Famitsu’s complete MGSV guide reveals how to unlock the Nuclear Abolition event

Some time ago a secret cutscene was discovered within Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s game files, and ever since people have been wondering what the exact requirements are to trigger it. Today, Famitsu’s complete MGSV guide was released, and inside is a segment detailing secret nr 56 – how to unlock this scene.


Picture by @Crimsondramon

There are a few requirements that have to be met, the most interesting one of those being that the total number of nukes on the system specific server needs to be zero. Put simply, there must be no nuclear weapons at all.

All the requirements (taken from JunkerHQ Twitter):

How to trigger the ‘Nuclear Abolition’ Event

This event can occur multiple times, provided all the requirements are met.

1. Complete Mission 31, Sahelanthropus
2. Don’t have any nukes in your possession or in development.
3. A certain requirement [related to nuclear proliferation – Piggyback guide] needs to be met on your game version’s server (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Steam). They’re keeping this a secret.
4. After requirement 3 has been met, all nukes on your game version’s server (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Steam) need to be decommissioned, bringing the total number down to 0.*
5. Complete a main mission or return to Mother Base.

*After requirement (4) has been met once, requirement (3) needs to be met again before (4) can be met again.

Chances this will ever happen is of course extremely low. but it’s an interesting concept: putting the choice into the players’ hands and see if they will rid the world of all nukes or not. Still, if you want to watch the scene, you can find it on Youtube.

MGSV-Nuke-Scene MGSV-Nuke-Scene-Earth

Source: JunkerHQ

  • Tsitiko

    It really makes me wonder if people will do this to get the scene, it would be awesome if you like cut scenes like I do but I doubt that it’ll ever happen

  • RanFujimiya

    Now I give up hope to get it in game. Never saw it because I wanted to get it myself, but well…. I’m still trying, but I’ll watch it someday on YT.

  • oooole

    …or we can watch it on youtube.

  • Solidus

    I’ve managed to take out 5 nukes myself, I hope to see it unlock one day.

  • John Rhogan

    So, they won’t tell you what #3 is, but they WANT you to play online? I’ll pass on that ending. I’ll watch it on youtube.

  • Firman Rosdiansyah

    About No. 3, maybe Konami will make an event related to nukes.

    • AndrewJ

      yep that will be the next one

  • Cobra Commander

    I thought this was the “Complete” MGSV guide?
    Why would someone want to buy this if want to keep “Secrets”?

    Chances are this cutscene will never happen naturally.

  • XIFF-5

    The idea of being able to unlock a certain ending cutscene by doing a certain things to trigger it is totally an exceptional idea! But it is so hard to trigger it in real life sadly ,especially that hidden requirement :/
    Also It is hard to find FOBs that have a nuke, or maybe people are really trying to get that scene so that’s why?

    • N-Shifter

      It’s easy to find them now, they show up (at least for me) in the FOB tab for nuclear equipped FOBs.

      • Joe Royster

        that’s true but thing is man i’ve literally never once seen a person with a nuke in that aforementioned category. i wanna help but i can’t there’s nothing TO help for me. it could be i’m on xbox360 and just not many nukes but still seems a bit odd

        • Joe Royster

          that said i’m literally firing up the game right now to see if that’s changed, i never seems to but yea i’m HOPING to help if the fucking game would just give me the option lol

        • N-Shifter

          I suppose your platform could explain the lack of nukes 🙁

  • César H. Sandoval

    Some of the comments here dissapoint me, I thought the MGS community was up for this amazing CHALLENGE, just give up? watch it on youtube?

    This is the final MGS game people, let’s step it up and end the nukes!

    • Here’s the soundtrack to that comment.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Heh, just another mission… Right, Boss?

      • Alex

        The song always felt very Deus Ex to me.

    • cklambo

      We live or die by your order boss

      • César H. Sandoval

        You are Big Boss, and I am too.

    • Plissken

      I’m already half way through developing a nuke, but I wouldn’t be opposed to disarming it once it’s finished

      • César H. Sandoval

        Get your trophy soldier, then let that sucker be disarmed.

        Peace won’t simply com to us, we have to meet it halfway.

    • No Place For Hayter

      ???? The goal itself is pointless and unmeaningful, in the game I would unlock a cutscene I have already seen, which is kind of broken and not special. In real life I wasted a lot of my time. The only purpose or reason anyone would be doing this is if they enjoyed the grind of infiltrated different bases.

      It isn’t a challenge to me at all, it is pointless annoying and most importantly ONLINE, I’m a single player gamer and I don’t play games online, so if you had some sort of ultimate special unlock in single player I would be all over that, but this is online so I couldn’t care less about it. And a lot of MGS players will think the same way as me because MGS as a large part (aka almost all of it) is a single player experience an a single player game franchise, so there are a large portion of people whom simply don’t partake in the online nonsense like me.

      It isn’t about giving up or not giving up, why would I even take on such a stupid challenge when the reward isn’t worth it and I would hate the road that lead to it? I wouldn’t make myself suffer for no reason. And as I will never see the cutscene in my game I HAVE TO watch in on youtube in order to see it, and I’m glad I did, putting any effort into getting that cutscene would only induce physical pain, lol.

      And no I’m not a diamond dog, I want nothing to do with that crap or the pseudo copy thank you, I’m happy back in MSF. I’m a soldier without borders, I’m not a Diamond Dog, and I don’t want to be one.

      And yeah I know I responded WAYYYYYY to seriously to your half joking happy post, lol.

      • César H. Sandoval

        You are right, you’re no Diamond Dog! Maybe you’d like to get on a boat and share the sea with Emmerich instead, then?

        LMAO just joking man, I respect your opinion, and as long as you’re not out there “wasting time” building more FOB Nukes, I have no reason to attack you, lots of people were feeling the same way about the game anyway.

        I for one, welcome the challenge, welcome the meta-commentary behind it, the cutscene is the most MGS-like part of TPP imho, and it speaks to me, to the younger me first playing MGS1 and realizing the dangers of nukes even after the cold war for our world.

        Sure, “Peace” may be unreachable even in a videogame, it is a sad reality. but “To fail” will always be a possible part of every battle, we shouldn’t shy away from it, even if Nuclear abolishment it impossible even for a fantasy world, we still should gang up again’s the servers, leave our mark fighting an un-winnable fight, a proof to the KojiPro staff that at the very least, people will be sure to fight the war they set before us. and in the end, if we fail, it will also provide us of a solid answer, as the MGS fans we are. Is peace just a dream? Have we learned nothing from our own mistakes as humanity?

        Remember, “When people unite, they become stronger than the sum of their parts.”

    • Rafael Bard

      people are cheating to have 16 nukes ans there’s 4+ pages of cheaters on Xbox 360 that have “999999” as the amount of nukes disarmed. We lost, the cheaters win

      • César H. Sandoval

        Isn’t the cheat engine just for some versions of the game?

        We can be smart about this, choose the plattaform with more “legal” players, and attack the nukes there, report the cheaters to the Konami team. No battle is lost until we decide not to fight.

        • Rafael Bard

          If its harder to cheat on the consoles, the PC its hopeless. So this would be an very hard work for sure. But I dont believe that this is possible because even if there’s only one nuke left and its going to be disposed, somebody will make another one for the achievement. Maybe this guy can be unaware of the efforts of the community also.
          Other problem is that we dont have an number representing the amount of nukes in the world.

          • César H. Sandoval

            Making a nuke takes 30 hours of ingame playtime.

            So, you could say the last nuke could effectily be the last for a couple of days, before some other player makes a new one. Enough time to trigger the disarment cutscene imho.

          • Rafael Bard

            To tell you the truth, I doens’t give up just yet. I will never make an nuke again (after 2 nukes, cleaning up the Demon status was an pain in the ass also)

  • asdf

    chapter 3 pls

  • N-Shifter

    I’d love to see the community really rally together to get rid of all the nukes, it would be quite an accomplishment and “something that can only be done in video games” but the community seems to be too full of venom (see what I did there?) or just doesn’t care enough to want to do this.

    • Nick Wheaton

      Why should people care enough o want to do this when rallying together to get rid of them all is literally impossible? Sure you can get the people on here and other sites to do it, but then you’d have a large group of people who don’t visit forum sites at all and won’t know what’s going on.

      Unless they change the requirements to each individual player has to disarm a set amount on their own to get the scene for themselves, this isn’t going to happen.

      • N-Shifter

        There are FAR more people that don’t have nukes than DO have nukes, a little organisation could totally achieve this, it takes over 24 hours to build a nuke, it takes minutes to steal one – it COULD be done and is far from impossible.

        You wouldn’t need the people that don’t visit sites, a fairly good community of people that are good at invading FOB’s could do this.

        THIS is what they are doing the FOB events for, they’re training people little by little to be able to invade (without repercussions) so they get the basic skills to be able to achieve this. it’s guaranteed that one of these events will lead to a really hard to invade FOB with a nuke on it.

      • Joey Nolan

        That’s not the point. The point is not whether it is probable or doable. The point is that it is possible. They have made it possible for the players to collectively decide to rid the metal gear universe of nuclear weapons. That’s the point. Its awesome that it is even possible. It’s not about every single player deciding to disarm their nukes, but also that players decide to not even build a nuke in the first place. Just like it is possible for our world to be free of nuclear weapons. Is that probable? No it’s not. Even though all it would take is for a certain amount of people to just decide to do it, and for others to just decide to never build one in the first place. The point is that Konami has made it possible and I think it was a very clever idea. Will the real world ever be rid of nuclear weapons? Not very likely, at least not anytime soon. It is interesting that this is the case with a virtual universe like Metal Gear. This is exactly what Konami had in mind when they made this possible.

    • We have a group doing this on reddit already we’ve been doing it since FOBs came out. check us out at reddt.com/r/MetalGearPhilanthropy we have just about 2k members now.

      • N-Shifter

        Yup, elsewhere in this article’s comments I posted the same link, been subbed there since it started as well 🙂

      • Snake

        I’m a Patriot. World is doomed.

    • Alexandre Saccol

      It’s just like in real life, nobody wants to give up their nukes.

  • N-Shifter

    Think of it this way, the community could choose a day – we name it “Peace Day” and on THAT day we attack and steal EVERY nuke in the game and dismantle them. It would take at least 24 hours for those people to build more nukes (I think it’s actually 30 hours) so that gives us a full day to rid the game world of nukes.

    Mission accomplished, Boss.

    • But Peace Day… never came.

      • No Place For Hayter


  • FMercenary

    It’s easy to achieve this but people act like it’s impossible. All that’s required is for YOU to make that choice and stick with it. It can take days, weeks, but we have to be persistent and spread the message around to let everyone know. We have to put differences aside and strive for this common goal, against all odds. It doesn’t only have to be a dream, we can make it a reality!

  • Alex Tandberg

    It’s really surprising to me how many people in this community are acting so negatively to these unlock conditions. The fact that it’s so hard to achieve is the point. Peace is hard to achieve! It requires everyone to work together under a common cause. If we don’t unlock it before the servers shut down than that’s just reflective to how humans approach peace in the real world.

    And to people saying it’s impossible: It’s really not. Nukes take a ton of resources to make, 30 hours to complete, but about 10 mins to steal. Not to mention the amount of people stealing nukes is considerably larger than the amount of people making them (just look at the amount of subscribers on /r/MetalGearPhilanthropy[1] compared to /r/MetalGearPatriots[2] ). We can do this. Gaming sites will literally write articles about how the MGS community banded together to achieve this.

    • No Place For Hayter

      The only articles that will be written will be years down the line about how a small dedicated community after years finally unlocked a cutscene everyone has already seen.

      Or unless I’m overblowing the nukes to much, and there are far less than I think there are. Honestly either way it isn’t very special if it was finished all you get is a cutscene that everyone has already seen. It is just a game no way in hell I’m I going to waste my life so I can get some none important single cutscene in a game, if the game is seriously trying to send a message about peace it is very poorly done, I mean it is trying to get us to hide inside the game and play online endlessly to achieve peace in a game? seriously? at the very least it could have done what MGS2 did and tell you to NOT play the game and instead to partake in and enjoy life, to make a real peace, not hide inside our fantasy games and pretend like we are doing something meaningful, but I don’t believe that TPP is stupid enough to actually send such a bullshit broken message, I believe it is simply a neat unlock thing, if anybody wanted anything more from it there are very stupid lol. I doesn’t even do a good job of reflecting life AT ALL, In real life you have people doing good and bad things for both good and bad reasons, but in this game there is only one positive route, in real life there are legitimate good reasons to have nukes, and yet the game tries to say any nuke for any reason is bad, very ignorant and annoying, the game only gives incentives to disarm nukes but not to build them, so even if this is ever achieved it will only be because everyone was working towards it simply because there is no reason to build a nuke, you get targeted less? like seriously? that is the only incentive? if I was worried about being invaded I would play offline (and I do) not to mention it takes time and resources to build a nuke. the nuke system in TPP is hollow as a concept to explore the real world counterparts as it is too simple and is very ignorant and clearly is biased about its intent and as such can’t actually present the problem or situation in a realistic or impactful manor, it is a simple online mechanic designed to be just that, it should not try to be pretentious and try to pawn itself off as some sort of commentary or message when its goal and function is a simple online mechanic which does not even correlate with its real life counter part or even be similar at all in practice.

      • Meumels

        If i remember correctly there is a cutscene for armament too. It’s not the game that prefers nuclear disarmament, it’s the community that does.

      • mrhertz

        Man, you wrote a lenghty text but still you´re out of the loop. whoever had the idea to do this, it was unique in gaming… to require the efforts of all players to achieve something that they even know what they will get.

        It doesnt matter all these reasons you put… you´re all about a REWARD. you just would engage in something like that if you had a reward that fits your own imagination.

        The point here is not to have something you dont yet, but to participate in a event where everybody worked together to achieve a common result.

        What matters here is the effort on doing it, and how people will get together to pull off ways to get it. They already made reddit groups, they are calling friends, and this is the world event. This is why people are investing their time, to be NOT TO SEE THE DISARMAMENT VIDEO, but to HAVE THAT IN MEMORY that they went through something like this.

        What memories do you have? You went to a summer camp and worked to help your team to win a competition? Did you build a tricky science project that got the attention at the science fair? Did you do something that you´re proud of, even if it doesnt matter to a lot of people?

        That´s what it´s all about. To engage, to act, man up, to do something that players choose to believe. If you dont believe, then just watch the scene only for curiosity, and move on with your life. What people learn from this? That team work gives satisfaction… that you can keep the faith in people you dont know… that if it was possible in a game, then it´s possible in life too for any other cause.

        It´s a special event in the game. If it´s not important to you, just dont fight it, as you wont alter or enrich anything in metal gear´s lore.

        • No Place For Hayter

          “If it´s not important to you, just dont fight it”
          I’m not, what gave you that impression? since when did expressing ones opinion mean I’m fighting something? You seem to misunderstand my intent, I was expressing why it was pointless to me, and as you said other people have fun with the journey, but I consider the end result not worth anything and the journey and the message to be retarded, I wasn’t fighting against it or anything, your response seems odd to me as the concept of my original post is not about the content you replied with.

          “but still you´re out of the loop. whoever had the idea to do this, it was unique in gaming” Unique does not mean it is good in any way, please don’t imply so, also “out of the loop” seriously? like there is some important club or circle I have to be apart of to understand basic human motivations or game design logic? OK look I understand what you are saying but I don’t really agree and highly dislike the way you said things, so moving on now, I’m really really tired of people misunderstanding or misinterpreting my comments because they think I’m misunderstanding something, did it ever occur to you that I already knew and understood what you posted, it just wasn’t relevant to my opinion on what I was talking about, did you think “if he knew this he wouldn’t say that”, sorry to say but spoilers, I do know that and understand that but that doesn’t change what I wrote or change my said opinion on the subject, assume more intelligence from people, even if they do turn out to be stupid, at least you won’t look misunderstanding to those who do actually think.

          • mrhertz

            Well, to write a text the way you did, a full block, explaining your reasons and stuff, it´s not like you´re an activist trying to take people out of this, I never implied that, but you seem to be kinda pissed off because of that. That´s why I used the word “fighting”… probably if you could speak portuguese I could find a better word, but it is what it is, and that´s why I dont take people as being retarded or intelligent, I just try to make things as clear as possible because there are cultural differences and we understand things differently.

            Right now everybody saw that video and they´re still chasing it, so it´s not about uncovering anything anymore, it´s about accomplishment. That´s what this is all about. And I dont agree with this “the journey is what matters” bullshit. In life, yes, but on gaming, no… we gotta have a proper result aswell.

            If the message is dull? I dont believe so… specially if you´re from USA, where it seems that people say “I dont care” like water goes out when you turn on the tap.
            That was the reason for why I stop listening to Howard Stern Show… TOO MUCH “who cares/ I don´t care”, and let selfish run wild.

            So in this sense, a group activity actually teaches some values. If you dislike the variables, it´s a matter of your own taste, but the kids are working together, and they dont even know each other, that´s a fact!

            I dont see how this game design decision can be any dull, since the result wont alter or add anything to the lore, and technically speaking it can happen many many times, as long as people make bombs and clean again, so it´s not an event that can happen just once in a lifetime.

            I guess that you seem to be too much into this game (I am too) and you wanna make sure you covered every inch, but as you wont be able to unlock the scene on your own, you´re kinda frustrated.

            At least I can agree with your nick… “no place for hayter”. I JUST CANT STAND snake talking…. grunting I mean. Jack Bauer was a better bet.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah the reason I dislike the goal and journey is simply because I don’t play online games, and as such I dislike the online portion, but others whom like the online portion welcome such a challenge where as I don’t.

            Also about my name, if read directly like you said it gives the opposite impression of its intent. My name “No place for hayter” is a satirical take on Kojima’s “No place for hideo” stunt for MGS4 which was both a take on “no place to hide” and that there was no place for Hideo himself as he didn’t want to direct and felt his creative presence and personal wants no longer had any place in the decision making. My name is a reflection of kojimas bitter intent of the phrase “no place for hideo” given back to him as the form of “no place for hayter” to showcase yet another presence which was kicked by the industry (specifically by Kojima himself) instead for a Hollywood voice. My name is not a shot at Hayter it is a bitter insult to Kojima and his decision to replace Hayter. As far as Hayter goes, I can’t speak for the guy personally because what I care about is his voice work, so I can comment on his voice work, and I found Hayters voice acting for snake is some really amazing stuff.

  • PrinceHeir

    Amazing. It’s been awhile since they made something like this 🙂

    I think Lightning Returns FFXIII did something similar with its online event. If people gather enough points before the deadline, they would get the costumes free for all players in the world.

    Wish we have more of this event 🙂

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  • gerber

    I think that this cutscene is not enough of a reward. If we got something more, like few more story missions then I am sure people would really push it. But just for a cutscene, that we can already watch on youtube? Playing all the time FOBs? Thanks but no thanks

    • No Place For Hayter

      But alas, that is why it is only a cutscene, could you imagine actually sticking important content behind a wall that will never be crossed.

  • Fagballs

    Well, my issue is: I never wanted to build a nuke when the option was introduced. It’s like I never invade other’s FOBs because I don’t want that done to me. But you get an achievement for building a nuke and for invading an FOB (luckily there was that Mosquito team event, so I didn’t have to bother any real person). My point is: If the game is encouraging you like this to do shit you don’t want to just to prove some other point about peace, I call bullshit.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Peace Walker did all the peace talk and concepts perfectly I have no idea how or why it was cheaply and ignorantly added to TPP, it isn’t anything major but it is still poorly done and like you said is really back words and bullshit, lol.

      • Fagballs

        I think in both titles it was kind of bizarre to have a private military, that needed money made in conflicts to sustain but was talking about peace. That’s like a bank talking about disposing the concept of interest.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yes, but it was in combat that snake and his soldiers found there peace, even though they did not believe in the concept they created it for others and found their own version.

          But yeah, lol, it is a bizzare game to explore the concept in lol.

    • Meumels

      You want an “achievement” without achieving? So if a game gives you an achievement for achieving a 300m headshot you ridicule it because it doesn’t work with your no kill run?

      • Fagballs

        Yes, kind of. Depends. If Mirror’s Edge had an achievement for no kill run as well as well as the 300m headshot you mentioned, I’d ask them what the fuck. But it didn’t. Because consistency. I like consistency. Rewarding you for two completely antithetic actions is bullshit.

  • Dark_tooth69

    Every time I look under the “nuclear equipped targets” I never see any bases. I’d love to help work towards this, but it doesn’t seem like the servers are cooperating.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    Just wrote “MGSV scenes” in youtube.. and 90% of the search results are Quiet playing in rain and quiet related scenes.. when that much attention is given to a “side” character.. you know something is fucked up.

    • Full Options

      You… Totally !!! ;D

      • FoxTamerMGO

        The fuck man.. you’re saying im fucked up? I didn’t say anything bad about you, you don’t have the right to say that.

        • Full Options

          Stay polite… You know what you said, before, Mr Medic…

          • FoxTamerMGO

            YOU stay polite, from a human being to another human being.. I didn’t insult you in any way, you can’t just tell me “You’re fucked up”.

          • Full Options

            Ok I stay polite… for why ?? just read back our little conversation and check where the f-word was used… xD

          • FoxTamerMGO

            So what? My words weren’t towards you, so you don’t have the right to make insults towards me. Stop. If I said “FULL OPTIONS IS A BASTARD” only then you can tell me “you’re fucked up”.

          • Full Options

            OK then tell me a bit of that / you want me mad, I am self-flagging my post so the mods can erase this :

            The fuckin next time somebody tells you his coronary network is 100% stucked, do not fucking tell him about nobody knows if he’ll die before having anything to tell to a miserable bird drop like you.. Just ask your medicine Prof. if not sure mister Me-DicK..

          • FoxTamerMGO

            I didn’t insult you in anyway and i’ll keep it that way. You want a reaction out of me? you won’t have it, have a nice day.

          • Full Options

            Yes you too, if you want to keep spittin on MGSV, do it with a minimum of respect at least.

          • FoxTamerMGO

            The difference is MGSV is a game.. and i’m a human being.

          • Full Options

            I am half a human being. Sweet dreams.

          • FoxTamerMGO

            Nope, you’re a human being and I respect you for it and I would never tell you “you’re fucked up”. You told me i should be respectful towards a game just like I want you to be respectful towards me.. and I told you the difference that MGSV is a game and I’m a human being.. I don’t know what “I am half a human being” has to do with what I said.

          • Full Options

            Ok, few topics ago, I told you that, through the diagnostic…

            ———————————-> Human normal life…
            ——————> ^ Mine with half a heart….

            I hope it is clear now, and got that from you :

            “10 secs without oxygen to your brain will render you unconscious.. 1 to 1 and a half minutes will resolve in death.. so you never know.”

            What am I supposed to think about somebody as cool as you ? What did you meant my dear medic ? Tell me doc, do you think I need to learn that stats or do you think I perfectly know them ?

          • FoxTamerMGO

            I have a great memory my friend.. you can’t just trick me.. YOU said in that comment “I’ll survive even IF my right coronary network is 100% shut.” That means it isn’t really shut, you’re just saying “IF”. I wanted to make sure that my memory isn’t failing me by going back to read that comment you made.. and guess what? It’s been deleted.. You deleted it to hide the evidence? ;’/

          • Full Options

            I am not trickin you my friend, I deleted my comment but the coronary angiography was that bad.
            They told me that 2 yrs ago and I am still smoking like an asshole cause I am scared to death. Do you guys not eat Kaz’s burgers…

          • FoxTamerMGO

            If that’s the case then I’m sorry my friend.. Stop smoking.. Smoking is really bad.. it’s a risk factor in almost any major disease.

          • Full Options

            Thanks for your understanding. I knew I was over-reacting you know, but the game is ok, I did not have all I expected, but after 2 playthroughs, I mean, it is a powerful emotions foundry (at least gameplay ones).

          • FoxTamerMGO

            That’s why i said earlier that MGSV > The Witcher 3.. As gameplay it was awesome. I hope you get well soon.

          • Full Options

            THX, I am even not sure if everything would have been settled with 51 either, but since GZ, they had a hell of an infiltration engine, and did a lot in TPP (testing all that was a knightmare).

  • FoxTamerMGO

    PEOPLE! LET’S UNNNNIIITTTE!.. in the ending of MGS1 it also talks about how there are 26k nukes all over the world in 1998.. it’s so cool to follow that up with MGSV.

    • Ardens Anima

      I wonder if that’s the third requirement? Something relating to 26K nukes?

  • Anonymous

    I respect everyone here who isn’t satisfied with this challenge, and I empathize with the points raised about this being not worth it, or not enough. For the rest of you diamond dogs, please join us over at https://www.reddit.com/r/MetalGearPhilanthropy.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    What if.. Kojima decided that he won’t release the DLC until we destroy all the nukes as a gift : )

  • All this trouble over one fucking cutscene

  • The Reaver

    I’ve done my part in the very least by refusing to make a nuke. I’ve been a tad scared to invade many F.O.B.s in fear of retaliation but I’m willing to try to take some nukes if it helps the ultimate goal.

  • Michael Rocha

    Dude im so down to get this, just hope every one else on my server is

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      I’d be down to try doing it but Ive played like 160 hours on the game and don’t have a nuke yet. How do u even get them? Only thru FOB?

  • Maik O’Bannon

    Let’s do it Diamond Dogs!

  • scarecrow

    What about the other secrets? 😮

  • Gatsu

    I think it’s cool that they added secret stuff like this in MGSV, just like for each MGS before :). Maybe some day we accomplish this.

    I don’t think majority of TPP players have Nukes.

    I just don’t understand why they keep number 3 a secret, if it’s a guide?

    • FoxTamerMGO

      If when you unlock the secret the game tells you “YOU’VE UNLOCKED NUMBER 3 REQUIREMENT” only then it would be fair because.. i mean.. How would you know if you really met the requirement for number 3? imagine after you spend all your time disarming nukes and then don’t figure out how to unlock the secret.. it’d be a waste of time. Disarming all the nukes alone is a pain in the ass.. let alone meeting the “secret” requirement for number 3. I said number 3 a lot in this discourse lol

  • PrinceHeir
  • No Place For Hayter

    As neat as it is I honestly couldn’t care less, I don’t play online and as such I don’t care about content that is restricted and unlocked through the optional online components, if it was anything more than a cutscene I would be pretty pissed off from being locked out of content because I didn’t part take in the “optional” online portion.

    I like the concept but it doesn’t take a genius to know this is never going to actually happen, the only conceivable way it would happen is if a decade down the line a dedicated remaining few worked and worked until they got all of them, but this would require the servers still be running and that almost nobody is playing the game anymore and that the few remaining people work to get ride of all of the nukes. This is an idea that is neat as a concept but is clearly a bad idea to actually implement as it is never going to happen, as stupid as I think it is I see why they put it in, after all it is only a cutscene, and as such they felt it wouldn’t really matter if it was never unlocked so they could put it in, but I personally believe that if you are willing to stick something behind a wall you never expect to be crossed why even bother putting it there in the first place if you don’t care enough about it for people to see it?

    • Venom_Sina

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.Like you said,the fun part is when Konami decides to shutdown the servers.That way no one can trigger it in a normal way.The best option is to see it in Youtube.

    • Meumels

      The requirements don’t say anything about disarming nukes yourself. From what i understand, you can let others do that for you and still get the cutscene.

  • Rick Johnson

    It’s quite ironic actually . To unlock the scene , players would have to work together to get this secret scene or peace scene as some would like to call it . Just like real life . “Peace can never be achieved only if people don’t work together to get that peace……” Wait for me peace , for Paz i-i mean for peace , i’ll do it . Though it might take a while , it will be a memorable journey HOOOORAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Spectralb***plug


    • VenomSnake123

      Take it easy pal…

      • Spectralb***plug

        You’re right bud(can I call you that?) I need to breathe too.

  • hunner

    Was looking for people with nukes yesterday and i seen someone with 3 nukes and he had a philanthropy emblem. What a prick lol

  • Venom_Sina

    Like I said before:Impossible to trigger.No one would give up their precious nukes,lol.

    • Face Palm

      Contradiction. People would attempt this to gain more value from the game for themselves. In reality playing a game period is pointless unless its actually enhancing your existence i.e. learning how to do or create something. Your argument is a bit mute, it boils down to whether or not you wanted to invest those hours into it.

  • Danny Patten
  • Full Options

    Ok, to get rid of my nuke (have none actually :), but I keep the Akira’s SOL satellite since I find it more efficient than nukes ! xD

  • Full Options

    Ok, to get rid of my nuke (have none actually :), but I keep the Akira’s SOL satellite since I find it more efficient than nukes ! xD

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  • Boldizar

    This is beyond stupid. Why even include this? It doesn’t have any meaning or relation to the nonexistent narrative. Good thing someone mined this out of the game.

  • Agent HUNK

    This article was a huge waste of telling us dick !!!

  • Cricinator

    Wow! I didn’t think this was true! So glad I was wrong! I most likely will never trigger it though, due it being the total number of nukes on the server needs to be zero.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    That was a really cool cutscene. It really could be seen as another ending.

  • Alex Gregory

    Lets be honest here. The only way this cutscene would ever be triggered is if Konami got off their ass and fixed the rampant cheating that’s going on, and that’s not going to happen considering how poor their patches and post-release service has been.

    Not to slight Kojima at all, but the man has a knack for introducing gameplay elements/concepts that work well in theory, but are almost always a annoying clusterfuck in practice. The First Aid system in MGS3 and the Psyche Gauge in MGS4, as just two examples. MGS5 is probably the simplest and purest gameplay experience in the franchise, but it still has traces of those moments (how to keep Quiet from leaving, the cutscene that’s tied to negative GMP/low morale).

    The hype wore off as soon as the disarmament cutscene was datamined and shown to fans just after the game’s release. As long as there’s a version of the game that’s filled with cheaters and exploiters, this cutscene is never going to be legitimately unlocked. You can have all the Reddit groups you want, but I can guarantee that there are people who read this article and will deliberately keep making nukes and/or get themselves ridiculously overpowered just to screw with the rest of the base.

    This should have been a cutscene that was downloaded in a patch, not freely available for anyone with a sliver of datamining experience to find.

    P.S.: I’m somewhat peeved that the Famitsu guide has more information on this than the official Piggyback version. Just from reading the latter, I know there were some pieces of information that were incorrect and/or never explained (how to unlock Mission 46, being able to Fulton children in vehicles before getting the specific upgrade – despite being told it’s impossible).

  • GUN®

    Slightly off topic, I wish the game had a cutscene viewer like Subsistence.

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  • bobman85

    Oh thats cool but I’m not giving up my nukes and it seems the only ones who have been able to steal them from me so far are the hackers who die like 10 times, so good luck and will be looking forward to an honest player invading my fob and trying take my nukes.

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