More info on playable Quiet and her abilities in upcoming Metal Gear Online DLC pack

In Designer’s Notes Volume 14 the developers provide some more details on Quiet as a playable character, that will be part of the new Metal Gear Online DLC expansion pack ‘Cloaked in Silence’, planned for release in March. Furthermore, the next update will also be making some changes to the game, based on player feedback.

Hi everyone! Welcome to Designer’s Notes Vol.14.

February matches continue as we dive once again into Cloak & Dagger with the ESL Tournament. We received a lot of good feedback about playing competitively in this mission type and thought we’d give it another try. With only a few weekends left to this first ESL tournament, be sure to sign up your team and earn some bonus GP rewards!

In the next update we’re preparing some changes to match respawns. Many of these changes are generated through regularly evaluated feedback we receive from players.

The biggest change we’re making is how player suicide or being fultoned affects a respawn. Currently, a player under these conditions, can choose their own respawn point among all available, however after the update we’re limiting a player respawn to HQ alone. BOUNTY HUNTER is a mission that is heavily dependent on fulton gameplay, but making this change will add new fulton tactics to multiple mission types by forcing enemy players to the HQ point upon respawn.

Speaking of other missions, we are making additional changes to respawn locations when playing COMM CONTROL. Currently, a player can respawn at any Comm Link location that’s captured by their team. Even if an enemy player is inside that Comm Link about to recapture it, you can still respawn at that location and get the drop on an enemy. This felt a bit frantic, and forced players into a stressful situation when claiming a Comm Link, even if they managed to overtake the enemy upon entering it. After the update, if an enemy player is in the middle of recapturing your team’s Comm Link, you can no longer choose that location as a respawn point, but now must make your way to reclaim your threatened Comm Link.

Another issue the players alerted us was a team without any captured Comm Links would be forced to spawn at their HQ, resulting in excessive spawn camping with little means of defense or escape. In order to resolve this, we have added alternate spawn points besides captured Comm Links or the HQ, forcing opposing teams to engage from multiple directions.


Moving the topic to our upcoming DLC [EXPANSION PACK “CLOAKED IN SILENCE”], we want to share some more info about Quiet, our new Unique Character included in this DLC. As most of you are aware, Quiet is a very skilled sniper.
In MGO, she will carry on that special skillset from the single player. More specifically, she will have an aim that’s almost perfectly accurate in both third person and first person with minimum to no camera sway. This means she has superior skill handling her Sniper Rifle even in close/mid range proximity.


Quiet’s exceptional movement speed allows her to sprint infinitely in MGO. On top of this, a temporary sprint boost to her already fast speed and added cloaking effect is activated while sprinting by pressing down the left stick. Keep in mind that this temporary boost has a cooldown, so you will need to decide the best situation to use it.


Her quick movement speed also allows her to jump to the tops of ladders and up to high platforms. You can fully see these skills in action when playing in maps with multi-level verticality.


As you all know, Quiet will not speak. This means she won’t have any spoken dialogue in her Preset Radio, however, in exchange she utilizes a variety of humming noises to communicate.
There are more exciting features playing as Quiet, but we’ll keep those qui…a secret until release.

That’s it for Vol.14, check back next week for more Designer’s Notes.
We hope you’re all excited for the new update and DLC, but until then thank you for your continued support of MGO!

Source: MGSV official site

  • Venom_Sina

    “We hope you’re all excited for the new update and DLC”…
    I am not excited at all,lol.Sorry I had to do it,lol.

    • Full Options

      Ya, time for some solo news now… Dunno, anything related to either a story expansion for V or even some hints about VI’s planning.

      I mean sorry guys but WTF items like the MF “Appeal packs” have something to do with a MGS !?!
      I know Hideo is not there anymore, but seeing MGS6 turn into some kind of dance game would literally finish to kill me.

      I mean look at this cr.p… xD

      • Steel Wolf

        i kinda wish there more taunts in the game other than saluting, but wtf are we charged for them?!

        • Full Options

          Yeah, actually they should pay us hard bucks to dress and dance that ridiculously… xD

          • Steel Wolf

            War has changed…..the power rangers are involved now…

          • Full Options

            Exactly, would have been ok if at least it was

          • Steel Wolf

            while it is fun, its needless like…..ryu in smash bros.

      • Venom_Sina

        They included some Dance Dance Revolution DLC in a MG game,lol.

        • Full Options

          What’s sad is that part of the audience will discover METAL GEAR this way.

      • Biggy

        I find that pretty funny but no hideo means no more good mgs formula to me. He has the exact recipe for his game. Just playing it you can tell hideo created it, it just has a certain classical feel to it. Not saying he didn’t have a team responsible but he’s the brain!!!

    • Arnaldo Castillo

      oh yeah? why?

      • Venom_Sina

        Cause it doesn’t have anything worth of excitement imo.

        • Grandalf

          And what do you want? This will be a very great update ( a lot of new things, improvements, Sabotage mode, fixes etc ) and the DLC with 3 new maps, Quiet and Survival mode. If this dont excite you a bit just stop playing coz the actual game is broken as hell and, sometimes, boring

        • Arnaldo Castillo

          what would make it worth the excitement in your opinion?

          • Venom_Sina

            Working on MGO doesn’t make it better imo,cause it’s broken badly.They should work on some single player stuff instead.You know new side ops would be cool.At least it’s better than unbalanced online mode.

          • hunner

            Exactly. Adding more content to MGO is pointless since it’s so damn broken.

          • RevolverRoden

            Just posted this, but the update isn’t just more content. there’s a balance patch too

          • Venom_Sina

            I hope we just see some balance patch,too.At this point,all I can do about it is hope,lol.

          • RevolverRoden

            There will be a balance patch with the DLC. They’ve been talking about it for a while.
            Also the game is a lot more balanced now than it was when it first released anyway so it’s not even broken anymore.

          • RevolverRoden

            You do realize that the update has balance changes so it’s NOT unbalanced anymore… lol

          • Arnaldo Castillo

            I personally enjoyed it have you been able to check out the MGS podcast?

          • Venom_Sina

            Unfortunately no,but tomorrow will be weekend here,so I will definitely check out your work.Thanks.

    • Biggy

      That makes 2 of us….

  • Tong Ninja
    • Full Options

      Sounds Goooooood… 😀

    • Venom_Sina


    • Gatsu

      Yeeeeay <3 !

    • Biggy

      Yessss walking dead plus metal gear solid plus zone of the enders plus silent hill

  • Steel Wolf

    i see soooo many problems with this update…
    first of all, by bringing a player all the way back to hq after a fulton or suicide is stupid because regardless of the fight being too close or too far way, this not only limits the player, but throws him out of the fight, making his contribution to the fight take longer and making the buddy spawnpoint useless.
    2- while its good to have more spawn points in comms control, having a player being unable to spawn to his comm point if an enemy is remotely near, it ruins the game mode, since now it’ll be easier for the enemy to capture points. the only to remedy this is making capturing points slower,which makes it worse.
    And finally, quiet is too op with the ability to infinitely run and be faster. they’ll probably nerf her later, but make her run slightly faster, ans slightly longer, but not infinite.
    so, rants over. sorry, but im still a little bit salty that their not focusing on important things, like lag spikes, cqc lag, and nerfing every weapon BUT THE BASIC ARMS ASSAULT RIFLE WHICH KILLS ANYONE IN A FEW HITS!!!

    • RevolverRoden

      That’s pretty much the point of the fulton spawn change. Rewards fultons and makes it a lot worse to get fultoned now because you have to spawn all the way back in HQ.
      And the comm control changes are good too. That’s how it was in Peace walker online and i think mgo2. Makes it less run and gunny and adds more strategy. Makes it so you don’t just mindlessly jump and and you have to be more careful when trying to defend your base since you know you wont be able to spawn close if you die.

      But yeah the assault rifle is too good. Too accurate too for an assault rifle. The patch is gonna nerf all body damage though so you wont die as fast

      • Steel Wolf

        that’s a good point, but you’re punished enough for suicides (i see alot of idiots who throw grenades too close when they have demolition lv.3), so fulton makes more sense with this mechanic. Also, theres no general counter part of getting as many points for lethal, as much as non lethal. you get 400+ points for knocking out and fultoning someone, while the best you can do is 200 points lethal if you’re lucky to get a headshot. So if players are complaining about losing because someone threw an E.Locator so much that they have to nerf it because its a ‘Scoring Strategy’, they need to think a little bit more. plus from what i’ve seen, bounty hunter is not a fulton dependant game mode, because noone uses it! (or at least properly) everyone just shoots and you’ll always get a guy who hides in the back to get a cheap stun and fulton you, and unless your buddy is your actual friend, noones goes to save you, even if you have a high bounty and your team loses because of it. i’ve seen guys look directly under their fultoned comrade and just walk away, or friends from opposite teams kill them to keep the game normally (kinda the reason that got patched, cos to be honest, if a fulton wasnt worth 450 points, noone would care about stealing fulton kills)

  • I would like to see connection pings in lobbies, to avoid massive lag, lag is killing this game and makes me sick what happens when playing normally and suddently, BANG, killed by someone who lagged badly (grabs from 3-5 meters, headshoots when you are diving, people who shoots you without weapons on their arms, etc). 🙁

  • James

    I wish we could free roam as Quiet with those abiities in the main game open world maps!

    • Raven_Sorrow


  • Jav

    Is this going to be like when snake and ocelot are activated? People will pay for using a character and maybe they won’t have the luck.

  • Morty Bullock

    I still Wish there is an co-op option. how cool it would be to play sneaky missions with your friends

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