Watch Kojima’s Comic Con talk with Geoff Keighley live, ‘something new’ may be shown

Later today, at 3PM PST, Hideo Kojima will be holding a Comic Con San Diego Talk with Geoff Keighley. This event will be live streamed, and you’ll be able to watch the stream below, or by following this link.

Update: Here’s a video of the talk:


Looks like something will be shown as well, as the Twitter accounts of both Kojima Productions and Hideo himself have teased this:

Kojima-Comic-Con-Talk-KojiPro-Tweet Kojima-Comic-Con-Talk-Hideo-Tweet



“Here’s the set for today’s talk session of Hideo Kojima & Geoff Keighley.” – Ayako Terashima
"Quick meeting for the show today at 3pm PST!" - Ayako Terashima
“Quick meeting for the show today at 3pm PST!” – Ayako Terashima

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