Konami will still be developing for consoles, Metal Gear is ‘extremely important’ to the company

In an interview with business publication Nikkei, Konami president Hideki Hayakawa clarified some of his recent comments regarding the company’s new course and emphasis on mobile gaming, saying that the reports ‘lacked the necessary context’. In addition, Konami issued an official press release, stating that these comments ’caused unrest within our key stakeholders including our community, members of the press, our partners, and our fans’, and that they ‘are aware that the conjecture surrounding our recent changes has prompted a great deal of anxiety, for which we apologize’.

Hayakawa explained Konami is still committed to home consoles, and will be embracing all kinds of different platforms in the future.

Konami will continue to embrace the challenge of creating entertainment content via different platforms. Not only mobile platforms, but for home consoles, arcade units, and cards, to meet the changing needs of the times.

Earlier this year several of Konami’s internal studios were disbanded during a restructuring of the company. Hayakawa explained the reason for this change.

The aim of this reform [to a ‘centralised production division system’] has been to guarantee that, in the quickly changing digital entertainment industry where new game designs and platforms constantly alter the market environment, we can accurately observe new customer demands and market trends, and apply our long-established technology and knowhow quickly and effectively with a range of targeted responses.

He didn’t say anything about Kojima’s rumored departure, but simply stated that he and the team ‘are hard at work in the new production division system’. The official press release continues to add that the company is ‘overwhelmed by the outpouring of support’ for MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

Regarding the release of “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from fans in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and elsewhere worldwide who are eagerly awaiting the game’s much anticipated September 1st launch. To this end, the development team is diligently working together to ensure those high expectations are answered in full.


Picture by Ed K. from Chicago

On the future of some of their franchises, Hayakawa said:

[The] Metal Gear and Silent Hill series, both beloved by countless fans around the globe, are also extremely important to Konami. We have nurtured them with care over many years since their inception, and will continue to produce products for both franchises.

However, he didn’t have any concrete announcements to make at this time:

But we are not currently at a stage where we can announce the path these future titles will take … Your support for our current endeavors, and your spurring us on to greater heights, are as always deeply appreciated.

Source: Nikkei, via GamespotKonami Press Release (via AllGamesBeta)

  • Cipher

    In Big Boss’s voice : What a load of bullsh-t .

    R.I.P MGS
    The last and Final Game is yours

    • Nemis94

      True that!

    • Bartolomeo OP Snake Eater

      Agreed. They are soooo full of BS I cannot WAIT to play the final masterpiece of BIG BAWSE

    • Bożydar Mazur

      It’s time to reduce Konami to 0 and erase it.

      • Teunis Bosch

        After mgs V that is

  • Batzi


    • ddmaster


    • Dr. Miles Manners

      No. This is a Konami press release.

  • flying_fox

    If they were interested in developing for consoles, we would still be able to download P.T., we would still be looking forward to Silent Hills and most importantly, Kojima Productions would still be running after 2015.

    • Dr. Miles Manners


    • Crazyboi_06


    • Nekkedsnake


  • Romain Robin


  • Le Guy who drowned quiet

    I was seeing how people were saying that tpps VGA 2012s graphics was shit.after reading that my guts are painting.OH

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Kojima.. Kojima Productions.. Developers wrongly fired.. but their GAME served as a message to others.. That ours is a society that fires the innocent creative directors.. Do you too believe your GAME will change the gaming world? *cuts off*

  • MrVux007

    i can understand the pessimism of some people on this subject… but to me this doesnt mean an end of video game quality for MGS…who knows we might even get someone else who will surpass Kojima himself….and in the worse case scenario,we still have the last real MGS directed by Kojima…

    • It’s good to be optimistic but that isn’t very likely. First of all Metal Gear is very much Kojima’s series, and the series really carries his signature. It’s very difficult to find someone with so many talents. There is no-one like him in the industry. Also, his team has tried making Metal Gear games without his direction, and they failed, so one has to wonder how Konami will make this work without him. Unless they go the safe route and just expand on what is there, but that would probably mean the games will become far less memorable and distinct from one another.

      • MrVux007

        at this point everything is possible

  • Gatsu

    “[The] Metal Gear and Silent Hill series, both beloved by countless fans around the globe, are also extremely important to Konami. We have nurtured them with care over many years since their inception, and will continue to produce products for both franchises.”

    Extremely important? Yeah sure… not to forget the recent stuff and some of the past Silent Hill games being shitty (my opinion) because they gave Silent Hill to american/european developers :(.

    Then finally getting it back to the hands of Japanese (Kojima and buddies), through the awesome reveal that was done with P.T. Just to cancel it all…bury the promising SH game that would’ve been made by the dream team… from existence. Yeah they care a lot -_-.

    I’m glad they let Kojima work on TPP to make it perfect, but what they’re saying is kinda BS imo.

  • Kawaii Monster

    “’caused unrest within our key stakeholders”… Seems to me Konami Inc. is sh*ting bricks since the Kojima departure and want to reassure the shareholders they will still be getting money. In all honesty after MGS V:TPP no other MGS title will get my monies unless Kojima and his team are actively working on the title.

  • Gatsu

    Way off-topic lol but this is one hell of a movie, I’ve been waiting for it :).
    Check it out if got time 😀 !

    • stagueda

      Awesome movie dude… Hoping MGS has this kind of humor, Long Live the 80’s

      • Gatsu

        Yeah, it’s awesome that people still make this kind of movies :).

        You should check Danger 5 too if can, not sure was it in youtube. It’s crazy but cool in similar way.

    • I watched it this morning, i was laughing so badly, hahaha.
      But i don’t know what to think about the game yet…

    • Ricardo Oe

      Cine trash…hahahaha…

  • 4energyplaylist .

    “Metal Gear is ‘extremely important’ to the company”

    Oh. That is way one of the greatest GAME creator Kojima has been released. THIS EXPLAIN EVERYTHING! Silly me! Didn’t understood at the beginning why Kojima been fired.

  • ddmaster

    “our continued support”, right I mean the entire reason for them to be making this announcement was because they’re losing our ‘support’. Geez(no offense to those japanese) but for a bunch japanese people they’re pretty damn stupid. Letting Kojima go is one thing(one thing I strongly disliked) but to do it in the manner they did….gentlemen you have officially lost all support from me.

    • ddmaster

      To those who would say they let him go because he costs too much money in getting his games developed. That idea only works under the assumption that his games bombed, therefore their money wasted, but anyone with even half a brain will tell you that is the furthest thing from the truth. The only metal gear games that did poorly, guess what, were NOT developed by Kojipro. Sorry for the rant must be my body’s immune system fighting off bs.

  • Mini gear

    Fan control… Information control…. Stock control… Fan control… Game control… All run by konami……. Game.. Game has changed.

    • Mini gear


  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Silent Hills fans should speak up to the ears of the “key investors”. Let them know how much you want that game and how much it would had sell if it wasn’t for this “professionals” and their ham-fisted decisions.

  • invader_skoodge

    All I got from these statements is that the new Konami president is going to find a way to turn every Konami franchise into mobile games infested with microtransactions. Including MGS and Silent Hills


  • Im not buying any of it.

  • quintimnia

    is konami an idiot? dont they know that the fans are not going to buy their products or they wont be selling as much as past games without kojima? is this a joke? ME, PERSONALLY as a mgs fan for 20 years, MGS is DEAD to me without kojima. really? and the phantom pain is the VERY LAST PRODUCT IM GONNA BUY FROM KONAMI. dont they know that? mgs is NEVER AND EVER going to be like ASSASSINS CREED OR CALL OF DUTY.

    “oh, we gonna make mooooaaar mettaaal geaaaars, becooooozz itzz importoooont to ooooos ” what? kiddin’ ?

  • Wut?

    • korruption

      One of the best scenes in that movie! =D

  • No Place For Hayter

    There is so much of what I’m thinking being thrown around here I don’t have to say a thing, lol.

  • Crazyboi_06

    KONAMI FULL OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazyboi_06


  • Plissken

    “Konami will continue to embrace the challenge of creating entertainment content via different platforms…to meet the changing needs of the times.” -Konami

    “We’re going to be fighting the biggest beast of all…the times.” -Big Boss

  • Shalashaska

    Im sorry to say this. But a company who focuses on making games like Clash of Clans which are complete rip-offs will in NO WAY be able to make ANY GOOD of a Metal Gear game without Kojima. So No thankyou, Konami. September 1st is STILL the last day That I will pay you. Goodluck with your mobile games though 😛

    After MGS 5, I’d Rather see MSG Burnt to the ground than see it in the hands of someone going to ruin the series.


  • korruption

    I should turn off my bullshit detector when reading articles like this, a hand came out and slapped me for insulting it.

  • Ninja_Se7eN

    Konami – “Metal Gear is extremely important to us so we fired the creator of the series along with everyone who ever worked for him.”

    Is it just me or is Konami’s logic a bit of?

  • PrinceHeir

    Lol Konami whatever you say.

  • Biggy

    Wow. Sure hope this company goes under after this bs.

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