PES 2017 ‘enough indication’ that Konami is still interested in AAA game development

Konami has been in the news a lot the past one and a half year, and generally not in a good way. A lot of talent has left the company and its new focus seems to be mainly in the realm of mobile gaming and pachinko machines. Meanwhile, the franchises Konami was once known for – Castlevania, Silent Hill, Metal Gear – have uncertain futures. The company only had one game to show at E3 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Website GamingBolt decided to ask Steve Merrett, who works for Voltage PR, the firm that handles Konami’s PR in the United Kingdom, wether the company is still interested in AAA development.

“Well, PES 2017 is coming,” Merrett told GamingBolt. “If that’s not enough indication that Konami is still interested in the market, then I don’t know what is.”

GamingBolt followed up the question by asking if Konami will be developing a new title in the Metal Gear series, but Merrett wouldn’t answer this, and instead brought up the capabilities of the FOX Engine.

“FOX engine is a constantly evolving beast,” he said. “It’s one where it’s been adapted perfectly for PES now. So what it allows us to do is, it’s just giving us ever more accuracy in terms of it handles the animation, and the faces, and stuff like that. It does it all in real time. So it means that we can focus on the animation and the gameplay. Making sure everything is smooth and the FOX engine handles everything else. One of the reasons why PES is so fast is because of that engine.”


But, who knows, maybe Konami will make an announcement in the future that takes everyone by surprise. Maybe they are really planning to create an ambitious new Metal Gear game. It’s just hard to get excited when all we are getting lately are PES and pachislot machines.

Source: GamingBolt

  • Nekkedsnake

    PES 2016 needs to be passed off to a better company. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kocknami made PES pachinkos. And make the Fox Engine open source. Fuck konami.

  • PrinceHeir

    Talk is cheap Konami.

    Also the new Uncharted 4 MP Update Lost Treasures has more new content than the whole 9 months of MGO3 updates combined.

    Anyone want to play with me so we can own people 🙂

    • Lewis

      I recently started playing it again, really having a fun time and very much lacking good teammates. You can add me, if you want (lewis_carrol).

  • Full Options

    Guys, could you just go the way all is planned. Make a MGS without Hideo as he always wanted and he’ll be your first fan !

  • Kojima should make a HideoTube episode in which he plays the MGS3 pachinko machine. 😛

    • Full Options

      xD That would sound Koji-crazy, but without all those possible legal issues, he could really do that. :DD

    • Raymondius

      … in which he sneakily models a C4 butterfly and then “gotcha this time” and then bye bye Shagohod. For good.

  • Mr.Pony

    Anualised franchises…what an example for future AAA games coming from Konami, because that worked so well for AC and COD…

  • Maybe they are really planning to create an ambitious new Metal Gear game

    That is a bit too far. Ambitious Metal Gear title from Konami? There is any staff left after the closure of old Kojima Productions? I’m talking about the talented staff that understands the core of the game.
    Something tells me that most of the staff is working for Kojima right now.

    and Metal Gear is a franchise that requires a significant investment, resources, talent, engine, actors etc… If something is not right or cheap, fans will see that.

  • Biggy

    Yeah…. “Still interested” not a good way to be perceived.

    • Biggy

      Mire like Still interested in letting good developers go

  • Jav

    Pes died thanks to the fox engine. Really, is that bad. And this year the game will be the same as last year. Well, soccer games tend to do this. Fifa may change the engine, but it will be the same.

  • Icosikaidigon

    I really hope they just keep making Pachislot and Pachinko machines to be perfectly honest; I don’t want to have to deal with a reality where Konami attempts to make a Metal Gear game without Kojima, or Kojima having said “okay I want this person to make it now instead”. It would just be another slap in the face.

  • Full Options

    Did you guys knew that Guillermo also roasted Konami after Norman 2 weeks ago ?
    I did not + LMAO, here it is :

    • Wow. XD

    • Gatsu


  • Dotcum22

    Konami still is interested in AAA games…
    But the better question is are we the Consumer still interested in Konami AAA games

    • Lewis

      Well that isn’t a question at all! “No!” is the definite, uncompromised answ…weeeell, maybe MGS6? If they don’t fuck it up? Maybe, yeah, maybe.

    • Biggy

      Kojima has always been interested in AAA games!! Psyche!!!!!!

  • Bożydar Mazur

    I would buy a new MGS game from Konami IF it had a story. MGS V didnt have one so im thirsty.

  • Gatsu

    If they’re still interested or even care, then they should stop destroying/cancelling my favorite games.

    • Full Options

      Yeah, that would be a simple, solid point to start from… 😉

  • proceeder

    FucKonami! I feel bad that Fox Engine is going to waste on PES

  • Full Options

    I think that if they decide to get rid of a target like us, it would definitely mean that they are stupid enough to deliberately loose money by not investing on a proven profitable segment simply to make a point with Hideo. Would be yet another hysterically childish demonstration of theirs.

    Maybe their share holders should also take into account such considerations before investing with them, hehe.. 😉

    I mean the investment is not as juicy as slots but still rock-solid bucks, less worth but certainly also less volatile / more stable too, so quite optimal for the long term, aside also cool PR effects ??
    If such “professional” business analysts had a doubt on the question, I guess they should not have anymore after checking TPP’s sales scores !?
    It seems everybody on earth but them knew that TPP would for sure be a success… I would pay heavy bucks to see their faces when the first reviewers notes appeared.

    Me being a fan aside, if I were in the finance / investor, I guess I would logically feel quite at risk by letting people like that take care of my money..

    • It seems everybody on earth but them knew that TPP would for sure be a success… I would pay heavy bucks to see their faces when the first reviewers notes appeared.

      TPP is a success, but it was long time in the development. 5-7 years is a lot and share holders can change and other stuff can happen in between too. For Konami something like Metal Gear is really expensive, it’s not like Assassins Creed or Watch Dogs that you can make each year with multiple teams. Konami does not have that. They failed with their other franchises already, so they know that game development kinda not working for them really well.
      Game development is costly as F for Japanese guys and they are mostly interested in it’s own market. So far Mobile market and Pachinko looks so much better for them.

      Especially mobile market. In Japan it is huge and Konami is late to the party compared to other JP companies. I don’t remember but there was a small comparison with a mobile game and AAA title. “Japanese Mobile game” made billions of money for a short period of time, while Metal Gear Solid V made… millions but you still need effort, talent, engine, writing and 2-5 years of development and serious PR. Not to mention about the post-launch patches, DLC and other shit. Basically a lot of money to begin with. With PES you can milk it the same way EA milks it’s FIFA franchise, so you can make something like that. Safe bet. PES 2016 this year, PES 2017 next year and so on. + they already have the Fox Engine.

      Metal Gear is a hard franchise. It is mainstream, but not mainstream enough like Call Of Duty, Assassins Creeed or GTA games. It is a stealth action game that requires some top tier mechanics and AI + storytelling which has top tier voice actors. Not to mention about top tier graphics. Last game was made with a team of 200 people.

      Maybe Konami will make a new Metal Gear game, but I’m sure that it will be mediocre at best. No way these guys will invest some money and time again. Too much work you need to do to create some art. Art? Artsy-Fartsy.. Gimme some moneyzzz, nau!

      • Full Options

        Golg, thanks for the reply you have so major points here.

        I am sad to see them try to punch above their weight. F1 investment for Mercedes Benz or Renault even if nearly a billion for a season, represents a simple butt hair on their overall budgets. They are doing this for having pure communication vitrines.
        The same goes far more for Sony and SCEI… For example, PlayStation is just an insignificant investment compared to the rest of the group.
        Konami could definitely allocate 500 M$ over 2 or 3 franchises.
        What they are doing is so cheap. They are not taking the slightest risk, probably thinking they had all they needed since FoxEngine is designed smartly. That’s valid strategy for short term or a little more. I see it from there as a former dev. They just think “we just fucked them, all is cool, anybody can use what they wrote down..”.

        As you said they are in a pure profit dynamic and don’t give a about R&D for now, but they’ll have to come back to it quick because hi-tech evolve so fast (back as fast as real wh.res). They can’t just keep getting rid of engineering and simply praying that all is going to be all right.

        If TPP took that long it is because they are tightfisted.. Sony is not backing up Hideo simply because they are rich. They are backing him up because Art is a cool investment, specially with talented artists. They were trained far more than Konami at that, whether in Movies or Music.
        All Konami needs is balls. How come they can not go as far as 200 miserable M$ as R* with the sh.t-load money they made with all the roms they sold to us for 3 decades ?

        • Sony is a different beast. Sony is interested in the art. It is their source of the money. They make movies, games and music. They understand art and it’s purpose. Art is a huge source of their money so backing up Kojima was a smart thing.


          Kojima is a key investment for Sony. It was their achievement in FY2015. that says a lot about Sony.
          Konami is interested in cheap money with their popular franchises. That’s it.

          I mean, this year Konami was at E3 and had amazing booth righ? .. right? Oh wait…

          • Full Options

            “right? Oh wait…” xD LOL about there booth..

            Regarding Sony, he never really precised, but MSXs were manufactured by tons of HW actors (Canon, Phillips, and … mmh… Sony ?? I sense they love Boss since the mid-late 80s ;D). Boss is close to Sony for so long now … Even before Cerny or House were in the party … hehe ! 😀 That’s the most orgasmic thing for me !

      • You are probably right, but it remains to be seen how smart this is in the long run. It’s short-term thinking. As Kojima said: “If you’re only focussed on the profits immediately in front of you, the times will leave you behind. It becomes impossible to catch up again.”

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

    Off topic:

    This game looks amazing.

    It’s from the creators of Limbo. Currently has a 92 on Metacritic if that means anything to anyone.

    • FoxTamerMGO

      Too bad I only have a ps4 ;/

      • Lewis

        It will be (is) out on PC. It is not demanding, so any PC should be able run it.

  • Jav

    And when are they going to release the new items for tpp?

  • Lex Radu

    They should just sell it to someone capable of using it properly to its full potential!

  • Jonny Tanna

    We don’t a new game we want chapter 3

    • Not everyone thinks that’s necessary. Besides, it’s also a matter of being realistic.

      • Jonny Tanna

        We’ll not everyone has accepted that ambiguous ending from a glorified demo. I’m surprised they even released phantom pain in that form with ‘higher difficulty’ challenges as a substitute for levels.

        I learnt to just accept it because we’re powerless. However after reading the notes for Metal Gear Online they’d be better off piecing together the final chapter. It’s just as much time and effort and they have the storyboards and voice overs (obviously all the voice overs are already recorded) so they should just put it together. Why must we wait for another game when we didn’t get the game we paid for?

        • The higher difficulty missions are just optional, you don’t have to play them. And it’s your choice wether you want to accept it or not, but it seems rather pointless to keep complaining about it 9 months after the release of the game. If you think you didn’t ‘get what you paid for’ maybe you should just trade in the game and move on.

          • Jonny Tanna

            I agree to an extent. However my main issue is that we constantly ‘accept’ what we’re given when at the end of the day we are the customers and the majority when it comes to investment. Surely we have the right to request to have the completely product that we paid for. Considering they’re spending time and money making additions to the online game (granted it’s an ongoing source of funds to) but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to produce the final chapters and furthermore people shouldn’t be made to feel guilty to asking.

            I felt this is way when they removed Linux from the ps3 (to which people actually campaigned for and eventually won). So now this is another scenario that we as fans should unite and ask for. Considering that we’d happily pay for it then why should there be a problem with not moving on from it?

          • To be clear, the intention is not to make anyone feel guilty for asking. Everyone should decide for themselves if they think it’s worth their time and effort. But on the other hand, some people are just satisfied with what they got, and want to keep the story as it is, because this is how the creator meant it to be. Of course, things have been cut and changed throughout development but this is normal. A lot of stuff was scrapped from previous MGS titles as well, and you don’t see people campaigning to bring those back. This also has to do with the era we live in, because of the internet and social media everyone has a voice now and everyone wants to be heard. But again, if you think it’s worth your time and effort to try to get Konami to create and release the cut content, by all means go ahead, but at this point it seems like a waste of time, also because a lot of the staff who worked on MGSV has since left the studio.

          • Full Options

            They removed Linux also far late after the specific driver access to RSX (2.0-2.1 FW) which was the real thing… I understand you are mad at them… But the way the backed up Kojima is whatever strategy they have to stick with. For now, they are doing it with an infinite respect to him (House announcing Hideo… so humble …., they know who deserve true respect), I personally really appreciate that… Like I appreciate how you regret stuff near 3.55 or something… You will never be guilty of asking anything here.

          • Jonny Tanna

            I agree on some of Nyxus’ points, however, forgive me if it all sounds naive but surely the original staff isn’t necessary if all the voice overs are recorded and there are already storyboards made?

            Kojima probably did create that ending but he never leaves loose ends untied. The only parallel situation to this was Snatcher when the third chapter was only available when the game was released on Cd-Rom. Different circumstances, as the team were there but in this scenario, I’m presuming it was more about meeting deadlines and not going over budget.

            Thank you Full Options, I’m humbled by your understanding. I think this site and others should start a petition to get Chapter 3 released?

          • Full Options

            Thanks for the kind words.
            “but surely the original staff isn’t necessary if all the voice overs are recorded and there are already storyboards made?”
            Are they ? How far ? I sincerely hope that they left Yoji draw as much as possible drafts for the future. However the original staff will for sure be missing.
            Sometimes, things need to be prototyped before deciding to switch elements to production. Even Hideo himself struggle in predicting if a given element has a future in the product or not.
            These smart decisions won’t obviously be as smart anymore without such crucial members at their current/future staff meetings. The very core of Konami’s Koji-Pro atmosphere has seriously been wounded. Let’s hope those wounds won’t be lethal for the franchise.
            I am not saying it is impossible to get some cool outcomes, but they’ll definitely be different.

            Regarding the ending, I am big Nyxus admirator and everyday grateful for the fantastic efforts and time spent to take that well care of Snake’s universe but better let him answer to you because this specific topic is probably the small and lonely one I am not completely in sync with him.

          • Yeah the voice overs and storyboards are there, but it still seems like a lot of work to turn that into a functional game, especially with Metal Gear standards of polish. And even if they were to do it, do you think they would release it for free? That seems doubtful, and if they are asking money for it you can expect even more anger from the fanbase, so maybe they’d rather keep it as it is.

            Thanks for keeping this discussion calm and reasonable, things like this tend to get heated so it’s good to see we can have a normal discussion around here. And if someone wants to start a petition and post it here in the comment section, feel free to do so!.

          • Full Options

            Anger, unless they release it under some form of chpt 3-4-5 bundle :D. Going back to MB again between totally new missions over new huge maps…
            Oops, sh.t I was dreaming again..


          • Jonny Tanna

            Again, I agree that Kojima has a high standard when it comes to polish, but I don’t think quality assurance is Konami’s priority, I think it’s safe to say they’re drowning in debt and maybe chapter 3 isn’t feasible unless they released it at full price, but shit I’d pay for it.

            My pleasure dude, there isn’t any reason to be heated, you make some fair points and like I said before this could all be naive, wishful thinking on my part, so don’t mind me be told otherwise if I’m wrong.

            Yea, will plot on it, I’ll be fair I was fishing for help as I’m not qualified to write up a valid petition and would require someone with the knowledge and verbals for it. However will spread it around if anyone is willing?

          • Well, the comment section is open to anyone who wants to post a petition.

  • James Raskalov


    That’s a shame.

  • Alex Kraus

    PR guy gonna PR.

  • korruption

    What a waste to such an engine.

  • Jonny Tanna

    Here’s the petition boys, please sign and share it around (I’m aware I’m a little late, but still).. Let’s fight for Chapter 3!


    Theoretically, couldn’t Kojima Productions be contracted by Konami to work on a new Metal Gear? They’re independent, not owned by Sony. Alternatively would Sony buy the Metal Gear IP?

    • Yeah he could. But he’d probably rather work on something new now. Also, Konami doesn’t seem interested in selling the IP for now, even if only to use the license for stuff like pachinko machines.

      • SPARKLE x

        Yeah I know it won’t happen. I’d like to be excited for Death Stranding but it’s hard when you don’t even know the genre. I’d still like to see Metal Gear/MG2 remakes. Not sure if Konami will bother.

        • Yeah, would be great if Konami could produce a great Metal Gear title, such as the remakes you mentioned.

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