Kojima visits Platinum Games and meets up with Minami and Kamiya

Earlier this week Kojima took a trip to Osaka to visit gaming studio Platinum Games, a studio he collaborated with to create Metal Gear Rising Revengeance back in 2013. During his visit he met up with Hideki Kamiya and Tatsuya Minami. Kojima didn’t elaborate on the purpose of this trip.

"Visited Platinum Games."
“Visited Platinum Games.”

Kojima-Visits-Platinum-Games-2 Kojima-Visits-Platinum-Games-3 Kojima-Visits-Platinum-Games-4

"With Kamiya-san."
“With Kamiya-san.”
"Dinner with Minami-san."
“Dinner with Minami-san.”
"Hideo Kojima X Tatsuya Minami (Platinum Games) tonight." - Ayako
“Hideo Kojima X Tatsuya Minami (Platinum Games) tonight.” – Ayako

Last week Kojima also attended Platinum Games’ 10th Anniversary party.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

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