Piggyback now lets you download the pages for Mission 46 and the Nuclear Disarmament Event

If you bought the official Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain strategy guide by Piggyback, you probably noticed it did not include a guide to the final story mission (46). This was done to prevent spoilers. Now, you can download these missing ‘pages’ from the Piggyback site. To open the files you have to enter a password, which can be found in the guide itself: it is the first word on page 304.


In addition, Piggyback also lists the requirements to unlock the Nuclear Armament Event, which were previously revealed by the Famitsu Complete Guide a few days ago.

Source: Piggyback, via metalgearsolid.be

  • BurntFM

    Well. What a waste. The conditions are virtually impossible to miss, and the walkthrough is redundant for Mission 46. The Nuclear cutscene seems hardly worth it going online trying to disarm every single nuke in your server when there are people who want to watch the world burn and would go out of their way to keep building nukes just to troll. Not a great choice in game design.

    • the fact that it may never happen is what makes it interesting. if you want to see it just watch it online.

      • Jak

        Eh….really? In a game with straight up unfinished content, it’s pretty shitty to have put resources towards something that only leaked due to people datamining the PC version. It would be a lot more charming if it was yet another cool moment in a perfect game.

  • no_fox

    Password is “Quiet”

    • FoxTamerMGO

      Thanks.. you just saved me the trouble of opening the guide ;’3

  • Ralexion

    The idea behind the nuclear disarmament cutscene is great, but I do wonder if its ever going to happen for real.

    I would honestly be surprised and glad if it did. I have no nukes myself.

    • Full Options

      Neither do I, no nukes here… ;D But it is statistically impossible or I misunderstood the real requirements. Like, imagine somebody died somewhere alone in alaska, played V and built nukes… Even a YLOD or some sort on his platform would not even let us watch the cut-scene ?! xD

  • Full Options

    Latest news : All conditions were met, but Konami’s servers were under maintenance, spot at the same time. However, to apologize, the nuclear pachinko cut-scene dlc is now out for only 9.99 + 3 MB coins offered !!!

  • Jav

    Where can I find this guide, complete, in pdf?
    I don’t know why I want it, I already completed the game.

    • JoJo

      I want it in pdf too for wiki reasons, though I bought a copy of it.
      Unfortunately strictly speaking that’s piracy so I doubt a link would be allowed on MGI, rightly so too.

      • glitchbomb

        Agreed. It is a nice book though.

  • Jav

    Guide for episode 46: Go back to page 1.

  • FMercenary

    Just when I think I’ve come to terms with some of the elements of MGSV, I start thinking about them over and over again and how some of them don’t bring closure to aspects presented in the earlier games, and then I just start to despair. I like(no matter how unsettling it might be) what this game does, however, I despise that aspects of the story took a backseat just to realize that.

  • FoxTamerMGO

    This is the “secret” event.. number 3 is still unlcear.. 🙁

    • Gatsu

      Really ‹(-_-)›? Well thats just silly.

      “If all four conditions are met”…then what the heck is 3rd condition lol xD… This isn’t helping at all.

      • Plissken
        • César H. Sandoval

          The third condition can only be:
          1.Konami “pulling a switch” on the server to activate a Nuclear dissarmament event.


          2.The number of active nukes on the server reaching a certain goal, then urging the players to start dissasembling them.

          • Plissken

            Complete nuclear disarmament is possible. It can be real easy to steal a nuke. It can be done

          • César H. Sandoval

            I believe it so as well, but the guides kinda imply that just eliminating the nukes right now is not enough, until the game server’s do “something” especific to get the cutscene.

  • Gatsu

    I dont remember when was the last time I have heard a guide to remove stuff because of spoilers… I mean come on, the internet leaks them anyway somehow always lol.

    If the number 3 is still a secret for nuclear disarmament, then this really is impossible to get. What kind of guide don’t reveal all the necessary things :P? How can we know what it is?

    • Full Options

      Well, it is perfectely clear ?! They said “certain conditions” instead of “some conditions”. xD

      3rd condition : We do not know either what to do, because certain of our servers at KP LA were supposed to be up and running… Ooops ! xD

  • Dionisis

    I was thinking about the third requirement and it got to be the number of nukes that are active at each game platform, i am thinking it like, lets say there are 20.000 nuclear warheads in real life then the game needs to register the same number in order to meet the requirements and then players can decide to either deactivate them to get the cutscene or leave it like that. Just a thought, none of that can be sure.

  • MrVux007


    Oh….my……GAWD! :O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Rxoz13Bthc

    • Gatsu

      Looks good.

    • Full Options

      Looks neat and fun !

    • Danny Patten

      Meh…I’ll judge the movie when it releases. Knowing my Blizzard the talk is always big and the cinematics are awesome but the pull through is always mediocre.

      • MrVux007


        • Danny Patten

          Well, let me expand on that. ‘Always’ is a little exaggerated, because their addons are prone to lose traction after a few months (6+), so it is a little unfair. What I mean is more like that Blizzard lost their touch.
          And of course it is my personal take on it. WotLK was my personal favorite and since Cataclysm it lost more and more appeal to me, although I have to say that the first raid tier of MoP was the most fun I had with WoW ever.

          • MrVux007

            an understandable statement….TBC is still the best for me tho

          • Robin030

            i enjoyed tower line wars xD

          • MrVux007

            mage classes did not 😀

          • Gatsu

            Classic for me. I played WoW all the way to Cataclysm but nothing beats the original stuff. 40man MC, Onyxia raids etc :). Also Alterac Valley ftw ;D…mmmm great memories.The Moo Mafia, best guild ever lol ^-^.

            I wonder if the guild is still around. Not wanting to go back into WoW anymore cause take lots of my time..
            Or maybe some day.

            TBC was beautiful too :), loved it.

          • MrVux007

            3 important lessons from Alterac Valley :_) (as an alliance guy i really sucked there…but still loads of fun)…
            still about the WOW audience in general,its such a shame to see WOW slowly dying out,since its losing its subs really fast… im still in touch with some of my former guild member(some are playing MGO 2 as we speak)….i had little love for other DLC-s after TBC

          • Gatsu

            Yeah it’s kinda sad, but it has been out for 10-11 years which is a great accomplishment :). When I played it used to have over 10 million subs, but now 5,5 and is a huge amount still.

            Loved AV, my longest battle was maybe 5-6 hours :D, don’t remember exactly. For the Horde and Taurens!

          • MrVux007

            You horde scum! 😀
            yea 5.5 mil is still good….
            my longest battle was around 3 or so hours in AV…

      • Jak

        What does this even mean? While they consulted on it, it’s by Duncan Jones and Legendary, not Blizzard studios.

  • Robin030

    went for a walk today and saw this. i know its nothing fancy just wanted to share it with you guys cuz i liked it 🙂

    • Gatsu

      :O wow that’s awesome!

    • CR7HarisSnake

      Where u living bro?

      • Robin030

        Berlin 😀

        • CR7HarisSnake

          Geil man! Grüße ausm Ruhrpott!

          • Robin030

            yeah Ruhrpott! Stabil! grüße zurück 🙂

    • Zven

      amazing, thanks for sharing!

  • PrinceHeir

    Great. Definitely going to DL this 🙂

  • Boldizar

    If people don’t want spoilers they shouldn’t read ahead in a guide. Poor excuse to release an unfinished guide… Though is suppose it follows from PP.

  • John Rhogan

    So, if you don’t have the book but wanna download what’s being offered, yer SOL.

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