Sentinel Metal Gear Sahelanthropus – details and pictures

Sentinel, the company that created the iDroid iPhone cases and the bionic arm replicas, is currently making a Metal Gear Sahelanthropus figure, and will soon start taking pre-orders. The figure is highly detailed and movable, and it even comes equipped with a red LED light.

Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-1 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-13 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-12 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-11 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-10 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-8 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-9 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-7 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-6 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-5 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-4 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-3 Sentinel-Metal-Gear-Sahelanthrophus-2

Like in the game, it can alternate between regular and upright form.


In the following drawing, the red parts represent die-cast parts, while the green parts are nylon.


Here are some more specifications:

Price: 38,000 yen (excluding tax) ($317 USD / €284)
Material: ABS, PA, POM, die-cast 
Accessories: shield, Akiaru blade effect parts (2) 
Shoulder side armor left / right (RIOBOT original) 
Stand, test button battery (LR41 2 pieces) 
Top height: about 280mm 
Sale: will be released April 2016 
Design: Motoki Hiroyuki (T-REX) 
Coloring: Yoji Hayakawa (Sen-chineri)

Source: Ameblo, Sentinel

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