Metal Gear Online patch coming in November, fixes balancing and matchmaking issues

Metal Gear Online was released on consoles earlier this month, and while many have been enjoying the game there are also some issues with balancing and matchmaking. Fortunately the developers at Konami Los Angeles have been listening to all the feedback and monitoring the overall statistics, and today they announced a whole list of changes that will be implemented via a patch releasing in November.

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued support of Metal Gear Online. We have information to share with you now re: some player concerns. Many players have voiced their frustration when disconnecting from a match before it starts or during progress. While this issue is sometimes common for online titles, we have made some adjustments and will continue to look for ways to reduce the frequency of a player disconnect. Players have noted that network lag from player to player can result in different actions being delayed on screen including CQC grabs occurring from long distances. We are considering some specific adjustments to CQC to counter this concern. It is likely however that some visual mismatch will still occur from time to time and we will continue to look into ways to improve for this.

We have seen some players run into an issue where when logging in, their character level will be reset to a lower level or even 0. Often this issue can be resolved by restarting the game. However we are looking into the cause and will update players when we know more.

Another issue regarding players who received an exaggerated amount of XP after a match has been addressed, however those who have already fallen victim to this are invited to contact Konami customer service, where we will address each issue case by case.

Players who party together, to play on the same team, have voiced concern that its very difficult to ensure this happens for every match. Some adjustments are being considered to this system, including ensuring that players who join a party are properly introduced to the created match without error. We are continuing to look into ways to adjust for the needs of players and ensure players are partied up together as intended.

Players sometimes find themselves joining a host with a poor network connection. Some adjustments are being considered to the hosting system, and we are continuing to look into ways to reduce the likelihood of this issue.


The official Metal Gear Solid V website provides a summary of the changes that will be made with the upcoming patch.


November Update Notice:

Please see below for the complete list of adjustments planned for the MGO update scheduled for November.



  • You will now be matched with players of similar level to your highest character level.
  • It is now less likely to join a host with poor network connection.


[Mission Adjustments]

  • The game will now end once all teammates are stunned or tranquilized in CLOAK AND DAGGER.


[Loadout/Equipment Adjustments]

  • The “E.LOCATOR” will now only available for the Scout class.
  • Machines guns and launchers will now only be available for the Enforcer class.
  • Shotguns will now only available for the Infiltrator class.

* As a result of these changes, custom loadouts will be initialized during the maintenance period following the update patch. 


[Character Ability Adjustments]

  • Overall movement speed will be increased.
  • Mobility has been re-balanced to allow faster traveling between objectives.
  • Infiltrators will have health and stamina decreased.
  • Enforcers will have health and stamina increased.
  • Scouts will have health increased.
  • Scouts will be able to mark targets more quickly while using binoculars.


[Weapon Adjustments]

  • Firing sway for Machine Guns will be reduced.
  • Weapon sway will be reduced overall when aiming in first-person view.
  • Damage inflicted by the Walker Gear’s Gatling gun will be reduced.
  • Walker Gears and Anti-Aircraft will now take more damage from certain weapons.
  • Weapon damage of certain weapons are being adjusted for better balance.
  • Damage value on the ISANDO RGL-220″ will be significantly reduced.
  • Reduced ammo count on “ISANDO RGL-220” .
  • Max carry for “E.LOCATOR,””STUN GRENADE,” and “SLEEP GRENADE” will be reduced.
  • The throwing arch of the Empty Magazine will be invisible to enemies.
  • The noise radius made by Empty Magazines when they land will be expanded.


[Item Adjustments]

  • Max carry amount of “C.BOX” will be increased.


[Stealth Camo(STEALTH CAMO.PP) adjustments while using the STEALTH CAMO+ Ability]

  • Stealth camo will be temporarily disabled when taking damage.
  • Battery life will be reduced, and battery will take longer to charge.
  • Marking time for cloaked players will be reduced.
  • Cloaked players detected with NVG will be marked in standard marking time.


[CQC Adjustments]

  • Range for CQC grabs will be narrowed.
  • Icon for CQC grabs will no longer be displayed.
  • Non-lethal damage done by CQC hits and grabs will be reduced.
  • 1-hit CQC knock-outs will become exclusive to Infiltrators with “CQC STEALTH+” Lv.2 or higher.


[Fulton Adjustments]

  • Fulton speed when using “FULTON+” Lv.2 or greater will be slowed.
  • When a player fultons an enemy, the fulton balloon and the enemy will be invincible to other teammates.


[Buddy System Adjustments]

  • Time required to establish a buddy link using the link action will be shortened.
  • Link action will succeed regardless of the direction your character is facing, as long as you are in range. 
  • The buddy gauge will now clear at the beginning of each round.


[Other Adjustments]

  • Search filters in “SELECT MATCH” will be now saved.
  • Countdown time on the Spawn screen has been extended from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.


Please note that the patch is still a work in progress, and some adjustments may differ in the final update. Details regarding the final changes will be announced once the patch is released.

Regarding issues not addressed above, we are constantly monitoring user feedback and will continue to make changes and adjustments moving forward. Thank you very much for your continued support of MGO.


Source: Metal Gear Online Twitter, Metal Gear Solid V Official Website

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