RevolMini Venom Snake photos by Kaiyodo show its packaging, accessories, articulation

The third in line of the RevolMini Metal Gear figures, Venom Snake, is set to release soon. Kaiyodo, the figure’s manufacturer, has been sharing some pictures of the upcoming piece of merchandise.

As can be seen on the photos, the figure features a lot of articulation options, as well as a moveable eye, and comes with a bunch of accessories such as weapons, swappable hands and a cigar, plus a stand for displaying it.



RevolMini-Venom-Snake-BoxRevolMini-Venom-Snake-Box-2RevolMini-Venom-Snake-Box-4 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-Box-3RevolMini-Venom-Snake-7 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-6 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-5RevolMini-Venom-Snake-12RevolMini-Venom-Snake-2RevolMini-Venom-Snake-11 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-10 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-9RevolMini-Venom-Snake-4 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-3RevolMini-Venom-Snake-1

Here’s another picture of the box from Kojima himself:


The figure will be available from June 25th, for a price of around $30 – 35.

Source: Kaiyodo Direct Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Does anybody know if this is something official ?

      • Oh I see.. so why doesn’t it say Big Boss there huh?

        • Maybe he ‘regains’ the title at the end, like in PW.

          • That’s because it’s a different person.

          • Not likely.

          • captain!

            But what about this guy? He has Big Boss’ voice and his head is bandaged.

          • Shalashaska

            This guy is Honestly NOBODY but a figment of his imagination. This is Snakes inner will to survive. Nothing more.
            Or He is a manifestation by Young Mantis to make sure Big Boss escapes. This is also likely considering we actually see him in the hospital AND Mantis does seem to be guiding Big Boss away from harm like how he stops him from moving to an exploding lift. Why he has no face could be explained by the fact that mantis is still young and perhaps doesnt have enough power to make full off faces yet.

          • glitchbomb

            God…..I feel like we have already had this conversation a hundred

          • Shalashaska

            By my estimate..give or take 450 times

          • Shalashaska
          • But wouldn’t they still have written it in order to prevent confusion

          • They could have simply forgotten.

        • Raymondius

          I think he is another person, but just ‘metaphorically’. He is the Big Boss we all know, but remember that Big Boss we all know will be commanding FoxHound some years later and nobody in the USA can know it. Maybe he is called ‘Venom Snake’ in this game to bury once and for his title, only to regain it to betray USA.

    • Shalashaska

      As nyxus said.. it is official. Umm .. Mayb its because he has to regain that title after 9 years of coma. When he is in MGS 3, they could put that Big Boss title for him but they dont because he gets that title at the end of the game ..doesnt make him any less of a Big Boss in Mgs 3 does it ? 😀
      Or the fact that he is turning into a psychopath and villian could also be one of the reason he is sorta stripped of that title in this game.. this surrounds all that gray fox is Venom theory and sometimes i think Kojima is outright trolling his fans. Suggestive promotion and videos to make his fans hype with theories..

  • Önce Vatan

    Looks like Solidus

  • Dang 50 Bucks?

    It looks like a old toy I used to have from Mexico haha.

    Also the pose with the horse legit got a chuckle out of me.

  • PrinceHeir

    Not a fan of this style, but cool nonetheless.

  • Gatsu

    Epic Horse.

  • Boromir

    Does anyone know if any Europian retailers have this to order?

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