MGSV full scale bionic arm replica coming to North America

Originally only available with the Japanese Premium Package of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the full scale bionic arm is now coming to North America. Webstore Nsurgo is accepting pre orders for the item for $185 USD. It is set for release in May of this year. Check out the product description below:

The Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain Bionic Arm 1/1 scale version is now available for Pre Order. Originally a Japan only release we are able to offer this to North America. The bionic arm has amazing points of articulatoin from the wrist to the fingers and a true collectors piece.  

We are currenly offering Pre Order pricing until the release! 

We are currently taking pre orders and expected shipping is in May 2016.


The half size bionic arm compared to the full size version

Source: Nsurgo, Twitter

  • Boldizar

    Damn, now that this game is rubes I don’t care.

  • Cosima Caminades


  • Ralexion

    It’s still great and all, but that price? 185 USD? Thats a lot more for the arm than the Collector’s Edition itself xDD How much was in dollars the Japanese Premium Package that had the full size arm, the game, etc? It was this pricey? Even if it was more or less the same, it’s still kinda bollocks, you are buying ONLY the replica.

    Well, I would buy it if I had money to spare, being completely honest xD but still, I would feel like they would be kinda fleecing me.

    • The Premium Package was around 32000 yen (270 USD).

      • Ralexion

        Wowza, that’s expensive.

        • Alex

          I spent 400-something to get mine imported.
          No regrets. It is simultaneously my arm and Big Boss’s after all.
          I’m currently getting the red console as well.

          • Ralexion

            Nice ^^ I still think its quite expensive, but I wish I had that money XD

          • glitchbomb

            Same here. No regrets. There was no way to know these were coming here for that price.
            I wonder if it’s just the arm or anything else that came with the Japanese C.E.

        • Nothing compared to what it costs on eBay now…

          • Ralexion

            My, I sincerely thought it was cheaper, I was wrong ^^

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah, over priced articulated piece of plastic, that probably costs under a dollar to make. I love getting fucked by over priced merchandise, it doesn’t help that I live in Canada so that 185$ = about 263$ for me. Needless to say I’m not buying it even if I wanted it, no point in telling anyone I’m actually going to pay such an absurd price for the product.

      • Ralexion

        It’s a cool piece of plastic, but I really understand your point.

  • Jav

    Who is going to buy zadornov’s and gz medic’s arm?

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      They are selling Zadornov’s arm? Where??

      • Jav

        I’m just saying is the same.

        • Spectralbuttplug


          • Clawson_J

            nope he’s Venom Snake. BigBoss is John aka Naked Snake

  • Amy

    Can you wear it or is it just display model?

    • Jav

      You can’t wear it.

    • Tong Ninja

      More of a display model, but you can make it hold objects such as a console controller.
      Fingers are movable as well so you can make certain hand gestures haha. 🙂

  • Raven_Sorrow

    And psn went to sh*t…

    • Jav

      So many hours

      • Raven_Sorrow

        its back for now ^.^

        • stocchinet .

          Good, good

    • MrVux007

      i wonder why….

  • ShugoTakahashi

    I once wanted this and I figured I’d wait and see if they became more plentiful and/or cheaper, but not for that price.

    I’ve since obtained a wearable version for cosplay that’s quite accurate, so I’d much rather just put that on and make silly punching motions at people rather than have a weird $200 plastic arm sit on my desk and….hold an object or something.

  • drex2580

    Here I was getting ready to buy rainbow six siege and just cause and some more ps+, well That can wait for awhile

  • Spectralbuttplug


  • gRammarnazi

    I would’ve thrown my money at this before the game came out, but after how dissapointing it was, I’m not bothered.

  • Gatsu

    It’s expensive, but too bad it come so late and not Europe :P.

    • Danny Patten

      Ye, what about europe…! Seriously.

  • well… after playing the game my interest on the bionic arm is clearly lower than before

  • Jason Mounce

    Can I….trade in my Half-sized Bionic Arm for the full-scale replica? 😛 Heh heh….

    Can’t say I didn’t try ;_;

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