Check out the Kojima Productions Logo Animation

During his Comic Con San Diego talk, Kojima has shown off the logo animation for his new studio. The 36 second movie shows Ludens walking on what seems to be some kind of moon or planet, and planting a futuristic flag in the dirt as a holographic looking whale jumps (breaches) in the background. Everything was made by the team at Kojima Productions.

Source: Kojima Productions

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Oh yes! Just like the good old PS1/PS2 era company intros!

    I love it!

    • MrVux007

      My thoughts exactly!

  • I watched this for 15th time and I dunno why. It looks great and Ludens looks so great that Kojima can easily make a game out of it.
    Still, Impressive for a logo. you can feel “the sound” of high Production values.

    • Full Options

      Loved the “small step for man kind” intro… There will be for sure largely equivalent armors and characters.
      All we can say for now is that this shot is so gorgeous… It does not look real-time at all… ;D

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      Feels nostalgic in a way. You don’t get company intro video’s in a way. I dunno how to describe it – it’s like a modern day vintage company intro.

      • Full Options

        Yeah, standing on the edge, of the cr… ehm, I mean, the edge between a movie and a game production company… And the quality is so eye-candy, seriously…

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

          *”Stranding on the edge”*


  • Gatsu

    Looks spectacular <3. I rarely see this much effort put into studio logos.

  • Kinco Kincaid

    Can’t wait to see this before his games.

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  • Full Options

    And turning on the “chrome” modern sunshade device right at the sun set to protect the eyes just like NASA’s extra-vehicular suits… Both very stylized and realistic at the same time… The armor shape/shading/animation looks so real… Pure Kojima !

  • Full Options

    Mmmm.. First thought it was some kind of jet propulsion pack, but can’t see any boosters here… Simple back-pack then … Only oxygen ??


    Fantastic work! Sound is really amazing and graphich is great too!

    Very cool looking productions logo intro!

  • Biggy

    It’s the whale!!!

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