Skull Face may play a smaller role in MGSV: The Phantom Pain than we thought

Skull-Face-Play-Arts-Kai-5In a recent interview conducted by Fragged Nation, YongYea and Korrupt Ronin, Skull Face actor James Horan talked about playing his role in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Horan doesn’t seem to remember all that much of his role as Skull Face, but what may be especially surprising to Metal Gear fans are his statements that he doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in the game, even saying that as he recalls it recording for TPP wasn’t really much more work than it was for GZ. Many fans expected Skull Face to be the main villain in the game and to play an important role in the story, but taking Horan’s words into consideration, this may not actually be the case.

James started playing in college, at the age of 19. His first role was the Marquis de Sade. “I would like to call that my baptism by fire.” He did several other plays in college, and when the time came to graduate he decided he wanted to keep pursuing acting. He was accepted in the MFA (Master of Fine Arts) program. After that, he went to LA to further pursue his acting career, doing soap operas first. “I didn’t get into voice over until about 20 years ago.” People told him for years he had a good voice. “I like the fact that there’s so much less ego involved, and nobody really cares what you look like. And we’re all supportive of each other.” Horan said. “I ended up doing over 80 video games and a couple of animated series.”

He got the role of Skull Face via his agent. “When I went in, for instance, for this [role of Skull Face in MGSV], I have to say guys, that I’m not a gamer, I don’t play video games, but I have a nine year old who loves video games. But I’m not letting him play with shooter games.” Horan isn’t all too familiar with this franchise either. “So I didn’t know anything about Metal Gear. I’d heard of it, of course, and this character, when they showed me the […] photo, and from the look of it I thought he might sound something like this [in a creaky voice]. And I remember the creator, I’ve forgotten his name […] [Hideo Kojima], he was there at the beginning. I met him, and you know, I remember asking him when I was in the booth (asking them through him) if they wanted some kind of voice like that, and he said no, he wanted just a normal voice. So that’s pretty much why he just sounded like me.”


He first did Ground Zeroes and was later called back for The Phantom Pain. “They had to refresh me because I’d forgotten what I did on the first one. Because he didn’t say much in the first one as I recall, right?” The hosts say there are probably about 8 or 9 minutes of dialogue. Horan: “He throws the tape to the kid in the cage or something, and says ‘you deserve this’ or something. That’s all I remember.” How long after GZ was he brought back, and was TPP much more work? “It wasn’t, as I recall. I don’t really remember what I said, but you guys gave me some lines here, that I said. But yeah, it was at least… I thought it was maybe 9 months or 10, maybe less than that. [Here he seems to be talking about the time between GZ and TPP recording] But some time certainly went by. […] they didn’t show me any video. So I didn’t… The first time they had video that they showed me. The second time it was just creating a character again.”

So how much recording did James do for The Phantom Pain? “There may be a maximum of a couple of hours. Maybe an hour and a half. […] I think it was pretty quick, because I didn’t have that much to say even in The Phantom Pain, as I recall it.”

Did he also do the facial capture? “No, it was just voice. I didn’t do any mocap.” The hosts are surprised, with Daley pointing out he is credited with the facial capture in the game. “Really?” James asks. “Maybe I had some things around my face. I seriously don’t recall.” Daley asks if he doesn’t recall sitting in a booth surrounded by cameras. James Horan: “It’s possible. […] It sounds reasonable that that happened.”


How did he approach the voice of Skull Face originally? Horan explains how he played aliens on Star Trek and gave them a voice based on their appearance [does a raspy voice as an example]. “Which is why when I saw Skull Face I thought, well whatever disfigured his face perhaps affected his vocal chords too. So my tendency was to go towards that [raspy sort of] voice. And than I was directed to make him so he doesn’t have any kind of impairment to his vocal chords. Which is fine, but yeah, it’s just as an actor you have a tendency to want to find a voice, a new voice for each character.”

What are some things he kept in mind when playing Skull Face? “I have to be honest and say: I don’t know much about him, expect what they’ve told me, which is, you know, how he was disfigured and what I read online about him.” Horan answered. “I read that paragraph just recently to refresh my memory in the Wikipedia of his sort of monologue about how he became that.” Again, he says Skull Face does not have a lot to say in the game. “Well, I think if I had more of an arc to the character, like you know, he was more of a main character, I’d certainly want to know more of those things. But when he doesn’t have all that much to say, I just kind of let them fill me in on what they need.”

“I really didn’t do a lot of homework, because, you know, when I went in the first time they just kind of told me what to say and showed me the picture.” […] He does a lot of auditions for voice work, so he can’t remember everything. “You know, I do things and I forget them, it’s like, I can’t keep auditions in my head.”

Did he read the scripts for things he worked on (like Diablo and MGSV)? James explained: “They rarely let you read much of anything, because they want things under wraps so much. You sign these NDAs (those Non Disclosure Agreements). So you don’t get to read much. I always want to know as much as possible about any character I’m playing, but in voice over world you sort of take what you get, especially in games, because, you know, as I say, they’re so much under wraps. So you just kind of go with what you got, and you come up with a voice and then they either say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.”

Was he uncomfortable with the controversial elements of the character? “I wasn’t aware of the uncomfortable elements.” […] “As an actor, you can’t make those moral judgments sometimes. It’s like, I certainly try to find out or figure out why the character does the things he does. If you’re playing any kind of a psycho on stage or on television or film or anything you want to know those things, but, like I said before, when they’re so closed about letting any information out, it’s really hard […] Again, if you’re the lead, you’re Kiefer Sutherland or Robin Atkin Downes, they got more to do, right? So, they probably have more input and exchange on what the character is going on.”

Were there any difficulties voicing Skull Face? “Straightforward, I mean, simple.” Horan said. “Again, it was nice in the beginning to have the creator there who, you know, seemed pleased with what I did, and who put in his input and I seemed to give him what he wanted, so yeah, it wasn’t difficult.”

Horan was also asked about Skull Face torture methods. Was he able to get any background stories on what they were, what Skull Face did in GZ? Korrupt Ronin asks if he knows about that. Horan: “No.” Hearing this the hosts react surprised. Again, Horan says that all recording of the characters is done separately, so that could explain why he doesn’t know about the context of his character.


Ever since we’ve seen Skull Face and Snake working together in the E3 2014 trailer (or at least, it appears they do), people have been wondering just how the two are going to be interacting. Does Skull Face play an antagonistic role or will he act as an ally? Horan responded: “Man, I gotta say: I really don’t know. I mean, it’s like, of course I would love to say he’s going to be an ally, rather than… you know, because it also gives the character a little more dimension than just, you know, one note. […] Even when I read just recently […] why he became the way he became. He went through this accident, disfiguring accident as a child I imagine. And then […] the woman in the hospital said: you should let the poor thing die. And so, you know, with that history in him, […] if he had not had this accident he would be a different person.” Horan than asks the hosts: “Do they indicate at all what country he is from?” Yong answers he is from Hungary, after which Horan seems to remember. Yong also notes that Horan actually speaks a bit of Hungarian in the game, asking him if he remembers it. “Oh. No, I don’t.” Yong asks if he speaks Hungarian. Horan, somewhat surprised: “No I don’t.” But he does seem to remember them mentioning it at the beginning, which made him ask if they wanted any kind of accent. But they didn’t. “They probably just made the speaker say it [the lines] and you just parrot it.”

Horan was also asked his opinion about Skull Face as a character. “Oh, I think he’s interesting. It would be interesting to like, play him if they ever did a feature [film]. I don’t know if that’s in the works, that could be interesting. They’ve taken some video games to film, haven’t they?” […] “I mean, you know, even Adolf Hitler was a really intriguing character in terms of what shaped him to be what he became. For some reason Skull Face and Hitler kind of blend in my mind a little bit. […] Whatever shaped him into being that ubervillain, I would like to approach Skull Face in a live action thing that way. So what do I know about him, just to answer your question as best I can, he seems like he was certainly shaped by that accident. There’s some glimmers of humanity left in him. But again, I don’t know enough about that, too. […] I mean, we as actors always like to have dimension around a character.”

Does Skull Face play a key role in the story? Horan responded: “I cannot say, because I do not know. […] I don’t recall the lines, and I’m sure that the creators are happy about that.” He could confirm that he’s done recording, they haven’t called him back. He would like to reprise the role in the future, or in a movie.

It’s kind of surprising to see how little Horan remembers of the whole recording process. Though the fact that he doesn’t know much of the story is in line with what other actors said earlier (they’re only told a very small portion), how much he has forgotten about the voice recordings themselves, and the facial capture is strange to see. But maybe he’s just a busy guy who has done a million other things since then. Either way though, Skull Face doesn’t seem to be as important to the story as many fans have assumed – though frankly, even that is hard to judge so early.

Source: Yong

  • Holy damn this guy can’t remember a damn thing lol

    • Truly frustrating to watch haha

    • glitchbomb

      I was thinking the same thing!! I was hoping for little mgs to morsels wet my palette but this interview… Its like trying to squeeze precious water from a stone.
      A stone with alzheimers!

    • matttt

      Maybe he forgot a few hundred hours of extra voice work…

      • Cobra Commander

        I’m going with “smoked one hell of a fatty”, before the interview.
        In all honesty this has to be a ruse. He had almost nothing to say.
        I could spend two minutes buying a lottery ticket, and remember way more details than the months it took Horan.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Well, this was as if he suffered from amnesia.

  • Javier

    We can create a new theory explaining why he didn’t remember anything.

    • No Place For Hayter

      The Phantom Memory.

    • He was just being an a**hole.

      • Kol Leqejza

        yeah, totally agree! he was avoiding all those questions. but better this way than spoiling everything.

        • Jak

          I don’t think that’s really the case-every one of the other VAs interviewed has managed to avoid spoilers while still being a good interview subject.

          This just seems like he’s so genuinely disinterested in this as a job that he doesn’t treat it as more than words coming out of his mouth.

          • Kol Leqejza

            what do you mean w/ the others? only joosten was interviewed and it was super quick.

      • No Place For Hayter


        The awesome simplicity of your comment has made my day, lol.

  • No Place For Hayter

    I can’t figure out if he is trolling us, if Kojima is trolling us, or if they both are trolling us with this interview, lol.

    If it was just a small role in a smaller or less story heavy game I could believe what he was saying, something about voicing a character like Skull Face in an MGS makes it really hard to believe he had forgotten so much, I mean if that is really the case than someone is doing something wrong, you gotta get the voice actors invested into the characters and if what he says is true then he wasn’t invested at all.

  • This been the hardest interviewee that they have had to deal with. I really hope he was just acting like he didn’t remember. I really want to see Skull Face as that amazing villain in the trailers, Who does and says the most evil shit. I loved him in Ground Zeroes and really hope there is more to him.

    • No Place For Hayter

      If we were to take the idea that his role is very small at face value, then that would probably means Snake kills him pretty early on, lol.

    • Perhaps Skull Face will just act as a catalyst that drags Big Boss into madness, this story will be more about Big Boss anyway and those around him (most notably Kaz and Ocelot, who are confirmed to have a lot of dialogue). So it could be that Skull Face is someone who, among other things of course, drags Big Boss into a spiral of vengeance and violence, but doesn’t play a large role other than that.

  • Alberto Sánchez

    I don’t trust him. That’s really easy to understand. The guy has been working for some months in the game and now, suddenly, doesn’t he remember his role? I don’t buy it.

    May be he is not allowed to talk about his role or character because of the bunch of spoilers that it would cost. Or something like that. We know few things about Skullface after playing Ground Zeroes, and I guess Kojima wants us to be in the same point untill the game will be launched.

    • If you watch the interview, it really doesn’t seem like he’s lying. He seems to be sincere. But according to Horan, it was only a couple of hours of recording.

  • Flameeater

    So this guy can remember the other actors? But cannot remember if he had a wall of cameras pointed at him with a bunch of stickies on his face…. Must have been one hell of a NDA he signed…

    • That’s the weirdest thing, and the fact that he can’t remember speaking Hungarian. You’d expect that being one of the things you would remember.

  • flying_fox

    It’s unbelievable how little he can remember. I trust him on that, he really seems clueless about the role, and that doesn’t surprise me. In GZ, he sounded to me like he was just rushing through his lines with a dumb voice. I think he was a poor choice.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I generally agree, but there were a few examples in GZ which I thought he nailed (a few is the audio tapes of all things), which makes me think that he could do a great job if A) He cared enough, and B) The people behind the voice direction really pushed him into doing something great.

      But unfortunately yeah, about 90% of his voice acting to me was pretty bad, sounded way too much like a cheesy over the top 80’s action super villain, which sounds horrible, lol.

      • The ending tape was really well done. “Tell me where he is. Where is Cipher? Where is Zero?” He sounded really menacing there.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah, and the “Don’t die” line in the secret tape, lol, I actually liked his “Awwwww” when he does die.

        • glitchbomb

          Damn…just reading it again I heard it clear as day. almost gave me chills.

      • Braden Gunn

        Bizarrely I didn’t like anyone’s performance during Ground Zeroes, but found the voice acting in the audio tapes brilliant from everyone involved.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah I found that very weird, the voice acting in the audio tapes was better than the voice acting in any of the cutscenes. Hopefully we see the audio tape quality transfer into the cutscenes for TPP, I mean they had enough time to get it right for TPP without having to show off anything.

  • PrinceHeir

    I was expecting Skull Face to have a similar role to Gouda from Ghost in the SAC 2nd GiG(not gonna spoil). I already have a feeling he’ll die pretty early in the game, that’s why he didn’t have a lot of lines to work with.

    It’ll be interesting how he joins Big Boss’s Diamond Dogs army. Kojima should have cut that part on the red band trailer of him joining the army with Metal Gear Zeke/REX like being developed underground.

    Would have been a great plot twist tbh.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Funny thing is the first time I saw Skull Face I was like “Hey look it’s Gouda”. lol. They are very similar.

    • Kol Leqejza

      i’d like to think that snake is rather disbanding DD to form outer heaven with skullface. and i’d say they meet in afghanistan.

    • JoJo

      It’s really funny you mention that, because in the first season of Ghost in the Shell SAC there’s a guy who has a lot of resemblance to Kaz’s new design.
      Maybe Kojima or Shinkawa is a fan?

    • Jak

      Sorry, but you’re assuming a lot-all weve seen is a shot of him landing on the mother base helipad, and then being next to big boss in a jeep-we have no idea if one is being held prisoner, or what the context is.

      Do recall the same trailer then ends with snake shooting several dazed DDs.

      That created more mystery, it didn’t give anythig away.

      • PrinceHeir

        Uh no. You already see him not handcuff and actually talking to Big Boss as comrade.

        If Big Boss was out for revenge and knew about Skull Face was behind it, he would have killed him on the spot.

        But since Skull Face has a grudge against Zero(reasons not yet known) it’s obvious he would team up to Big Boss for a common enemy.

        And since the game’s theme is about revenge. I wouldn’t be surprised if Skull Face also backstabs him once they corner Zero.

        And lol Kojima is known to spoil things before the game comes out. Just check MGS PW and MGS4 Launch Trailers. Pretty much spoiled half the story and even worse MGS4 had the final Rex vs Ray battle at the end.

        • Jak

          Because not handcuffed is the same as being comrades? I take it you didn’t actually listen to the audio diaries in GZ. We already know the reason-it’s heavily implied that Zero’s spies are the ones who called in the strike on the munitions factory SkullFace was in as a kid. That doesn’t explain why he hates Snake, but given the timeline it’s likely when he was still one of the patriots.

          “First Big Boss, then Zero. Liberation is at hand”

          He wants them both equally dead. It’s way more likely that if SKF presents himself as an ally, it’s merely so he can have Diamond Dogs expend its energies against Zero’s forces.

          You’re also confusing player knowledge with character knowledge-Big Boss can easily take him prisoner without being aware he was behind the attack on MSF.

          As I said, you’re making a crapton of wild assumptions based on a few frames of a trailer and none of the preceding actual information we already know.

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol. I don’t even need to explain to you why the trailer was very spoilerific for the game.

            “He wants them both equally dead. It’s way more likely that if SKF presents himself as an ally, it’s merely so he can have Diamond Dogs expend its energies against Zero’s forces.”

            There you go, i already said Skull Face is aligning himself with Big Boss because he wants Zero dead. Kojima has SAID many times that the characters will backstabbed each other, so it’s no surprise that Skull Face will eventually backstabbed Big Big Boss towards the middle of the game as we get closer.

            Why does he hate Big Boss? He doesn’t even need a reason, it could be that he was getting in the way of his revenge or better yet, since Zero worships Big Boss as a messiah, Skull Face may have wanted to kill Big Boss in order to crush Zero’s mentality towards Big Boss, since he’s a Legendary Soldier that can never be replaced.

            See? If you actually paid attention to the series, you would have known reasons like this can happen.

            And you must be new to Kojima trailers if you don’t think he doesn’t spoil or reveal snippets that lead to twist.

            Actually you act as if you know all of MGS. In the end this is all SPECULATIONS based on observation and lore history and not BS assumptions you like to accused me off.

  • Andrea Feletti

    Probably skull face is not a number one villan…after all he wants to find and kill zero as big boss. it’s hard to believe but i think horan is not lying

  • >Gets killed at the first meeting with Big Boss

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      Knowing Kojima, it’ll be like the MGS2 bait and switch maneuver. Set him up to be the main villain, and then he gets shot within two or three hours of the game’s beginning.

    • Raymondius

      I wouldn’t be surprised… lol.

  • kirtanloorii

    For some actors it really is just a job. It’s okay.

    • Yeah, you can’t expect everyone to be a fan. His voice work is still solid, and that is what matters in the end.

      • Raymondius

        I’m really impressed about Kiefer, though. He was just amazing when he introduced Kojima in las VGA for the presentation of MGO. Really respected the industry and seem to have fallen in love with his character, as he himself said if I remember well. Hope these guys get a chance to talk with him!

        • Even Kiefer fell for BBs charisma, like we all did.

    • Tong Ninja

      I agree, as long as you do the job correctly or to the best of their abilities, I’m fine with that.
      Plus James wasn’t given much information to start with for Skull Face, so he wasn’t too invested on his character on an emotional level.

  • Gatsu

    I believe he will play a huge role in TPP, but maybe James tried to avoid the questions like this without giving too much info. Or then he simply dont remember much, it happens.

    • Maybe he is important to the story but doesn’t have a lot of screen time.

      • Gatsu

        Maybe, but lets hope we see him a lot :).

      • Raymondius

        Just what I was thinking. It’s not like we haven’t seen it before, we always have Zero/Cypher there… Somewhere.

  • Cesare Di Maio

    Can a mod. make a new post and Translate this new stuff from Japan? it says something abbout the FOB and Motherbase stuff

    • Gatsu

      I need to start studying Japanese more :C …

    • PrinceHeir

      I can only read some lines.

      It says something about two players joining the base(the bottom part that has FOB) in Online.

      I think it also let’s you trade in your Staff members to other players, but i can’t read some of the lines due to my very limited Kanji(will practice some more this Summer)

    • invader_skoodge

      Might have to ask JunkerHQ to nicely do it for us. I don’t know much but I can speculate that those arrows show how you can use mother base as your hub to go out to the field back to MB. go to missions and back and a way to go to your forward operating base which is the online base invasion mode where you can get invaded or invade other players.

      • Liquid_kid

        Actually all it says is that u can assault others “frontline base” (not the mother base) and then got hit back if the others revenge on you.

        • Liquid_kid

          The whole flow should be that u got rewarded from what u get in the mission, u uses them to develop the “forward operation base” and thats the one you will attack others’ and they will hit on urs.

          • Cesare Di Maio

            By the way, from Francesco Fossetti,, he says that the MB Management will be in an aseptic menu, like an RTS one, where you can develop Air Support, weapons and gadgets.
            Maybe the MB App for GZ is some kind of preview for the new TPP App and will work someway like that.
            And yes, there are Missions where you send your soldiers

  • It makes sense; Skull Face is a new character, but also, we never heard of him in previous games, so he can’t be that important. It must be a character of “in and out”, a secondary one.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • Ravenous

    Hmmm…I think he just says that he can’t remember to avoid giving away anything that could potentially breach his NDA Oo

    Just see the interview with Phil Lamar, he seems to remember every single role he’s ever had, so unless Horan’s memory is failing for some reason, I think he’s just dodging questions he feels could become problematic for him if he gives too much info.

  • Braden Gunn

    Though it’s entirely possible Skullface has a small role in Phantom Pain, I think he was just playing dumb to avoid questions, I mean even if the hosts suspected he was lying to them they’re not going to turn around and call him a liar directly to his face xD

  • Golgari

    To be honest… I don’t think that any role in MGSV will be huge. I think this time around Kojima wants less cutscenes but more impact on them. The biggest roles will be probably for support units – Kaz, Ocelot.

    Skullface will be in the game and that is important. When we will see him our jaws will be dropped because he will do something that will make us surprised.

    when I read tweets about MGSV preview event in LA so far cutscenes were huge only in the beginning where star guests are presented and characters. After that there is gameplay only and maybe few 15-30 sec cutscenes like in Ground Zeroes where you save Chico or Paz.

    So basically it’s a TV show. you start a mission №7 —- something happens —- Gameplay —– Bam and The End.

  • poor guy it seems he has severe amnesia

  • invader_skoodge

    While I believe that Skull Face won’t have a lot of screen time, I don’t believe he’s not important to the story. I believe he’s very important to the plot but seeing how this will be a game to close the gap in the MGS saga He’s not going to make it out alive. Other thing we have to consider is that in voice recording if the VO Director in this case Kris Zimmerman liked the first few takes, there’s no reason to spend lots of time in the recording booth when they have all they need from the actor. He might be playing coy a bit but we’ll have to see. That’s what’s so exiting about this whole hearsay interviews.

  • Punished Fox

    worst voice in the game, incredibly boring, I was very disappointed and the fact that he doesn´t really care about the game and acts like he doesn´t remember shit actually makes it quite frustrating to know he is playing this character.

  • Zlatan

    horan just plays the interviewers like a fiddle.

  • Jillsandwich98

    So anyone else got Witcher 3?

    • Rheulan

      Hell yeah! Great game, so far.

    • glitchbomb

      Yup. Not as exciting as I hoped but I am baaaarely into. Not giving up yet!

    • Amrid Saladin

      it’s okey.

    • korruption

      Buyer’s remorse!

  • CodeBox

    Can’t wait to see what role he will play in the story (big or small).
    I don’t trust the guy and wouldn’t be surprised if he backstabs us at some point.
    Either way If he dies in TPP then I hope he goes down in an awesome gunslinging showdown with Ocelot (if Boss doesn’t take him out first).

    • Mini gear

      We’ll both are western style ^_^

  • César H. Sandoval

    Good, I want Zero and the other Patriots to be the main villains. Not this new guy, let him be just a plot-device like in GZ.

    • Jak

      Zero definitely needs to be heavily involved, but SkullFace has still earned a very brutal death at this point.

      Would also imagine SkullFace could be similar to Pagan Min-I doubt the cyborgs are working for Cypher if they’re called Skulls…

    • invader_skoodge

      Umm…I hate to say it but Big Boss IS the villain. Kojima said many times this game will show us how he became the main bad guy plus he bluntly tells us “I’m already a demon” so in this game there won’t be a good vs evil type of story.

      • Chris Jackson

        Evil vs evil. Of course, from certain points of view, some may think differently. Zero practically takes over the world, and Big Boss simply creates his own army to stop that. He also kills some innocent however, so I’m basically looping around.

      • César H. Sandoval

        “antagonist” then, you are right BB is the actual villain here.

  • PrinceHeir

    It’s finally here XD

    I really think MGSV should also have art that puts the countdown till release date 🙂

    • Gatsu

      Gratz my friend ^_^, I played it 2 hours yesterday. What a beautiful game and it runs really well on PS4 :D. Enjoy <(^o^<) !

    • vic boss

      Is it worth it ? is it a little bit kinda like red dead redemption? The thing is that I have never played a proper rpg so I don’t know if I’d like it or not.

    • korruption

      Definitely one of the most overrated games I’ve played, and I’ve played many hours of it, looking for what fun there is and came up empty-handed. I bought the regular edition and it was still a huge waste. For those who buy into the hype, here’s a little something they fucked up on, as they apparently have before: the text in most of the screens (like the inventory for example) is insanely small, so ready up that screen zoom accessibility function!

      I’m finished attempting to play this boring waste… TPP will obliterate this piece of shit. Paid off reviews or not!

      Edit: Err ahem! Pardon the rant… >_>;

  • Arahmis ‘Bvgatti’ Mendez

    My guess is that Snake does some reconnaissance and catches up with Skull-Face.. They either team up or bump heads; Cypher/Zero comes along and kills Skull Face, making Zero the main antagonist for the rest of TPP..

    Completely off topic.. What if you come across Frank Yager in TPP as a buddy for the buddy system? That would be kinda cool. I wonder if they will show his demise at Zanzibarland if its an area in the game.

    • Chris Jackson

      Jaeger dies in Metal Gear 2 (That’s right. It’s spelled “Jaeger”). Zanzibarland isn’t visited until then. That means we need to play two more games to get there. TPP – 1984, Metal Gear – 1995, Metal Gear 2 – 1997.

      • Arahmis ‘Bvgatti’ Mendez

        My bad bro, That was just me hoping Kojima went that far in the storyline in TPP for MGS fans worldwide. If so, that would be phenomenal! And yeah Jaeger* haha my bad again.

  • Niko

    The fact that he isn’t mentioned in any other games doesn’t make a good case in my opinion. But hey maybe I’m wrong and he is a big deal.

    • invader_skoodge

      Well, I’m not sure about that. I’m sure he’s a pretty big deal, but like the other MGS games the story is self contained and the characters are relevant to the game they’re in. Sniper Wolf is not mentioned much in other games but she’s a big deal in MGS. For example.

      • Niko

        You both make a good point bros, so I’ll take the hit for that comment 😉
        And I did say that maybe I’m wrong, so only the game will tell us when we play it.

    • Chris Jackson

      Tell me which Metal Gear had characters not from other games. Psycho Mantis? Solidus Snake? The Boss’s whole squad? Drebin?

  • Ventris

    LOL he doesn’t remember anything 😀
    this came to my mind

    and his perception of time is obviously phantom cigar xD

    • Gatsu

      I love this guy, lol.

      Aliens must have erased James’ memory.

  • Machine Gun Kid

    Why do i keep thinking skull face is volgen. I mean yea naked snake puts him down with the shagohad but we never see volgens dead body in snake eater. So im thinking skull face is him

    • Ravenous

      that could be possibly, but only if he was lying to Paz in the GZ-tapes where he talks alittle about his background O.o

  • Boldizar

    They should have hired someone who could remember work he did a year after, and someone who didn’t have such an awfully bad voice for the character. Seriously, is this guy involved in so much other stuff that he doesn’t know?

  • Chris Jackson

    What I know: Skull Face wants to find Zero/Major Zero/Cypher/Major Tom. I’m thinking he’ll be looking for support from Big Boss. It won’t take too much dialogue for that.

  • Tong Ninja

    In the interview, he talks vividly about voicing ‘The King’ from Fallout: New Vegas (came out in 2011) which has less lines than Skull Face in Ground Zeroes. So I don’t believe that he doesn’t remember anything haha.
    James probably took the NDA very seriously, so he played the ‘I don’t remember ‘ card to minimise risk of spoiling the game.

    • Chris Jackson

      I definitely hope that’s true.

      • Tong Ninja

        haha that or the dialogue he had to record for TPP was so shocking, it fried some parts of his brain making him unable to remember TPP ….
        Also if you go on James Horan’s website, it says he plays the Skull Face, the main villain in MGSV. But take that with a pinch of salt!

  • Javier

    I think Skullface has the mg zeke. At a final stage of the game he will go to the mother base and talk with snake. He will return or loan the zeke just to combat cypher. And then we will play a mission with the zeke.

    • korruption

      Yes I dare say that he and Snake will have a jolly conversation about it while enjoying a right smashing spot of tea. Tally-ho!

  • Mini gear

    WAT… Bit odd to have a small role when HE BLEW UP EVERYTHING BB MADE

    • Gatsu

      There’s a chance it might feel like we don’t see Skull Face very much in TPP, similar as it could be with Huey. Because of the open world style of the game, lots of things to do instead of just going forward like in the linearity previous MGS games had.

      But yeah, the bastard blew up my MB… SF I still haven’t forgotten about what you did >:C !!! He’ll have to pay for our fallen brothers. I’m excited to see how James voice act Skull Face’s dying screams when I have my revenge, after I first take back my MG from him.

      • Mini gear

        Yeah it’ll probley be short scenes, can’t have him on screen for six hours :p but when I find him I’m gonna throw zeke at him… Literally At 3:12

  • Gatsu

    Btw anyone else played GZ with the Japanese voice cast? I play that way on PC because it’s available and Skull Face’s VA Takaya Hashi is awesome in it :). His performance is quite different from James Horan at certain parts, for example in the post-credits conversation 🙂 :

    I like James’ voice though and interested to see his work for TPP.

    • Maurycy Zarzycki

      I am not sure I agree. While I generally prefer Japanese dubs over English in anime, when I hear the JP voice of Skullface I imagine 3rd Hokage from Naruto. Might be just me, but even though people complain about disinterested voice of English Skullface I like it because of that – he genuinely doesn’t care, as a character, about the fate of others or anything else. Not only he lost ability to feel pain, he seems to have lost ability for empathy and hatred.

      That’s how I see it :). I’ll need to watch more of the Japanese version though, curious about how it sounds. Can you enable it on Steam or something?

      • Gatsu

        Lol yeah he sounds a bit old I guess, but I like the difference :). Fits quite well imo for a guy with such damaged face/body. I checked and he actually voiced Kakuzu in Naruto, the Akatsuki dude ;D.

        Try it if got time, Akio and Tomokazu are really cool in GZ. I plan on playing with English on PS4 but not on PC :).

        Yes you can enable it :D. If I remember correctly, you have to right click GZ on your Steam Library list and select Properties, imo it was there where you can switch the language. But be warned though, when you change the language you will lose your saves from the game. Or not exactly lose, but it switches it. The languages got own save files, so you can’t continue from same point. At least, that is how I remember it working, but there are topics of this in Steam community ^_^.

        • PrinceHeir

          I’ll be playing both versions for comparison 🙂

          I don’t know which to go through first tbh XD

        • Maurycy Zarzycki

          Great! I’ll have to try it one of these days :). I’ve head in Kojima’s top 8 moments that you can get different Chico cutscene depending on how many POWs you rescue beforehand so I want to check this out and in the same time I can check the Japanese dub.

          I’ll surely play TPP in English because I grew really fond of Kiefer’s voice… And the rest of the cast!

  • MrVux007

    (off-topic)Lets be honest here now,if a any game looks better then Uncharted 4 in the future…then we are talking about photo-realism or even real life graphics … what are your thoughts on this ?

  • PsychoMantis18

    …suspiciously forgetful

  • Saxon McMichael

    I think that he can’t “remember” anything, because of the information embargo. We’ll likely get more details on Skull Face after June 9th. Kojima is too clever to have created a memorable antagonist such as Skull Face only to make him a minor character. I mean, he put 2 bombs in Paz to blow up Big Boss, in case he found one.

  • Pingback: Konami provides more details on the Venom Triumph Bonneville | Metal Gear Informer()

  • SuperWhovian86

    You all understand he’s lying right? While many voice actors do forget the lines they said and look at each recording as a job and not “OH MY GOD I REMEMBER THAT!” he’s also probably still on some NDA until October or something. There’s no way he forgot they mocapped his face.

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