Japanese Metal Gear Online team will provide weekly updates in new ‘Designer’s Notes’ series, here’s the first one

With the closure of Konami’s Los Angeles studio, continued support for Metal Gear Online has now shifted to a specialized team in Japan. Player feedback is still being monitored and the team plans to give so called Designer Notes (updates) every week regarding incoming changes and additions. Check out the full message below.

Hello players enjoying Metal Gear Online and also greetings to those looking to begin playing.

Below represents a message from the development team in Japan supporting the continued update and maintenance of Metal Gear Online. Moving forward, we’re planning on releasing these updates known as “Designer’s Notes” about every week, Monday evening during the scheduled maintenance.

The development team continues to receive feedback from players on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your regular contributions. The support and updates for Metal Gear Online are now being developed by a specialized team located in our Japan studios. The team also continues to review all player feedback and is focusing on expanding and improving the multiplayer experience going forward.
Yesterday, Metal Gear Online Ver. 1.01 was released. This update contains various adjustments based on the feedback we’ve received from players as well as several key bug fixes. You can read the details of the update here.

In this first edition of the Designer’s Notes, we’d like to talk briefly about the balance adjustments arriving in Ver. 1.01 for the three MGO classes.
In Ver. 1.00, there were various balance issues between classes, primarily in that there were too few noticeable differences when playing one class compared to another. Additionally, there was too wide a gap between the specialized abilities of each class.


For example, the life and stamina between an Infiltrator and an Enforcer was too similar, so in this update, the Enforcer’s life and stamina has been adjusted to be approximately 1.5 times that of an Infiltrator.

This additional stamina boost results in greater stun resistance for the Enforcer.
We have also worked to differentiate which weapons each class is able to use. The sniper rifle is now exclusively usable by the Scout class, machine guns and launchers are specifically designated as Enforcer weapons, and shotguns are limited to the Infiltrator class.

As a result of these changes, the levels at which these weapons are earned have been adjusted.

More changes were made to the availability of fulton cannons, which can no longer be employed by Enforcers, and sleep grenades, which have been added to the Infiltrator class.

Some weapons have had their effectiveness adjusted to create a better balance between the classes. For example, we received a lot of feedback regarding the effectiveness of the “Isando RGL-220”. Upon hearing this repeated feedback we’ve reduced the effectiveness of this weapon and others.


For more updates and changes, please take a look through the patch notes and continue sending us feedback as you try out these changes for yourself in-game.

That’s it for our first Designer’s Notes. Thanks for reading this far, and we hope you enjoy the new update to Metal Gear Online. As additional thanks for keeping up with the latest updates, we have a sneak peek at one of our planned fixes for the next update, Ver. 1.02, which is currently in development!

Many players have inquired about how to continue playing a match if the host has dropped their connection. Players have also commented that dropped matches result in a loss of XP gained during the match.

For Ver. 1.02, we are working on a system that will restart the match and change the host to another existing player, thus allowing the remaining players to continue playing. Likewise, if the match ends prematurely due to a host disconnection, the remaining players will correctly earn their XP, except for the host who dropped.


We hope to release this along with other updates and fixes in December. Thank you again for supporting Metal Gear Online and see you on the battlefield!

As you can see from the text the next update is planned for December.

Source: MGSV Official site

  • Tasteful Club

    Love the JP team with these updates and showing whats coming. They even say what we can expect in the coming updates 🙂

    • RevolverRoden

      Yup. I was worried MGO would be left to die after KojiLA shut down, so this is good to see.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      I’m glad it’s in Japanese hands now. Sorry but I don’t trust..guess I should say didn’t trust those LA people. They were novices. Here’s to hoping the Japanese could turn this into a better mgo without forcefeeding us things we say we don’t like.

  • XIFF-5

    The Japanese team worked much better in a short time compared to the LA team who took 2 years LOL!

    • Full Options

      Hem, that’s not fair. LA studio did an awesome work all these years. They did not worked only on MGO.

      If you have the feeling that things are smoother, it is just because the game launch bug wave has passed now but if they effectively shut down the studio a week ago, it means they were already packing things near MGO launch for which the maintenance was yet mostly handled in Japan.

      You do not switch teams in few seconds and specially post-launch. Japan studios are on it since even before MGO launch to guaranty an as smooth as possible transition.

    • You’re comparing some small tweaks to creating an entire online component. But anyway, it’s good to see they continue to support the game, even after Konami LA has been closed.

      • XIFF-5

        But you know that they were given more than 2 years and an entire studio for the MGO and we expected something BIG & WOW and then the outcome was poor -.-
        On the other hand the JAPANESE team did what the LA team supposed to do in these years in a much shorter time LOL.
        Studios develop an entire game from scratch in 2 years.

        • The Japanese team is just continuing the LA studio’s work. Listening to feedback, providing maintenance, updates and tweaks, etc.

          • XIFF-5

            YES! and I am proud of them more than the LA team, they have been working good since MGO2 and now MGO3, now we can hope from them to improve the experience.

          • By the way, the Japanese team also worked on MGO3: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=19064

          • XIFF-5

            Yup I know this already, but now the japanese team is mainly working on it not LA like before, now they will improve it and focus on it.
            See, they even get rid of the LA team cuz (i think) they did not do a very good job with MGO3 so that’s why they don’t need them Japanese had already worked on the previous ones and they have the experience already, spliting the work between two teams just was just a mess just like MGO3.
            I don’t say that I didn’t have fun with MGO3, I enjoyed playing it a little but a lot of balancing , bugs, problems needed to be fixed A . LOT . OF . FIXING!

          • The reason for the closure was the restructure at Konami HQ, which also resulted in Kojima Productions being disbanded. As Konami explained it:

            “Konami has made the decision to close its Los Angeles Studio, effective immediately, due to the product development resources being restructured into a more centralized unit.”

          • XIFF-5

            YES! see?!
            It was just a waste of money to build a whole new studio with employee to work on mainly MGO3 only for more than two years and then… disappointing results and regret that they just could have given the project to the japanese team they would do a better work.

          • Keep in mind the L.A. studio wasn’t nearly as big as the Japan studio…like at all. And there was months that communications between studios were reportedly horrible.

          • Full Options

            Both Japanese and US studios were working on the FoxEngine during the whole V’s SDLC.

            Tons of development efforts and corresponding fixes were issued and exchanged between both studios which makes KP LA directely and indirectely part of the FoxEngine developers like KP Japan.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Are we getting the support from the Kojima Productions team (those who don’t exist) or another random Konami Japan team?

        • Probably whoever is left at Konami Tokyo. We still don’t know who exactly is leaving and who’s sticking around.

    • Jav

      I just remember the pictures of people playing in la studio. What happens with that feedback?

    • Gatsu

      What do you mean exactly? LA gave us this MGO.

      • XIFF-5

        We won’t stop arguing, so lets just be happy that the japanese team is taking the work on MGO3 and they are doing well : )

        • Gatsu

          Understood bro ^-^. Yeah it’s good that it is going to be supported even if LA HQ was closed.

    • RevolverRoden

      Wow. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in my entire life. Nice job.

  • JoJo

    Great, can’t wait to hear the update where they’re gonna add more than 5 maps to a multiplayer game with 3 modes!
    I really enjoy MGO but it becomes so damn tiresome after like an hour at a time.

    • Chris Sanderson

      That’ll be an expansion pack similar to the last game, I’m looking forward to it but I’d say probably January before it arrives alongside the PC edition.

      • JoJo

        Oh I have no doubt, and January would be when I expect it too. I just really want more maps!

    • FoxTamerMGO

      Same here.. i used to spend more than 12 hours a day in mgo2 in summer vacation.. It was my LIFE basically.. but this new mgo3.. i can’t even continue 1 hour without getting bored

      • JoJo

        I never had the pleasure of MGO2, and while I’m sick of the constant whinging from MGO2 fans (not suggesting you), I think that a lot of the game modes and such would really be a good fit for MGO3.
        Hell, why not just add the old maps in for good faith?

  • Jav

    I hate when Im using fulton and an enemy player has time to kill me and destroy the fulton. From ten knocks out I can only fulton four.

    • That’s a dynamic. It’s not supposed to be easy to do.

      • Chris Sanderson

        I agree as far as Bounty Hunter goes yeah, but in Cloak and Dagger stun time should be higher which would allow you more tactical gameplay similar to how TSNE worked in MGO2. You shouldn’t be running and gunning, if you do and are silly and get knocked out, you shouldn’t be able to get up within 10-15 secs, you should be KO for at least 1-2 minutes. And wake up shouldn’t be instant in my opinion.

      • Jav

        A lot of times Im the only stupid trying to use fulton.

  • FoxTamerMGO


    • Chris Sanderson

      So you want the game exactly as it is, with no change mms whatsoever and just tournament and survival which didn’t release until around 6/12 months of MGO2? What a great argument. Personally I love these systems being added and that fact the Aden team are now intending to communicate on what we can expect as development of these can take quite some time. So as much as I would love to,see some Survival and Tournament lobbies like before, I’m happy to wait for the expansion packs they will arrive with and have smaller updates which make the overall game better AS WELL.

      Shouting like a baby isn’t helpful. Swearing isn’t a mature way to get your point across. How about you say, I don’t really mind these updates, but I’d prefer tournament and survival? Might sound more appropriate instead of the childish tantrum.

      • FoxTamerMGO


        • Chris Sanderson

          Why are you continuing to type in capital letters? They cannot know how a game will play until it is released. They can test and test all they like but until it is launched into a live environment you will never know just how well the game does or doesn’t play, and having just released a month ago, they have done well to release the patch as well as continued fixes, and you’ll see more content arrive in the game when the first expansion releases. Patience.

          • FoxTamerMGO

            There are so many fucked up things within mgo3.. the leveling system is so bad.. So when I fuck up in a match.. my level still goes up? WTF? just like cod/battlefield etc.. that takes away the pressure and the mindset of “I DON’T WANNA FUCK UP! I’LL PLAY AS CAREFUL AS I CAN TO GAIN MORE LEVELS AND BECOME THE BEST” but now.. any LOSER AND NOOB can just repeat missions and have the same level that a pro player can have.. the moment these LA studio designers touched mgo3 adding western systems in it is the moment this online turned into SHIT.

          • N-Shifter

            Life is really too short to be getting so angry over the trivial nonsense you’re crying over. There will be patches, there will be more game modes, things will change for the better. MGO2 sure as hell wasn’t perfect a month after its release, relax.

          • FoxTamerMGO

            If that thing happens then i’m happy.. well.. they had TWO FUCKING YEARS to develop the online.. WTF were they doing?

          • N-Shifter

            I don’t think there’s a single online mp game that has EVER or will EVER satisfy people right at the start, there will always be things that people don’t like or don’t work properly or as intended and no amount of internal testing can fix that – tens or hundreds of people testing will never be as thorough as hundreds of thousands or millions of people testing from around the world.

  • PrinceHeir

    Lol everyone switched from Infiltrator to Enforcer.

    I did too. They removed the mini shotgun with two bullets and nerf the stealth and health too much.

    I don’t mind Stealth Deactivating upon hit, but at least keep the battery and charge like Ver 1.00. Or make Stealth the same as Ver 1.00 but with Level 3 Stealth equip only.

    New technique i found in Enforcer class is to equip C4 and upon CQC, place it and run away as it explodes the enemy ^^

    Would also like to speed up C4 placements and grenade throws, because it takes too much time to throw a grenade or place C4.

  • Jav

    I just updated the game. Wtf with the use prices? Some guns needs like 700 of the purple plant just for one use. Im going to keep playing with cheap things.
    And the suits costs like 5 millions to develop.

    • Lewis

      I hear you. GMP isn’t an issue if you play FOB or replay missions, but plants and unit lvls are the worst :C

  • RevolverRoden

    MGO2 fans are the worst. They can never shut up about how MGO3 isnt exactly the same 2.

    • FoxTamerMGO

      MGO3 seems primative compared to MGO2 in every way so..

    • Aleezy

      We have seen the light. If you had been there, you too would have this insatiable hunger we carry.

    • MGO2 was just exploit meta: the game. Most people saying it’s better than 3 probably never even played it in the first place.

  • PrinceHeir
    • Gatsu

      Cool xD! Are you sure it’s fake >:D?

      • ObsessedGeorge

        I think he’s talking about the account and tweet. The photo looks pretty real.

    • Full Options

      Great, you good ! 😀

      • Robin030

        i loved when kaz said that

        • Full Options

          Yeah, that was sooo fun / Rocking ! 😀

    • Aleezy

      Venom Kojima

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      holy shit I was spooked for a minute

    • moto hellogoto

      that is hilarious

    • Abrar Zahin Shahriar

      What if this IS really Hideo and he is using this to convey is true feelings?

  • PrinceHeir
  • BurntFM

    I’m so frustrated. I’m stuck at 99% and have one dumb dispatch mission left and I can’t seem to get it right It fails every time and it’s a 2hr+ mission. I’m going insane. What do I do?

    • Full Options

      Did you tried to inject higher level combat unit staff members before dispatching ? Like put as much as possible S, S+ and S++ ones.

      • BurntFM

        Yeah I always do the custom combat unit. …..Welp…..My only S++ guy just died. All hope is lost. I give up/

        • Full Options

          It happened once to me.
          Lost 2 times, injected as much forces I could and never got bothered anymore with dispatches…
          If you want to give it another try, you may seek for S++’s on the field or through FOB mission. There are more than I initially thought. Good luck anyways.

        • Lewis

          Do you mean “story” dispatch missions? Like those with orange dots? It is strange, cause the last one my guys did on their first attempt, and the previous (which was also S iirc) on the second.

  • Venom_Sina

    Hey guys,wassup?
    Have you heard about this?In the new update (Nov.10) Some “Chapter 2” title cards for some languages surprisingly changed (and they didn’t mention this in the log).The weird thing is some of them doesn’t mean “Race”!!! For example the French one means:”The Strain”,or the German:”Parasites”.Some of them had grammatical errors and those fixed,too.Spanish and Portuguese originally was for “Car Race”(lol),but they fixed it to “Human Race”.It’s probably nothing,but I found it interesting and decided to share it with you guys:

    • Lewis

      Lol. I’m russian, but I never play with russian localization (cause it’s terrible, almost always), so I didn’t notice this. Somehow they named chapter 2 “race” as in racing. Well, that’s not really surprising. I recall, they translated “piss him off” in Ground Zeroes like “to piss on him”, or something. Google Translate for the win!

    • FMercenary

      I believe the previous translations for the Russian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese chapter 2 title all had to do with the “race” meaning: competition. The German one was the one that actually meant “race”, as intended, but was changed for who knows what reason…?

      • “Race” is an offensive concept in politically correct Germany

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