Guillermo Del Toro: Kojima would be the only guy I would follow to the ends of the earth on anything

While MGSV will still be finished with Kojima at the helm, a project we will probably never see the result of is Silent Hills, which he was working on with Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro, disappointed about the cancellation of the project, told IGN:

The collaboration between Kojima and myself, the meetings, and the friendship that was developing was beautiful. We had an agreement on where to go. We had an agreement on how we were going to push the new platforms. We were having a blast.


If Kojima decides (or already has decided) to leave Konami, he will of course not be able to work on the franchise anymore. Del Toro still hopes some of the project can be salvaged, and either way, his enthusiasm for working with Kojima hasn’t waned.

Hideo and I have been in touch. And he knows he would be the only guy I would follow to the ends of the earth on anything. I think if anything can be rescued, I will be more than happy.

To read the entire interview with Del Toro, follow the link below.

Source: IGN

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