Info on upcoming MGO content: screens of new map Rust Palace, details on playable Quiet, and more

In this week’s episode of Designer’s Notes, the team talks about the upcoming DLC, as well as the changes happening in the next update.

We’d like to talk about a major change regarding the E.LOCATORS planned for our next update.
We’ve been aware of many player concerns regarding how E.LOCATOR is used in a match. Currently, players entering the effective range of an E.LOCATOR are instantly marked. This gives players a significant amount of marking and assist scores, turning the E.LOCATOR into not just an intel tool, but a very powerful scoring strategy.

In the next update, we are changing the E.LOCATOR so that a player must stay within the effective range for a certain period of time to be marked. The time required for a player to be marked will be equivalent to the time it takes to mark a player through binoculars. This means that a cloaked player with STEALTH CAMO+ Lv.3 ability will be almost impossible to be marked using an E.LOCATOR. On top of this change, the effective duration and the effective range will be slightly reduced.

Lastly we have some exciting info about the upcoming DLC.
Some of you might’ve had the chance to glance at the new maps at the Toukaigi event held last weekend at Makuhari, Japan, or perhaps you watched today’s Konami Live Stream featuring MGO DLC info. In these events, we were able to feature new info and key visual sneak peeks of our upcoming other maps, in particular RUST PALACE.

RUST PALACE takes place in what was called the “Lamar Khaate Palace” in MGSV:TPP. The standard playable area includes the surrounding area nearby the palace, but the RUSH mode will limit the playable area mainly to indoors.

The multi-level palace has access to higher levels through stairs but not all floors are secured. This ruined palace is barely standing together with splintered debris as platforms. This introduces new and exciting combat from different vertical angles. Likewise, the stage has been modified to better fit multiplayer gameplay with more platforms and ladders. Overall, this map will introduce a different type of close range combat with your enemies. Using your Infiltrator class on this map to start, might be a smart choice.


Players can expect the new DLC with RUST PALACE and other great content to arrive March 2016. Check back each week on Designer’s Notes as we provide further details on all the upcoming content.

During the livestream mentioned above, Robert Peeler and TK Shrodes of Konami also talked a bit about the new playable character that will be added, Quiet. She is of course a sniper and plays the role of Scout. She will be able to move around really fast and jump to higher places other will need a ladder to reach. Her ‘cloaking boost’ will also be available. As she can’t talk, all her pre-set texts will consist of humming.

"The new DLC also features a brand new unique playable MGO character: Tixij, assassin, mercenary, Quiet"
“The new DLC also features a brand new unique playable MGO character: Tixij, assassin, mercenary, Quiet”

Also, a new mode is coming to the game as well (aside from Survival), though what that is has yet to be revealed.

Source: MGSV Official Website, Konami Live Stream

  • Venom_Sina

    I want to mention something important.It seems to be a little thing,but it’s not.
    In update 1.07,Konami added “Game type of start” feature.It allows the player to select the starting game mode(MGSVTPP/MGO).The problem is it’s not working properly (at least on PS4).When you select MGO,The next time you boot the game,you expect to see the game goes to MGO right away,but it won’t.It will launch TPP,checks trophy data,logs in to server,shows some logs and then switches to MGO,again logs in to server ,shows a loading screen and FINALLY AFTER WAITING FOR 2 MINUTES,IT WILL LAUNCH MGO,LOL.This thing prevents me to go back to MGO.Those log in moments can take between 20-30 seconds and I gotta tell you,that’s not fun.Konami,if you’re reading this,please fix it.It looks small but in facts it’s really annoying.

  • JoJo

    It’d be a show of good faith on Konami’s behalf to release this DLC for free, or at the very least an extremely cheap price.
    Watch that not happen, though.

  • Antonio Russo

    Agreed with JoJo , free or exteremely cheap price or my VISA will be tight to my chest . Again MGS fans want a game expansion (like The Witcher 3 Style) and not re-used locations, (that are already stale since a while) sold as new maps . Careless to play as Quiet , most useless MGS character ever . The ” gallo pinto ” tape in PW has more backsotry than Quiet. Sorry but I’m still too disappointed on how my favorite game franchise is ending up .

    • Spectralbuttplug


    • SaladinSilver

      The main game is done. It’s been more than 4 months since the game released. Get over it.

    • Metal_Gear_Rexxey

      Love Quiets character, love her mystery. You think maybe the fact she has no back story is because she has surrendered herself to a life of silence? Loved this game and loved the story. My favourite MGS to date and I’m still playing it to develop my FOB. I obviously wish 51 wasn’t cut and hopefully it will be revived in DLC form but I’m more than happy with the game and it’s the first game I’ve immediately carried on playing well after platinum was achieved. No its not the best cinematic MGS but it more than makes up for it with the tightest gameplay yet.

      • Antonio Russo

        I’m glad you enjoy it like us all. Thats’why we are all here right ? About M51, it is indeed the DLC I was hoping in March that’s why my comments . After M51 , well it’s all about MGS 6 (If one day….) . We all care of this franchise , beside good or bad decision made during development . I also understand that any of us can make mistake or screw a bit things up , HK or Konami, but we are all here to try to keep things all right, straight and close to the canon , and of course Konami sharp on this franchise .I’m surely not here begging for the March DLC discount or get it for free 🙂 .

    • Gatsu

      Wow this was so cool ;D.

    • MrVux007

      hahaha this was freakin hilarious

    • Full Options

      😀 Snake is very convincing, hehe !!
      Loved the commercial add feeling, with the little music… “Some way to escape…”. Venom Air, welcome on board ! xD

  • MrVux007

    Even if Konami comes out and states: “The upcoming DLC will be for FREE”

    id still be like

    • Full Options

      “Free to play” ?? Nah, “Free to pay”…

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    No long hair options, no returning to MGO3

  • AeroGre

    According to the livestream Quiet is part of the dlc, gg konami not even the unique character is free

    • It’s always been like that back in mgo2 tho. I don’t see a reason they’d make it different this time.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        Agreed raiden and vamp came with the dlc. People like to complain about dlc any way they do it. If you don’t want to pay then you can’t play.

  • Lewis

    They still call Quiet “Tixij”, ugh. Is it so hard for big companies to hire a translator at least to not give a female a male’s form of name.

  • Little john

    They could make Cyborg Raiden the unique charachter of the opposing team to Quiet, as Quiet is pretty op and needs some balancing. Plus they already have Raidens charachter model in the game.

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  • Arnaldo Castillo

    you guys should check out under the cardboard box podcast it’s all about Metal gear.

  • Arnaldo Castillo

    they actually made it fairly cheap.

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