Gecco unveils Venom Snake and DD Puppy statues

Gecco Corp has unveiled a new statue they are currently working on: a 1/6 Venom Snake sculpted by Shinya Yamaoka. Currently there’s only an unpainted work in progress picture, but the company said they’ll release a color sample soon.


Furthermore, they have announced that if you buy both Venom Snake and Quiet, you’ll get a (1/6 scale) statue of DD as a puppy for free.

Gecco-Puppy-DD-Campaign Gecco-Puppy-DD-1 Gecco-Puppy-DD-2



Source: Gecco Press Release, Gecco Official Website, Gecco Facebook

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    HOLLY SH.T, this Snake is just perfect… (O__O)
    Do we know if Yamaoka is working on top / received official DCC-CG meshes from Konami for him to refine (I am wondering, seeing at that great level of detail..) ?
    Thanks for sharing !

  • Venom_Sina

    DD is nice,but I think an adult DD is cooler than young DD.

  • Spiderman

    Might just get this. But I reaaaally want Hot Toys to make a TPP range

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    *Off topic* Ayako just announced a Hideo live Q&A session on 19 May at NG16 in Sweden :

    People can try to ask questions to Hideo (he’ll answer to selected ones on stage) by sending them to this address :

  • XIFF-5

    Finally a statue of Snake that looks like him! Gecco are the best in detailed statues <3
    Snake looks awesome! When can i pre-order Snake?

    • Spiderman

      I agree, other than this piece, it seems no other company can get his face right

    • Full Options

      Exactly my thoughts… 😀 This statue matches so 1:1 the game’s mesh, wow…

  • Jav

    I wish we could have a belt with the gun in the game.

  • Big Bosch

    Still though, doesn’t beat my Kotobukiya Sahelanthropus (try saying that fast 3 times).
    I bought it in Delft.
    Painted everything but the camouflage pattern (because that’s easy to screw up, and this is my first model kit). The only thing the set kinda lacked are waterslides for Shinkawa’s trademark random texts which would have been a nice finishing touch. But I’m really happy with it!

  • Big Bosch

    The face on this snake is shaped very nice, unlike Gecco’s ground zeroes’ snake…

  • Full Options

    Thanks for the new photo. It is almost like I don’t want it painted at all… Like an old statue… 😀

    • Diamond Dog

      Gecco sells garage kits sometimes. They had one for Big Boss statue, I plan on making a venom old looking statue 😀

      • Full Options

        I see… Thanks for the info, really good to know ! 😉


    WOW! Sooooo detailed! Venom looks exactly the same like in the game! WOW!

    DD! Good, gooood!

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