Metal Gear Online team shows off in-game hat and asks for more fan suggestions

As usual, the Metal Gear Online developers have been interacting with fans over Twitter over the last few weeks, answering questions as well as collecting feedback and suggestions. One of these suggestions already made it into the game, as you can see on the picture below. According to team, many of the suggested ideas for headwear will be worked on, and we can expect lots of cool gear in the final game.


Check out some of the tweets below.

April 23

“One of the best things about MGS is the ability for players to approach an objective in different ways. MGO allows you to do that, infinitely more, with fellow players working as a team and honing your strategy in the field.”

April 25

“We’re doing some playtesting today in an effort to polish up our latest build. We’re even gonna be doing some work Sat/Sun!”

April 29

“Good morning everyone. We’ve made some ‘interesting’ hat designs as you have seen in the Rex Helmet available with the Collector’s Edition.”

“We’d like to know what other kinds of hats you’d like to see in the game. Keep in mind, no idea is ‘too crazy'”

“Thanks for all the awesome suggestions! We’ve gathered them all and slapped them in a folder for our concept team to work through.”

“They particularly wanted to send their thanks and let you know that many of these will be worked on!”

“There’s an ongoing discussion and submission flow going on inside the studio as well, so look forward to lots of fun/nostalgic/cool gear!”

April 30

“Walked by the art team today and saw them working directly on a new hat idea some of you posed yesterday!”

“Also they asked me to keep sending more ideas if you guys have them, so if you didn’t suggest something yet, feel free.”

May 1

“We definitely appreciate player concerns, though I hope we can convince people otherwise when we show more of the game.”


“From the fan suggestions, a little low-hanging fruit.”

May 6

“There is a cardboard box in the game, and you can go into it as well as pop out of it. Up to the player to determine how skilled they are at using boxes to avoid attack, or deliver shots to other players.”

In response to this, someone asked if there are going to be “box only” matches, and the answer was: “That’s up to players, there aren’t modes that restrict players to only using boxes and cqc or boxes and a weapon.”

May 15

“There are no plans to have a short MGO lifespan.”

On June 16th, the preview embargo for Metal Gear Online will be lifted, but the team said there will be more info before that.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter

  • Sorry about this being old news, still catching up.

    • No worries man, we were and still are being played like a damn fiddle 🙂

    • Gatsu

      Np take your time :).

  • Off-topic: what do you guys think about a new poll: favorite MGS boss fight? Of course, not all bosses can be included, as there are two many, so what do you think of this selection? Is something missing that should be included (note there is always the ‘other’ option):

    Psycho Mantis (MGS1)
    Big Boss (MG1)
    The End (MGS3)
    Vamp (MGS2)
    Gray Fox (MG2)
    Sniper Wolf (MGS1)
    The Sorrow (MGS3)
    REX vs RAY (MGS4)
    Harrier (MGS2)
    Liquid-Ocelot (MGS4)
    Metal Gear REX (MGS1)
    Solidus (MGS2)
    The Boss (MGS3)
    Peace Walker (MGSPW)

    • VIC BOSS

      The Boss
      Psycho Mantis
      My favorite

      • Yeah, they’re on the list. Anything missing?

        • VIC BOSS

          Vulcan Raven Mgs1
          Liquid Snake Mgs1
          Olga Mgs2
          Fatman Mgs2
          Fortune Mgs2
          The Pain Mgs3
          The Fear Mgs3
          The Fury Mgs3
          Screaming Mantis Mgs4
          Crying Wolf Mgs4
          Raging Raven Mgs4
          Laughing Octopus Mgs4

          • Alright, but we have to choose since the list can’t be too long for the poll. Let’s see what other people say.

          • Ravenous

            I always thought the fight against The Fury in MGS3 was awsome, along with the Ocelot Unit in the beginning of Operation Snake Eater, and Vulcan Raven.

            But my favourite? I think it’s a tie between The End, The Boss and Liquid-Ocelot 🙂

          • Gatsu

            Oh right The End is epic too and Liquid-Ocelot, Fury I always liked a lot too. It sort of reminds me of Vulcan Raven battle. Dammit very hard decision XD…

    • FOX

      Of course Liquid-Ocelot!! ( MGS4)

    • Gatsu

      I think that poll looks great Nyx! I was just thinking couple days ago if we should do a new poll ;). Got one question, that would there be possibility to choose only one or like two bosses? If only one choice, then really hard decision XD…

      Between Psycho Mantis or The Boss for me maybe, not sure urgh…so many amazing bosses … Now just to wait for TPP bosses ;D;D;D.

      • It is possible to do that, but then everyone could just vote for his / her choice and ‘other’, so you wouldn’t really have to choose, and that wouldn’t be fun. 😛

    • turkishgamer35

      The end
      Gray fox (mgs1) – spent weeks until i find how to beat him i never use cqc in the first game and always try to shoot him or use bombs

    • J_muse72

      -REX vs RAY for the epic shance to use a METAL GEAR
      -The End for an epic 1v1 sniper duel
      -Liquid-Ocelot for being the most perfect boss fight/cutscene with the best music score in the background to date

    • Polls always welcome!

      I was wondering why there isn’t a poll each week or each month at least. So yes, we want it.

      ‘Pools’ are awesome. 😀

      • Because it’s hard to come up with good ones. 😉

        • When something comes to my mind, i will send you ideas via ‘contact’ form, so i will help you with this. 🙂

          • Thanks!

          • I already sent you the first idea that came to my mind, did you received my e-mail?
            Just to confirm that it arrived succesfully.

            Have a nice day 🙂

          • Loud and clear!

        • Gatsu

          Is the reason why I haven’t posted any, but if my brains ever think of a good poll I let you know too ;D …

      • WhatTheJuicay

        I wish I was rich so I could have a pool-cuzzi like that in my backyard.

    • Nuclear_Dad

      For me:

      Psycho Mantis
      Gray Fox (but MGS1)
      Sniper Wolf
      The End
      Liquid Snake (the final, not the tower)

    • Shalashaska

      Well.. Mantis for being crazy awesome.
      Big Boss For the Son defeating his father.
      The end because of that long awesome tracking/sniping fight
      Vamp For ..well.. being an awesome no-BS vamp with amazing skills. (When he ran on water… i was like HOLY MOTHER OF ! )
      Gray fox for being able to defeat an amazing and skilled “WOW” Ninja.
      Sniper Wolf for THAT ENDING!
      The sorrow for that BAT-S*** CRAZY Scary walk and the way you gotta beat it.
      Rex vs Ray. Two Metal Gears ENOUGH SAID.
      Harrier.. One of the most coolest scenes in the whole game 😀
      Liquid Ocelot FOR THE FEELS
      Metal Gear Rex ..well.. Do I really have to give a reason ? EVERYTHING.
      Solidus… that Ninja Sword Fight..damn RAIDEN KICKED A**!
      The Boss.. the EMOTIONS, THE CQC, THE REASON… The end of the TRUE Patriot; The BOSS.
      PeaceWalker, Connection with the BOSS! That End ! And the fact that its a psp and was pushed to its ABSOLUTE limit which was great!
      So Really Nyxus.. you should have put a “All of the above” 😀

    • Matrixcity

      What about Gray Fox/Cyborg Ninja (MGS1)?

    • Sly

      Metal Gear Rays MGS2 instead of Peace Walker.
      Volgin instead of Harrier and it should be good

    • Null (MPO) 🙂

    • No Place For Hayter

      I think you are mostly good here, you got all the important ones from 3, all the major fights from 1, 2 and 4, and you got the peace walker fight from peace walker. I think you could add the Paz fight from Peace walker which I doubt would be a popular choice compared to the rest for obvious reasons so it probably would be bad to add it to the list, lol.

      My only suggestions would be to change the “Big Boss (MG1) to “Big Boss (MG1&2)”, because despite how sad it is to fight and kill big boss running around and setting a guy on fire with a handmade torch while he has a heavy machine gun is just cool.

      And last but not least I personally would also add the Gray Fox fight from MG2, because fist fighting in a minefield is untold amounts of bad ass.

      On the topic of poles you could also forms poles around the themes of the game, GENE>MEME>SCENE>SENSE>PEACE>RACE, like which is your favorite and which game do you think best and most easily represented and presented its themes.

      • The poll is up, guys. Not everyone could be included (there are 20 options as it is now), but there is always the ‘other’ option if your favorite isn’t included.

    • James Raskalov

      No love for the Fatman fight?
      But my favorite was The Boss in MGS3.

    • Ken Shiro

      The End, MGS3.
      Ocelot, MGS1.

  • Bożydar Mazur

    I dont like those hat ideas but hey, the more stupid hat you have the more easly ill spot you and kill you

    • Don’t forget to have some fun too 🙂

  • Gatsu

    More hats is always welcome :), they’ll do many ones for sure so everyone can wear a cool one.

    Any fans of good old music from 80’s? What songs would you like to hear in TPP while sneaking around, going rambo or just relaxing in the wild/MB 🙂 ?

    I’ve been listening them a lot lately. They don’t do music or videos like these anymore :(… I’m sure Kojima will surprise me and offer a lot of really great ones in TPP ^^.

    • Tong Ninja

      Bee Gees
      Michael Jackson
      Cyndi Lauper
      David Bowie
      Stevie Wonder
      Hopefully after playing the game, everyone appreciates the 80’s music. Much better than the music being put out in 2010’s haha!
      Also I hope that there will be several songs (other than Sins of the Father) that were composed by Kojima’s team. Donna Burke, and maybe other singers as well… 😀
      Finally looking forward to the background music/ music when Big Boss is in Africa. African music has its own style and uniqueness!

      • Gatsu

        Yeah :D, so many great artists’ songs from the era. I can’t wait to hear them all ^_^ and looking forward to hear the full game OST, especially in Africa.

        I miss 80’s music :C, most of the so called “hit” songs these days are far from good imo. 😀

    • Darby Crash

      This should be the main tpp theme:

  • Gatsu
    • ObsessedGeorge

      How did they do this?

    • Cobra

      I’ll raise you this.

      • No Place For Hayter

        Ok I couldn’t help it this made me laugh. The silent Big Boss, the sad judgmental look on Ocelots face, lol, this is perfect.

      • Silverius

        Good lord….

      • Gatsu


      • BB’s and Ocelots faces in last two pictures hahah hilarious.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Lol, oh god no, the last thing we need born out of their comradeship and loss is love……Kaz, can love bloom on the battle field?

      • Gatsu

        It’s funny that Kojima retweeted this lol ;). Love is a damn fiddle.

        • invader_skoodge

          If Kojima retweeted it it’s canon.
          KazMillerXBigBoss Yaoi confirmed!!

  • MrVux007
  • WhatTheJuicay

    Ha.. I thought the guy working on the computer was an in game character.. Damn you Fox engine for looking so real at times.

  • PrinceHeir
    • Gatsu

      😀 mmmm can’t wait!

    • invader_skoodge

      Gee…this picture just makes me sad that my Graphics card doesn’t have enough memory to run this game smoothly. I might have to miss it at launch. This trailer is just…( ‘ OoO)/

  • PrinceHeir

    Nyxus and Gatsu

    Once we reached 7 days before MGSV’s release date. I want you to make articles about official trailers of older MGS games leading up to MGSV.

    Like First Day MSX games, then next MGS1 etc.

    I have compilations of English and Japanese trailers. I think a lot of people will appreciate how far the series has come to leading up to MGSV 🙂

    Just ask me the trailers and i have them for you. Watching this as you lead to MGSV is gonna be hype as hell 🙂

    • Gatsu

      Sure thing :), that would be awesome before it releases. Although Nyxus can only do the articles at the moment I think, so it’s up to our Boss :D.

      I’ll have to be ready with my brothers for the removal of heavy story spoilers if they appear, as the game will release earlier in some places I guess. But maybe we get lucky and don’t get them. I certainly don’t wanna see them lol.

      P.S. watching that was so epic 😀 !

  • vic boss

    I Beat up mgs3 again just recently in preparation for TPP and man!!! , that ending really gets into you, you really feel like Big Boss. for better or for worse I have to admit that out of all the games I’ve played in my life, mgs3 is the only one that has made me cry. The feelings of that ending really get into you , at least for me it does. I don’t know if TPP will be able to top that , but we’ll see.

    • Gatsu

      I think that is the only game along with MGS4 which made me cry. Such a spectacular endings ;).

      Maybe FF7-9 too years ago, but I don’t remember exactly if they gave me such powerful emotions at certain part of story. Oh hell, I could be wrong and there’s maybe more lol as I’ve played a lot since 90’s ;D …

      But at the moment, after so many years MGS3 still makes me cry. The ending cutscene and VA is just really well done. No other game do that to me after such a long time.

      • vic boss

        True I forgot about mgs4, I guess is because I play and like mgs3 a lot more than mgs4. Anyways those are two games that have me crying every time I see their endings and are the only games That have had me crying, other games are sad and everything but they haven’t managed to make me shed a tear. Hands down to Kojima and Kojima Productions.

  • invader_skoodge

    Keeping the 80’s alive. Here’s this bonafide classic straight out of the 80’s. I can picture Big Boss, Kaz, Ocelot, Quiet and DD going on a vacation in a station wagon and have some fun adventures just like the Griswold family. LOL

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Damn, l missed those! l’m hoping to see the return of the stories!

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    I’m really not sure how the hats are going to fit in the MGO thing, I hope they know what they’re doing.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    I just want a bandana item so I can recreate either Naked Snake or Solid Snake. If it was on the game as part as Big Boss’ customes, even better!

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