D-Dog figure by Play Arts gets new images and release date

The latest in line of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain figures by Play Arts, Snake’s canine buddy D-Dog, has received a bunch of new official images as well as a release date. The figure will release on December 15th for a price of ¥12960 (about €95 / $107).

Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-1 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-2 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-3 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-4 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-5 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-6 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-7 Play-Arts-Diamond-Dog-8

Source: AmiAmi, via metalgearsolid.be

  • WrongDirectionZ

    Love that “helmet” ^^

  • Bigger Boss

    Same chest strap
    Same belt
    Same coat
    Forgot about this painting

    • Hoxtonite

      No need to theorize, it’s already been confirmed it’s Volgin, days and days ago.

      • Bigger Boss

        Didn’t know it was totally confirmed, but we all knew from the get go :0)

  • Czernobog

    Wait I thought DD always had to wear an eye-patch because one of his eyes is damaged, or am I wrong and the eye-patch is cosmetic and optional or can you find him with his eye intact?

    • Gatsu

      I think his eye was damaged in the videos we have seen before.

  • Gatsu

    D-Dog :D.

  • Andrea Feletti

    2 eyes?!? mmmhm…

  • FOX

    Kaz, im already a dog

  • Daburcor

    It bugs me how inconsistent the quality of the Play Arts figures tends to be. I haven’t liked any of their Snakes, the Ocelot is okay, and this and Quiet look damn good. The quality of the not so good ones keeps me from buying the good ones. :/

    Maybe if the Union Creative Snake is around the same scale, I’ll get DD to go with him!

  • Gatsu

    I love how all the tweets on Kojima’s twitter are “V has come to” of different places/things lol.
    Need to enjoy Kojima’s tweets while we still can before the release!
    We’re almost there ;D!!!

    • PlayStation4Life!

      V for vendetta! ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

  • Gatsu

    “Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 Collector’s Edition Missing DLC Codes”http://www.thegamerscene.com/featured/metal-gear-solid-5-ps4-collectors-edition-missing-dlc-codes/

    Ooohh boy, well this sucks. I will play on Steam first but still it would be nice to have the full package with my PS4 CE.

    “So far, the issue has only affected certain countries, due to the fact that the pre-orders have only been released in certain countries, and will be released in other countries (mainly in Europe) in the coming days. So far, this has left many buyers across Europe worried if their games will also arrive without their voucher codes.”

    I’m getting my CE on Monday or Tuesday, so fingers crossed that we all get them codes :).

    • VenomSnake123

      I heard that the stores where you pre-ordered the CE will send the codes by e-mail.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah something like that, if miss the codes.

      • WrongDirectionZ

        Gamestop doesnt even has my email adress :

      • ddmaster

        Thankfully Amazon has mine.

    • Daburcor

      I wonder if this will effect US customers…

      • i hope not in Australia too. If so they’re just lazy. A couple of pieces of paper. Geez

      • ddmaster

        For their sake it better not.

    • I say again. 4 years we waited….

    • Danny Patten

      NOOOOOOOOO…my CE DLC codes not in there? 🙁 Now I’m almost sad…
      I bet my left nut that Konami did this on purpose to save money on the printing. Sending Emails is still free.

      • Gatsu

        It might not be for everyone.

      • That sounds about right lol

      • Maybe the codes have a fail safe… You open the package before September 1st… They disappear… Haha jokes.. Or maybe not….

        • ddmaster

          I actually wish this would happen to those doing the spoiling.

    • Robin Besch

      suck my ass konami do you have to destroy everything??

  • Gatsu

    Okey and it’s about right time to avoid N4G now :], I have mostly read article headlines for review scores etc.
    But now even one of the news articles show unseen image and say stuff I don’t wanna know. Sigh, damn idiots don’t understand that for some of us it’s not September 1st yet 😛

    Anyway, Time magazine reviewered The Phantom Pain 5/5 =), Perfectooo!
    I didn’t read the review so dunno if contain spoilers, but…

    “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Is the Best Metal Gear Ever”

    • PlayStation4Life!

      I hope Forbes give it a 5/5 as well 😀 !!

  • MrVux007

    My third favorite character losing his arm,and got it replaced by bionic one ….. sigh
    i guess its popular nowdays
    “All for revenge”

  • Looks awesome with his little sneaking boots haha. Lol

  • Hussain Alkhalaqi

    the look on his face in the first pic is more like “rly bruh?”

  • Javier

    Can the buddies die or that was removed?

    • Raven_Sorrow

      Last time I heard about it they would get Fulton extracted. Don’t know if it invalidates death though :/

      • Javier

        Yeah. I think they will be saved by fulton. We should ask @crimsonfox

        • I didn’t try to actually kill them haha. But once their life gets low enough Kaz will extract them off the field.

          • GrayFoxWasTaken

            if you cant answer this i completely understand, quiet is said to leave until you finish her story line at some point later in the game, does she come back? Does this happen with other buddies?

          • Javier


  • Robin Besch

    say what you want but he AT LEAST has to be related to Sif somehow
    cousin or something maybe 😛

  • Leviathan

    anyone from germany got a shipping mail from gamestop? (CE)

    • Robin Besch

      i preordered CE at gamestop in berlin but have to pick it up myself on 1st

  • Javier

    I already have my d dog. With the power of paint.

    • PsychoMantis18

      You tight-arse, buy it an eye-patch

  • PsychoMantis18

    Ohhhhh I hate Play Arts. I wish Hot Toys did an MGS line.

  • Shalashaska

    Kaz, Im woofey wo woof woof

    • Gatsu


  • Alex

    I’m considering to make a sneaking suit to my dog, or at least a harness vest, something like that with the outer heaven logo on the sides. I think it would be cool.

  • kidap

    Hi guys, relatively new to this site(well, i’ve been checkin’ all about the phantom pain from here, since the first trailers) and i have to say, that, you guys are awesome, you are always fast when there’s new information about everything metal gear, and the community here, are one of the most united and funny ones i have seen in a lot of forums. So i hope to be of some help on the FOB’s or in Metal gear Online. i apologize if this isn’t the place to do this, and for my …. not so good english.

    • Nice to hear! And your English is fine. 🙂

      • CR7HarisSnake

        Nyxus sorry to ask u here boss but do u have psn? Cant find yours nowhere. Thanks salute

    • Gatsu

      Hey there friend welcome :D, always great to have new members here 🙂 ! Hope you enjoy staying with us, soon get to play oooh yeah.

      I will help too in fob and mgo ^_^.

      Also as Nyx said, your English is good !

    • Robin Besch

      welcome brother!

  • akumetsu

    DD call me to join him !!!

    • ddmaster


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