Kojima visits Japanese stores on The Phantom Pain’s launch day

Yesterday, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was released in Japan, and Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa and Akayo Terashima moved around Tokyo to check in stores and give out some autographs. Of course this resulted in a whole bunch of pictures, which you can check out below.

“Good morning, raining on the launch day. I’m a rain bringer, sorry.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-1 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-4 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-3 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-2 “Akiba!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-5 “Like.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-6(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-10 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-9 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-8 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-7 “Yurakucho!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-11(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-12(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-16 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-15 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-14 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-13 “Ikebukuro.
Turned out to be a sunny day.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-20 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-19 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-18 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-17 “I’m at YAMADA DENKI. MGSV TPP PS4 Special Edition is SOLD OUT!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-21(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-25 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-24 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-23 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-22 “Shinjyuku.Yodobashi .”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-26(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-30 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-29 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-28 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-27 “Shinjyuku. bic camera.
OMG! Collector’s Edition is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-31(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-35 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-34 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-33 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-32 “Shibuya TSUTAYA. They still have MGSV TPP Special Edition. OST is sold out thou.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-36(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-37(picture by Ayako)


(picture by Ayako)


(picture by Ayako)


(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-42 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-41

“PUMA shop in Tokyo Midtown. They still have some stock.”


(picture by Ayako)


(picture by )

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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