Art of Japanese Illustration offering three new Metal Gear prints by Shinkawa

Website ‘Art of Japanese Illustration’ has unveiled three new Metal Gear artworks that will be sold at their online store. Two of them feature Metal Gear Solid V prints, while the third shows Solid Snake standing in front of Metal Gear REX, as seen in MGS1.


‘Diamond Dogs’ – 500 available

Panoramic Edition available in Dibond Aluminium and Plexiglas finish


‘V’ – 10 available

10 units only edition in Extra-Large size available in both Dibond and Plexiglas finish


‘REX’ – 500 available

Available in Butler* Dibond and Plexiglas


From the website:

The AOJI Gallery unveils three new artworks drawn by Yôji Shinkawa joining the official artworks collection dedicated to the legendary universe of Metal Gear Solid, few days before the launch of the next opus.

Named as  “V, by Yôji Shinkawa” and “Diamond Dogs, by Yôji Shinkawa”, two out of three new art editions are issued from the Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and depicts two of the already legendary characters: Big Boss and Quiet. Note that “V, by Yôji Shinkawa” is only available in Extra-large size (92x100cm) and 10 units solely.

The third original creation was selected on a special guideline: express the pure essence of the Metal Gear Series through the eyes of the one and only artistic director of the franchise… “REX Yôji by Shinkawa”.

In partnership with Konami Digital Entertainement, the Metal Gear Solid Artwork Collection includes creations from 1998’s ‘Metal Gear Solid’ up to ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ (2015). This series of 10 high-end numbered editions, with Certificate of Authenticity pays tribute to the most famous stealth-action game created by Mr Hideo Kojima, with the artistic impulse of Yôji Shinkawa.

Source: AOJI

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