Venom Triumph Bonneville to be unveiled on May 22nd, teaser video released

Konami will be revealing their partnership project with Triumph Motorcycles on May 22nd 2PM GMT, at the London Comic-Con: the Venom Triumph Bonneville. A teaser video has been released, showing just a small glimpse.

“Join us at MCM London Comic Con on Friday 22nd of May at 2pm for the unveiling of the Venom Triumph Bonneville!”


Triumph motorcycles were also featured in Metal Gear Solid 4

On the official Metal Gear Solid Facebook page, Konami stated they will be sharing the full reveal on their channels, and ensured that it will be ‘absolutely amazing’.

Comic-Con London kicks off May 22nd. Konami UK posted two pictures showing the MGSV booth in progress.

MGSV-TPP-Booth-London-Comic-Con-Sneak-Peek MGSV-TPP-Booth-London-Comic-Con-Sneak-Peek-2

Source: Konami UK Twitter, Konami Twitter, MGS Facebook, Konami UK Twitter 2

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Oh yeah!

  • Annadill

    so glad i found the time to go to MCM london on Saturday morning.

    • Le Guy who drowned quiet

      cool!your really lucky!

  • Raymondius

    Metal Gear makes me wish I was rich.

    • Zetokei

      Everything makes me wish I was rich! 😛

  • Kol Leqejza

    why would a fan would want this?

    • Jon Givens

      Because MGS + Motorcycle’s = My favorite thing n the planet

      • Kol Leqejza

        are you gonna buy it?

        • Jon Givens

          There is no possible way I could afford it,sadly.

          • Doesn’t look like it’s even for sale, for now at least.

  • quintimnia

    A fan would want this. Me, lol. As a Motorcycle rider, and a fan of triumph, and a huge huge huge fan of metal gear solid for years, if they will reveal a new motorcycle called venom bonneville, bro, dont hold me. But, the motorcycle which has ridden by terminator snake ( leather jacket and bad to the bone ) at the end of the trailer ( cant remember of its name though, not your kind of people i guess ) is not bonneville. figured it out from its exhaust sound, bonneville does not have this deep and harley-like raspy sound (hayter?) it could be triumph america or speedmaster. cant remember that too. but hey, maybe they used bonneville as a model and put another motorcycle’s sound. ( clearly ) but bonneville, as a cafe racer, is a fantastic motorcycle. so much fun to ride.. DUDE I LOVE METAL GEAR.

    • Kol Leqejza

      maybe kojima did like that sound more, hence why he choosed it.

      but the helicopter in that scene may interfere with the motorcycles engines sound and thats why it sounds that massive.

      • quintimnia

        no, its pure exhaust sound. listened like hundred times with earphones 🙂

        • Kol Leqejza

          so what do you think then? is the sound a placeholder, till the games release?

          • mikeyyytexas

            Could be, I thought it sounded like a Harley too lol I guess we won’t know till today or till September

  • Mini gear

    I need it is so mamzingi

    • Gatsu

      I need it too ;D !

  • Maik O’Bannon

    Is this the first time we see a videogame inspired official veichle?
    Mgs is making history once more!

  • Golgari

    I hope that we can get a small teaser for this new motorcycle with in-game Fox Engine model. Just like with WIRED X MGSV partnership. I’m hungry for new footage and Big Boss on a Triumph bike would make my day.

  • PrinceHeir


  • Vegas

    Next thing you know, they’ll be selling Kaz’s sunglasses and Quiet/EVA breast enhancements.

  • mikeyyytexas

    Well at least the MGS Booth looks nice I dig it… Kinda curious as to how the bike looks… I’m more of a Harley guy myself but this is cool

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