Watch Hideo Kojima’s Nordic Game Q&A Session here

Hideo Kojima will be speaking at the Nordic Game convention in Malmö, Sweden, in an Q&A session with Thomas Puha of Remedy Entertainment. This hour long session will be live streamed, so you’ll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home.

The highly anticipated Q&A session with industry legend Hideo Kojima, moderated by veteran games journalist Thomas Puha from Remedy Entertainment, will be streamed live from Nordic Game 2016 on Thursday, 19 May at 10:00 CET.

Watch this very special NG16 event live from the Unreal Theatre at Slagthuset in Malmö.

Source: Nordic Game

  • Ardens Anima

    I’m ready. Let’s do dis.

  • jack_coban

    The transaltor needs some weed or smth, she’s super nervous.

    • Leguywhodrownedquiet


  • Full Options

    Mates, I just missed it because of this damn trains strike… Any crispy stuff ??? Thanks !

    • The video is available now!

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        Ha, many thanks Nyxus, I can pass this under the microscope right away then ! ;D Yum !

  • flying_fox

    “Boss, it doesn’t look like that soldier speaks a word of English. You’ll need to go capture a soldier with the [JAPANESE INTERPRETER] skill.”

  • Basically what I predicted.

    No Konami talk
    Small information about the game other than he is still searching for the new 3RD Party Technology and as he said “INTERNAL TOOLS” are much better and I Agree. Now it is going to be a serious question if Kojima can deliver us a top notch game with a third party tools. I think he can, but can devs do the right job? Well, time will tell. Also, it’s really cool to know that he makes a huge game.

    I was surprised how small interview was in the end. Also, translator was nervous and not enough experienced for this event.

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      Thanks for this diagonal resume, Golgari. I missed the talk.

      Yeah, out of question for him to aim at developing an engine. Most engines should normally deliver all the elements required to craft his ideas. I would have preferred him to work with HIS FoxEngine, but at a dev level, the title success will depend on the skills of the possible involved studios with the chosen engine. It will depend on their capacity to tweak it fast so that the gameplay can satisfy Hideo’s feelings. Looks tough, but hopefully, who knows, maybe many default engine features will require less customization than it seems. I wish him the best choices !

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    So the crispiest stuff I note is that he officially confirmed being on a BIG game (YEEAAHHH) !
    No problem if it takes time Boss, we’ll wait as much as needed !

    • Can’t Sony give him some tech? I mean, if he is still shopping, than things are not going quite as fast.

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        Yes, under various forms actually. Either some SCEI first party studio directly share their latest engine iteration or even write down Hideo’s specifications themselves, either they provide them support for developing for example with the PhyreEngine (formerly PlayStation Scene Graph – PSSG). For instance the cut-scene’s and gameplay engine could even be different at worst. It is fortunate that he created his studio nowadays. Such journey would have been a lot more difficult few years ago.

        I am not sure how far he wants or need to subcontract some tasks.
        I guess all will turn more clear when we’ll have a better picture of the in-house crew. From the nature of the various openings at Koji-Pro, he wants to keep control everywhere. Although,if he want to write a big game fast, he’ll need a lot of persons, whether in-house or external. I am sure Sony will provide to him absolutely all he need, even along future PS hardware specs (through Mark), no worries.

  • Here is a summary of some of the most important things Kojima said:

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