Hideo Kojima: I’m back in the field

A couple of days ago Kojima flew to the US and met up with Mark Cerny on a ‘secret location’, as he puts it himself. Today, he and his assistant Ayako shared some pictures of Kojima in what appears to be the performance capture studio from Sony he visited earlier this year.

"Nice weather"
“Nice weather”
"With Mark-san from a secret location."
“With Mark-san from a secret location.”

Today, these the following two pictures were posted by Kojima and Ayako.

"I'm back in the field!"
“I’m back in the field!”
"Yes, Hideo Kojima is back in the field. Look forward to what's coming the next!" - Ayako
“Yes, Hideo Kojima is back in the field. Look forward to what’s coming the next!” – Ayako

Does this mean he started doing the first experiments for his next project?

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • Spectralbuttplug
  • Spectralbuttplug
  • Crazyboi_06

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  • Crazyboi_06


    • Spectralbuttplug

      And Fuck caps lock

      • Crazyboi_06


  • Project Siren

    Guys this. It’s Norman Reedus!

    • MichaelPayneV


    • MrVux007

      Here’s hoping they are indeed working together

    • Spectralbuttplug

      Honestly Im fed up of theories
      Lets hope its true

    • Gatsu

      I hope so :D!

    • kek

  • “Does this mean he started doing the first experiments for his next project?”

    Yeah. Experiments and technology testing at best. He is still searching for a lot of things. The game is in the concept stage at best but it’s cool that things are shaping up.

    When I see guys like Naughty Dog having it’s own mo-cap studio and Kojima not… It’s going to be hard for him always going to Sony HQ from JP to make some things.

    • MrVux007

      You never know,ND and Kojima Productions might team up.
      That would be a dream team if i ever saw one.Especially when they are the most innovative developers in the industry.

      PS I just noticed you are an LOL player.What server are you on?
      If you are by any chance on Nordic & East pls let me know. 🙂

    • Full Options

      I am not sure but Koji-Pro may sub-contract directly one or more Sony’s studios as part of their agreements, depending the needed tasks.
      If you take a look at any big game projects, there are always tons of third party studios in the credits, whether for cut-scenes, special effects, or even code services… Here, I am quite confident that we’ll have various SCEI first party ones !! Let’s pray brothas and sistas !

      • You are 100% right on this. Even previous Hideo Kojima games had tons of third party studios in the credits.

        • Full Options

          And on top of the next title credits, this precious sentence shall return :

    • Tong Ninja

      haha you sound so worried about him. Yes he doesn’t have the resources he had previously but he’s a veteran game developer … he can take care of himself. A good game developer is able to adapt and find new ways to create a game. 🙂

      And yeah, sounds like he is in the concept stage which is what we should expect. Be patient and we should look forward to the games coming out this year!

  • Full Options

    THyX Ayako, so IT IS a tech visit ! Yeeeeah !

  • proceeder

    Commencing operation Juice Box.

  • Nekkedsnake

    I love when Kojima posts pics like this. Definitely means he’s up to something. Scouting for locations. Testing out tech. Working with other studios to clean more knowledge. He’s awesome at doing this. And taking his fans along for the ride with these photos.

  • Icosikaidigon

    Watch out for enemy snipers.

  • César H. Sandoval


  • Gatsu

    I’m glad we can follow his news updates again on twitter of the developing process, can’t wait to see what happens :D.

  • MrVux007

    Ready for another one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4wWMe85Dgo

  • Daburcor

    $10 says he caught a rare Reedus.

  • Full Options

    Kojima Productions new factory…

  • John

    “Does this mean he started doing the first experiments for his next project?”

    yep, he is already working on chapter 3 of mgs;v

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  • Alex

    But which Sony studio?


    Great news! Now we have to wait and see what game will deliver us.

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