Hideo Kojima visits Sucker Punch Productions in Seattle

After visiting VASG and paying a visit to some friends in LA, Kojima and his colleagues continued their 10-day trip with Mark Cerny. They flew to Seattle, where Sony’s studio Sucker Punch Productions is based, known for its Sly Cooper and Infamous games.

To the next destination.
“To the next destination.” – Hideo Kojima


Visited SUCKER PUNCH well-known as INFAMOUS with Mark-san
“Visited SUCKER PUNCH well-known as INFAMOUS with Mark-san” – Hideo Kojima


With people at SUCKER PUNCH. Thank you very much!
“With people at SUCKER PUNCH. Thank you very much!” – Hideo Kojima
With the founders of SUCKER PUNCH, Brian-san & Chris-san. And Mark-san
“With the founders of SUCKER PUNCH, Brian-san & Chris-san. And Mark-san” – Hideo Kojima
"Dinner with team Sucker Punch! Having fun! I love them!!!" - Ken
“Dinner with team Sucker Punch! Having fun! I love them!!!” – Ken
"Both of these guys were bragging about wearing STAR WARS underpants! lol. Brian had Chewbacca & HK had Darth Vader." - Ayako
“Both of these guys were bragging about wearing STAR WARS underpants! lol. Brian had Chewbacca & HK had Darth Vader.” – Ayako
With Mark-san
“With Mark-san” – Hideo Kojima
“Seattle” – Hideo Kojima

Now, there’s one more very important matter. Kojima has asked via a poll on Twitter if he should shave or not. So let it be democratically decided: do we want bearded Kojima or clean shaven Kojima? As of now, an overwhelming majority of around 80% is in favor of the first option. Cast your vote and be a part of history.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Terashima Twitter, Ken Imaizumi Twitter

  • Daburcor

    He looks right with the facial hair. STAY WITH THE BROTHERHOOD, MR. KOJIMA! THIS IS WHERE YOU BELONG!

    • Gatsu

      Hell yeah! 😀

    • MrVux007

      He should keep it…it really fits him and makes him look more like a man of his age…i mean cmon without the beard he looks like he is in his 30s…

      ahhh who am i kidding he still looks like he is 30 even with the beard…. (jealousy intensifies)

      • He looks like a Big Boss now.

    • Mr.Pony

      I think you should make this an MGI pool and then send the results to Kojima xD

    • Danny Patten

      Asking the real questions!

  • Tong Ninja

    I think it’s great that he is visiting different studios/game developers. Even as a veteran game developer, Kojima is always keen to learn new things about creating video games not only to give him new ideas but to also improve himself as a game creator.

    Hopefully conversing with fellow game developers around the world will give him lots of inspiration for his upcoming project. 🙂

    • Spectralbuttplug


  • Danny Patten

    I think Hideo uses this mostly as an excuse to drink heavily xD

  • Gatsu

    Great to see Kojima having fun and visiting all these places! 😀

    Btw they look kinda wasted in the 2nd last image lol xD.

  • hunner


  • No Place For Hayter

    Obviously keep the beard, it really is the greatest thing ever. Now he can be a grizzled game director. The Beard stays 🙂

  • BurntFM

    Good to see my compatriot Ken Mendoza making it to the new KojiPro. I guess he’s the one updating the Spanish Kojima twitter account.

    • From what we know only 4 people joined the new studio: Kojima, Shinkawa, Ken and Ayako. How do you know this about Mendoza?

      • BurntFM

        Yeah that’s him peeking his head behind Kojima in that table photo. And the spanish hideo twitter account has been updating along with the other ones.

        • Yes, but aren’t those done by fans? They aren’t verified accounts in any case. But strange that they haven’t announced yet that Mendoza has joined as well.


    I wonder if Hideo Kojima will have support from all teams He visited.
    Or just they technology?
    Never played Sly and Infamous but I always wanted to. So… is that mean Hideo Kojima new game will be more action like Infamous?

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