Partnership with Kojima Productions a ‘key achievement’ for Sony

In the documentations for its Investor Relations Day in Tokyo (held today in Japan), Sony provided some results and projections for the future. One interesting piece of information is that Sony’s partnership with Kojima Productions was explicitly mentioned as one of the key achievements for fiscal year 2015, in the ‘investment for the future’ segment, among PlayStation VR and PS Vue (Sony’s movie and television streaming service).


Kojima announced the partnership between his studio and Sony last year when he revealed his new studio. He chose to work with Sony because of the amount of freedom and trust the company gave him, which allows him to focus on the creative aspect of his work rather than the business side.

Source: DualShockers, The Snake Soup

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    Awesome ! Thanks for the info ! Man, I don’t know how much they planned to inject in Boss, but that looks quite BIG ! ;D

  • Gatsu

    Woah, it’s cool that KojiPro is mentioned there :D. A key achievement indeed.

  • César H. Sandoval

    Sony does what Konamidon’t

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      They simply know what they are doing whereas Krapnamidon’t ! xD

  • MrVux007

    All i can wish them best of luck with their plans with Kojima and hopefully one day,they will be back on top just like in the glory days of PS1-PS3 era.

    That news aside,i’m home guys!
    I’m yet to decide weather or not i will take 3 or 2 months off yet,but one thing is for certain….lots of fish shall be eaten….lots of swimming cramps shall be gained…and most importantly….many beer cans…shall fall empty!

    That said i wont be gaming much,at least first couple of weeks.Got to take some exams that are needed for the job,so ill have to leave my brain-cells only for studying.
    Even after over 10 years of education,i still have to sit my arse on the chair and study until it goes numb….that’s life for ya.

    Anyways,i hope you guys have a lovely summer.

    Now if you’l excuse me….i got waves to tame.

    PS Say what you will about the movie(i loved it btw),but Batman v Superman has one of the best soundtrack ive herd from Hans Zimmer.
    Total “Eargasm”

  • PrinceHeir

    Kojima and Sony is really an amazing partnership. I doubt any company right now would gave this much freedom to Kojima like this.

    Some companies would think “WTF is this shit”, “This will not sell” etc.

    I’m glad we are witnessing something new and possibly innovative this gen.

    I love it!

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      Andrew and Mark are true Hideo’s fans. They just breathe like us if not more. I am so more and more re-insured, December looks so far away.. I would have loved more Unit-8 dudes had followed him but Japan is Japan. He’ll bring Japan code back on map ! 😀

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      Yeah, Sony have shown the AAA game industry that giving creators freedom is the best approach. EA or Ubisoft will never fund or give creators freedom to work on games like Beyond Two Souls, Until Dawn, Death Stranding, indie games etc

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