Konami will be providing nuclear weapon numbers again

More than eight months have passed since the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and there is still one scene in the game that hasn’t been unlocked: the (in)famous nuclear disarmament scene that requires all player owned nukes on a specific platform to be reduced to zero. In order to achieve this, players will have to invade the FOBs of those who own one or more nukes and disarm them, until not a single one remains on that server.

For some time Konami had provided regular updates on the actual nuke count on each platform, and for a while the numbers seemed to go down, but then they started going up again and it seemed like total nuclear disarmament would never be reached and after some time Konami stopped giving updates on the amount of nukes. But fans haven’t given up yet, and an entire subreddit page called Metal Gear Anti Nuclear was created for the sole purpose of achieving a world without nukes. Konami now has responded to this devotion saying they will give more regular updates again on the total numbers. The Japanese Metal Gear Twitter had actually still been posting the updated numbers, but now the English one as well will continue to do so. From the official Metal Gear Twitter account:

Due to popular demand thanks to the enthusiasm of @MGAntiNuclear and other passionate fans, we’ve decided to resume the nuclear count tweets. As you may have seen on @metalgear_jp the most recent figures have been posted, we’ll repeat those now in English.

Here are the numbers for nuclear weapons owned per platform.

May 27th 2016 (updated)

PS4: 1334
PS3: 593
Xbox One: 233
Xbox 360: 215
Steam: 6695

We will endeavor to post these figures more often to give players globally a good idea of their progress towards full nuclear disarmament. We will also continue to review feedback from players on ways we can improve the FOB system.

We have also added the most recent nuke count on the homepage of this website so it can easily be found (in the sidebar below the recent comments). For Peace!


Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, 2, 3, 4

  • Mr.Pony

    Good news, but I’m still waiting for them to fix the nuclear tab tough…

    • What about the tab?

      • Mr.Pony

        Everytime i check the nuke tab its empty, and its on PC

        • Ah so that’s some glitch? Yeah, that doesn’t help.

          • Mr.Pony

            As far as I know everyone has this, same with the security challenge always showing the same people

          • Hopefully they’ll fix it some day.

          • Mr.Pony

            yeah, especially now that they nerfed the rewards for infiltrating other FOBs

      • M.Silva

        I think it’s because the nuclear tab doesn’t shows any platform with nukes , even though it’s still have a lot of them.

  • Plissken

    I was wondering why it had been so long since we had seen any updates regarding the nukes. It’d be amazing to see this goal achieved

  • Mr.Pony

    Just read this rumour about a possible Side-Ops creating system coming soon, what do you guys think?

    • Kol Leqejza

      kojima said something prior to the release of TPP, that the game will have user generated content, like ghost racing & mission editor. so i’m still hoping.

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      It’s just a rumor – probably generated by this:


      Dataminers found code in the game calling functions relating to a “mission editor”. Based on the code, it is a very quick and easy way to change mission parameters, create maps and add pre-created assets – this is why the game has so many side ops, as KojiPro were able to quickly use this editor to place enemies and add/alter mission parameters in real time.

      Unfortunately this code fragment turned out to be useless as the editor was not present in the game code. If we had just this part of the FoxEngine, we could run the game in it and create our own content. I think this was Kojima’s intention, but Konami was Konami and stopped that.

      Also if you look at how the game is structured: like it or hate it but the game has significantly changed post release. At launch I never once had an issue with resources or staff, but by and large FOBs simply weren’t working – I was forced to play the game in offline mode just to make it a playable experience, and all of the online content was nonexistent because it just plain did not work on launch.

      If I were to go back, and play a brand new game, without any of my online resources (using a new account, or playing on another platform), would I have the same experience I did before? I don’t think so. Adding a mission editor would destroy the balance of the FOB system as people could just make farm missions, and since the game is pointing to disarmament, an imbalance of the FOB system would break it.

      • Roman Spork

        Was this datamined earlier before or after the updates? Because no one made mention of this before the game was datamined when people found the nuclear disarmament cutscene.

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

          Both – it was in the code all along. People did find it back in the initial datamine but no one thought anything of it as it wasn’t really anything significant. Nearly game engines have editors – it’s nothing new. Why this came up now was because the dataminer decided to search for code in the game that would run some form of editor, but it turned out fruitless as no one puts large chunks of their game engine inside the game’s code.

          • Roman Spork

            Is there a chance Konami will patch this into the game? Maybe if everyone’s vocal about it?

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

            0 chance… They won’t give us the FoxEngine (especially whist MGSV is relevant), and even if they did it would break the the FOB system, and since they seem to be using disarmament as a ploy to insensitive buying their micro-transactions and dlc, a broken FOB system = less money for Konami and they don’t want that happening.

      • Mr.Pony

        I would assume that the resources amount would be off-limits when it came to creating the Side-ops

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

          It’s an editor – the one actually used to create the game’s missions, not some tailored User Generated Content editor like the one in Little Big Planet. The amount of resources will be defined by the creator of the mission, they can’t limit it – even if they did, modders would find a way to remove it.

      • Full Options

        It should be very possible to find some residual code dealing with mission scripting. The sand-box editor should normally generate mission files only filled with resource / assets IDs and their given position on a given map. Soldiers patrols AI elements (such as patrols itinerary) should also be written in these files and more principal characters / enemies, their possible behaviors (escape routes per mission status as well, for example).

        It should be technically possible to hack in a given mission or side op to change / add stuff but who knows which kind of checks (maybe not even or only for security, but probably bound to some kind of resources “GUIDs” generated by the sand-box for revision integrity purposes or something..) have been added in the engine that prevented so far some data-miners to achieve this. Very hard to track down all this blind / in a brute force fashion. Even harder since all seems also split across different sections or files.

  • Roman Spork

    Hey Konami, how’s about you release that custom side-ops editor I’ve been hearing about? It’s honestly better than another FOB update.

  • Icosikaidigon

    Obviously, they don’t actually want people to disarm all the nukes. Just another incentive to get people to play more FOB and possibly buy some MB coins.

    • The nukes aren’t disarmed because people keep making them. It’s really up the player, if they want the nukes gone Konami can’t stop them.

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        Well, Konami could help by patching all the exploits and hacks people use to get nukes, and how the system insensitivity armament while punishing those who disarm:

        Phantom nukes: https://www.reddit.com/r/MetalGearPhilanthropy/comments/45x1oa/preventing_phantom_nukes/

        Cheaters: https://np.reddit.com/r/metalgearsolid/comments/3ojgh4/konami_isnt_actually_doing_anything_about_hackers/

        Also people have been reporting on low level FOBs with no security at all holding nukes and appearing a lot,:


        • Well yeah good point, it would obviously help if they try to address the problems.

          • Full Options

            At least on consoles, the simplest thing to implement that could be motivating enough for players is if they patch in something that somehow “officially” close the nuke’s crafting function.

            Interested gamers may then more seriously re-consider the challenge a bit more, and track down all of them till the last one.

            In a perfect world, “Unit 8” would have prepared even some more cool / magic rewards instead of just the cut-scene, all these past months…

      • César H. Sandoval

        The fact that the game duplicates the nukes once you steal them it’s a better reason, Once you fulton out a nuke and give the order to dissarm it the system creates a “phantom nuke” that still is on your FOB platform even if the menu tells you it was decomissioned and is no longer on your resorces tab, meaning that the original owner can still infiltrate your FOB in retaliation and still the ghost of his nuke back, this lasts for like 5 minutes until the server uptades itself I suposse, and a vat majority of times the network wont even allow you to “defend” the base, logging you out and giving the invader all the time in the world to claim back the duplicate.

        I’ve reported the “bug” several times but since they patched all kinds of crap into the game like weapons and costumes instead of fixing it, I’m gonna have to agree that they don’t want the nukes dissarmed at all.

  • Gatsu

    It always feels so good to get back into TPP <3. I might start new playthrough.
    Steam still has so many nukes compared to others .

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      It’s because of the hackers and exploits – PC is ridden with both of them. Consoles mainly have to deal with just the exploits.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah :P.

    • Still annoying that there’s no new game +.

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

        Yeah, but I get why. New game + would break the FOB system as these players would have an unfair advantage over the other players. They could lock people on a new game + save out of the system (or relegate them to a separate system), but Konami won’t do that since it’s potentially less money in their pockets.

      • Gatsu

        I agree :(. I think I’m gonna finally switch to Japanese VA, if I remember correctly it removes all my progress when uses different save file than English. So I can have a fresh experience.

      • Jav

        I have like 400 hours in ps4 and now I’m playing the game in pc (original) and it’s feel good to start with nothing.

        • Full Options

          Felt exactly the same for my second “from scratch” playthrough.

          It feels like having the game complete and randomly playing some mission is somehow a bit less attractive than playing them from the beginning (in the order of the story) and unlocking them one by one, slowly improving equipment / weapons.

    • Full Options

      I am planning my 3rd.. For months now… Perhaps not full 100% this time… But still.. 😀

      • Gatsu

        Awesome :D, if you have time do it.

        • Full Options

          I must find, say, 80-90 hrs at least.. xD
          ;D.. Maybe after a MGS4’s or before… not yet sure… I really need another HD-MGS3’s though… :/

          • Mr.Pony

            What we need is a bundle of every game in every platform and call it “The Kojima’s Legacy”

          • Full Options

            Like some kind of MGS-4K-Col, huh ?? ;D

  • SomaHeir

    It’s sad to say i kinda drop this game in favor of UC4. Even MP is much more fun than MGO3.

    I may go back to it once in awhile, but it’s a shame the game ended up unfinished. Can you imagine if the game were delayed to 2016 release? 2016 would have been one of the best gaming in recent years ^^

  • moto hellogoto

    Does anyone still care about this?

  • Jav

    And now the number will increase again. The people started to create nukes when they saw the number was really low.

  • EOD

    Has this secret cutscene been confirmed to exist?

  • César H. Sandoval

    Not helpful until the fix the Phantom.Nuke bug, nuclear numbers will never drop because of it.

  • Full Options

    Tried to play with Ludens’s face with Photoshop… xD Who is this guy ?? 😀

    • Jav

      That man is kojima… in a space mission to rescue the man himself.

  • SomaHeir

    I really wished MGSV where delayed till 2016. Would have been the best year in gaming in recent years.

    Dark Souls III, Uncharted 4, Overwatch, The Last Guardian, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Doom 4 etc.

    I wonder if Kojima and his team were able to put Chapter 3 in one year?

    Though all in all. I really wish it should have been Ground Zeroes style. Pretty much close doors environment, but multiple entry points like games such as Deus Ex or Hitman. Even Kojima said in the past it was his true vision of Metal Gear(incorporating all the elements in the MSX games).

    SPOILERS of course.

  • SomaHeir

    Also MGS Franchise Steam Sale


    • Gatsu

      Its a shame that Steam only have Rising and MGSV 🙁 … Silly Konami, should add all MGS games to Steam if we have a franchise sale .

      • Mr.Pony

        To think the most acceptable/best thing from Konami at this point would be focusing on remakes and HD remasters like Capcom, how the times change. But yeah, we need all MGS games on Steam, otherwise i fear MGS4 being locked to the PS3.

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    Come on, 360. You guys were so close.

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