Kojima: I would definitely like to explore horror as a theme

In an interview with Polygon, Hideo Kojima (through his translator) talked about his plans for the future and the new studio. When asked about whether something like PT or Silent Hills will ever be made by him, he responded:

“PT in a way for us was also an experiment to understand many things. Silent Hills I don’t think that will ever happen, but you know, I would definitely like to explore horror. And by horror I don’t mean horror as a genre, but more like the feeling of horror, the terror as a theme, as a topic. […] After PT there were similar games that were released or being developed, so personally I wouldn’t want to do something that is in that same tone. I would prefer to do something that takes a different approach, that takes a different perspective to it.”


Kojima couldn’t say too much about his breakup with Konami, but he did say that he wants to move on. “To be honest, I don’t want to look back, I just want to move forward.”

The game designer is currently still in the process of setting up his new studio Kojima Productions. “I’m putting together a team, a staff, and I’m working on facilities, we’re working on what kind of engine we’re going to have, we’re working on establishing the environment for the studio, doing the planning for a project, doing technology testing, and the thing is I’m doing all this in parallel, I’m trying to do this on a vertical grove, so it’s really, really busy these days.”

As for the team itself, Kojima stated that it is ‘slowly, slowly expanding.’

For more information from this interview (and others), go here.

Source: Polygon Newsworthy, via GamingBolt, metalgearsolid.be

  • Tong Ninja

    Understandable that he can’t do Silent Hills anymore …. but I do wish to know what ideas/concepts he had in mind for Silent Hills. Because Silent Hills was going to be very different from P.T.

    “As for the team itself, Kojima stated that it is ‘slowly, slowly expanding.’ ”
    Better start fultoning people to your studio then! 😛

    • Biggy

      No wormhole devices in the real world

  • Terror as a theme would be awesome as hell. Terror + human evolution and Kojima can destroy our hearts.

    I’m glad that P.T. was an experiment. Since the discussion when he was still in Konami, I always said that I don’t want Hideo to make a horror game as a new Ip. I always wanted a sci-fi or cyberpunk game but with horror as a theme. Maybe with horror elements in to it and ofc lot’s of Stealth gameplay.

    So Terror, horror, human evolution, sci-fi… damn Feels so Great to be independent these days. 😀

    • Serpent

      Stop teasing my imagination!

  • SaladinSilver

    I fucking love how Kojima is still thinking about exploring different topics instead of rinsing and repeating what he did or others did in the past. One of the biggest reasons why i fucking respect the guy.


    Interesting – “explore horror as a theme”. I expect nothing less from Kojima.

    Hope whatever he is working on incorporates horror in a sci-fi setting, preferably body horror (Paz’s story in MGSV was so damn perfect due to its subtle build up the excellent use of body horror in its ending to drive the nail deeper – I was spoiled already that Paz was a hallucination but that scene still had me literally gripping my chair).

    I know this is a long shot but I wouldn’t put it beneath Kojima, as Psycho mantis already kinda did this but:
    I also like the concept of a game having a sort of existential crisis (MGS2, The Stanley Parable, Life is Strange – to an extent), told mostly through the game mechanics (since he is allegedly developing for only one platform it would be easier to create hardware specific instances), like imagine a boss that decides to hold your PS4 Hard drive hostage, threatening to delete your save game(s) if you don’t do what it wants (of course it doesn’t delete anything even if you fail – but at the time you don’t know that). Something like that can only be done in a game, creating horror that transcends the game space and into the living room, bringing you into an unprecedented level of immersion as both you and the protagonist are synonymously trying to defeat this boss or event or whatever for asymmetrical, parallel or even tangential reasons.

    I know it’s unlikely and would piss another of people off (even if it was just an empty bluff – people don’t like to be threatened; virtually and physically: I get that) but let me live in it…

    • Alex

      Dude that sounds like an amazing idea and its not too far off from when everybody thought their console was really glitching in Batman Arkham Asylum and was legitimately afraid for their console for a second or two. I can definitely see Kojima doing something “like” that along with using PS4 specific features to great affect, like having a voice scare the crap out of you from the controller speaker at just the precise moment. Now that I think about it, it was a missed opportunity not to have “04862” or whatever number come out of the controller.

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Cant wait when Kojimas trolling finally starts 😀

    • Daburcor

      Implying it ever rests. 😉

  • Daburcor

    Well, even disregarding P.T. for a moment, The Phantom Pain had some truly gripping horror moments in it (as have most MGS games, honestly), so I believe Kojima is very capable of using horror to incredible effect. Especially if he’s just left to do his own thing without someone above him telling him what to do, what to tone down, what to push, etc. I’m very excited to see what he does next.

    • Full Options

      From now on, I will blindly upvote all comments sealed with this Gif… xD

      • BurntFM

        Even if the comment is something like….
        “I like to punch puppies in the face!!! >:[ ” ?????

        • Full Options

          xD Yeah =O, this Gif is Supernatural enough for that too…
          I mean look at Andy’s face during the handshake.. 😀

          Sorry, poor puppies, I am just like hypnotized / possessed…


      Thank God gif’s auto repeats or my fingers would probably hurt from spamming the replay button.

  • Biggy

    Kojima can do anything he’s like Andrew Lincoln in the Walking Dead

  • Dr. Blowfish

    I really hope Kojima doesn’t make a horror game, not because It wouldn’t be good, but it is really not my preference. I’m all for a game that has horror elements at some points, but I don’t find full on horror games fun. I hope Kojima, in his next game, refines the episodic nature of TPP. I feel that he really got it right in TPP, but it fell short due to lack of variety and a disappointing ending. Episodic, long and unique missions in a massive open world is , in my opinion, the perfect formula for a wonderful game, along with good story, gameplay, and characters, of course.

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