Anyone’s effort of canceling their pre-order is futile. We know you will be there on release day buying a copy because you don’t want to be that person that’s missing out on all the MGS glory.

    • MichaelPayneV

      If it was a futile, then why did Konami bring the “A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME” Back on the Legacy Collection Cover?

      • Gatsu

        Why indeed, there is no clear answer to that.

        • MichaelPayneV

          No everything has to be official, there are some cases liek this one in which is obvious as seen from a Plane that the Backlash made Konami bring the name back, since the backlash started the Pre-Orders have gone down, so Konami did the first thing since they were already losing money, bring the name.

  • Old Liquid

    Lol seems like Akio isn’t quite familiar with the western fanbase (unless he directed it towards the JPN fans).

    Nobody is going to boycott, despite what anyone is claiming.

    Same thing happened when Hayter was announced to not reprise, months before Sutherland was announced, and even afterwards. People swore up and down with their “No Hayter No Buy”.

    Fast forward to Ground Zeroes launch: every core, casual MGS fan and their fairy Godmother still got that game, despite not only Hayter’s fandom failing at abide by their protesting, but coppled with the awareness of a game that had pre-release controversy over it’s length/price. They still got it.

    If people can backpedal over that, then I’m quite positive a tagline not being on a cover box(again) isn’t going to stop them from purchasing MGSV, no matter what they’re pretending to do.

    • Theo Cevallos

      And that is why, my friend, MGS 6, 7 and 8 (despite Kojima no longer being involved and the fact Konami will probably launch an MGS title every year) will still be good selling games

      • Ventris

        Maybe MGS 6 and 7 will be good selling games(because of huge number of fans) but i honestly doubt that quality of these games will be anywhere near what we have now…

        No quality = No money 🙂

        Yeah i know that COD is still alive for some reason -.-
        but that’s one exception…

        • Mini gear

          Cod keeps being passed down to younger generations now, kids young influence each other I’ve seen

    • PrinceHeir

      This is pretty much directed to the fans in Japan and not to the west.

      And it seems fans of outside of Japan aren’t familiar how things work in Japan.

      • Old Liquid


        • PrinceHeir

          If there’s a controversy in any media in Japan. You can bet that the media will tank in terms of sales.

          For example there was a controversy in Kokoro Connect about one of the Seiyuu’s pulling a prank on their fellow Seiyuus. Things got escalated when the said victim wasn’t aware of the prank nor they even told him that they were doing a prank(he had to say a lot of embarrassing lines on public).

          So he got mad and recently talk to fellow Seiyuus about the incident. So now everyone was aware of the prank and everyone began blasting the prankers as well as the management team for doing it. Now they also found older tweets about abuse to the same victim again since he was just a new comer.

          Result? Last Volume of the BD’s tank with all the sales having one stars on Amazon and they also said they cancelled some of the tours because due to the bad reception and all.



          Also one of the band members of the Anime had to leave because he’s one of the people who bullied the new Seiyuu.

          It’s a good thing they ended the Anime since it was only a few episodes till they finish it. But you can bet there won’t be a season 2 or a new story arc if they plan to do so.

          So you can see this is just one of the many incidents in Japan where people literally takes things seriously as possible. People here maybe chill(well it’s Kojima so it’s a must), but once they know there’s a scandal or anything incident behind the background.

          You can bet it will have a huge impact in the media for sure.

          • Old Liquid

            Good heavens lol. That seems pretty brutal. The reason I asked for an elaborate because I didn’t know if your message about fans not knowing how things work in JPN was in regards to something I said in my message. I was familiar with how JPN were more strict with their ideas within their respective medium, but what you said was quite hardcore lol. Good read sir, thanks for the elaboration. Learn something new everyday.

  • James

    What kind of dumbass do you have to be to cancel and not play a pre-order of MGSV:TPP???

  • Andrey Coutinho

    Think about it that way: that’s the last Kojima MGS, but Konami already confirmed it’ll continue creating MGS games without him. If you want to send a message to Konami, pre-order Kojima’s Masterpiece, make it as successful as possible, then ignore whatever comes next. We want the post Kojima games to pale in comparison to the true thing. If MGSV doesn’t become a huge hit, Kojima’s work will be for nothing, and all because of Konami’s shitty behavior. They’d ruin his life’s work even further. Don’t let that happen.

  • angerwin

    I ask you guys to cancel your pre-order. As you all should know pre-orders are bad business. You are destroying the industries from gamer’s perspective.

    Don’t understand me wrong. I’m a big fan of the metal gear. And i will buy it definitly after release.

    But you shouldn’t pre-order any game. please listen to somebody how can express this much better then me.

    • Gatsu

      And here I was wondering if anyone come say that.
      I only pre-order games that I know will be excellent, like Bloodborne. MGS belongs to that category. It’s not always about the pre-order bonuses though… Sometimes I just want my own copy of the game asap and give my support to the fantastic developers. If I want to support them by pre-order, I will do so because I love Kojima.

      People can only blame themselves if they pre-order games that end up being bad, like Colonial Marines. Or buying expensive pre-order for Destiny but then ending up being hugely disappointed. But seriously, MGSV will not be. So I don’t think you should be telling people to cancel pre-orders for the game they know will be one of the best games ever, or if not the best. Yes you could say we don’t know that ’cause it’s not released, but it’s what I feel or know after all the things I’ve seen of TPP.

      If you know a product will be good, then pre-order is ok. Also you can get it a bit faster this way. Playing GZ give you basic feeling of what TPP will be like.

      There are good points in that video though. So many keep pre-ordering games like AC:Unity, which don’t even work at launch. Still there are many games that I buy after release, because wanting to hear reviews etc about is it good or not. But even so, even if a game gets a bad review, I might still like it.

      • solidsnack

        couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂 i agree with this 100%

      • Mini gear

        Well said, also I didn’t like how unity had 60 billion preorders and ad dlc’s

  • Javier

    In 2016 konami will announce metal gear remake and all of you are going to buy it. ALL OF YOU. Me too.

    • solidsnack

      man i’m split half of me hopes it never happens and half of me hopes it does i’m a metal gear whore plz forgive me kojima-san orz

      • Javier

        It’s stronger than you.

  • Gatsu


    Donna asked fans not to boycott Kojima’s upcoming open-world stealth title “because upper management fired a genius.”

  • Pingback: Donna Burke comments on the situation at Konami, says Kojima has been fired | Metal Gear Informer()

  • Gatsu

    Jesus christ, ash and Jason can’t you two get along :O? Sorry I haven’t got the time to be here 24/7 but I’ll try read your posts… Also I’d like to stay away from banning certain people, because folks usually end up getting along well here in the end.

    Curse words also aren’t allowed towards each other. Even though they’re not allowed, doesn’t mean you should just be rude or raging to each other using different ways :).

  • Guest

    Personally, I did cancel my collector’s edition pre-order and I’ll be playing the standard TPP with a heavy heart. I only hope fans could join forces to get ‘A Hideo Kojima Game’ back on the game – he deserves it.
    Imagine another game director trying to pitch a game with a ‘Guantanamo Bay’ setting – making socail commentaries on the modern forms of physical and psychological torture, a power struggle between a world order and those who fight for their own liberty – a story full of loss, treachery & betrayal… they’d be told to ‘play it safe with Zombies’ or something. 😛

    • Well, perhaps in that regard we should be thankful to Konami, for letting Kojima tackle heavy subjects like these in his games.

  • Gatsu

    ash and Jason can’t you two get along :O? Sorry I haven’t got the time to be here 24/7 but I’ll try read your posts… Also I’d like to stay away from banning certain people, because folks usually end up getting along well here in the end after some heavy arguments.

    Curse words also aren’t allowed towards each other. Even though they’re not allowed, doesn’t mean you should just be insulting each other using different ways :). So please stop doing them insults and lets stay more peaceful shall we :)?

  • Zaku

    I decided not to purchase as soon as Kojima, the bastard, decided to not use David Hayter this time around. This announcement doesn’t affect me.

  • VAZE

    Kojima has far too much talent, he will rise in other forms, projects and with better opportunities. I will buy the game but konami will not get any more of my cash!

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