Watch Hideo Kojima’s DICE Summit Talk here

Watch the 45-minute DICE talk by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.


Stream also available here: TwitchHitbox, IGN, Polygon

Kojima will also receive a Hall of Fame Award during the 19th Annual DICE Awards, taking place 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • i’m not really sure what time it should be starting based on my time but i’m waiting (while they play buffalo soldier)

    • It should’ve started already by according to Geoff Keighley it’s been delayed…

    • wait, what. delayed as in, not today, or delayed as in a couple of minutes ?!

  • Ardens Anima


  • Guys, Kojima is teasing the game. Look at his hands.. Eyes…

    • It was for a Pan’s Labyrinth reference. 😛

      • Yeah. I saw that. Really liked that.

  • We need a video of Del Toro and Kojima doing anime karaoke together.

    • hahahaha yeah, that was too funny

  • I enjoyed watching this.Kojima said on twitter that he has doe with 3 interviews. Wanna see them.
    So far it is confirmed that he is going to work on a big game but he also confirmed that he wants to make a game with a super-small team.

    I want to know more.

    • Ardens Anima

      Sounds interesting.
      I really look forward to whatever he creates next!

  • Guillermo is such a great guy.

    • Venom_Sina

      I loved his honesty.He’s such a cool and honest guy.He’s great.

  • oh i wish it was longer, it passed so quick

    anyway, it was a lot of fun listening to these two and seeing how big friends they are, i look forward to whatever they work in together because it’s obvious they would make something eventually.

  • BurntFM


  • Spectralbuttplug

    Off Topic:Did anyone watch this trailer?Also i would like to see a guts vs punisher fight and doesn’t Zero stay in hell’s kitchen lol?

  • MrVux007

    Holy crap,i replayed Guillermo-s speech 3 times already….such an nice speech! Congrats Kojima!

  • Danny Patten

    I’m amazed by that Bromance those two have going on. I cracked up when they started talking about singing Anime songs together and exchanging toys…like can they get anymore awesome? YES, they can…clearly…

    • Danny Patten

      Quote of the year:
      > “It’s only limited by the bastards with money”
      – Del Toro

  • Eugene Voldo

    “I feel extremely free right now. I am trying to make a big game with a very small team. I am doing exactly what I want to do,” Kojima said.

    You know, I think he’s going in the wrong direction. Big game with a small team is a disaster. If you’re project manager or director your first task is to realistically judge your resources and abilities. “I WANT TO CREATE SKYRIM WITH 15 PEOPLE IN MY STUDIO!” – that’s what it sounds like. My opinion: small game for small developer is good enough. There’s nothing bad about small games. Personally, I love projects like Ys, Legend of Grimrock, Amnesia, etc. In my eyes small focused experiences are always better than AAA big games created with lowest common denominator. But it looks like Kojima still going for this AAA-moniker.

    • Well did he say he is going to create a triple-A game?
      I’m sure it’s gonna take a couple of years until he releases his game anyway, and I guess along the way he will hire more staff so starting off with a small team shouldn’t be that crucial.

      • Eugene Voldo

        I have only read his speech. So I don’t know what exactly he meant by “big game”, but I suppose he is thinking about creating something big like MG. The problem is, we all love MG as FF fans love Final Fantasy. And even if Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of FF, creates another RPG series, they will still love FF. Same with us.

        About development time. Kojima said that he spends 3-4 years on one game. So your estimation is slightly off. We will probably see his new game in 2019 at best.

    • XOF

      Big game could mean a linear AAA game. Something like The Last of Us or Uncharted 1-3 in terms of scale. I don’t think he will create a big open world game …

      When he created MGS1, he had a pretty small team. Although technology was different back then. We’ll have to wait and see …

    • Spectralbuttplug


      • Eugene Voldo

        …fuck Big Medic!

        • Spectralbuttplug

          Hail big medic and fuck y.. Woah woah woah i was joking here

          • Eugene Voldo

            Now that I think about it, the phrase “fuck Big Medic” can be interpreted as “fuck you”, since Kojima’s twist was all about you/me/him, the player in the end. So yeah, I’m sorry for my words. From now on I’m going to say “fuck MGSV story”. It’s more polite.

          • Spectralbuttplug

            Yeah but you were talking on AAA games.

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  • Gatsu

    This was so enjoyable to watch, I love these guys :D.

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