Tretij Rebenok by Play Arts – images and details

Check out Play Arts Kai’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain action figure of Tretij Rebenok on these official images.

Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-1 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-2 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-3 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-4 Play-Arts-Kai-Tretij-Rebenok-5

The product description and details:


The Metal Gear series boasts amazing stories unrivaled in the history of gaming and the latest game in the series; Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is no exception.
The year is 1984 and the Cold War raging between East and West has entered a new era. Snake appears in Afghanistan, setting the stage for a new tale where he will fight to reclaim his legend. One of the key characters in that story is Tretij Rebenok (The third Child) who is now being released as an awesome action figure.
The finely detailed gas mask and the trailing sleeves of Tretij Rebenok’s straight jacket that can be bent in any direction exude a menace that veils this elusive character in mystery, while the unknowable eyes behind his lenses appear fixed on something and perfectly project his eerie otherworldly mind.


  • Complete, fully painted PVC action figure
  • Packaging details:
 Windowed package with flap.
Includes special PLAY ARTS KAI figure stand.
  • Dimensions
 W 100mm x D 50mm x H 210.5mm approx.
  • Weight:100g
  • Copyright: © Konami Digital Entertainment

The figure will be available in January of next year. Square Enix is running a special sale at the moment on their online store, so you can get the item with 10% off (the same goes for the D-Dog figure).

Source: Square Enix

  • VFox

    Right now TPP credits are rolling on my tv and it makes me so sad knowing this is the last time…T_T

    • There will be more metal gear games. If not kojima or konami. Fans will make the games themselves and fill the gaps perfectly

      • Bożydar Mazur

        Yea, at this point i’d pay for DLC from Konami or any other game that actually gives us a story, not sidemission simulators with almost nonexisten story with silent protagonist.
        Yes, clearly im being mad now.
        Konami, make game about Big Boss forming Zanzibarland. I’d pay for it. As long as Big Boss wont be Quiet.

        • Gatsu

          I pray to god that this won’t happen. They’ve destroyed enough.

          • Bożydar Mazur

            So far most things I dont like in TPP are probably mostly caused by Kojima not Konami. I mean, I despise Konami atm, but we cant make Kojima a god and idol when clearly (at least in my opinion) he got lost in MGS V. Good stealth action game. Below Avarege mgs game.

          • Gatsu

            But I’m not sure what Konami would do with it, frankly I don’t wanna know. I haven’t forgotten that those bastards destroyed my SH dreams :(. But Kojima did create the bast game saga to me, so he’s still god imo :). Some possible flaws don’t change that. He make every game different and I think it’s good. Sure MGSV feel way different from earlier ones, and even though I love older more talking Snake, I still love playing TPP.

            One thing I don’t understand is that why I gotta repeat some of these Missions on harder difficulty. It’s really challenging and I enjoy it, but I want to see the ending lol.

            Anyway, it’s okey brother we all got different opinions :D.

          • Bożydar Mazur

            Of course it;s good to have different opinions, thanks to that we can discuss the game. Im probably overreacting (but just a little) but at one point of the game i was literally depressed when during cutscene Snake was dead silent. I mean, it was so awkward that I was thinking that my game might be bugged or im playing Half Life or as Quiet. I still have chapter 2 to finish, but chapter one, besides final boss battle wasnt really emotional for me. I enjoyed it as the game, couldnt enjoy it as MGS. I know it will slightly change aftwer Ch2 probably from what I hear but still. If it wasnt the final game from Kojima i could live with it. But at this point im sad.

          • No Place For Hayter

            TPP is the biggest bag of mixed nuts EVER! You will see a lot of people hating the game and a lot of people loving the game, each for good reasons, but not everyone will acknowledge both parts.

            There is some great writing in TPP, and then there is some seriously bad writing.
            The gameplay though suffers far less than the story does, in which it is mostly amazing with only minor complaints, the gameplay could have used another month or two of refining. The largest complaints about the gameplay is how under-utilized it is. In both story and gameplay TPP feels like a foundation, but not a building, it is unfinished and under construction, it has what it needs but nothing is built on top.

            And yeah, despite how involved Konami was in forcing the game out the door, Kojima made it HIS game, enough to stick his name on it and take credit for everything, good or bad Kojima is the figure head and the director and writer he has the final say so on everything and as such he has the responsibility of taking the blame when something is wrong or bad, correct or good..

          • Hey “No Place”, at last !!! 😀
            Yes, when you introduce so much innovative goals and functions, all become obviously under-utilized but they apparently really tried to stuff as much as they could within the “available time-frame” if you see what I mean. I guess the principal is that the MGS snapshot of FoxEngine is at its top ! Yet GZ gave us a solid preview and what we have in TPP is fantastically fine. I mean 150 side-ops, 50 main missions, MGO likely to become awesome with this current “MG Engine”.
            Good to see you back !
            Happy sneaking ! Out !

          • Tong Ninja

            Yeah, I think one of the reasons Kojima puts his name on everything in the game, is so that if the game does perform badly or suffers a lot of criticism/controversy, Kojima takes full responsibility for it. He is willing to take the blame and protects Konami’s reputation at the same time (well for the past MGS games he has, not sure about TPP). haha 🙂

    • No Place For Hayter

      The credits roll 3 times in TPP, so it is only the last time if it is your third time seeing the credits.

      • VFox

        Actually they roll like 50 times lol yeah it was the last :/ I dont know what to think about it, I cant say Im dissapointed with a game I’ve waited for so long to play…

  • Just did a fob infiltration and got cut off. Went offline in the middle of it. Konami better sort their shit


    This looks amazingly awesome and sick!
    So much detail.
    I have been playing phantom pain 4 days before release and im now on 37% completion. I am at mission 19 and everything is still a mystery! I dont know anything. I dont know who this psyco manstis character is and the man on fire or any other character is. It is amazing and I am loving the game. Just taking it in a little by little. I really want to unlock everything. I dont want to spoil anything but I heard there’s some great costumes

  • Gatsu

    Great figure :). Mantis ftw.

  • Gatsu

    OMG that mission 43 and afterwards, holy shit … That was some of the most beautiful moment I’ve ever seen in games , such feels …

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah….yeah………. (must refrain from discussing spoilers, lol)

      • Gatsu

        The feeling when get to see some epic moments/cutscenes in the story after a damn long waiting, that feels so incredible. 😉

        • Yes without exagerating, a lot of emotions, nearly tears because all is just choreographed perfectly with songs, sooo shivering ! 😀

        • Cobra Commander

          I hear that!
          I find it disappointing though that you end up knowing something is coming from the names in the opening credits.
          Just did the “Hell House” mission, and the opening credits kinda spoiled the tension near the end of the mission.
          I think I’m about to get to some holy shit moments soon!
          (Have yet to meet Codetalker, Eli, or possibly Paz).

          • Gatsu

            There will be some amazing moments coming for you ;). I’ve sometimes tried to ignore the cast on the beginning for each important Mission, to keep the surprises fresh.

    • Venom_Sina

      You really like this game,don’t you?lol.

      • Gatsu

        Was it that obvious lol, yes I do ^_^. It’s MGS so of course I like ;).

        • So mission 43, it seems you’re getting close to the end! I hope you’ll remain enthusiastic after the ending, it kinda feels bad to be the only one who liked it 🙁

    • That was the weirdest moment in my gaming history. I never ever felt disgusted with myself before. This whole mission is so friggin’ well done.

    • VFox

      I really hope you don’t complete the game for reasons lol o well still the best game 😛

      • Gatsu

        When so many hate the ending I’m starting to guess what it is, and there’s been a cassette tape and a scene which made me wonder of it more. If it is what I think it is, well I’m prepared to face it.

        But even if ending don’t satisfy some, the game is still incredible :).

        • Thank you for saying that :).

        • Seriously, what count most ?
          Watching cut-scenes or sneaking / snipping around everywhere for months ?

          Taking your time to approach an outpost…

          Ex: if I decide to run GTA V, it would be certainly not for watching Michael doing Yoga, but rather play, play and play again in Los Santos ?!
          Whether solo campain, free mode or online ?!

          I would like some people to focus on what’s already in the box rather than what’s not.

    • MarcoRM82

      Cant hardly wait !! First encounter with MG was Epic !!

  • BurntFM
    • No Place For Hayter

      Love it 🙂 need more writing/scenes/cinematography like that.

  • vic boss

    Do you guys know how to get more fuel resources? It’s the only thing I’m short off and I need it to further expand motherbase.

    • I frequent the airport in Africa. It’s good fun and there’s tons of containers.

      • No Place For Hayter

        OOOOOUUUUUU! Thank you 😉

      • Solid PhoeniX

        That’s all I wanted to hear, see you guys tomorrow

    • Danny Patten

      FOBs find a weak one with lots of fuel and hit em

  • AeroGre

    Can someone tell me if I have to do the missions labeled [Extreme] [Subistence] to progress the story? Or can I just go through the new ones, and if I can skip them do I miss anything if I do

    • No Place For Hayter

      I finished the story without touching them (well I did finish one or two), in fact I still have yet to do most of them, lol.

      • AeroGre

        I guess its fine to skip em for now then cause althought the first two were pretty easy, I have a feeling its gonna get pretty annoying

        • I think they are pretty neat challenges.

      • stocchinet .

        Can you share your feelings about the story? no spoiler please, just want to know if it lived the expectations

        • I know you didn’t ask me but I’ll share my thoughts anyway :P.

          I personally think the story is pretty well thought, I really liked the ending and I think it fits well with everything. The storytelling and cutscenes are also top notch, the tapes are interesting. What I didn’t like is that there wasn’t enough of the story, progressions between some events were too drastic, some things were not explored as thoroughly as they should be and there was too little interaction with the world story-wise. Nevertheless what there was I thoroughly enjoyed and it might be because I didn’t really make any expectations (and the ones I made were unfulfilled but I got something I liked more anyway so that’s okay).

          • stocchinet .

            Thanks, i read of a lot of people disppointed after a certain mission and i started to worry a little bit, the only way to know it’s to experience it, by the way, why so many of you guys have already finished it? I’m “still” at mission 23 (White mamba) i haven’t waited three years for a 7 days experience, don’t you feel to rush things out?

          • Just don’t make too many expectation and keep an open mind :). The ending and the story could’ve been better presented but I still think it’s solid.

            I didn’t really rush, it took me 58 hours to get to the end of the game. I just couldn’t NOT play it 😀

          • Gatsu

            I think some got the game some days earlier. But you’re right I have tried not to rush either 🙂 because have waited SO LONG for this. A bit over 80hours played and I’m planning to do much more before finishing :D.

        • No Place For Hayter

          I loved everything up too and including mission 43, but everything after that I hated. That being said there isn’t much story in the game unfortunately.

          In my eyes it did not live up to expectations, I did not have retarded boundaries set up for the story, but I was still greatly disappointed in how short the story is and by how much wasn’t in the story. Even though i loved everything up too and including mission 43, that in itself isn’t much story and stops short just when you think it is going somewhere.

    • I guess KP left them not mandatory so everybody can experience the story without being stuck behind HC challenges. But they for sure unlock many things.


    *The actual post credit scene was cut and it contains Kiefer’s best performance in the entire game: WTF? spoilers – don’t listen if you haven’t got to the end*

    • Venom_Sina

      I think they cut this part.I didn’t hear this in the actual game,or maybe there was a tape that I wasn’t able to pickup!!!

      • Interesting recording. I don’t really think it adds anything to the ending (which I will keep saying was great in my opinion) but any additional lore is a good thing for me :).

        • Venom_Sina

          It doesn’t add anything to the story,but at least these kinds of dialogues is good for Venom’s characterization and make him different than a broomstick!!!

          • Haha, broomstick :D. I guess he doesn’t say a lot, he’s into quiet things :D. I can’t say it bothered me much although I wish he was much more talkative (but this new recipe kinda worked).

          • JJBYACH

            Found this and developed my own head canon, puts the game in a different light. I think people are taking this game far too literally *HUGE, HUGE GAME RUINING SPOILERS*


          • Venom_Sina

            Ooh.That’s some good stuff.Thank you,but I don’t think it’s real.The game ended with that mission,so I don’t think they hid another “secret hush-hush real truth” mission!!!Unfortunately,it seems that we’re gonna have to stick with the shitty ending!!!

          • JJBYACH

            I know there is no super secret ending that requires you to 100% the game without dying and in a single playthrough or something equally as crazy, but the game continually asks you to challenge the information (words) used to contextualise and insentivise your actions – to control the subconscious, as everything is relative and nothing is definitive. There are a lot of inconsistencies and technical truths that reveal that not everything is as it seems, and that the game should not be taken at face value.

            With that being said there are certain parts of the narrative that were complete shit like the goddamn cringe-ride (you know which one i’m talking about).

          • The ride was… Hmm… Hmmmmmm… It had something nice about it, I wish a few things there were done [a lot] different. I’d say it was one of the weakest cutscenes but it wasn’t completely bad. I like listening to that one character talk 😛

          • JJBYACH

            While the passenger just played the same idle animation 25 times, then he runs out of things to say and then they just sit staring at each other recycling idle animations for literally 8-100 mins then that song laughably blurts out of nowhere – with 0 relevance to what is going on, I actually burst out laughing at that one scene, so horrible.

          • The repeating animation was awful, agreed. The monologue I wish was a dialogue but I liked that part. I also enjoyed the ride but it was way too long. I disagree with it being relevant, I think it was very relevant although the whole thing was done… weirdly. When I think on it more it seems as if things were missing from the whole situation which would make it make more sense.

          • JJBYACH

            Yeah, it seems like they wanted to have more stuff happen in the scene, ran out of time, and just cut out the unfinished stuff and were like – fuck it, that will do…

      • VFox

        Im stilll depressed because of the ending can’t believe it. Its better to think that the first ending is the only one.

        • It’s confirmed. My theory that I slowly saw through the game and denied it. Is true….

          I can’t believe it. ….. I mean really…

          • solideater

            The game ran over budget at Chapter 2 and it shows….

          • Random sniper


    • Random sniper

      whats this i only heard the beginning

  • vic boss

    Mission 20 was creepy as hell.

  • I so want to hop on V right now but I have to go to school ಥ_ಥ
    I think I stopped at Ep.30 or 31 shit’s getting real

  • Vonkronberg

    Is this the complete list of episode or som episode was cut off from final version?


    • If the leak came from a safe source (looks like at first glance), then it turns out that 13 episodes were cut… Man, where is my mission disc ?

    • Random sniper

      It’s fake coz no blood runs deep no white mamba!

      • Ok, but the list looks strangely real for a leak dated from early august..
        Maybe those episodes are one of the others (if any) that were cut ?
        Besides, this list look to me far more organized like a real MGS than the Chpt 1-2 we have now. What do you guys think ?

        • Random sniper

          Yeah but it’s true more than half of mgsv was cut

        • Vonkronberg

          Yeah, early august and many episode names matches so close.
          And now we have only 2 chapters?
          Is so sad to know that we only have half of a game.

          The episodes I’ve lost, the chapters I’ve lost…won’t stop hurting, it’s like they’re all still there.

          Now I know what phantom pain is.

          By the way, I´ve just finished the mission 6, the game is amazing, fantastic gameplay, but my hype has vanished.

          • Gatsu

            But the episodes name list did leak pretty early. I’ve read somewhere a while back that this list was fake. Some of the names are pretty damn good though and it’s missing some.

    • Tong Ninja

      It was confirmed to be fake. Someone on reddit used the names of the main missions from the leaked trophy achievements and the leaked chapter 1 main missions (from preview event) and then made up the rest of the mission names to make it look authentic/real.

      Although, it’s really strange that TPP ONLY has 2 chapters … before the game was released I thought it would have 5 chapters (V has come to! haha). Also no epilogue (I haven’t finished the game, but people said there was no epilogue even though TPP had a prologue).

      • I hope it is really fake.
        One possible scenario is that maybe they planned to dispatch through 5 acts (ala mgs4) but once the mess arrived between KP and KCE, KP decided to group the more stable missions in 2 chapters. I mean a Chapter of 31 episodes sound quite weird…

  • Ventris

    Off topic!!
    Guys, does somebody know is it possible to paint mother base in black/red pattern(like vehicles)? And are there any unlockable colors for MB?

    thx. 🙂

  • Anybody have an idea about this KCE statement ?

    I passed 29 without any pb so far and i am wondering if 42 should be played with another buddy…

  • solideater

    There is a thread running on reddit that there may be story patches coming for MGS V preferably from September 11…Lets see how much it is true or another hopeless speculation

    • Vonkronberg

      There´s a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope these story patches (if it´s true) will be free.

      • solideater

        One sentence also raised my interest that the episodes would be free and would continue to come until MGS5 is released??!!. If this is true it means V is not 5 :-

        • JJBYACH

          Lol, no way that will happen. I saw the reddit post, just a logical fallacy backed up by hearsay. Just accept the game as it is to prevent further disappointment down the line. And for free? No way.

          • solideater

            Yeah I know that… But I’m keeping some optimism like 0.1% if it is true..

  • H’m

    Hey guys iv opened custom weapons but has anyone figured out what this scope is seen in this vid at 1min 10secs, I MUST KNOW :), also what is the front attachment.. a silencer?

  • Gatsu

    If anyone wanna join the forums and share your feels over there of MGSV, here’s the thread:

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