Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition listed by retailers

A Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Edition has appeared on several online shops, including Amazon Japan and While Amazon has already removed the listing, the latter still has it on their site. The release date is October 30th, though this may of course be just a placeholder.

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If this is indeed a real thing, it will probably be a bundle of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, as well as the separately released costumes and DLC. For now we will have to wait for official confirmation by Konami.

Update 16/8: the Definitive edition (simply called Metal Gear Solid V Definitive) has also been listed on the Dell website (which also sells video games). The release date mentioned here is October 11, 2016, for $50. On the store listing, the PS4 version seems to be mixed up with the upcoming NES Classic Edition console, while the XB1 version lacks a description and image altogether. Still no official word from Konami.


Source: Eurogamer,

  • Batzi

    What took you so long?

    • Vacation…

      • Leguywhodrownedquiet

        Vacation hasn’t slowed you down one bit

        • Well it kinda did. 😛

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          • Leguywhodrownedquiet

            I’m sure he will put Civil War at no.2 or no.1
            That movie made me cry
            Winter soldier was much more better but still a great movie
            I wonder if he watched X Men Apocalypse
            Movie was shitty

          • Full Options

            Yeah, Civil War is at Winter Soldier what Age of Ultron is at Avenger…

          • Leguywhodrownedquiet

            Ultron was shitty imo lol

          • Leguywhodrownedquiet

            Haha lol
            Well currently I’m on vacations and all I have to say is “Take your time Boss” 😉

        • Biggy

          Kept you waitin’ huh?

          • Leguywhodrownedquiet


      • Full Options

        That was perfect.

  • proceeder

    “Screw you guys, I’m going home”.

  • Nekkedsnake

    If, and this is a BIG IF, Chapter 3 is included in this edition then Maybe I’ll shell out money to buy this. I already own GZ on PS3, PS4 and PC. And I have TPP on my PS4.

    • Leguywhodrownedquiet

      Don’t get too hyped or even hyped at all 😉

    • Robin030

      i think the chances for this to happen are very close to zero…

    • No Place For Hayter

      Even if I did care about chapter 3, I wouldn’t.

      TPP is Kojima’s baby, to to tack on and “finish” the game without the director or his intentions, would be horrible. What we got with TPP (regardless of how rushed or half-assed it was) was what Kojima decided was OK to put out with his name on it, he considered that it fit what he wanted enough. But if this included chapter 3 than it wouldn’t be what Kojima intended, and thus be all wrong anyway. Well for me anyway, that’s how I see it, lol.

      • Jonny Tanna

        Why would you say no to more? And who said he was happy with the final product?

        • No Place For Hayter

          I would say no to more simply because it is not the more Kojima wants in the game. And Kojima is prbably not happy with the final product, but when told he had to ship out the product now, TPP is what he chose to give us.

          • Jonny Tanna

            I suppose most of the original staff has gone but I’d find it rather disappointing if it’s just stuff that’s already available. Games cost a lot to publish and it’s sad when the re-release doesn’t come with extra content. It’s cool you respect the man’s legacy but the truth is who knows if he was happy that this shipped the way it did. Look at the quiet revision they did. He wanted the character to be gone for good as it adds to the theme of loss. So after they’ve done that they may as well put back the other content. Either way to each his own and I guess we’ll accept whatever happens. Can’t force things to go our way

  • No Place For Hayter

    “Definitive Edition”

    I have only one question to ask. Why?

    There isn’t much in the way of content they could add that wasn’t in the base release, and I doubt this would sell much, best guess that most people whom haven’t bought the game either don’t want it or are waiting for further price drops. I mean honestly I don’t see much reason to release this, at the very most it would be nice to have GZ and TPP together in one FINALLY, but to the people that that matters to already own both lol.

    Now lets all stop and let the irony sink in of the fact that Konami is possibly releasing the “Definitive Edition” of TPP after Kojima has been long gone and has nothing to do with it anymore, lol.

    • Apache Indian

      Call me crazy, but, im hoping this gets the MGS2 Substance, MGS3 Subsistence like treatment. No skateboarding though please!

      • No Place For Hayter

        That’s a crazy idea. But one I could get behind, lol.

  • PrinceHeir

    Probably just a bundle of GZ and TPP with all the DLC content and MGO3.

    Still I would like them to add features like in Subsistence like Theater mode, boss rush(well there’s not much boss fights here tbh), new difficulty modes, improve development time for weapons/buildings etc.

    Hell who am I kidding. This is Konami. Without the original members of Kojima productions. No way any of the above will happen.

  • FMercenary

    I only own GZ and TPP on PS3 and since I got a PS4 three months after TPP released, well then this might be a good opportunity to get a definitive edition for PS4.

  • soy

    knowing (recent) konami, i guess it would be a regular version of TPP with some useless DLC codes.

    at best, they’ll throw in a very buggy version of GZ because kojima has brought most of his team members to work on death stranding -and no pachinko engineer at konami knows how to fix videogame bugs.

  • John

    chapter 3?

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