Kojima visits Platinum Games and meets up with Minami and Kamiya

Earlier this week Kojima took a trip to Osaka to visit gaming studio Platinum Games, a studio he collaborated with to create Metal Gear Rising Revengeance back in 2013. During his visit he met up with Hideki Kamiya and Tatsuya Minami. Kojima didn’t elaborate on the purpose of this trip.

"Visited Platinum Games."
“Visited Platinum Games.”

Kojima-Visits-Platinum-Games-2 Kojima-Visits-Platinum-Games-3 Kojima-Visits-Platinum-Games-4

"With Kamiya-san."
“With Kamiya-san.”
"Dinner with Minami-san."
“Dinner with Minami-san.”
"Hideo Kojima X Tatsuya Minami (Platinum Games) tonight." - Ayako
“Hideo Kojima X Tatsuya Minami (Platinum Games) tonight.” – Ayako

Last week Kojima also attended Platinum Games’ 10th Anniversary party.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • Biggy

    I need a new game Kojima. It doesn’t have to be metal gear solid VI. (At least not now) just give me somethingggggg I’m dying here

    • It won’t be MGS6, we can be certain of that.

    • Danny Patten

      lol…tough luck. We prolly won’t see a game from him and his new studio in at least 2 years, unless it is some small mobile game. But a grand new IP…yeah…not anytime soon! Sadly, I’m with you though 🙂

      • We will see first results by the end of this year. That’s for sure. Kojima will show smth.

    • XOF

      I would heavily recommend that you look forward to the games that are coming out this year because Kojima’s new game won’t be out for a while ….

  • Plissken

    Glad he’s keeping the beard

  • Danny Patten

    The moment you realize that you’re 28 and fan-girling over a man in his 50s…BUT…I’m not ashamed.

    • vic boss

      Lol , I’m a male and 20 and I fan-girl for him too :p !!

    • BurntFM

      No shame in that. This guy is older than 28 and he is seriously crushing on Kojima like “Senpai noticed me!!!” levels of man crushing.


      • Mago Som

        this guy is only ensuring a possible job in Kojima-San team

    • Gatsu

      LOL xD, yea I’m not ashamed either. Fan-girling ftw O/.

      • [MSF]Vinicius

        Don’t forget me! i’m not ashamed either!!
        Kojima Senpai <3 ♥

  • SNKtheStampede

    Speaking of Platinum, I’m waiting for Nier: Automata! I’m now playing the first Nier. I would have finished it already if it wasn’t for FOB event… I’m racing to be in the top 100 so to gain the silver Snake nameplate. Speaking of Nier, it certainly has some original gimmick in certain gameplay section, setting and enemies’ design; it’s a nice piece of game but I admit I looked into it only because I’d heard of Platinum games handling the sequel. Such a big fan since Clover Studio times: Okami, Viewtful Joe, GodHand, ahh… great, great games. And than with Platinum we had Vanquish, Bayonetta, Anarchy Reigns, MGR, and other lesser scale but not less fun games. I really hope for a future collaboration with KP!

  • vic boss

    Saw the new pythonselkan video and while some things they say doesn’t make sense at least not to me , by the end I got chills , they have made me believe that maybe it’s not over yet. I mean it’s kinda dumb that if Activision and EA and Disney won’t be at e3 and konami Will well I don’t think that makes sense , I mean being there just for PES. I truly hope they’ll be showing something new about the single player of Mgsv it would be awesome although its too far fetched, but one can dream at least.

  • Big Bosch
    • stocchinet .

      Where’s rexo?

      • XOF

        Top right corner

        • Spectralbuttplug


  • Spectralbuttplug

    Off Topic:Can someone explain me why the fuck mgs fans don’t accept that venom is big boss and naked is big boss too?

    • André Sineiro

      Because Naked Snake is the same person as Big Boss. Venon Snake is the medic, not the same person as Naked Snake.

      • He is no longer ‘the medic’ in TPP. That person has ceased to exist after GZ, and in TPP he embodies the concept of Big Boss.

        • André Sineiro

          But still, it’s not the same person. He’s like a concept of BigBoss

          • Yeah it’s not about them being the same person physically.

          • Jak

            Big Boss is a title, a legend-they already made that clear in 4 as Zero was the one in charge but used BB as a figurehead.

            …and then Naked Snake confirms it with his tape to Venom-they’re both big boss, as is the player.

            You’re kinda misunderstanding the underlying identity theme of the entire main series if you don’t get that.

      • Spectralbuttplug

        Dude what you’re eating is bullshit in my eyes.Venom snake forgot his memories.And when he knew the truth he still supported naked snake who said that big boss is not a fucking person himself(he got the codename first so…)
        Also venom did a lot of badass shit and controlled his emotions when he had to finish the mutated strain of parasites. He deserved that title even though hypnosis was why he was cool since the hypnosis could have failed.
        Also Im sorry for the ill mannered language here and I know some punctuations are missing.
        Much respect

        • JJBYACH

          What the…? I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be condescending but don’t get what you are saying at all – Big Boss is nothing but a title that is passed on (a meme), so Venom through his actions in the game inherited and deserves the title of Big Boss, therefore he is Big Boss? And anyone who disagrees that Venom doesn’t deserve or doesn’t even have the title of Big Boss is stupid? Have I just misinterpreted what you meant?

          If that is what your argument is very confusing – no one I’ve ever seen has said that Venom doesn’t have the codename Big Boss. Venom was forcibly subjected to becoming the memetic embodiment of Big Boss – he literally became Big Boss. This is a fact that I haven’t seen anyone ever (like seriously EVER) oppose this. Seriously, please link me to someone saying that Big Boss didn’t *become* Big Boss (yes, literally he isn’t the same person as Naked Snake, who went on to become a twisted and misinterpreted embodiment if the Boss’ meme. That is also a fact).

          I think you are greatly misinterpreting what other people are saying – those people are probably just saying that Big Boss the person (not the concept, idea and/or meme), is physically not the same as Venom Snake the person. Which is also a fact.

          Big Boss = genetic human being + idea (consciousness), Venom Snake became that consciousness but can never have the same genes as Big Boss. The same applies to all humans as well.

          It should also be noted that we the player become the idea of Big Boss as well as Venom – because we are Venom.

          • Spectralbuttplug


          • Spectralbuttplug

            Its just that people write sentences like this “big boss and venom” when it should have been “John/Naked and venom”

          • JJBYACH

            Let me rephrase what I wrote – I did a shit job of making my point clear, sorry about that.

            I guess going by the logic that Venom Snake is Big Boss and Naked Snake is also Big Boss, as you can see it’s the same thing either way. Venom and Naked Snake are both titled Big Boss, they are essentially the same person mentally, so it is correct to say “Big Boss and Venom” as well as “Naked Snake and Big Boss (Venom)”.

            The reason why people don’t call Venom Big Boss is because it’s damn confusing as the name Big Boss now applies to 2 people – if I say “I love Big Boss’ facial expressions”, which Big Boss am I talking about, Venom or Naked Snake? You see my point? It’s really confusing if 2 people have the same name and one is mentioned but you don’t know who.

            It’s not that people don’t get that Venom is BB, it just makes more sense to identify him by something that differentiates him from the other guy who goes by the same name.

          • JJBYACH

            Oh, I see. I did misread what you wrote, sorry.

            It’s not that people don’t know or don’t get that Venom and Big Boss are the same people (mentally: physically they are not the same people), it’s just makes it easier to write and understand. Here’s an example:

            “I love Big Boss’ facial expressions”. Which Big Boss am I talking about, Venom or Naked Snake – it could be any. You see the confusion.

            People also write “Big Boss and Venom” rather than Naked Snake and Venom because up until MGSV there has been only one Big Boss – MGS fans have spent nearly 30 years calling him Big Boss as that was his name and his name only and nearly everyone (ignore MGS3) called Big Boss. People just prefer to call Naked Snake Big Boss because we’ve been calling him that for years.

            So, Big Boss is both Venom and Naked Snake (mentally). If I say “Big Boss and Venom”, you know exactly who both Big Boss’ are, as they are only 2 Big Boss’. So I really don’t see the issue. There is nothing wrong with calling Naked Snake Big Boss and not doing the same to Venom, I don’t like calling Venom Big Boss as I’ve grown up to know Naked Snake as Big Boss, they’re the same person (kinda) so it doesn’t really matter.

    • MrVux007


      • Spectralbuttplug

        But venom and naked are both Big Boss and that’s a fact
        You cant change a fact with fucking opinions

        • MrVux007

          Even tho i agree with you,that is still our “opinion”.And you know what they say about opinions :

          – “One man’s opinion,is other man’s poison”

          You can find people who make good points about them being the same person,but you can also find people who make good points about them being completely different people…So try to respect that mate,no matter how silly or stupid it may sound to you.

          In the end of the day,the only opinion that truly matters is your own.

          – “Remember that young,grasshopper…”

  • Mago Som

    Nice place to live…

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Off Topic:My cousin’s wife Karen was born there.They both live in Australia but when she goes in Osaka to meet her (japanese) relatives I get to see pics and dang I can see Osaka is beautifulllllll.Hell If i get enough money I may try to immigrate either there or Sweden or Denmark 🙂

  • Gatsu

    Great to see them together like this :).

  • MrVux007
  • ScarredBushido

    man he looks so happy. i reckon he may do a project with platinum games since he is independent.

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