Metal Gear Online DLC Cloaked in Silence now available

Today is the release of Cloaked in Silence, Metal Gear Online’s first DLC. For €/$3.99 you’ll have access to three new multiplayer maps and Quiet as a playable character. Konami has released an 715MB update in tandem with this DLC bringing lots of changes and additions, for more details go here.

From the official press release:

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. announced today that the ‘CLOAKED IN SILENCE’ DLC campaign for METAL GEAR ONLINE, the dedicated, squad-based multi-player component of the best-selling METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN, is now available. The ‘CLOAKED IN SILENCE’ Expansion Pack includes three new maps (CORAL COMPLEX, RUST PALACE, AZURE MOUNTAIN) and a new character, Quiet.

Players who purchase the ‘CLOAKED IN SILENCE’ Expansion Pack will also have unlimited access to SURVIVAL, a new win-streak mode arriving April 7th. All players can also try out the new maps for free in SURVIVAL matches, with a limit of 10 attempts per week (the number of free available attempts will reset every Tuesday during the scheduled maintenance).

Aside from the Cloaked in Silence DLC, players will also be able to purchase ‘Appeal Actions‘, special motions you can make with your online character.

  • SNKtheStampede

    The trailer has a nice ending! Didn’t expect that.

  • Mago Som

    we miss work to play.
    it’s a fuc**ng addiction

  • ObsessedGeorge

    The first non Kojima directed/edited trailer has been born!

    • Rob

      Er…it wouldn’t be the first.

    • Schmojima

      Yes, and I honestly think that this looked pretty darn cheap, don’t you think?
      I really felt that it wasn’t a trailer Kojima oversaw even a second… :/

      • JJBYACH

        Really? I thought it was an extremely faithful imitation of TPP’s cinematic direction – just look at the Quiet cutscenes in the trailer: it has the shaky cam, the pointless zoom ins, the anime extravagant camera movements accompanied by slow motion used for dramatic effect. The only noticeable difference is these scenes have a much more immediate pacing than TPP by increasing the amount of jump cuts and overall flow of the scene – which makes it seem less polished and more rushed (because it’s a trailer scene not an actual cutscene to appear on the game). Other than that, if I didn’t know any better I would of thought Kojima directed those scenes himself.

        The rest of the trailer however is standard AAA game multiplayer DLC advertisement.

      • Janeo

        I feel like trailers that that aren’t done by kojima aren’t really given a chance, I remember the gameplay trailer that wasn’t done by Kojima and people complained about the trailer after finding that out. It’s not just for metal gear or even video games, if something isn’t done by the oringal creator or its given to another company it doesn’t get a chance from a lot of people.

  • Jav

    There is a big difference between this trailer and the mgo reveal. Until the quiet moments. They should do dlc for the single player. With cutscenes.

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  • Say what you will. That’s some good DLC price right there.


    Damn. Was not expecting cutscenes to be in the trailer, and be as well presented – I really wish they added story DLC. I wanna play as Quiet in Afghanistan leading up to her first encounter with Venom since the hospital. They don’t even have to record any lines for her – just facial and motion capture some cutscenes… Is that too much to ask?

    • Jav

      It’s not too much.

      • JJBYACH

        Yet again, when has Konami ever understood the concept of rational thought?

  • Gatsu

    That trailer was pretty cool and it does have a cheap price. But not sure will I buy as I’m busy with other games 🙂 and not a huge addict of MGO. Single player DLC of her would be awesome too, but it’s not gonna happen.

    Off-topic, I’ve been listening soundtracks from older games and when heard Debriefing it still give the feels…so beautiful . I think this calls for another replay of MGS3 :D.

    • Mini gear

      single player dlc would be great, that last scene made me imagine a cool reunion dlc mission set that would’ve been cool, but konami keeps messing around >.>

    • Is the magic of Tappy’s MGS motif

  • moto hellogoto

    how do I play as Quiet?

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