PUMA MGSV The Phantom Pain shirts, jackets and shoes get new pictures

The official Japanese Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain website has been updated with the PUMA Metal Gear Solid V clothing line announced during last year’s Tokyo Game Show. It includes t-shirts, jackets, shoes and boots. All items will release on September 2nd, the game’s release day in Japan, and will be available at Konami Style and in PUMA stores.

PUMA X-Ray Shirt

Puma-X-Ray-Shirt-Front Puma-X-Ray-Shirt-Back



PUMA Venom Shirt
Puma-Venom-Shirt-Front Puma-Venom-Shirt-BackPuma-Venom-Shirt-Sleeve



PUMA Field Shirt

Puma-Field-Shirt-Front Puma-Field-Shirt-BackPuma-Field-Shirt-Sleeve-2 Puma-Field-Shirt-Sleeve



PUMA T-7 Track Jacket X-Ray

Puma-T-7-Track-Jacket-X-Ray-Front Puma-T-7-Track-Jacket-X-Ray-Back



PUMA T-7 Track Jacket Venom

Puma-T-7-Track-Jacket-Venom-Front Puma-T-7-Track-Jacket-Venom-BackPuma-T-7-Track-Jacket-Venom-Sleeve



PUMA T-7 Track Jacket Field

Puma-T-7-Track-Jacket-Field-Front Puma-T-7-Track-Jacket-Field-BackPuma-T-7-Track-Jacket-Field-Collar



PUMA Fastrider x MGSV Nylon

Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Nylon-1 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Nylon-6 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Nylon-5 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Nylon-4 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Nylon-3 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Nylon-2



PUMA Fastrider x MGSV Leather

Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Leather-6 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Leather-5 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Leather-4 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Leather-3 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Leather-2 Puma-Fastrider-MGSV-Leather-1



PUMA Sneaking Boots

Puma-Sneaking-Boots-1Puma-Sneaking-Boots-6 Puma-Sneaking-Boots-5 Puma-Sneaking-Boots-4 Puma-Sneaking-Boots-3 Puma-Sneaking-Boots-2



Kojima himself also posted a picture of the Sneaking Boots.


“We’ve done everything w/ no regrets but full of heart. I’m so proud. Pls enjoy. Kept u waiting huh? Let’s get ready.”

Source: MGSV Official Website, Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Kazuhira-on-the-roof

    Yes, let’s get ready to pay $80 more for FOBs…

    • It’s 80 New Zealand dollars, which is about 50 USD.

      • Rone

        i skipped your earlier article because i didn’t even want economic spoilers for the game (also sorta doing a metal gear blackout cuz i know some people have already received the game). The two comments above are scary though. Effing Konami.

  • Venom_Sina

    A Hideo Kojima Game.Look inside the shoe.

    • A Hideo Kojima Shoe

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah,that’s better!!!

      • Aaaaaaannnnd… Shoe

  • Joaquin Romero Victorica

    Look at this guys . Especial Unboxing for fans

    • VFox

      Lol! well done..
      Disfruta el juego amigo 😉

      agregame FOX1095 PS4


    • ominonarepus

      Alexelcapo xDD

      I’m glad of purchase the GZ for PS3, still have “A Hideo Kojima Game” and the Kojima Pro. logo 😀

    • Silverius

      NNNNGGGGGGG 1080p 60fps unboxing……

    • ddmaster

      Lovely in every way.

  • Mini gear

    Standing… On the edge… Of bankraupsy… And my wallet is dead…

  • Those fucking boots! I need em

    • No Place For Hayter

      The boots are the only thing i actually want to buy, the rest is awesome, but those boots beat everything, lol.

    • Hell yeah

  • GrayFoxWasTaken

    I hope they make those boots in size 13 or 14. Anybody here know if Puma shoes tend to wear a little big or small?

  • Fredy Carius

    I’m sad my Brazillian Day One edition didn’t come with the map 🙁

    • muaddib

      sério? Eu sou BR tbm e to querendo a Day One mais pelo mapa mesmo.
      Foi só ai ou é em todo lugar?

      • Fredy Carius

        Cara, acho que só no Brasil. Alguém postou um video de umboxing aqui nos comentários (parecia espanhol na capa) que dava pra ver que tinha o mapa. Na versão BR só tem o voucher dos DLC =(

        • muaddib

          é, pelo menos tu ganha aqueles cacarecos lá.
          mas se eu der sorte vem com o mapa (pego amanhã, se possivel). Alias, só agr eu me toquei q é o apenas o mapa do Afeganistão, não da Africa, ao contrario da CE q vem com os 2, que sacanagem

          • Fredy Carius

            É, talvez eu dei azar, mas to achando que a de todo mundo é a mesma, tem até o logo da Zona Franca de Manaus atrás. Pelo peso da caixa eu já me liguei que num ia ter mta coisa dentro.

          • muaddib

            as vezes pode ocorrer erro na distribuição e pá.

    • Will

      Cara vc comprou de alguma loja virtual?

      • Fredy Carius

        Não, peguei lá na av. paulista. Acho que todo mundo tem lá já desde hoje de manhã.
        Mas acho que tem gente q comprou na saraiva por exemplo que já estava na transportadora, então talvez chegue hoje =p

        • Will

          Sim eu fiz a Pre Order na Saraiva, to esperando que venha com o mapa.

          • Fredy Carius

            Tô num grupo de whatsapp que várias pessoas conseguiram comprar em saraivas (loja física). To perguntando se veio o mapa aqui e qualquer resposta que eu tiver eu te aviso.

          • Will

            Vlw mano.

          • Fredy Carius

            Cara, sem mapa também na comprada na Saraiva 🙁

          • Will


  • Berk

    Track jacket venom is epic..

  • Andrea Feletti

    V has come to

    • Mini gear

      Stahp I’m jeolss

    • I hope you do not leave too far. It is hot in there.

  • Kitty Fondler

    Unrelated, but I just had big realization when it comes to MGS V whole premise.

    All previous games were pretty lighthearted, because it went something like “Here, there is nuclear threat that may fuck up the whole world, save us from Metal Gear (or ShagAhod) and also this villian. ” Basically be the “bystander” hero.

    But not MGS V. MGS V is all about “This dude fucked you up, and also this dude, go out there and build the army to fuck him up, while still licking your very deep wounds and everyone around you being so emo about it”


    I want those boots but not for $500.
    Everything here is pretty ugly aside from that one jacket with the red sleeve. That’s a neat little, more subtle design. I don’t think it’s $150 neat, but neat.

    • BlankAzure

      I completely agree with everything you said 100% lol that said if I had the money I would probably spend it at least on the red sleeve jacket



    • JohnnyAB

      Was gawkin at that one as well

  • Gotttta goottttta get some of them sneaking boots.

  • James Raskalov

    Look at all this stuff I can’t afford!

    • No Place For Hayter

      Nobody can, what MGS fan is stupid enough to pay that outrageous price, lol.


    Here’s a song to listen to as we count down:


  • muaddib

    These boots are awesomazing.
    It’s sad that it costs more than the game (for my currency, at least).

    • ominonarepus

      The black an red sleve t-shirt…

  • Ishmael

    after 3hours of playing: THE DREAM CAME TRUE. THATS THE METAL GEAR I ALWAYS WANTED. I wish everyone of you the gaming experience of a life. I really would like to mention the controls, the became sooo much better, and they were even good in GZ. See you later

  • Mini gear

    i swear if something even smells of metal gear the price is X5

  • CaspburnT

    Nine hours and three minutes left to suffer…. I cannot handle this wait.

  • PhantomSnake

    Got the last of the pre-order paid will be picking up my copy in 9 hours.

  • LetTheLegendComeBackToLife

    Can you buy these in the UK

  • Anon

    How would I buy some of this stuff if I live in the US? I’ve never ordered clothes from Japan before, is it different from ordering video games and anime?

  • SSxth

    The red and black shirt and jacket with the boots would be perfect and it’d be my permanent look.

  • That puma venom shirt is sick. Definitely buying that.

  • Are these will be available even outside of Japan? Can we able to buy via internet?

  • TracedInAir

    Where can I buy these online and have them shipped to the USA?

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  • Zac Dixon

    Why are the boots $10,000 0-0

  • Simon Ridley

    Fucking 9000$ for those boots… WTF

  • Ailuros

    I was playing the game today and noticed that the puma icon is in the game too

  • Neksa

    looks like the most recent activity on this page is from a whole 10 months ago. currently the boots go on ebay for $1,500 USD + (if they’re even in your size) and puma is still selling the fast rider shoes for $200 USD. the reviews for each only talk about how nice they look. i want to know about the sneaking quality and rugged durability. it’s really hard to find a good review since these are collectors shoes that nobody wants to wear since that would depreciate the value 🙁 anyone know where i could find a good review?

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