Kojima visits Japanese stores on The Phantom Pain’s launch day

Yesterday, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was released in Japan, and Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa and Akayo Terashima moved around Tokyo to check in stores and give out some autographs. Of course this resulted in a whole bunch of pictures, which you can check out below.

“Good morning, raining on the launch day. I’m a rain bringer, sorry.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-1 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-4 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-3 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-2 “Akiba!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-5 “Like.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-6(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-10 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-9 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-8 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-7 “Yurakucho!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-11(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-12(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-16 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-15 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-14 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-13 “Ikebukuro.
Turned out to be a sunny day.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-20 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-19 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-18 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-17 “I’m at YAMADA DENKI. MGSV TPP PS4 Special Edition is SOLD OUT!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-21(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-25 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-24 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-23 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-22 “Shinjyuku.Yodobashi .”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-26(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-30 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-29 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-28 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-27 “Shinjyuku. bic camera.
OMG! Collector’s Edition is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!!!”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-31(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-35 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-34 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-33 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-32 “Shibuya TSUTAYA. They still have MGSV TPP Special Edition. OST is sold out thou.”

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-36(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-37(picture by Ayako)


(picture by Ayako)


(picture by Ayako)


(picture by Ayako)

Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-42 Kojima-MGSV-TPP-Launch-Japan-41

“PUMA shop in Tokyo Midtown. They still have some stock.”


(picture by Ayako)


(picture by )

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • FooXz

    Anybody here? hello? am i the only one without game yet?… Loolz.

    • sucks man wen ar u going to get it?

      • FooXz

        it arrived today! Yaaay :D… now i just need to buy a PS4 lolololol.

    • Ardens Anima

      Nope, I still don’t have it either man.

    • Yo nyxus, been meaning to ask you, can you change the countdown timer to MGO3 please.

      • Sure.

      • I wonder if I will complete the story until then. I’m always taking my time, only 4% after 10 hours

        • Same here, more than 10 hours and only 4%

    • PsychoMantis18

      Lol. Brilliant

    • glitchbomb

      Aaaaahahahaha. Holy crap. Haha!

  • muaddib

    Yes! My game came already, actually i’m holding it in my hand right now. Unfortunately i can’t play it right now. I’m just like in that Tom Waits song, “and I can’t wait to get off work/and see my baby(…)

    “Who let the Diamond Dogs out?”

    • Random sniper

      Cheesy 1980s hit

      • Random sniper

        I mean 2000s mgsv is screwing ,y brain

  • gerber

    I play on ps3 and I don’t see import music option. Is it unlockable feature or was it removed after all?

    • kuaikukia

      Don’t know abut the console but on PC, you can add your own music on customesountrack folder, then play it on music content in game

  • vic boss

    Now it has officially begun . So fucking happy right now. Actually I’m waiting for my friend to come and to open it. On launch day we went to midnight release and he knows I love metal gear to death so he actually let me play the introduction. While he was looking so that’s how you know a real friend hahaha. (Again one collectors and one guide is for my brother , the other is mine )

    • Mauricio Acosta

      Grats dude!!!

  • kuaikukia

    At last, even only played for 4 hours. There are so many cool experience to share.

  • Alexandre Saccol

    Goddamn it, imagine going to the store to buy the game and meeting Kojima there @__@

  • That is so cool.

  • VenomSnake123

    Just met DD in afghanistan. Apparently he can spawn in both places

    • Golgari

      Yes. that was already known that you can meet DD in Afghanistan.. but I found two of them xD

      Prolly bug, but was strange xD

      • Danny Patten

        I found mine in the first afghan mission after rescuing miller

        • same i get to my base and i say hi to him every time lol

    • korruption

      I randomly stumbled across him too, thank fuck I didn’t have to witness that scene in the demo. I like animals. =(

    • kuaikukia

      I almost shoot him lol he run to me while I riding D horse during at night. I heard some wolf howling then suddenly there are sound barking and something approach on bushes I can’t barely see because of the night. I point my gun ready to shoot. When I saw the puppy approach, i was like “Gosh DD, I almost send you to another heaven lol”.

      But now reading there some people found them twice. I think making twice appear for people accidently shooting him like I almost do lol


  • Ardens Anima

    You know the development team is awesome when they do this kinda stuff without having to male an event out of it. 🙂 😀

  • Arestras

    Just passing through. Finally playing TPP and I couldn’t be happier :’). Hope you are enjoying the game too.

    • korruption

      Why yes, yes I very much am! The first 37 hours I spent playing this game, I wasn’t well rested and sucked at every mission I did. I still suck at every mission but I’m more awake now. =D

  • Mauricio Acosta

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh got it!!!!!!!! Finally UPS!!!

  • ObsessedGeorge

    After all these years…

    I’m talking about the game disc. 😛

  • Boldizar

    Just throwing this out there: does anyone else remember seeing a limited edition MGS2 watch? It was olive green and designed after Raiden’s, at least that is how I remember it looking. I would appreciate any I for or pictures.

  • alef321

    playing MGSV on my birthday 🙂

    • korruption

      I mustn’t click this! Mine’s coming up in 6 days and I don’t wanna spoil this. XD

      • Tong Ninja

        Make sure you recruit Quiet to Motherbase before your birthday! 🙂
        You won’t regret it.

        P.S. there are different versions of this scene as well.

        • korruption

          Done and done!

    • Golgari

      It’s not really a spoiler, but I don’t recommend watching it if your birthday is soon ofc. 😉

    • Solid PhoeniX

      My birthday is on the 3rd Sep so when I played the previous day until midnight (My Bday) Then I was so pleasantly surprized it made my day:)

  • WhatTheJuicay

    Kojima has swag for an old guy.

  • PrinceHeir

    Still waiting for my Special Edition! Playing Steam version in the meanwhile ^^



  • Meumels

    The optimization for pc of the phantom pain is great.
    i5 4440 + amd 7850 + 8GB ram. (settings high except for shadows)
    Stable 60fps and no framedrops so far with 8 hours of gameplay and loving every minute of it.

    • Now people wondering about install size will start to understand real Talent…

  • xD the kid is so honnored… THX Boss… Yeah !!!

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I don’t even want a PS4 that much, but whoever ended up getting that signed PS4 is a lucky S.O.B.

  • AeroGre

    Can someone tell me how far into the game you can find Quiet as a buddy?

    • H’m

      no… dont want to ruin it for you

    • And the answer actually depends on you my friend.

    • What does your heart tell you, Aragorn ?

    • Tong Ninja

      Yeah, you’ll encounter her sometime between the first and last mission of the main story …. XD

      Just keep playing and you’ll find out! 🙂

  • Gneerally I enjoyed this game A LOT even though I had some issues (like reusing assets when designing levels). Then I had a first fight and straight on it was my favorite boss battle ever. Then I played some more. Then I had a mindf… mindthing. THen Then I fought another boss and finally somehow figured out how to beat him, my hands shaking from the sheer stress of this battle.

    I love this game. My #1, I like it more than even Metroid Fusion or DROD.

  • Mini gear

    so perfect… by the ways, anyone know if camp omega and ” something special that can only be done in video games” and “players will be really surpised” are still there?

    • Mr.Pony

      Mother Base has a few things to explore (which surprised me, I thought there would be nothing to keep a eye out for) I found emblems and such, also there is a certain encounter in a certain MB platform with “ghosts from the past” which unlocks things and maybe something more along the way 😉 plus there might be certain doors in the platforms that open (maybe? not sure about this), also these Diamond Dogs have a knack for finding diamonds lying around,

      • Mini gear

        Do I need too be at a certain point to see the encounter? Is it optinel?

        • Mr.Pony

          I don’t really know, i just bumped into it (you will have to have said strut built at least), you have to go through a door even, a blue/green light means you can go through a door and every strut has at least one locked door for what I have seen, at this moment all are locked to me execpt the one where i found the encounter. I’m guessing that these will eventually open otherwise there is no point for them to beep with “access denied” sound, either that or they open for soldiers to come out when in alert mode

  • The Kojima departure vid was awesome, too.

  • Ardens Anima

    Good news, mine might finally come in tomorrow! 😀

  • Gatsu

    Wow lots of images, arigatou :). Good to see Kojima..

    Mission 12 blew my mind literally and few encounters.
    Comrades I got a stupid question, I realized I have forgotten to upload my GZ save data lol. Also every time when I do remember it in chopper, I can’t do it because Steam TPP’s Online keeps disconnecting so often -_-… Anyway, if I upload it, it won’t effect my TPP progress in any way right? It just uploads the personnel and suits for what I understood?

    • Little john

      You will get new personel and the gz sneaking suit awaible for develpement, won’t affect your proggress

      • Gatsu

        Thank you 🙂 !

    • glitchbomb

      I got an update that said Kojima is a part of my motherbase now, after I uploaded my gz save.
      Same with a few others.

  • VenomSnake1974

    Wait is finally over! My CE is about to deliver, just in a few minutes, according to tracking. No more pain, comrades.

  • stocchinet .

    Why this game is so good? why i played 12 misions and they are all Wonderful?, shit, i made an our long sneaking mission in an enemy fortress and i felt like a ninja, is this game even real?

  • Venom_Sina

    1.I was playing mission 18/19(can’t remember exactly,lol). I infiltrated an outpost.There was a radio there.I got close and heard this:”Dad was such a drag. Every day he’d eat the same kind of food, dress the
    same, sit in front of the same kind of games… Yeah, he was just that
    kind of guy. But then one day, he goes and kills us all! He couldn’t
    even be original about the way he did it. I’m not complaining… I was
    dying of boredom anyway, But guess what? I will be coming back, and I’m
    bringing my new toys with me.” That was AWESOME!!!

    2.”Spoiler Free” When I captured a specific character,MB staff put him/her in a prison cell in the Medical Platform,then I decided to go and give him/her a visit.When I arrived,a music started playing.The name was:”204863 by Ludvig Forssell”.Pretty good,huh?
    I’m on mission 21 and I found two P.T. references so far.

    And one more thing:Nyxus,can you create an Easter Egg article so we share our findings there?Thanks in advance.

    • Tong Ninja

      There are so many Easter Eggs!! 😀


    Hey since we have all seen the mission “a heroes way” played over and over again in like every event (I know, not really but it feels that way), I was wondering how you guys completed it?

    I was super cocky, I was like yeah, I know like where everyone is and I immediately selected the wrong landing zone (the one furthest away from the one Jackie used), so I was already off to a bad start. So I decided it would be best to find a vantage point and scope out the enemies. I then proceed to get to the huge rocky guard post that has the crack in it that Jackie used to climb to the top; tranqing and fultoning every guard in the way. Low and behold there was no crack in the wall like in the demo’s. I was initially confused and thought they just removed it in the final game until I looked around it and saw on the other side the same guard post thing that probably had the crack in it. So I decided to work with what I had, nearly got detected climbing up the huge guard post with the ladder inside. Anyway long story short, I got to the specialist stealthily with no kills or alerts. I then knocked him out, took two steps outside the door, plonked him on the floor and fultoning him, soon nearly the whole screen was filled with red (!) and everyone started shooting at me. I was so paranoid I would kill some high ranking soldiers I tried to scan and tranq all of them but gave up and shot everyone. Then I rode out the mission border with a B rank.

    I am curious to see how you guys did it.

    • VenomSnake123

      I kinda F-ed this one up. Long story short, I was standing in a building next to a door. Guards came to inspect all the noise I made. Took them out with CQC. Then the commander also came in. Tranqed him, fultoned him and got the hell out of there. Still felt satisfactory though. 🙂

    • solidsnack

      i messed up and got into a huge fire fight and ended up killing most of the guards then just went in and extracted the specialist lol

    • Gatsu

      I tried to sneak stealthy into the area during night with tranq gun. First route was between those low rocky-walls on the field, got spotted accidentally and they shot zillions flares. So I had to retreat and then 2nd try. Sand storm luckily appear and this time I made it silently to the dude, but then I messed up when enemy spotted me inside the building lol. Had to go rambo style to get outta there.

      I managed to fulton the guy and jumped on my trusty D-Horse, sprinted out of the area. But I didn’t notice one reinforcements patrol coming up ahead behind a close hill. They shot my horse down temporarily and almost got me lol. I love these moments when things just happen and gotta come up with different plans.

      They AI is pretty smart :).

    • Venom_Sina

      I sneaked in really easy and then,I tranqed a lot of guys,extracted them,found the target,extracted him via fulton,and then extracted myself with a little help from Piquad!!!No kills,no reflex,no alert,S Rank!!!

      “A Hero’s Way” is one of the easiest mission in the game,and one of a few missions that I was successful in getting the S rank.

    • Mini gear

      I forgot what I was doing and fultoned everything 😛 then I accidentally won

    • glitchbomb

      I just played it
      …..I snuck in fine. Marked everyone..Took me a while but as soon as I got into the room near him I “knocked” to get him closer….bad move.
      Instead of checking like a normal soldier, he radios in and every god damn marked triangle starts blinking and they start getting in closer..
      I panic. Rush into the room and heads shot tranq him. Grabbed him..try to throw him through the nearby window…nope! It has has bars or something over it. No good. Put him on my back and sneak by to the door..
      I slam the door open and suprised the guards trying to sneak in. Dart around the corner and
      book it out of there with him on my back as bullets started whizzing by me.
      Flares and motors are going off and I hear Kaz or oscelot telling me something but I’m not paying attention…just running…run run run! Then I notice it…is the body slumped over my shoulders hanging differently? I cant tell..OH NO WAY! I put him down and then i see it..NO! NOOOOO!
      They frigging killed him as I was trying to escape….he was hit by the bullets they were firing at me. All for nothing. 🙁

      I haven’t played that level since lol

  • DiamondDoge

    Normally its not okay for 12-Year Olds to play games with so much violence, but its Metal Gear so it’s okay.

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