Eurogamer Digital Foundry: The Phantom Pain on Xbox One ‘much improved’ over Ground Zeroes

For one of their ‘Digital Foundry’ articles, Eurogamer tested out how the PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Phantom Pain compare. The verdict is favorable, stating that ‘in particular, the Xbox One version is much improved over last year’s Ground Zeroes – this time offering a native 1600×900 resolution that gives the console a huge leap over the last game’s disappointing 720p setup’.

Their conclusion states:

“Overall, the Xbox One release of The Phantom Pain is a closer match for PS4 thanks to its bump to 1600×900, and at seemingly no sacrifice to performance. After a disappointing technical turnout with Ground Zeroes last year, image quality is now very respectable on Xbox One, despite the upscale. It’s shy of PS4’s full 1080p image in terms of absolute clarity, but the results still flatter the game’s big ambition.”


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For the full article, which talks about the different technical aspects of the game in detail, visit Eurogamer’s article.

Source: Eurogamer

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