The Art of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition will cost $99.99

A few months ago Dark Horse announced it would publish The Art of Metal Gear Solid V, the game’s official artbook set for release at the end of this year. They also announced a Limited Edition with a slipcase by artist Ashley Wood, but no further information was provided. There are some new details now, but things are still a bit unclear.

Celebrate one of the most influential and beloved video game franchises of all time with The Art of Metal Gear Solid V! Featuring hundreds of pieces of never-before-seen concept art from the game’s creators, this beautiful art book is a perfect addition to any gamer’s collection!

  • The genre-defining stealth-game franchise reaches its groundbreaking conclusion!
  • Metal Gear Solid V sold over three million copies in the first week of its release!
  • Featuring art from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain!
  • The limited-edition package is enclosed in a tactical slipcase and contains an exclusive fine art print by superstar illustrator Ashley Wood!

Publication Date: November 02, 2016
Format:FC, 224 pages; HC, 9” x 12”
Age range:16

According to the product page, this version will cost $99.99, which is $60 more than the regular version. Dark Horse lists the regular version for $39.99.

What’s confusing though is that on Amazon, the product description says the regular version has 184 pages while the Limited Edition has 224 (40 more), but on Dark Horse’s own website both books have 224 pages. The difference in price is even greater on Amazon, with $29.88 for the regular and $99.99 for the Limited Edition. The websites also can’t seem to agree on the release dates; Dark Horse says they’re both releasing on November 2nd while Amazon has the regular version set for November 15th and the LE for November 29th.

So, still a lot of unclarity on this item, but if you really want that Limited Edition it may be wise to pre-order as early as possible, because apparently there will be only 400 copies of this edition worldwide.

Source: Dark Horse, Amazon

  • Venom_Sina

    I think Konami should talk about the extra content.People have the right to know what they are pre-ordering.The price gap is big.So an explanation can help,not to mention people’s trust to a company like Konami 😛

    • Well, we know it will have a special slipcase, a fine art print and it is limited to 400 copies. Those are probably the things that make it so expensive. But yeah, it’s strange that Konami doesn’t give any information on this book.

      • Venom_Sina

        Yeah,they talked about these,but personally I think that’s not enough for a 60$ you said,it’s a strange move from Konami’s side.They need to specify the contents with more detail.

        • Maybe they’ll send out a press release closer to the launch. But the LE may already be sold out by then.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Is there a chance for some screens from both artbooks here on the site?
        I mean, Are You planning to buy them or You will have chance to see them or review etc?

        • Yes, but it will probably arrive a few days after release.

          • ADAMJENSEN13


  • I’m really interested in this. Shinkawa is a mad man.

  • Big Bosch

    I’m not interested in the limited edition since it’s by Ashley Wood and I never really liked the guy…
    If a shinkawa cover isn’t possible, I wish they’d use the poster artwork for MGS V by Pablo Uchida. That’s my favorite peace of image for the game! The bloody Snake and Quiet cover is fine with me too though.

  • Gatsu

    I’d like to get this, but not gonna buy because so expensive :).

    • The regular edition is about 30 – 40 euro/dollars.

      • Gatsu

        Yeah, I still gotta think about it. Lots of games coming so my wallet gonna be drained a little haha. Gonna also spend some hella cash in steam summer sale xD.

        • Yeah, lots of great games coming out after the summer as well.

          • And I am just sitting here buying PS3 games because I bought the console a few days ago 😀

  • Rene Peña

    Any news on a new game plus mode dlc? or at least a demo theater?

    The hope that we will get some meaningful single player dlc is what is stopping me from deleting the game from my console.

    • Nothing on that.

    • Danny Patten

      There is a NG+ mode coming? Really? That would be the best news ever.

      • MGSFAN95

        Closest news we got to new content is a level editor that was found in the game’s code, but even that has yet to be confirmed.. :/ I wish it was true, cause this game’s dying fast. No good updates, virtually no new content since like November or December…. It’s sad. I don’t think they even update MGO that much anymore. This game really did have potential to be something alot greater than it was. Not saying that it’s a bad game, (Gameplay is freaking amazing) but it is an incomplete one for sure.. Such a shame. Tons of wasted potential.

        • Danny Patten

          Shame…fucKonami for killing my favorite franchise.

  • Full Options

    Off-topic : Cr.p, Chekov passes in a car accident… 🙁
    RIP, Dude.

    • Lewis

      Really sad. So much was ahead.

  • Schnoy

    Why Ashley Wood? If they had chosen to go with Shinkawa’s art work, I’d definitely try to preorder one, but Ashley Wood’s art for 100 bucks… meh…


    Off topic,

    Im playing MGS2 Sons of Liberty!!! WOW!

    Ive just met Vamp and Iroquois Pliskin! There are many things I can say about this game now.
    First: Gameplay is FANTASTIC COOL GREAT AMAZING etc
    I think stealth parts are much better than in MGS1.

    but combat(like in MGS1) isnt the best. There is still long way to that great Phantom Pain combat.
    Graphic: Animation is Perfect! and graphic looks really awesome for a game from 2001.
    Everything reflect in floor. Character etc and those seagulls on the roof! Really great!
    Music: Intro theme is really good but in menu and gameplay parts music in background is really average.
    Voice Acting: David Hayter is making good job but sometimes He sounds very unrealistic. Otacon sounds as good as in first one and Quinton Flynn as Raiden is great too. I think Ocelot sounds the best. Always realistic.
    About playing as Raiden: I just started but stealth is the best and Raiden is not so bad character.
    The thing I was most surprised was… LIQUID!!! He also sounds the best and He is already at the begining of the game! Liquid the best!
    So thats all I can say for now. When I will end I will write more.
    Oh! And one more thing! I really like shaking out things from Olga body. Hahahaha! 🙂

    • Raymondius

      Wow it makes me really happy to read a newbie having so much fun with the awesomeness of MGS2. 🙂 And yes, the amount of detail is huge in that one. Be prepared for a meta-comentary on the occidental culture that is the final rollercoaster; today still the most genuine, intelligent, deconstructive and contemporary piece of art in videogames history.

      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Yeah! This game is really fantastic! I still cant belive how detailed it is! Especially in graphic terms. Seagulls, reflects in the floor, shadow of the character, perfect animation, lighting etc
        Now I stared battle with Vamp before rescuing E.E.
        Thanks for reply 🙂

      • Clawson_J

        I really hope that a lot more people would get to experience the game, especially MGS3.. I’m from the Philippines and not much people know about the game since the only game that the masses would know of are Dota 2, Clash of Clans & Pokemon Go >< and some would complain about the graphics, even one kid asked me why the PS1 graphics, in his words, "sucked". I was like WTF kid..

  • PrinceHeir

    Thanks for the reminder, might switch this form my normal edition order 🙂

  • Heads-up: the book is now 59.99 on Amazon US. Good news for those who ordered it there.

  • Bruno F. Rivera

    So, any updates on the Limited Edition of this Artbook? I would really want to buy this to match up with Limited Edition Art of Fallout 4. It would look Great.

    • According to the official Dark Horse site the release of the limited edition is November 29, but Amazon lists it as early December.

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