Revoltech Venom Snake shows himself on pictures by Kojima

First there was the Revolmini Venom Snake, now the company is working on a new Venom Snake figure. On Twitter, Kojima showed the unpainted prototype on two pictures.


“Revoltech’s VENOM SNAKE, looking good &very precise in detail compare to normal size. Yamaguchi-san, you’re the best.”

It looks like it has a lot of different joints and articulation points, but no details have been announced so far.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    Looks pretty cool but what I don’t like about action figures is the area between their legs is like a brief which is why I prefer union creative venom snake figure.the only figure I would let pass is boba fett.

    • IFACE o o SKULL

      A 100% agreed XD

      • Le Guy who drowned quiet

        I hate briefs.boxers are much better looolz

  • JoJo

    Looks great!

  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    sahelanthropus tchadensis 84.pretty badass name for a metal gear.

    • No Place For Hayter


    • Plissken

      Salen-…sahelan…sahelanthropus…METAL GEAR?!

  • Javier

    Hi, I am the guy who complains about a lot of things 😛

    I think it was better when snake uses only one arm to cover his face from the helicopter wind.

    And I was thinking in something in general in all the saga, all the soldiers looks like they have the same age. I mean, in an army you can see people from 18 years old to 50 or even more. The only difference in mgs are the main characters.

    Thank you guys, those were my stupid comments for today.

    • Raven_Sorrow

      You don’t complain, you give your opinion. And don’t say that your comments are stupid! Stop that! Now the hand thing, i would counter with the bionic arm being to skinny to protect the “eye” from flying sand XD it’s the guy’s last eye! One thing is rain and a full “fat” arm to protect his face another is flying hot sand! XD The age thing i’ll will counter with the child soldiers 😛 I’m kidding with you please don’t hate me! You do have a point though, in terms of realism, in a conventional army the ages can differ by that amount. In PW the “photos” of the MSF soldiers differ in age by roughly that amount. But is too soon to say that the TPP hasn’t that detail. You can see some young guys and some older guys in the gameplays we have seen. Not 50 to 18 of course but i wouldn’t say they are all the same age. And keep commenting! 😉

    • Ninja_Se7eN

      Most of them have masks covering their heads so they could be almost anywhere in that range.

      That being said, the regular enemy soldiers that you encounter on your missions will have to be somewhat below 50 to still be effective in the field :P.
      And if you take into account that the average age of the combat soldier (the guy that actually goes to war) is between 22 and 26 it makes sense that most soldiers in MGS fall in the same age category.
      Also having similar soldiers simplifies asset development a lot :P.

    • No Place For Hayter

      You are not the only one that complains about a lot my friend 😉

      I agree with you on the arm thing, lol.

      As far as the enemies looking the same and what not, only a few games suffer from that. You can count out MG:S because they were all covered and were the Genome soldiers. For PW and TPP they do all lokk different (though in PW their models were exact, lol, and will probably be the same in TPP but they will all have different faces) also simply do to the fact that you could not run around as a 50 year old in a MGS and expect to do anything useful (Big Boss is a superhuman exception, lol, oh and Solid Snake, lol) so to make sure the gameplay is relevantly the same they keep the your recruits aka the enemies relevantly in the same age range. Also TPP will have child soldiers so there is something. I think the only games that really have this age thing was MGS2/3 and possibly 4 but in 4 the technology and what not kept everyone in top condition, so even though only half the games have it they still do a good job of hiding it well with things like having the faces covered and changing what they can.

    • Preston M Simpson

      There are no stupid comments, just stupid trollers and you were not trolling.

    • ominonarepus

      Not stupid comment mate, just different points of view 😉

      About the wind from the helicopter, maybe (I’m too lazy right now to watch 2 hours of videos seeking and comparing landing helicopters xD ) is because on one pic BB has the heli on the left side and on the other he is going straight to it.
      We all know Kojima pays attention to details.
      I remenber on this page, someone complains about BB doing weird things with his arms every time he jumps on the GZ videos and they change it on the final version.

      And about every soldier having around the same age… you broke my glass there xDD

      At least everyone have a different face a not just a balaclava xD

    • Edward Wokhands

      This is a half educated/dumb guess but I think he won’t put his arm up every single time. It would seem too robotic, so it’s probably randomized. So he might do it every 1 in 5 times or something. That’s the easy way games are made to feel alive. Otherwise it looks like AI.

      • Javier

        In ground zeroes he didn’t do that, so I think he will only use the 2 in tpp.

    • able_to_think

      It’s because of the situation. Having water blown in your face isn’t that bad as long as it doesn’t get in your eyes. Sand, on the other hand, can get in your nose and mouth and ears which is miserable.

  • Kawaii Monster

    Hi my name is, Kawaii Monster, and I’m a compulsive MGS figurine buyer…

  • I am sooooo getting this figure when it comes out…
    Most def!!!

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Looks great, I’m not an action figure person though.

  • Jak

    Hmm. Have the Venom Kai, will prob get the Hot Toys one when they finally announce it (they’ve announced the have the license to TPP). Getting the Nendoroid one.

    Do I get this and the revol mini, and have the whole venom family?

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