Tokyo Game Show Day 2 & Day 3 – photos and videos

During the second and third day of the Tokyo Game Show more Metal Gear Online matches were held. Here are some pictures posted by the Metal Gear Online official Twitter account (for photos of the first day, go here), and some new videos from Konami.

Day 2

TGS-2015-MGO-59 TGS-2015-MGO-58 TGS-2015-MGO-57 TGS-2015-MGO-56

“Another day here at Tokyo Game Show and another pro player Metal Gear Online match is about to start!“


“Using interrogations and the int-scope to locate the enemy is a great opening strategy”


“Special characters can add new gameplay variables like looking for a rocket arm creeping up on you!”


“More precise shots are made when in first person but it could leave you open in the field of battle”


“When a match is over you can check your progress and how it contributes to your character growth”


“Our next match is Cloak and Dagger where camo team attackers try to steal the data disc undetected”


“Our defending team, using lethal weapons to protect the data discs, a death or Fulton is permanent per match”

Day 3

TGS-2015-MGO-79 TGS-2015-MGO-78 TGS-2015-MGO-77 TGS-2015-MGO-76

“Tokyo Game Show has now opened up to everyone and we’re starting the day right with another pro gamer stream!”

TGS-2015-MGO-80 TGS-2015-MGO-82 TGS-2015-MGO-81

“Today we’re indulging a little with our Squid hat and lots of Ocelot gameplay”


“This next round is in our industrial zone: Amber Station”

TGS-2015-MGO-85 TGS-2015-MGO-84

“And while we prepare, eager fans are trying their own Bounty Hunter mission!”

TGS-2015-MGO-86 TGS-2015-MGO-88 TGS-2015-MGO-87

“Our best players are competing for some awesome Fulton Straps!”

TGS-2015-MGO-90 TGS-2015-MGO-89

“Our pro player match has begun and this time Ocelot and the Squid are buddies!”


“Ocelot with his usual flare instead of a straight shot, takes out the enemy with a well placed C4 explosion”

“…and then manages to blow himself up.”


“The squid hat and other “colorful” attire makes you easy to spot; and acts as a badge of confidence with pro players”


“But Snake isn’t without his own bag of tricks”


“Can you spot camo squid!?”

TGS-2015-MGO-96 TGS-2015-MGO-95

“While snake looks for the enemy our squid captures the data disc and successfully completes the mission!”


“Being the one who stole the data disc comes with a hefty reward but the team benefits as well!”


“Our staff/pro player shirts hide a little something extra for those looking through their int-scopes”

Here’s a video of the Metal Gear Online gameplay from TGS:

TGS-2015-Cosplay-4 TGS-2015-Cosplay-3 TGS-2015-Cosplay-2

“Cosplayers have invaded TGS!”

TGS-2015-Cosplay-5 TGS-2015-Cosplay-8 TGS-2015-Cosplay-7 TGS-2015-Cosplay-6

“It’s a cosplay party! Kaz, Quiet, Eva, and puppy fultoned DDog were all there”


“Idol Paz!”


“Huey just showed up!”

TGS-2015-Cosplay-12 TGS-2015-Cosplay-11

“Another excellent cosplay comes and visits the booth!”

Konami also published a video showing their booth.

There’s one more day of TGS left, and Quiet actress Stefanie Joosten said she’d drop by on this last day, and so will Donna Burke.

Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Metal Gear Official Twitter

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    I can’t wait. I just finished the story so I’m ready.

    • Greyfox98

      no spoilers please, but I’m around mission 35 or so, could you give me a ruff guess as to how far along I am in the story?

      • Greyfox98

        Also congrats on beating it

        • Solid Snakes Revenge

          Thanks it was a helluva journey.

      • MK_Madness

        You’re almost there.

        • Greyfox98

          Thanks guys

          • Greyfox98

            Also, whats with the doors everywhere with the red bars over them on mother base? Do I need to beat the campaign to unlock them?

          • MK_Madness

            Lol they are for nothing.

          • Greyfox98

            Nothing? They must be for something

      • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

        The immensely disappointment ending is almost upon you. Just wait for the REAL ending. As a die hard MGS fan, it’s a total and utter load of shit.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        Sorry I never got back to you but if you stay steady on main ops you should be done pretty soon. And please don’t listen to others opinions on it. Form your own. I liked it myself.

        • Greyfox98

          Thanks man, I will

  • Gatsu

    Nice pics again 🙂 and daaaamn that MGO gameplay looks good. Ocelotto and Squid helmet are so cool.

    Last video 07:00, Konami’s future masterpiece games.

  • Dang, that chick cosplaying Eva looks so sassy.

  • Tong Ninja

    Donna Burke will be there as well! 🙂

    I also love the effort some of the fans are putting in with their cosplays! 😀

    • Cool, added!

      • Plissken

        Nyxus, what’s going to be your policy discussing spoilers on here? A month after release and then open season? Or how do you want to go about it since this is your Heaven

        • Maybe beginning of next month? If that’s not too early for some, or too late.

  • Gatsu

    I love FOB invading :), nothing can stop my Battle Bear from conquering the world!

    • glitchbomb

      Battle bear eh? Nice.
      My first attempt at Changing the logo was removing the 2nd D from the original cause I wanted an octopus…then I realize the logo said Doctopus…
      Made me lul so I kept it.

      • Gatsu

        Hmmm Doctopus, great name :D.

        Also those are some cool blades :).

        • glitchbomb

          Recognize any of them? Two by the t.v are the Vorpal blades from Alice, and Alice Madness Returns. Sword on the far left is a limited twice of michonne’s blade from The Walking Dead.

  • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

    MGO looks really solid. Can’t wait!. It might go someway at relieving my feelings toward the immensely disappointing main game. We have been too kind to Kojima. Giving him this Godlike status. He’s as flawed as the rest of us.

    • Gatsu

      Will you guys give it a rest already.

      • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

        Us real fans?

        • Oh, the ‘real fans’ thing again.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            The real fans got cheated. Kojima didn’t sow up the series and provide an ending just like MGS4. Farcical ending we saw coming a mile away, underwritten story and characters, too many plot holes and unfinished storylines. Also, why can’t characters just stay dead?

          • Raymondius

            “There are no real fans. Only interpretations”. -Me, right now.

            @Nyxus:disqus , @Gatsu88:disqus. You people don’t know the pleasure of coming bak to life. Ray has come to! So, where is that forum of us? Where are the rest, tell me!

          • Gatsu

            R has come to! xD

            I can give you link when turn on PC, but it can be found on top of this page, Forum and click on the big X. You have to create a user on the place too :).

            Hopefully you get a long well with the mods there, they are great dudes really. Don’t take all their jokes for real and treat other members politely and will be fine lol :D.

          • Machine Gun Kid

            Totally agree again

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            Yourself and Gatsu are two peas in pod. Giving each other likes. While I respect your stance, it’s flawed. We got cheated and now we will never get a true ending to Big Boss’s now tarnished story arc. In a way it’s for the best. It can’t now be fixed.

          • Gatsu

            Why should I give you a like, if I disagree with your comment?
            Will you stop complaining this year?

          • And you are entitled to your opinion, as long as you realize it’s just an opinion and not some fact known by ‘true fans’.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            Yes! it is fact. If one has played any of the previous games. Which you have. You know exactly what I’m talking about. The use of V in the titles instead of 5 it seems was Kojima’s way of letting us know that TPP story means everything and nothing. Everything in terms of ruining the story arc and nothing in terms of sowing up the series. It’s a badly written side story. The longest side op mission in the series. V for Venom, 5 is never coming.

          • Gatsu

            I’m not trying to hate you or anything man, but not everyone thinks like you. Every fan feels differently of the games, but I guess some don’t understand that. No matter how much you try force you say bad of the game, it won’t make a difference and no matter how much I try prove my points to you, won’t make you like the game.

            You hate it, I like it.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            The rage I feel comes from waiting 7 years only to be disappointed. Kojima trying to be clever ruined it. I find it very difficult to look at the series now as a whole. Contradiction after contradiction that makes a convoluted for some storyline worse and meaningless.

            Also knowing that Konami might try to make a “TRUE” MGS 5 in the future. It might actually be for the best that Kojima is gone. But how do they fix it? They can’t!

          • Full Options

            He had to develop PW in between, so it is not exactly 7 solid…

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            They started working on MGSV straight after 4. They made Peace Walker in between. Fox Engine was to too blame for the delay. The delay gave us a great game engine and amazing gameplay. Sadly the story was neglected and story arc ruined.

          • Full Options

            Do you know that, still in between, he also cancelled his first iteration of Rising before offloading the dev to Platinum ? Pretty busy studio that deserved a lot of respect for braving their publishers like that.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            Pity Rising didn’t stick to the planned original story. A prequel to MGS4 with Raiden rescuing Sunny from the Patriots and becoming a cyborg along the way. Instead we got an outsourced, J-Pop riddled, poor mans Ninja Gaiden.

          • Machine Gun Kid

            Totally agree

          • Gatsu

            For me it was 3 years ;)…

            I don’t think they will do any more MG and I hope Konami won’t try. I was trying to avoid this article ending up being like this, but I guess it’s my fault when I replied to your comment in the first place ;D. Apologies :(.

            The negativity is just so big with fans that I feel like I see it anywhere with MGSV related stuff and makes me sad. But perhaps it will settle down during the years :). I think we should be grateful that Kojima gave us these games, instead of hating the man just because don’t like his last entry to the saga.

          • glitchbomb


        • Gatsu

          I just meant that seeing disappointment comments every day is kinda depressing. It’s Kojima’s game and it’s up to him what to do with it.

          What is a real fan?

          I’ve been MGS fan since 1998.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            I’m not saying your not a real fan. It’s just that most of the real fans are the ones who feel cheated. MGSV doesn’t belong with the numbered entries in the series for us. It’s has nothing to do with the main story arc. It’s a side story.

          • Gatsu

            Well what can I say, opinions are different for everyone :).

            I think a person is either a fan or not, there’s no “real fan” imo.

          • Exactly, calling yourself a ‘real fan’ is just a cheap trick to make your opinion sound more important than someone else’s. But it’s not, it’s just an opinion.

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            “There’s no “real fan”.

            I think investing dozens if not hundreds of hours replaying everygame in the series. Having a vast knowledge of the series lore, buying every piece of merchandise and consuming every little tidbit of information counts one as a real fan.

          • Gatsu

            I guess I’m not a real fan then, because I haven’t bought every piece of merchandise during the years :(.

          • Gaines__

            you gotta remember this ties into the next canon metal gear the one that came out like 28 years ago

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            Big Boss returns to Foxhound then leaves AGAIN and sets up Other Heaven in Zanibar land. Metal Gear 2 has the real Big Boss and is the next true story arc now?

            Metal Gear 1, if it’s remade will have us playing as Solid Snake going up against the fake Big Boss. Which has ruined that game now for everyone. What’s the players motivation? If we already know that Big Boss is a fake. Snake won’t know, but us the player will.

          • CrimsonJack

            I missed the gray fox story and right now i feel like a huge missing part in mgsv, no child Solid Snake, Eva or just Big Boss, I know they said all the we are Big Boss, breaking the 4th wall and that stuff but now I realize there was so much hype making us expect at least one secret side op using Solid Snake to close the gap or like Star wars III closing the circle =/ ahh the Phantom Pain hurts so real sometimes

          • CrimsonJack

            I still want Metal Gear Rising with Gray Fox as main character or a Metal Gear with The Boss as a rookie

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            I love metal gear and I’ve been playing it since nes. So I consider myself a true fan and while I thought the ending lacked a little. I still liked it. I wish it coulda been finished but I’m happy with the product. What’s the point in coming here and spewing your hate on it any chance you get? If you didn’t like it cool but its kinda annoying to go the comments and want to socialize with others only to see all your bs.

          • thanks for saying sumthing man im still enjoying MGSV im at 60% done and still having a fun time! and i am going to still have fun wen im 80% and 100% all i hope for is maby some DLC and a way to get HER back 😀 10.9 /10.10

    • Full Options

      Come on, “immensely”… The fact that the gameplay was 100% innovative as usual (like we never saw anything like that before) stands as a direct proof that he tried his best to deliver what you were expecting too. I mean it is clear he needed at least an extra year which was apparently not accorded. If he really had spitted in the soup, the gameplay would have been BS too. Time to market software development planning is an extremely difficult discipline specially when you aim at something really new. That’s why he is always late at delivering stuff. He always was innovative. Unless few titles, most other games were looking soo pac-manish compared to even his first MG.

      • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

        The gameplay is incredible. Highly additive and nails what a video game is all about. I never said anything about Kojima not being innovative he always was. I am NOT knocking the game for this reason. I use the word “immensely” as an accurate way of a true fan at describing the story or lack there of.
        I don’t ever want to hear anybody trash talk MGS2 (A great game) ever again. It doesn’t even come close to Phantom Pains levels of disappointment. It is very difficult to give MGSV an accurate score. As a gamer, as in gameplay wise I find it stunning. As a fan of the series, it’s a total mess. A sorely missed opportunity that actually tarnishes the series and ruins Big Bosses the story arc and the later entries in the series.

        • Full Options

          I know, ok let’s suppose the following pure speculations :
          – he tried to aim at a 5-acts MGS4-style story.
          – he got a lot of technical issues to implement all the new stuff he wanted to add and for sure even more in terms of gameplay
          – Say Chapter 1 levels were 98% complete, 2 was 60% complete, 3, 4 and 5 were say 30 % complete…
          If I he could not grabb the extra delay he usually get (like the 2 years MGS4 one) with KCE, what other options could have been left for KP than grouping in a rush what’s was yet playable, stabilize, Q.A, etc… What does your heart tell you ? Would you still feel HK that guilty ? Perhaps I am defending him too much but the guy never let us down for 3 decades…

          • ShalashaskaWasHerSon

            It’s like Kojima said he wanted to leave but Konami told him not to finish the storyarc? So they can make future entries in the series. So Kojima wrote a total mess that has divided fans forever to get back at Konami? Whichever is true it cannot be undone now.

          • Machine Gun Kid

            Dude get out of my head. Youv posted my every thought on this game, kojima etc etc lol. Youv already done my comment posting for me lol

        • Full Options

          What I mean is that it sounds like it is precisely because he wanted to provide to you what you expected that he was impeached by KCE. Is it a possible scenario too ?

        • Machine Gun Kid

          Totally agree for a third time. Well put. Thats exactly how i felt about this game

  • Gatsu

    Chocobos ftw <3, I hope they add Moogles too to FFXV ! Oh maan, I can't wait to play this <(^O^<).

  • Steven Michael Brown

    I guess it’s my fault for being spoiled by all these ridiculous comments today. Anyway the event looks like a blast

    • Gatsu

      Shiit… sorry brother my fault. 🙁

      • Steven Michael Brown

        No problem. It was bound to happen eventually at my gameplay rate…

  • Machine Gun Kid

    For the record i 100% agree with everything shalashaska has posted because i was getting ready to post those exact same comments but no need to now it was already done for me lol. At the same time i understand others opinions on the game as well. SO I’LL end my post with my take on mgsv. Playing mgsv is like getting punched in the face after youv eatn the best steak dinner of your life. Thats how i would put it. Insanely great game………its just pretty much everything else about it that leaves more to be desired

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