New Metal Gear Online info straight from the Konami LA Community Day

Today, on October 1st, Konami Los Angeles has organized a Community Day, inviting a select group of people to test out the new Metal Gear Online. One of those people was our own crimsonfox, who also attended the review event back in August. Between play sessions, he was allowed to tweet about the game for one hour, answering questions sent in by fans. You can find his answers below.







  • Ardens Anima

    Only five days!

    • Eugene Voldo

      Or only three months if you play on PC 🙁

  • Antonio Martínez

    No clan system…what the fuck!?

    • no_fox

      Yep.. thought the same.
      Good we still have MGO2 on CFW, this sounds pretty bad imo!

      • WhatTheJuicay

        As much as I love mgo2 and hate what I’m hearing about mgo3, how long can you continue to play that old game?

        • no_fox

          I don’t know, it’s still my favorite, like counter-strike 1.6 🙂

    • Brandon Retana

      I had asked another person who played it and he said he wasnt able to talk about it. So two different answers yet crimsons was more definitive.

  • J_muse72

    Can’t wait to fight side by side with you guys!

  • Brandon Retana

    Thanks crimsonfox for answering as many questions as you were able to

  • JoJo

    Oh HELL yes. I’m looking forward to this.

  • I would like to ask crimsonfox/nyxus/anyone who wants to give their opinion

    Specially for crimson, answer if you can or give an opinion on this, sorry I didn’t ask this when you were at Konami tweeting but I was in class and couldn’t ask anything via twitter haha

    So here we go:

    Many of you already know about these new rumors on MGO3 being an eSport game. In the other hand, I don’t really remember who twitted first, but I’m sure I saw someone confirming on twitter that there is not clan system in MGO3 (yet).

    My question is, do you crimsonfox or anyone else who’d like to give an opinion here, do you think MGO3 can be a competitive/eSport game even without a clan system?
    If you ask me, I think Konami would be too stupid to not add a clan system and that might end up ruining this game for many people. Not even mentioning text-chat, my biggest dissapointment so far.

    • This function not being in “ruining” the entire game is ridiculous. After people play it let’s see them stay away… It won’t happen… that’s all I’ll say

      On the topic of E-Sports I think this game had a definite future in it. Tons of fun to watch, tons of fun to play.

      Look forward to more of my thoughts on the 5th.

  • BurntFM

    Rob doesn’t show up on this site any longer. I miss those one note comments that would hype the site.

    • Oh he’s around. Believe me

      • Rob

        I don’t know, can you be trusted?

  • Greyfox98

    Man I cannot wait!!

  • Aleezy

    Unhyped but still will play loads of it.

  • Alex

    Today was also my Birthday!

    • Venom_Sina

      Happy Birthday.

      • Alex


    • jesus man you spoiled it

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Is there a survival mode or a tournament mode? and is there GP(Grade Points) like mgo2?

    • MK_Madness

      Well he said that you have to buy the weapons with GP.

      • FoxTamerMGO

        It’s totally different than the GP in MGO2.. GP in MGO2 was used as a ranking system.. the better you are the higher your GP is. If you fuck up in a match your GP falls down, if you do good your GP gets higher.. now in MGO3.. no matter how much you fuck up.. your level still goes up ;’/ that COMPLETELY takes down the feeling of “I BETTER NOT FUCK UP NOW!”.. It was REALLY intense in MGO2 🙁

        • Aleezy

          Exactly. nothing from mgo2 that made it so good is going to be on this one.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Why isn’t there text chats during matches? such disappointment ;’/ What could possibly prevent them from adding it?

    • Lewis

      Oh, I don’t know. Toxic players mb?

      • FoxTamerMGO

        Tbh, text chat in MGO2 not only helped me develop my english.. but also gave me the chance to be friends with wonderful people. If it weren’t for the text chat.. i’d have never met those friends.. i play with them till now even after mgo2 closed.

        • Lewis

          And I had a lot of expirience with competetive online multiplayer games. And I am 120% happy, there is no chat.

        • Ishmael

          we don’t need textchats anymore, when there are headsets.

          • FoxTamerMGO

            It’s like saying “we don’t need to type our comments in MGI, why don’t we send a voice message as a comment” :’/

          • Ishmael

            nice comparison, but i think it doesn’t really fit in this case. In an online multiplayer game i actually do not have the time to type in letters while running and shooting etc.

          • FoxTamerMGO

            I DO!

          • WhatTheJuicay

            That’s the problem. Mgo isn’t a “running and shooting” game. It was marketed as a tactical shooter. Text chat was a great tactic. Coupled together with the /all and /team you could talk to the enemy and confuse them. Talk crap and put them off their game. What now? No communicating with the other team unless it’s hate mail thru psn.?

  • Janeo

    Really looking forward to this, I never really got into mgo2 because it was so complicated and just so annoying to even sign up to just play the game, this one seems like a more traditional online game but with metal gear instead of just some game where you shoot at everything that moves.

  • Janeo

    This is off topic but I just wanted to give my thoughts about the ending since we are allowed to talk about spoilers now. At first I really hated it but after a while I have come to appreciate it but it really makes me hate big boss, he can just run off to do his own thing while he leaves his soldiers and his best friend as decoys so he can stay under the radar, its like he is fine with them being in danger as long as he is under the radar. He is going off to create his own nation but he always sucked at that anyway, if it wasn’t for kaz then his army would never have gotten as big and now he is just going to abandon Kaz to try do it on his own again. I don’t want to hate someone as awesome as big boss but I just hate what he did, I agreed with Kaz when he said that big boss can go to hell.

    • NakedSnake85

      well it was zeroes plan to create venom. he was still in a coma when everything was allready set up. kaz knew from the very begining everything. he had all the time in the world to get in contact with him and explain everything. although this a terrible thing to do Venom had the choice to choose. after all he remembered. but he chose to play along for whatever the reason. Big boss discovered that someone just made an exact copy of himself again. after the clones. imagine your self in that position. so it wasnt his plan to begin with

      • Janeo

        I’m not sure when ocelot told kaz about big boss but even if it was right at the start of the game then ocelot would have done his psychotherapy thing on kaz just like he did to himself. Big boss did hate when they created his sons so I didn’t think he would go along with this in the first place, he was always the one with his face out there but in this he is more like zero working behind the scenes which feels like a weird thing for him to do. As for venom choosing to work with big boss I believe he does but I’m sort of leaning toward the theory where big boss sends someone to kill venom after he starts breaking away from big boss or something. Don’t get me wrong, I did love the story of the game and I do love all these characters but I just didn’t like how big boss handled everything, it’s like he didn’t even care about getting revenge for everything that happened, I did love the story though and the venom thing even adds more interesting things to discuss what happened between the games.

    • Kol Leqejza

      kaz betrayed big boss in the first place. he knew about the sons and he colloborated with cipher. in the end it’s kaz’ fault why mother base got destroye

      • Janeo

        Kaz was always 100% loyal and he did do business with cipher but he told big boss and he was forgiven it seemed, even if Kaz didn’t make any contact with cipher then the same thing would have happened eventually. It wasn’t zero that destroyed msf in the first place and he would have never hurt big boss.

        • Ishmael

          Nope, he wasn’t 100% loyal. As Kol Leqejza stated, Kaz betrayed Big Boss first and if there is one thing Big Boss can’t stand it’s being betrayed by those who claim to be loyal. Just look at the end of MGS3, where he refused to shake hands. From there on he made his decision. Big Boss goes to hell by his own will, but Kaz can go to hell as well.

          • Kol Leqejza

            let him
            believe the lies CIPHER is feeding him with.

            there’s no room for angels in our heaven, anyway.

        • Kol Leqejza

          kaz is a rat. he’s like a girlfriend who fucks another guy and begs for forgiveness. the real big boss didn’tforgive him. if he had he would’ve told kaz the truth. big boss is all for loyality, sure he still liked kaz as person, but he could never trust him again, so they had to part ways anyway. and zero… they are still enemies. or why would a “friend” try to steal your bipedal, nuclear tank?

          and now go kiss your photograph of kaz u got on your shelf.

          • Janeo

            I don’t have a photo of him on my shelf but that’s not a bad idea at all, I will look into getting one. If Big Boss didn’t trust Kaz after that then he never would have let him remain second in command, he said himself that they are true comrades and he knew Kaz would never betray him. I never said zero and Big Boss weren’t enemies, they are against each other but zero would never harm big boss, zero even said that he doesn’t care about what skull face did to him but he can never forgive him for what he did to snake.

  • Agent HUNK

    i wanna know if everything i unlock online transfer to my character offline if i wanna do a free roam

  • BurntFM
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  • Venom_Sina

    WOW.Cool pics crimsonfox.And thanks for the info.

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  • Full Options

    Awesome, what a cool “workshop”. 😀 THX for the news !

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  • Kol Leqejza

    i’d rather have a solution for the 2 bugs that are preventing me from getting 100% in TPP… (s-rank {C2W} & blueprint kabarga-83)

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Hahaha! Naughty Dog played us like a damn fiddle! Also the article spoils MGSV’s ending. Imagine someone who hasn’t reached the end yet, and says, “I’m avoiding MGSV articles, so let’s read this one about Uncharted 4!” 🙂 Reaches the last paragraph… “WTH?! NOOOOOooooooooo!!!”

    • pikafan8

      I mean Kojima advertised Snake in MGS2 and then we played as Raiden, so that legitimately could be what they’re referencing instead.

  • insanetrasher

    p2p? Really? …

  • Volf

    No clan system is a little bit disappointing. Meh, the pros outweigh the cons anyways, can’t wait!!!

  • Kitty Fondler

    Meh, kind of disappointed you unlock in CoD rank up fashion. I was hoping for something like in singleplayer, where you earn GMP per match and then have to develop and upgrade items.

    Also, the p2p is big no no. The game quality will suck.

  • TheManWhoSoldTheWorld

    MGS newbie streaming

  • Snake

    This online is going to be a shit compared to MGO2.

  • Delroy Angus

    The big question everyone wondering is, IS there a clan system?

  • Brandon Retana

    No matter how great the game might play, it will fail if there is no clan system. It promotes longevity. If they left it out then they are not doing their jobs right. They mustve taken way too many vacation days.

  • WhatTheJuicay

    Why no straight up answer for the questions about text chat? It was asked twice. Sure the 2nd one may seem more obvious about no text chat but a simple “THERE IS NO TEXT CHAT” would be nice.

    That’s one of the main things I wished would return. I bought a keyboard back in the day just for mgo

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