Here’s a picture of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition, comes with litho and slipcase

Amazon has updated the product page of the limited edition of the upcoming The Art of Metal Gear Solid V book, providing a picture that gives us our first look at what the item will look like. This edition will come with a slipcase and a litho featuring artwork from Ashley Wood, and a ‘metal Diamond Dog ID tag bookmark’.

“This limited edition package is enclosed in a tactical slipcase with a metal Diamond Dog ID tag bookmark, and contains an exclusive fine art print by superstar illustrator Ashley Wood.” – Amazon

Update: Image of the hardcover book:


The book is currently available at Amazon for a price of $89.99 USD. The regular version is priced at $30.42. For those in Europe, the book is also available at Amazon Germany and France. More stores may follow as we get closer to release in November of this year.

  • It looks great, but I’m not so sure that we will see something new from these arts. Something that was cut I mean.

  • Plissken
  • César H. Sandoval

    Love the DD box and Ashley Wood art, but sorry, not buying it.

    • Jav


  • Sweet

  • Schnoy

    Looks way better than I had expected (and SO MUCH better than the normal cover)! Ordered mine from a UK store for a slightly lower price. I hope this time it doesn’t arrive damaged as it has been most of the time with my international orders…

  • Full Options

    HideoTube, where r u ? 😀

    Probably the translation takes longer since the episode is 1h long…

  • Rob

    I’d love to push this more and show you guys what’s in it, but the team has requested I hold off for now.

    • Hit us up with those hot exclusive details

    • Why is that? At least that explains why there hasn’t been any press release by Konami on this yet. But it’s weird because the book has already been available for pre-order for a while now.

      Amazon also seems to have removed the image.

    • Full Options

      Ya, spit it out, unless it is pure torture here !?

    • Full Options

      Ha, with the DLC codes (I don’t run TPP on PC, but thanks, very cool move for the community anyways ;), now I get it, you are working with KCE… Sorry for asking to “spit it out” a month ago then. You obviously could not. I thought you were somewhere else in the distribution chain…

  • PrinceHeir

    That’s more than the price i paid for the MGSV LE JPN Edition.

    Still we’ll see if i can buy this!

  • No Place For Hayter

    I’m going to admit I per-ordered the limited edition. Seriously expensive, but how often do I get to buy a MGS artbook, well that isn’t simply full of Ashley Woods stuff, I want Shinkawa above all 🙂

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