This MGSV: TPP key art is made by Pablo Uchida, poster will be in Japanese stores after E3

Last week an amazing new piece of artwork for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was featured on the covers of both the Official PlayStation Magazine and the Official Xbox Magazine. It was made by Japanese illustrator Pablo Uchida. Kojima has revealed on Twitter that the poster can be found in Japanese stores after E3.


“MGSV TPP’s new key art by Pablo Uchida, a genius illustrator in Japan. The poster will be at stores in Japan after E3”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Gordon Freeman

    ist that really meant as them being sold? I’d rather interprete the “at stores” as – used to promote the game-. Pretty much like every other poster ever produced for Metal Gear. Another hint would be the stamped release date and the boxes printed in the lower part. They would not do that if that wasnt meant for promotion.

    • You’re right, sorry. Corrected!

      • Gordon Freeman

        No worries, it just means that they are a little harder to get now.^^

    • I could see them giving them out when you pick up your preorders aswell. I’d frame the shit out of that poster.

      • Gordon Freeman

        Yea, I believe some fans or store employees will sell them on ebay and the likes. So in any way, if you want to get one, you will find a way 🙂

  • Flameeater

    Soooo… Maybe I am really picky or something but does it seem to anyone else that Volgin has something strange going on with his legs here? Like they are too short, or his torso is too long… Or something odd… Still, an awesome work of art tho, I would frame it in my living room.

    • Vegas

      Its just the effect the fire does on the body.

    • Melyssa

      The jacket is quite long, that’s why the legs look short.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      Lol he’s wearing a trench coat. You can even see his belt. His legs are pretty long. He’s a tall guy.

    • ddmaster

      When it comes to military style dress the belt is worn several inches above the waist. This probably is what is giving the effect of longer legs in this case.

  • Vegas

    At least now we can see poor Ocelot 😛

  • 1080p wallpaper. I think it worths posting it again.
    Enjoy. 🙂

    • Gatsu

      Thanks again :), forgot to put it as my wallpaper last time!

      • Vegas

        Thank you, random citizen. My current wallpaper 😀

  • Gatsu

    This is truly one amazing piece of art, I love it soooo much. I hope it come to Europe stores too 😀 …if not then I will order it somehow from somewhere, I need this.

  • Gatsu

    “I’ve played Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. I can tell you all about it Tuesday.”
    Oh goooood it’s happening tomorrow , I hope most of the info is released after I get home from work lol.


  • PrinceHeir

    Good stuff!

  • decoyF0XX

    No wonder this poster was so alluring, I looove Pablo Uchida’s work!! You guys should check him out on tumblr, he has some really great steampunk and sci fi stuff too.

  • I want this poster.. I have a question.. metal gear informer said that before; when pre-order MGSV original soundtrack; “early buyers will receive a free poster with the artwork by Pablo Uchida in B2 size.”

    So the poster given as a gift with the MGSV official soundtrack are exactly the same this poster..? Most importantly is there any difference as design? Do you know guys?

    I know free poster B2 size but What is the size of this poster shown above to be found at japanese stores after E3?

    Is it going to be any differences between these posters? Really i need more information about it..

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