Venom Snake 1/6 Scale Statue by Gecco – Details and Pictures

Gecco Corp has released new information and pictures of its upcoming Venom Snake statue that was revealed earlier this year. This will be the third in a line of MGSV themed statues, following Snake from Ground Zeroes and Quiet from The Phantom Pain. The Venom Snake statue is set to release at the end of this year for a price of $299. Check out the official product description, as well as a selection of the pictures below.

-Price: US$299.00
-Size:1/6 scale (32 cm high)
-Release:Late October ~ November 2016
-Prepainted statue
-Sculpt:Shinya Yamaoka
-Digital Sculpt: Masaki Akao
-Paint: Katsushige Akeyama / -accent-

Figure features
Venom Snake, the playable character of “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” is proudly recreated as 1/6 scale statue.

The painful scars suffered from XOF attack in the end of “Ground Zeroes” are faithfully sculpted on the face, and the skin texture is very realistic. Furthermore, the paint technique enhances the character’s aging facial expression.

His combat uniform has an amazing amount of details from the subtle wrinkles to the complex camouflage paint pattern. Every detail of this character has been captured faithfully by all artists involved.

The small accessories, such as porches, belts and water bottle, are made by hand whereas the rifle and bionic arm are sharply sculpted by digital.

Venom Snake can be displayed with or without the scarf according to your preference.

The display base is the same stage as the Quiet statue, the Aabe Shifap Ruins.

This is the ultimate Venom Snake statue, combining both his relaxed posture smoking the Phantom Cigar and capturing his tension keenly scanning the environment.

Gecco-Venom-Snake-1 Gecco-Venom-Snake-8 Gecco-Venom-Snake-16 Gecco-Venom-Snake-33 Gecco-Venom-Snake-21 Gecco-Venom-Snake-24 Gecco-Venom-Snake-26 Gecco-Venom-Snake-29 Gecco-Venom-Snake-32 Gecco-Venom-Snake-34 Gecco-Venom-Snake-35 Gecco-Venom-Snake-36 Gecco-Venom-Snake-37 Gecco-Venom-Snake-38 Gecco-Venom-Snake-39 Gecco-Venom-Snake-40 Gecco-Venom-Snake-41 Gecco-Venom-Snake-42 Gecco-Venom-Snake-43 Gecco-Venom-Snake-48 Gecco-Venom-Snake-51

When you buy both Quiet and Venom Snake, you can get a DD Puppy statue for free. The following info is from Gecco’s press release:

– Person who may apply:
Those who buy both “Quiet 1/6 Scale Statue” and “Venom Snake 1/6 Scale  Statue” can get The Puppy DD figure for free.

– How to apply (For customers outside Japan):
Find the 7 digits campaign codes coming with “Quiet” and “Venom Snake”  statues and enter the 2 codes at the campaign web page described on the application.

– Close of application:
December 31st, 2016

– Shipping:
February or March 2017


Source: Gecco (Press Release & Website)

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