Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain out now in Japan

While Kojima’s highly anticipated game is already available in the west, the Japanese fans had to wait a bit longer. Now, they too can get their hands on the game.

In Japan, a special edition is available for either PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, as well as a Premium Package for the same systems. Regular versions are also available for all these versions, plus an Xbox 360 and Steam version.


To celebrate, a live countdown is being streamed on Nico Nico, with special guests including Akio Otsuka, Donna Burke and Stefanie Joosten.

Enjoy, Japanese fans!

  • vic boss

    Here’s the video.

  • stocchinet .

    Guys, what a ride it’s been, i enjoyed every single moment of it, through three years Mg informer was my friend, daily checking new info like a mad man, and now everything ends and the real fun begins…

    ….V has come to….

    …gosh i still don’t belive it

  • PrinceHeir

    Just downloaded the JPN version on steam, but didn’t play it because my princess told me to go to sleep XD

    I might play a few rounds since my JPN class starts in 3 hours from now. PS4 JPN Special Edition also shipped just now. So i’ll probably wait on that since i have my own save from the PS3 while my brother has his own for steam ^^

    • Gatsu

      Enjoy TPP Prince :D.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Back from blackout to cry a little T_T not that blackout actually matters considering the game is spoiled all over the internet since last week.

    Finally got a hold of EBgames today, and I found out my order was rejected and disabled (most likely because I changed my shipping address, which makes them pretty retarded) and so I got them to reactivate it and with a note about checking information before rejecting so it won’t get rejected again. So if I’m REALLY lucky I will get the game tomorrow, but considering everything the last two days has gone to shit I’m just going to assume I will get it much later for no good reason. As if having the game leaked all over the world wasn’t bad enough now I can’t even play the fucking game at release. Lets just say EBgames will never get another dime from me, there are other options that won’t fuck themselves when a simple address is changed.

    Hype levels = zero.

  • Gatsu

    Gratz Japan!

  • Marc Ya

    Does anyone own the japanese version and can tell me if the DLC codes can be used outside of Japan? ._.

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