Figure manufacturer Gecco working on 1/6 scale Quiet statue

During a live stream on NicoNico, the prototype for a new Metal Gear statue by Gecco was revealed: Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The 1/6 scale statue is made from PVC.

The statue will be displayed during Wonder Festival 2016 Winter, which will be held this Sunday in the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo.


Earlier Metal Gear statues by Gecco include Snake and Raiden.

Source: Itakon, via, @tanebeshin

  • BurntFM

    Nice….I wonder if they’ll ever do a figure of the most badass looking Quiet. Blood Soaked Quiet

  • Spectralbuttplug

    Too bad there is no figure of hers in the gray xof.She might look normal but still

  • MrVux007

    Even tho im against the usage of emulators(for obvious reasons),i still think that this is impressive.The programmers have been working on this for well over 5 years,and even tho its far from perfect(performance issues and lots of bugs) and its running on pretty beastly rig, you have to take into consideration that PS3 architecture (specifically cell processors) was *unique*,making emulation *nearly* impossible.

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      Indeed very impressive !!
      The PS3 architecture is indeed a very exotic beast.

      Most games were only using the PPU (a quite weak PowerPC CPU embedded in the CellBE and only supposed to manage job queues to distribute over the SPU’s) for 2 years, hereby using the PS3 at not even 20% of its capacity.

      Fortunately, SCE released some cool libraries (like SPURS, SPU Runtime System) simplifying / helping to design fluid job queues (quite like thread pools running on a multi-core CPU) schemes and providing an easier management of DMA transactions between SPU’s local store memory (LS, 256k per SPU) and the console’s main memory (256 Mb).

      Besides, and due to the nature of the PowerPC, the system is big endian, like all IBM Gekko families, meaning that the bits are read in the opposite direction than for little endian registers (e.g. Intel pentium’s, etc..).

      Another thing that makes it also difficult is because the IBM SIMD intrinsics (formerly Altivec/VMX) are a bit different than intel families ones (intel Streaming SIMD Extensions- SSE- or 3D-Now! registers for AMD).
      The SPU’s have also their own SIMD intrinsics (gosh, stop it !) but are fortunately very close to VMX.

      Finally (the last and certainly not the least, ouch !), the PS3 GPU is a g.d d.amn RSX (Reality Synthesizer, a variant of NVidia 7800 GTX), with a shading model 3+ (SM3+), which does not have a geometry pipeline (geometry shader) like NV8000 series SM4, hereby locking the devs out of accessing/modifying the mesh topology (like changing the number of vertices and their indices for a given mesh) between the vertex shader and the pixel/fragment shader processing steps.

      All this makes the challenge of emulating this little network of processing units indeed very difficult (not to say a real nightmare) and exciting. It would be good to have more info on the performance profiles they are reaching so far.

      • MrVux007

        Someone did their homework! 🙂 Well as far as the performance goes they ran the mentioned game at (30-40Fps average,with some crashes here and there,which is understandable for early stage game emulation) with their current PC build :
        CPU – Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.60 Ghz
        RAM – 16 GB DDR4
        GPU – GTX 970 GAMING 100ME 4GB
        OS – Windows 10 64bit

        But I srsly doubt it will run games like Uncharted or Killzone any time soon,cuz of how graphically impressive those games are (if ever,cuz of the legal restrictions)

        • Full Options

          Thanks for the specs Vux ! 😉
          This setup looks a really fair point to start with for them.

          16 Gb is quite comfortable. However you are right, I hardly see them reaching easily decent frame rates with those titles, even with this quite solid config.

          But we never know, depending on how clean they coded their beast… Their CPU achieve theoretically around 113 GFlops single precision and around 80 for double, whereas PS3 CellBE is respectively at around 23 and 10… It should be enough to fit but there are millions of other considerations.

          On the other hand, having all in the same RAM drastically simplify some memory management and performance aspects. For example, PS3 main, SPU’s and GPU memories are then all hosted in the same storage.
          Also less timing issues due to different cadences between the units while for example rhythming potential DMA transfers (hereby becoming fake ones so normal memory accesses), since the intel CPU now work “alone” over its main memory.

          But all this would also obviously hide them problems that a real PS3 could encounter during specific operations (a kind of slow PS3 but that never fails the way the real one does physically)…
          For example, does their emulated PS3 experience the exact same cache misses or other real physical registers specific artifacts ?

          In all case, they could for example leave a copy of their emulator to Naughty Dog or “Koji-Guerilla” for them to profile and see how those game performs. :DD

          • MrVux007

            “Also less timing issues due to different cadences between the units while for example rhythming potential DMA transfers (hereby becoming fake ones so normal memory accesses), since the intel CPU now work “alone” over its main memory.”

            Hmm Do you mind elaborating that bit or can you leave me a link so i could more about it?I didn’t understood quite well,thanks 🙂

            “For example, does their emulated PS3 experience the exact same cache misses or other real physical registers specific artifacts ?”
            Haven’t found any info on that unfortunately….

            I think SONY should contact these talented programmers and talk about their emulation process…hell even giving them a job would be cool,tho i doubt that even that team can make PS4 B/C via physical media.

            Emulator,aside what is your knowledge of “quantum computing” ? i read this article few hours ago,and dayum it looks like some powerfull stuff…

          • Full Options

            Sure, regarding DMA transfers :

            Say you have a processing intensive job that performs too slow. For example you want to compute, via heavy arithmetic functions, an image (ex. in FullHD 1920*1080) and write the result in a given buffer in RAM (ex. a space in ram of 1920*1080*4 bytes so 8.294Mb, if you wish to express your image with 4 bytes per pixel), to later on map this image on a surface. All this could be running in a program slowing down the CPU or in a shader, slowing down the GPU.

            Then it is time to consider splitting your job in multiple parts and let available SPU compute your values asynchronously via the utilization of job queues.

            Say you have 6 available SPUs and decide to split in for example 64 jobs the work over your buffer so each SPU is going to work on at some point on 8294400 bytes / 64 = 129600 bytes.

            You then port your heavy arithmetic function to run on each SPU but you need to tell them where in the RAM they should all write their results back by providing them the memory address of your image buffer. This step is called passing the Effective Address (EA). With this effective address and a job ID, the SPU should be able to evaluate where in RAM he will write his processing result back.

            The fastest way for a SPU to write in the PS3 main memory is to initiate Direct Memory Access transfers functions (like simple copy functions) in which you pass a pointer to the computed data inside the SPU local storage (a kind of 256kb mini RAM space for each SPU) and a pointer to the address in the main memory (the EA).

            You can drastically divide by several order of magnitude your processing charges with such operations along with fluidifying your execution by raising the level of granularity of the job you want to execute.

            You will easily find a lot of knowledge base around various DMA schemes differences between architectures on the internet.

            As for cache misses, the CPU’s have a cache paging data guessed to be accessed more often than the rest in RAM.
            Lags at execution are often due to cache misses, where the CPU is obliged to grab the info from RAM rather than by consulting its cache, which results in a substantial and unwanted delay.

            My knowledge of quantum computing is unfortunately weak. The basics are very exciting for me. Having 3 states for a bit opens so many horizons, but we may also discover a lot of diversity between the proposed hardware, implementations and development schemes.
            I may for sure try to give it a shot as soon as we have more standardized hard and software resource available.
            I also need some more time to catch up with, around all my MGS gameplays ! Please let me know if you deiscover any fancy stuff on the topic, THX.

  • XIFF-5

    Nice! I prefer a statue like this on the action figure, cuz action figures have joints that makes the model look a bit off and doesn’t look good and more detailed than the statue unless if you like to make different moves with them…

  • Xilurm

    Like the other two statues, this is great. I think I prefer this to the one where you can squeeze her boobs. Not that I have anything against that.

  • Bożydar Mazur

    At least she doesnt have ruined face like they ruined the face of Venom figure :/

  • Venom_Sina

    Hi everyone.How you doin’?Are you up for some Quiet talk?
    When Kojima revealed the character “Quiet”,a lot of negative talk came with her.The negativity was mostly circling around Q’s appearance and her way of dressing.But Kojima came forward and said:”There’s a reason for it and when you play the game,you will be ashamed of your talks.”
    I was one of the guys who wanted to know Kojima’s reason behind Q’s way of dressing.
    Is it just me or you guys think that Q was a cheap and 3rd grade character,too?Everything from the beginning of the game to the stupid reason of her being naked…. I mean,why she’s naked like this?Why they didn’t dress her properly? Why Q makes those weird moves in the chopper? Maybe she wanted to seduce the player?! What was in Kojima’s mind when he created Q? Do you have reasonable answers for all these questions?
    The next part is about Stefanie’s acting.First,let me tell you that I think Stefanie is a great person and she has a kind and beautiful face.This has nothing to do with Stefanie’s personality.Okay with that out of the way,let’s talk about Q:
    People praised work of Stefanie as an actor.I think she’s not really a great actor.Remember the beginning of the game,when Q kills that doctor and nurse? Remember how she said her lines,you know,cold and without feeling? Or the final speech of mission 45? She’s in love with V and still says her lines really,really cold.It looks like that she’s reading an essay or something,lol.
    You know,part of the blame is on Kojima and his writing team.They “destroyed” the character in 45.That dressing problem that I talked about earlier,made 45’s final moments a joke.Or the love relationship between V and Q.It was always in my mind:why Q is in love with V? What V exactly did that Q fell in love with him?!
    What are your thoughts?Did you find Quiet an interesting character?

    • Since when do Metal Gear characters need a good reason to wear crazy outfits? 😛

      • Venom_Sina

        You know,Solidus’ outfit was very weird,but I never had a problem with that.
        Quiet’s outfit (if we can call it outfit :P) is a little annoying imo.I call it “A cheap use of a girl’s sexiness to attract more people to the game”.The Order 1886 has a completely useless sex scene that if you cut it from the game,nothing happens.The question is why we have so much useless sex/sexy scenes in games these days?What’s the reason behind it?If the developers want to make “Mature Stuff”,that’s not the way.MGS2 doesn’t have a sexy thing in it and it’s full of mature content (storywise).

        • To be honest, Fortune walked around in a swimsuit.

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,but she didn’t sit in a helicopter,never did those weird moves that Q did,and never showed her breasts.Fortune’s outfit was weird,but it wasn’t like Quiet.You know,she wasn’t a sex tool in MGS2.But Quiet is exactly a sex tool.

          • And Sniper Wolf walked around with her zipper open in Alaska of all places! Not to mention Liquid.

          • Venom_Sina

            Sniper Wolf’s situation is something like Fortune.There’s not a single moment that you see her doing something like Quiet does. (but I admit,that open zipper in the middle of Alaska was weird,lol)

            This can be applied to Liquid as well.

          • Yes but the point is that the characters in the series are just designed in a specific (usually over the top way), and that’s also the reason why Quiet looks the way she does. The characters in the series are usually larger than life, not necessarily realistic (neither in their looks nor in their behavior).

          • Venom_Sina

            Yeah,even the performances are over the top sometimes.I don’t have a problem with that.They can be unrealistic as much as they want (and it’s not a bad thing).
            Don’t you feel that creating an almost naked girl with a sexy body and full breast vibration/animation is a little,you know,too much?! Don’t you see this kind of character design cheap? She can dress properly and still be badass and over the top.

          • Don’t think it’s such a big deal, no.

          • Venom_Sina

            But I found it very weird,useless and cheap.
            I think the reason that we have different opinions is that we are from different cultures and (maybe) different way of thinking.

          • Could very well be.

          • Venom_Sina

            It’s really great to talk to so many people around the world and know more about them.
            It was nice talking to you,like always.Thank you for your time.

          • Thank you too!

          • Full Options

            Having her naked with her dull behavior in ACC provides a more fantasist, lighter atmosphere. A kind of permanent James Bond movie opening effect in our main menu.

    • Mr.Pony

      Two things about this:

      1- The reason Kojima gave to have Quiet wear her outfit kind of backfired since The End used full cammo in MGS3

      2-Stephanie was a great choice for character modeling but the voice didn’t quite match the character, a less cute voice would have been a better choice, something between The Boss and Sniper Wolf

      • Venom_Sina

        About the first one:You mean fans didn’t like The End’s camo?

        Your second thing(lol) is really good,especially when we consider her burned lungs.A voice like Sniper Wolf would be cool.

        • Mr.Pony

          Fans want a MGS3 special edition where The End runs around with Raikov underwear during the sniper battle. On a serious note if Quiet uses the same “techonology” as The End then there is no need to use less clothes, unless in the MGS universe technology evolves backwards xD

          • Spectralbuttplug

            dude this is not star wars

    • Xilurm

      Sorry but I only find prudish people disliking this for no reason. I for one, wasn’t sitting in the chopper looking at what she was doing for a long time, and I felt sad when she left. Wouldn’t matter to me one bit if she was wearing full clothing with a helmet over her head or if she was completely naked.

      I find it a problem nowdays that alot of people are complaining about female characters being too sexy looking. It’s like trying to censor it. I hope Kojima keeps doing what he wants and keeps making characters look the way he wants and not catter to people who are getting offended by every little thing.

      • Venom_Sina

        I didn’t sit in the chopper to look at Quiet’s moves,too 😛

        I was just sharing my opinion about this character.For Q,I thought this sexiness is too much and has almost nothing to back it up.For example EVA’s sexiness makes much more sense,cause there’s a good reason behind it (and I don’t have a single problem with that).On the other hand,the reason behind her naked body is absolute bullshit compared to EVA.I thought if they dressed Q more properly,it would’ve been better ( and wouldn’t hurt the experience),and by dressing properly,I don’t mean a full clothing with a scarf to cover her hair.She still can be sexy and charming.

        I’m not trying to censor things.What I’m trying to say is this sexiness is useless (like the sex scene in The Order 1886) and adds nothing to the story or character development.So the question is why it’s there?

        • Xilurm

          I don’t think it’s there to add anything. What would giving more clothes to her add anything? If you disregard her attire and don’t think about the sexiness then it doesn’t take nor add anything to the experience.

          Sure, some might think she is sexy and look at her in that way, but that’s their choice, which they can do with basically any character regardless of what clothes they are wearing.

      • Jak

        eh, I don’t need to censor anything, but the plot justification is really weak. Also, you were 100% looking at her in the chopper at some point as a few of the cutscenes make a big (heh) point of focusing on her boobs.

        The metal gear games have always hyper sexualized all their characters…but we usually get a bunch of female characters instead of a single one with ninety seconds of dialogue in the entire game.

    • Jav

      She is a bad actress, sounds like a robot. The only reason for her outfit is that japanese creatives are horny all the time. Or maybe the japanese public.

      I feel ashamed of calling me a “metal gear fan” and watching that kind of characters. Is the kind of characters that make a bad image for the industry. Not gamer people can’t take serious a game story from the moment they see quiet.

      I know 90% of the people here love the character. But this is the kind of thing that make us look like stupid kids playing games just for watch naked womans.

      • Why should we care what other people think of it? Especially if it are the kind of people who immediately disregard the entire story because of Quiet’s wardrobe.

        • Venom_Sina

          He actually has a point.I talked to some pro-gamers about MGSV and a large number of them found the reason behind Quiet’s half-naked body stupid and unsatisfying.

          For non-gamers,we are always kids wasting our times behind the console/PC.
          But in this case,gamer or no-gamer,a lot of people had some problems with Quiet.
          But at last,I think we will end up going to that “different opinions” territory.

          • I don’t mind. There are naked characters in other games, so why shouldn’t Metal Gear have it.

          • MrVux007

            “pro-gamers” ?

          • Mr.Pony

            All we need is someone to mod MGS2 Raiden into Quiet’s outfit xD

          • Full Options

            Lol, Naaaaaah ! xDxD
            How about Volgin, Code Talker or even a Walker Gear in Quiet outfit then ?? xD

        • Jav

          Just one example. I live with my parents. If my mother watch me playing a game where a woman is almost naked in the rain she will think I have a lot of mind problems.

          As a boy, watching Evangelion was a problem because of the anime sexualization. And I just wanted to watch Giants robots fighting monsters.

          • JoJo

            In Australia at least, MGSV is R18+. If you’re not old enough for your mother to respect your maturity in seeing scantily clad women, you’re probably not old enough to purchase the game and therefore you’re not the target audience.
            Women dressed provocatively is only “bad for the industry” or “makes us look like kids” if you come from a place of willful ignorance. You can say that you don’t like it all you want, but don’t implicate your feelings about it in to a problem with the game.

            You see far worse on TV every day and nobody questions it. This contention makes no sense, and your shame to be a MGS fan is your own to bear, not anyone else’s.

          • Jav

            I’m 26

      • XOF

        So you dont’t take the past MGS games seriously then ?
        We got naked raiden, raiden getting his balls grabbed, raikov getting his balls grabbed by volgin, vamps outfit and sexual inneundo with his knife, beauty and the beast unit sexualisation, old snake close up shots of his wonderful ass, Kaz in his underwear at the beach, porno magazines/ posters, liquid snake topless, etc. Men get sexualised as well, but some people seem to look the other way …

        And yes, japanese peoole are perverted. Probably a cultural reason. Japanese game developers are like this.

        Lol sexualisation is also in the movie industry and advertisements as well. Even on social media as well such as instagram, facebook. Also what about Witcher 3 and GTAV ?

        Game industry is actually improving with this issue. Check out the upcoming games for this year.

        • Jav

          I do like previous games. My only problem with women in past mg were with eva and the camera shots with the beauties in her human form.

          • XOF

            So you don’t have a problem with men getting sexualised in mgs games?
            Interesting ….

          • JJBYACH

            Well, I know no-one asked me but my take on the situation is more about content rather than context.

            Raiden’s nudity had purpose as an ingenious use of mechanical storytelling inherent only in games – it was to belittle his character and for the first time in the game Raiden goes against the will of the player, by deciding to keep what’s left of his dignity by cuffing his balls in his hands preventing players from seeing his genitals – and him doing this mechanically restricts what the player is able to do (player can’t use weapons, hang off ledges etc.), this goes into the themes and tones set by MGS2; of memes; of a game, it’s characters (Raiden specifically) and the player all having existential crises over as they all blend into one and meet up at unexpected points.

            Vamps sexiness works for MGS2 as it helps to illustrate how weird the game is, and makes the S3 plan revelation much more impactful as the player pieces together all the weird shit that has happened throughout the game, and realises they have been playing a completely surreal and twisted adaptation of MGS1.

            Eva’s sexiness served purpose as well, she was literally trying to fuck Snake the entire game, and when he finally gives in, she essentially screws him over and dumps him, leaving him a tape from the person he cares most about that shatters his beliefs, ideology and entire worldview, hurdling him on his journey to become a demon later on – this is important because in the 60s spy films the game is inspired by, the male protagonist dumps the woman and generally treats her like an object to either further his own goals or indulge in il-tasted pleasures, but in MGS3 Kojima subverted this spy fiction trope by making the sexy love interest use, dump and shatter the male hero.

            When the Boss; for the first time in the game unzips her outfit, it’s not to titillate players but show more of her back story and develop the mother figure aspect of her personality.

            In MGS4… Well, the beauty and the beast unit is a bit more of a stretch but there sexiness shows how war can corrupt even the most beautiful of us – going hand in hand to the games’ and the franchises central themes, it’s not a very throughout and clever way to reinforce these themes, but at least he tried.

            Now let’s move onto Quiet, she is sexy to show the players how parasites can prevent people from wearing clothes? Why? How does her outfit relate to the central themes of Race, Revenge, Voice and the others? Sure other women and guys were pointlessly objectified (I hate that word) in the past but they were side characters, they were not a huge focus. Meryl and Mei Ling’s random sexiness didn’t serve any meaningful purpose or bare any relation to the main themes of their respective games, but they were reduced to minimal encounters/scenes that were over in a second, and were overall tonally consistent with the campy, over the top Hollywood blockbuster/anime crossover that made the franchise so unique.

            Quiet’s outfit has 0 relation to the themes of the game and it is tonally inconsistent. MGS1 – 3 were campy and weird as hell, while MGSV is more subtle and tonally flat (this is why I loved Skullface, he was so campy and out of place in the game it was hilarious). The anime Ghost in a Shell features pronounced scenes of nudity, and while not tying directly into the themes of it, evoked certain feelings and tones consistent with the ones the narrative is setting up – themes of artificially, sensuality and perfection.

            In terms of entertainment (irl it’s another debate), there is absolutely nothing wrong with nudity, or embracing and showcasing a characters confidence in their sexuality if it adds to their character, but, there must be some thought or correlation between the way a character dresses, the themes and tones of the piece and their actual characterisation.

            This is what makes any entertainment industry look bad: barebones, completely thoughtless and/or non existent context or thematic reasoning for any character, male or female dressing in a sexual or proactive manner, painting misguided and ill-representative depictions of the whole notion of sexuality to the sexually immature/insecure, as well as showing the utmost height of immaturity on the creators behalf.

            I’m not aiming this to you btw, I get what you mean. I just needed to vent.

          • XOF

            Lol, it’s okay.

            All i’m saying is that in Kojima’s world he sexualises both the males and females. Valid reasons or not, it is still sexualisation.
            It’s the mindset of the japanese to be perverted.

          • JJBYACH

            True that. People at this point should just get used to Japanese culture and look at the reasons behind the sexuality.

          • Jav

            I don’t remember any men sexualised. Naked raiden? I see that as a joke. The same with volgin and that guy.

          • XOF

            Topless Liquid Snake? Vamp constantly licking his knife suggesting sexual innuendo (knife is near his penis)?
            How the sneaking suits really defines the abs/six packs / ass of Solid Snake/Big Boss. Ass camera shots of Old Snake. Ishmael’s ass in hospital scene. Probably a couple more.

            Men don’t have to do poses to be considered sexy. They can walk around showing off their assets.
            Men are considered sexy through their abs, six packs, broad shoulders, tight butts and rugged face. Your not wrong that some of the female characters are represented wrongly, but so are some of the male characters.

          • Jav

            Maybe. I just never think in sex when I see a man in a game.

    • Love Quiet, hate the costume/childish over-sexualisation. It detracts from a great character, which is a real shame.


      I know I am late to the discussion but there are only two reasons I can think of why Kojima thought it would be a great idea for Quiet to be essentially naked:

      1. People will be more attached to her due to them at the end of her story missing having eye candy to constantly ogle at.

      2. It was to generate discussion in the community – Kojima does love to subvert expectations in order to make the community question the art and the medium in subject. Never has Kojima been so blatant and quick to defend his art (or an aspect of it) and it’s just baffling how wrong and misguided his counter claims were. “Antithesis of female character” he said, WTF?

      So, basically I believe both 1) and 2) is the case (doublethink), but all we know for fact is that Kojima is a very weird man…


    Looks really amazing! Very detailed.

  • MrVux007

    every time im customizing a gun in MGSV,i just have to listen to this old song …its sooo fitting for that moment ^^

    • Full Options
      • MrVux007

        A badass song from an badass movie

        • Full Options

          You wrote a badass statement, we should always play cool songs while playing badass games ! 😉

      • Spectralbuttplug

        Marilyn Manson ftw i remember insulting him lol but

        i was jk

  • Nice fan trailer:

    Robin Atkin Downes’ performance is so great in TPP.

    • Jav

      Man! Now I want to play this again.
      I’m still playing but not the episodes. Don’t know why.

    • Full Options

      Yeah, the more the shots are well designed / visually appealing (in terms of animations, camera angles, etc…), and also homogeneous thanks also of Hideo’s video composing great efforts, wider becomes the choice of music to stick to it. Besides our evident love for this title, it feels like we could bind many different cool music and it would still work, even for somebody that don’t know TPP.

    • SNKtheStampede

      Very nice! Also a rarity to see a MGS trailer only 1 min long. Brave and victorious choice!

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