Metal Gear Solid V December update: changes and additions

On the official MGSV website, a detailed post was published listing the changes and additions brought by the recently released December update (V. 1.02). Check out all the new stuff below.

Custom FOB camera and mine placement

Is your FOB vulnerable in places you can’t seem to secure? Now you can catch your enemy off guard by placing cameras and mines in custom locations! Stroll through your FOBs and place surveillance cameras on walls and landmines on the ground, exactly where you want them. Place devices in unpredictable locations to create your ideal security setup. Cover those blind spots and get the drop on intruders like never before.

Configure your security setup
MGSV-FOB-CameraCameras are installed where you set your markers!

FOB Mission Event: The Skulls Attack

An emergency contract has come in from a private FOB force taken over by Skull Face’s covert unit, the Skulls! Engage this new mission Event FOB and cleanse the world of Skull Face’s legacy.


Raiden and Cyborg Ninja outfits available in FOBs

Metal Gear fan-favorites, Raiden and Cyborg Ninja, are now available in FOB Missions as compatible outfits. Each outfit provides the wearer with superhuman abilities, which makes it an interesting addition both when using and defending against their power!

 MGSV-FOB-Raiden MGSV-FOB-Raiden-2



Challenge Tasks

Additional rewards are now available for completing various in-game Challenge Tasks. New Challenge Tasks range from beginner to advanced letting players choose which task suits their progression. Completed tasks can help players hone their skills as they tackle different ways to play, or test their mettle with rigorous assignments best left to the bold.

MGSV-Challenge-Tasks Select the list under the MISSIONS tab
MGSV-Challenge-Tasks-List Don’t forget to accept rewards for the tasks you’ve completed!

Security Challenge: Advanced Player FOB missions

Think your FOB is an impregnable fortress? Is there no FOB you can’t sneak your way through? New FOB Security Challenges have arrived to put advanced players to task in new demanding ways! Prepare your FOB for the ultimate test then option into the new Security Challenge system, inviting the best players to wage war against your defenses. Or, take the offensive and invade Security Challenge enabled FOBs for a decisive contest. With this new setting applied, defenders are immediately notified when a player begins infiltrating the FOB, maximizing the infiltration risk. Whatever the results, no retaliatory wormholes will open in return, and players on both sides are secured greater rewards than a normal battle. Jump into the new Security Challenges and prove your worth on the battlefield.



Newly added Grade 9 weapons shake up mission tactics!

The weapons keep advancing! A brand new unique arsenal of tactical options have been added with the introduction of Grade 9 (★9) development! In addition to greater fire power, some of these weapons also utilize interesting exclusive abilities. Check out the weapon descriptions below, then try them out in the field to add a new level of strategy when approaching missions.

AM A114 RP[★9]


Arms Material Alpha 114 Riot Pistol
Single-shot tranquilizer gas handgun. A compact non-lethal weapon used for delivering an immobilization agent from a distance. Each round disperses gas upon impact, for immediate effect across a small area. Has a slow rate of fire since each round must be loaded manually.


Molotok-68 Anti-Materiel Rifle
12.7mm anti-materiel rifle. A large-caliber sniper rifle with an extremely long effective range and devastating power and penetration. Has a slow rate of fire due to its bolt-action mechanism.

E-RB WH GEN.[★9]

Wormhole Generator
Place the generator and activate from a distance to instantly warp to that location.

Earn new rewards with Event Points

New, uniquely acquired rewards are now available through our Event Point system! Complete specific tasks in FOB/Event FOB missions to earn Event Points which can be exchanged for previously unobtainable rewards.

Check your rewards and points

MGSV-Event-Point-Rewards-2 There are even new costumes too!

New customization feature, Nameplates have been added

Players can now set a nameplate to accompany their unit emblem and status!The nameplates features various characters from the game, and it can be obtained by trading your Event Points. As mentioned above, Event Points can be earned by successfully completing various FOB missions.The main condition on earning these nameplates is to successfully infiltrate the core FOB base of an active defender for a specified amount of time. So show off your stealth skills to your rivals and wear your nameplate like a badge of honor!

MGSV-Nameplates-1 Nameplates added to the MOTHER BASE screen
MGSV-Nameplates-2 Select one of the nameplates you’ve earned…
… and show off your PF’s strength in your status display!

New colors and camo patterns added to FOBs

Make your FOBs stand out with additional colors and camo patterns. Utilize the new combat fatigues to infiltrate player FOBs and blend in with their custom base designs.


New Emblems

In response to overwhelming fan request, we’ve included additional emblems featuring story characters, buddies, and other elements.


Unlockable Fourth FOB

Players can now construct a fourth FOB, and even greater expand your Mother Base operations. Additional FOBs provide much higher maximum staff capacity and improve unit functions.


Expand more and build a stronger force!

Other update features

  • It’s now possible to add players you want to support directly from your friends list.
  • Added diversified ranking conditions and set time period functionality to rankings to broaden comparative stats.
  • Added a tab that allows you to matchmake with players of a higher rank than you.
  • Implemented various other improvements, balance adjustments, and bug fixes.
  • Adjusted mission score parameters.

The update is available for download now.

Source: MGSV Official website

  • Cobra Commander

    Did anyone else think it looks like Venom is holding the NES Duckhunt gun?

  • Gatsu

    This update kicks ass :).

  • Danny Patten

    Since I haven’t played in a while. Can I use these weapons in normal missions as well?

  • Solidus

    Can’t see the grade 9 weapons anywhere. And you know the cost to use them will be ridiculous. Which is a shame since having the wormhole in single player would shake up the way you can play missions a great deal.

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      That wormhole sounds so cool but I know I’ll never grind long enough to buy it honestly

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    Saving up to cop that rose camo, just need to do a few more perfect stealth event FOB runs.

    Also I can’t see the point of adding an entirely new anti-materiel rifle. What benefit does the Molotok 68 have over a fully upgraded Brennan, for example?

    • Kol Leqejza

      because people get tired using only one weapon. i say: bring it on!

      • Mr. Sir Shpee

        There’s no difference from a functionality standpoint, though. That’s what I was wondering.

  • Yeah, yeah, all nice indeed, but i want to play MGO3 in Steam already… How much i must to wait, damn?

    • Jav

      1 month

    • Kol Leqejza

      believe me: ubwill be disappointed.

    • kuaikukia

      it’s almost January and we still haven’t got any word from Konami

  • John Rhogan

    Wish I had time to play, but I’ve been busy with work. Whenever I have a day off, my roommate has control of the television.

  • PrinceHeir

    Wish they allow every equipment to be upgraded. I really want Ground Zeroes Sneaking Suit to be Level 9 :

    Maybe in the future patch??

    • Jav

      At least now is level 6 and 7. I think.

  • Jav

    I can see it coming… Weapons level 15 with 1 million need of fuel to use it.

    • Tong Ninja

      it will take 30 days for the weapon to develop as well. haha

  • Didi Tiam

    Hopefully the next update they will give us that bike belongs to bigboss at the prologue.

  • To upgrade weapons up to 9, at some point you have to buy some DLC, right? I see the additional levels but they’re not unlockable.

    • Thiago Paulino Dantas

      The requirements are so high that people will need more FOB to develop it, and FOB only comes with $$$$

      • Figured it’d be something like that. I’ve kept it offline by never accepting the TOS, the highest normal levels are good enough for me.

        • Thiago Paulino Dantas

          I think you did good since the only reason to have high tier equipment would be to defend your base against other players, if you don’t have a FOB you don’t need it.

          • Heh, thanks! Yeah those no huge need for them normally (though unlimited suppressor is worthwhile), but it was just something to spend GMP on.

  • Kenny Jackson

    so in the Freedom Of Oppression event ive traded in event points for the fleck and pink camos, the gun camos, the base color, and all that, but I don’t see nameplates anywhere, someone please help me out? I have no clue how to get them. they aren’t even In my event point exchange list.

    • Thiago Paulino Dantas

      same problem here.

  • lovepreet

    Where are those weapons didn’t see anywhere

  • lovepreet

    Where are those weapons didn’t see anywhere

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