The first day of Tokyo Game Show 2015 in photos

Here is a whole bunch of pictures from the first day of the Tokyo Game Show 2015. Captions by the Metal Gear Online official Twitter.

TGS-2015-MGO-4 TGS-2015-MGO-3

“Here we are at Tokyo Game Show playing and showing Metal Gear Online!”

TGS-2015-MGO-5 TGS-2015-MGO-8

“We have two groups of sixteen trying the game at once throughout the convention”


“And a live show to demonstrate the game online!”


“Time to detail the chronology of the online experience”


“LA Studio CM even joined in on the fun!”


“Lots of people here to see MGSV, FOB and MGO!”

TGS-2015-MGO-12 TGS-2015-MGO-15 TGS-2015-MGO-14 TGS-2015-MGO-13

“We’ve decked out the booth with military fare and some surprises throughout”


“Presentation continues and demonstrates some of the customization options in-game”


“Long lines are forming!”

TGS-2015-MGO-19 TGS-2015-MGO-17

“We’re prepping for an exhibition match with some top players from Japan FPS Club of Chuo University”


“The special online match is about to begin!”


“Before the match our MC speaks a bit about MGO, it’s missions and stages”


“Let’s begin!”

TGS-2015-MGO-24 TGS-2015-MGO-27

“Our teams employ a variety of tactics, skills and distractions throughout the match”


“Weather also plays a factor in online matches”


“And our first match has concluded! Time for round 2!”


“Metal Gear Online looks amazing on the big screen!”


“Our Walker Gears in action!”

“Don’t forget, especially for Bounty Hunter, Fulton is vital!”

“Round 2 over and our winners decided, how’s the team doing? Ready to go again?”


“Special characters in the game can happen to anyone! Watch as Snake and Ocelot show off their skills”


“Team is eager to start in one of our largest maps Gray Rampart doing Cloak and Dagger”

“Someone’s got the disc!”


“Now the teams switch roles! Attackers become Defenders!”


The key to Cloak and Dagger is often patience!


“Once defeated, players can watch the action of their teammates through spectator mode”


“Time is running out! Take a chance!”


“The team is getting interviewed about their experience”


“Don’t forget! Metal Gear Online releases for consoles Oct 6th!”

“Another special stage show is taking place where MGO once again gets the spotlight!”

TGS-2015-MGO-Stage-Show-4 TGS-2015-MGO-Stage-Show-5

“While the stage demo happens on one side…”


“Our pro players prepare on the other side!”

TGS-2015-MGO-42 TGS-2015-MGO-45

“The session running now proves to be as thrilling as the first! Watch as our pros show you how it’s done!”


“And that’s round one done! Let’s start up round 2”

TGS-2015-MGO-49 TGS-2015-MGO-48

“And while our round wraps up on the other side we have foreign press joining their own match!”


“Our show MC playing MGO!”


“More guests here at Tokyo Game Show have come to try MGO!”


“Fulton strap giveaway!”

“It’s like…the biggest relief/joy in the world to watch people play and enjoy MGO” – Robert Allen Peeler

TGS-2015-MGSV-Face-on-cover TGS-2015-MGSV-Face-on-cover-2

“We have some great features here at the Konami booth including adding your own face to the cover!” – Metal Gear Official

Also, here are some pictures by Hideo Kojima.

TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-1 TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-2

TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-Merchandise-3 TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-Merchandise-2 TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-Merchandise-1

“V showcase.”

TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-PlayStation-VRTGS-2015-Yoji-Shinkawa-PlayStation-VR TGS-2015-Hideo-Kojima-Occulus-Rift

“Wanted to try VR experience. Played SUMMER LESSON & Yoji did KITCHEN on PlayStation(R)VR & also visited OCULUS. FUN!”

Source: Metal Gear Online TwitterMetal Gear Official Twitter@jiro_ishii Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter

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