Kojima: just finished shooting the next episode of HideoTube at SONY

Hideo Kojima and Kenji Yano visited Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to shoot the fourth episode of HideoTube, Kojima’s web series.

"You guessed it! Currently filming the next episode of HideoTube!" - Kojima Productions Twitter
“You guessed it! Currently filming the next episode of HideoTube!” – Kojima Productions Twitter
"Just wrapped!" - Kojima Productions Twitter
“Just wrapped!” – Kojima Productions Twitter
"Just finished shooting the next episode of HideoTube at SONY. Thanks for welcoming us at SIE's cafeteria." - Hideo Kojima
“Just finished shooting the next episode of HideoTube at SONY. Thanks for welcoming us at SIE’s cafeteria.” – Hideo Kojima


"Had PS PARK Ramen for lunch." - Hideo Kojima
“Had PS PARK Ramen for lunch.” – Hideo Kojima
“Here’s Yano-san ready to eat SIE CURRY.” – Hideo Kojima


A few days ago Kojima put up a poll on Twitter asking what the next episode should be about, an a large majority voted for the option to talk about this past E3. So we can expect to hear more about that.

Kojima-HideoTube-4-Tweet-1 Kojima-HideoTube-4-Tweet-2

Also, they will feature fan creations in this episode:


Kojima also posted a poll on Twitter, asking which HideoTube episode we liked the most (or expect to like the most, in the case of the E3 episode).


Update July 5th 2016:


Update 7/7: The studio is currently working on finishing the episode.

"We are working on the 4th episode of HideoTube.... making effort...." - Kojima Twitter
“We are working on the 4th episode of HideoTube…. making effort….” – Kojima Twitter



Update 7/8: The episode is coming next week.

"Bit delay as we still editing HideoTube E3 report. Here's the cut from Yano's camera took during the SIE Conference." - Kojima
“Bit delay as we still editing HideoTube E3 report. Here’s the cut from Yano’s camera took during the SIE Conference.” – Kojima Twitter
"Sorry guys, it's taking longer editing than I expected... Will be sometime in next week for sure." - Kojima Twitter
“Sorry guys, it’s taking longer editing than I expected… Will be sometime in next week for sure.” – Kojima Twitter


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Kojima Productions Twitter

    • Mr.Pony

      I’m stranding…on the edge…

      • Full Options

        … of the crater … Like the prophets once said …

        • Robin030

          this shit never gets old xD

        • Mr.Pony

          From the Ashes…of The Phantom Pain…no more Konami…

          • Full Options

            … and the strandings are death … Whispeeeeeers ….

          • Mr.Pony

            …at E3…from that trailer…that Kojima got…

          • Full Options

            … Mobile gaming, Paaaaachislots… FUCK YOU KRAPNAMI… you are all so wrong …

          • Mr.Pony

            Watching Konami cruuuummmble…drinking their tears…Death Stranding, with Norman Reeeedus…

          • Full Options

            I’M CERNYYYYYYYY
            Rescuing a friend
            With a heart of broken glass

    • Danny Patten

      He’s just a big kid with a huge money check behind him letting him do whatever the fuck he wants…

      • Robin030

        in other words: he’s living the dream

        • Timmy Hortons

          God I love this community

  • PrinceHeir

    Let’s see!!

  • Full Options

    My precious next HideoTube episode …


  • Full Options

    We have the baby’s names or some code sort.. Lu#1 and Lu#2 !!!!


    • Neil Ervin

      What if the baby is the KojiPro mascot, Ludens, in the future?

      • Full Options

        Ludens Genesis … Why not ? 😀

  • *Muffled theories in the distance*

  • Gatsu

    Ohhh sweet, this episode will be awesome :).

    • Oh my effin goodnes <3

      I loved the original Berserk anime, I hope this one is as good, thanks Gatsu :D. I know what I'll do after work, ha

      • Gatsu

        Np <3. I think it was awesome first episode and I did enjoy it a lot, hope you enjoy it too :D. But some long time fans didn't like it at all and already seem to hate the new anime lol, because they don't like the mix of 2nd and 3d animation. I do myself always prefer the original anime drawing style instead of 3d, but if it's done well I'm okey with it :).

        The 3 movies are awesomely done too imo.

        The new anime also apparently skipped the Lost Children arc that happened in manga. Which is a shame because it is a great arc imo. But who knows maybe they show it as some flashback later :).

        I think many fans judge the new anime too soon when there has been only one episode. I am just happy that Berserk continues after years and I hope they will keep it bloody in the upcoming parts, because that's what Berserk must be :).

        • I admit I was strongly turned off by the amount of 3D in the movies from the clips I saw, and I haven’t yet watched it partially because that (and because of lack of time).

          But I agree people are always very eager to judge everything. I am pretty sure I’ve already said it during the Microtransactions outrage, that majority of people has an intrinsic need to hold an opinion, the stronger the better. Oh well :).

  • Tong Ninja

    Nice! Kenji Yano (aka Hitori Nojima) the co-writer for Death Stranding will be in another episode of Hideotube! 🙂
    Hopefully in future episodes we will see other members of Kojima Productions like Yoji Shinkawa, Mark Cerny, etc.

    On another note, Kris Zimmerman (English Voice Director of all MGS games) posted this a few days ago 😉 :


    I don’t know if this image is related to motion capture for Death Stranding or is for a completely different game, but I hope she gets to work with Kojima again. 🙂

    Although it’s interesting that she seems to be working with motion capture because she mainly works with voice acting.

    • Well the industry is moving towards performance capture rather than just voice acting, so it could be. Would be nice if KojiPro works with her, she has done great work for Metal Gear in the past.

    • Mark Cerny is not really a member of Kojima Productions. His current position for DS is still unknown, although so far he is a technical producer, not a director for a game. Maybe he will be involved in the project till the end. I don’t know, but we will see.

      • Lamp123

        Mark Cerny’s position sounds like a 3rd party consultant.

        • Leguywhodrownedquiet


      • Full Options

        Could act more as a kind of primary interface between Hideo and PlayStation tools + R&D Dept. whether HW or PS-SDK… Indeed blurry..

    • Leguywhodrownedquiet

      Flying Lotus video game confirmed

  • Full Options

    Boss also posted another poll on his JP account 3hrs ago. Since it does not show up on the EN yet, here is the raw google translation (guess where my vote goes) :

    We are currently preparing the 4th of ” Hideo Tube ( Hidechu ) ” . Delivery is promoting in the next week to target . By the way , is this up to times , which times ( theme ) was interesting ? Or do you expect ?

    1 – 2015 Best Movie (23% right now)
    2 – movie introduction (13%)
    3 – Game On Introduction (23%)
    4 – E3 feedback report ( undelivered ) (41%)


    • The Game On episode was the best so far. Hopefully the new one will be even better.

      • Full Options

        I am so glad this one will be nearly 1h long !!! ;D

      • Full Options

        Thanks Nyxus, therefore voted on both 😀
        He usually upload soon in the week if I remember well.. Let’s hope the rule will apply again !

  • Biggy

    Kojima my hero

  • BurntFM
    • Full Options

      Ready as hell, here !! HueHueHueHue !!! …

      • Looks like Yano has a fanbase already! (Gloating in silence)

        • Full Options

          Why in silence ?? HueHueHue ??

  • So the Hideotube eps are in Japanese, right? Do they add the English subtitles themselves or do the fans make another video with the subtitles or how does it work?

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