Price and release date announced for Kotobukiya’s Metal Gear Sahelanthropus

The Kotobukiya official website has been updated with more details and pictures of their Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, set for release in January of next year, at a price of 15,800 yen (a little over 130 USD or just below €120). This is a lot more affordable than Sentinel’s Sahelanthropus figure, but keep in mind Kotobukiya’s is a model kit that you have to build and paint yourself.

Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-22 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-21 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-20 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-19 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-18 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-17 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-16 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-15 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-14 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-13 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-12 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-11 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-10 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-9 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-8 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-7 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-6 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-5 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-4 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-3 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-2 Kotobukiya-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthropus-1

Product specs

Release month: January 2016
Scale: 1/100
Product size: Height approx 355mm
Price: 15,800 yen (excluding tax)
Product Specifications: Plastic
Number of parts: 401-600
Material: PS · PE · ABS
Prototype production: Moat Katsuhiko

Early buyers will also get a Sahelanthropus poster designed by Yoji Shinkawa (40 x 48 cm).


For more images of this figure, go here.

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Source: Kotobukiya Official Website, via

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