Metal Gear Sahelanthropus Black Version by Kotobukiya available for pre-order now

Pre-orders for Kotobukiya’s black colored Metal Gear Sahelanthropus are now open. The package contains a plastic model kit, which you will have to put together yourself. Once assembled, it will measure around 355mm in height (1/100 scale), and it’ll come with four (unpainted) figurines: Venom Snake, Skull Face, Eli and Tretij Rebenok.



For people outside Japan, the figure can be ordered at CDJapan. The set will release in June of this year and will cost around €100.

Kotobukiya made a standard colored version earlier, which you can see here.

Source: Kotobukiya, CDJapan

  • No Place For Hayter

    I bet it’s much harder to put together than the standard coloured version.

  • Jav

    But we never saw that shield.

    • Solidus

      It appears when Eli escapes.

      • Jav


    • Tong Ninja

      The shield was there when Eli escapes from Motherbase with the child soldiers. The shield makes an appearance in the Mission 51 cutscene as well.

      I’m guessing Huey decided to make some improvements on ST-84 when Snake brought it back to Motherbase by adding a shield.

  • Mini gear

    It’s been a long time brothers. I’ve been in hiding heh, (hope no one forgot my existence )

    • Venom_Sina

      You’re one of the most important persons here.Nobody will forget you.
      Welcome back 🙂

      • Mini gear

        aww thanks, you guys are the best, glad you three and everyone are still here

        • Gatsu

          Yeah we never left, although I might not comment as much as before :).

      • Spectralbuttplug


    • Gatsu

      Hey another brother returned :), of course I haven’t forgotten you Mini :D. But I’ve missed you . I hope everything’s good with you guys, welcome back.

      • Mini gear

        everythings been pretty good, glad to see you guys again, thanks for the welcome gatsu ^_^

    • No Place For Hayter

      Nope, you are not forgetten 🙂 Welcome back to the land of the living, lol.

      • Mini gear

        that line just killed me lol, good to see ya brother

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Welcome back mate

  • Venom_Sina

    Oh,merchandise again…

  • Just logged in to re-follow Metal Gear Informer on Disqus after 8 months of complete self induced coma/blackout from the internet in order to avoid any possible spoiler on the Last Hideo Kojima Game published by Konami (…?) and with this one on the “humanoid version” of the Metal Gear Rex I’ve just finished to recover all the news I’ve lost during this period via the archive of this superb site which became more and more enjoyable thanks to the fans posting in it: btw, the new look is perfect 😉

    • Gatsu

      Good to have old brothers back :), so welcome again Joe. There must’ve been one hella amount of news to recover haha XD.

  • Gatsu

    Looks cool :).

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  • SNKtheStampede

    For those who missed that.

  • Danny Patten

    Donna going at it!

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