Metal Gear Online December update will add C-BOX function, Optional Markers and new background music

In the latest volume of Designer’s Notes, the Metal Gear Online developers talk about the changes happening in Ver. 1.02: an additional function for the cardboard box, the inclusion of Optional Markers, and a list of new background music songs.

In Vol. 4 of the Designer’s Notes, we will be focusing on the benefits of using the Cardboard Box or C.BOX.

The C.BOX is of course an essential function within the Metal Gear series, and in MGSV is used in many different ways. Many of its single player functions have been especially modified for use in MGO to maintain its special role and uniquely define it for multiplayer.

While it doesn’t improve your running speed, when the player sprints while underneath a C.BOX, you’re able to knock nearby enemies back.
Each knockback likewise inflicts stamina damage on the enemy, so use of a tranquilizer shot with a follow up C.BOX sprint/knockback can cause a one-two stun mechanic! Players have even used this method to stun thrown enemies since the Ver. 1.01 update.


Players underneath a C.BOX are able to protect themselves from the effects of STUN GRENADES and likewise avoid the effect of a PLUSHY SNARE. Notice any DDOG or OCELOT plushies in your path, simply don the C.BOX and stroll on by unaffected.


The most powerful MGO specific function for a C.BOX is marker transfer. Being marked by opponents leaves you vulnerable with a target on your back even behind walls. Skilled players when marked can drop into a C.BOX, then dive away leaving the marker behind for enemy players to locate.

Tricking enemies this way turns what was once a disadvantage in the battlefield to a decoy and destroy strategy that fools enemy players and coaxes them towards false intel leaving them vulnerable to your attack.


In Ver. 1.02 we’re adding an additional function that protects players against the FULTON CANNON while under the C.BOX. In this way, the C.BOX is a veritable shield of defense against non-lethal weapons and tools.


Last week, we had previously introduced some upcoming contents from Ver. 1.02 on the Japanese video channel NicoNico Live through our friends at Famitsu. Since it was in Japanese, and for anyone who missed that content, we’d like to detail some of those features now.

First, let’s talk about the Optional Marker.

In MGSV:TPP, through the use of the iDroid and Int-scope, players can place markers visible on the battlefield in both the single player campaign and FOB missions. We’ve now extended this feature to MGO, allowing for additional team tactical communication. Players can place markers on any area on the field, choosing from three types of markers: Enemy, Attack, and Defend. When a marker is set, the placement and type is shared with your teammates, appearing on the relevant gameplay area or on the radar.


Optional markers have a duration of 15 seconds and can only be placed again after waiting 5 seconds. Likewise, preset radio notifications will automatically inform users when a teammate has placed a marker. Also, the preset radio type for each kind of optional marker can be selected from the options menu.

Next, let’s talk about new MGO BGM. We’re including nine additional tunes listed below in Ver. 1.02:

These new BGM tracks are themed around major boss fights throughout the Metal Gear series.

We’d like to add even more BGM tracks to MGO, and would love your feedback on which ones to include next. Please let us know via fan forums and sites and via our MGO twitter accounts.

Ver. 1.02 is scheduled to be released this month, and includes even more as of yet unmentioned changes. Thanks for checking out Designer’s Notes Vol. 4, and for playing Metal Gear Online!

So, that’s it for this week. Remember to keep sending your feedback to the developers, and look out for the update later this month.

Source: MGSV Official Site

  • Kol Leqejza


  • Machine Gun Kid

    Bring back the training rooms from mgo2. Please? Maybe? Thank you?

  • So it’s December. According to this inside source, Kojima’s contract with Konami ends this month:

    Let’s hope we hear something soon.

    • Full Options

      Hopefully Thursday evening.

    • Alex

      The frustrating part is it could be now or not till the 31st


    fuck you konami we want add costum music via flash usb cuz ps4 support usb why only last gen and pc ..why ? shove this shitty repetitive poor MP up your asses

  • NegaScott128

    Is the Armstrong music Collective Consciousness or It Has to Be This Way? I mean, they’re both great, but it’d be nice to know.

    • Lewis

      Neither, I think. I think it’s this one. Fits for BGM better, imo.

  • Aleezy

    I hope they add “old snake” for background music… That’d be great

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Pls MGS2 substance VR missions OST!!!

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